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The pandemic and a route change slash migrant boat arrivals on the Costa del Sol


The number of illegal migrants arriving on the Malaga coastline in 2020 has dropped by more than half when compared to those who were intercepted or landed in 2019, the year before the outbreak of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Compared to ... the 79 boats discovered in 2019, 49 were registered in 2020. As a direct result, the number of migrants arriving via the Alboran Sea has decreased, from 2,150 in 2019 to 941 in 2020 - some 56.3 per cent fewer. During the first wave of the pandemic, ... in the routes used to reach European soil. According to Quirante, the tightening of controls by the Moroccan authorities on the route through the Alboran Sea, which is the one that leads to Malaga, has caused the gangs that try to smuggle migrants



Canaries faces extra boat migrant pressure with twice the arrivals seen in 2020


The Canary Islands have been facing double the number of irregular migrants arriving by boat from North Africa compared to a year ago, proving a headache for the Interior ministry amid tensions in the immigrant holding camps. After a surge late ... January to March 2020, 95 boats arrived on the islands, up from 54 - a total of 3,436 people, up from 1,582. Spain overall saw 6,496 migrants without proper paperwork entering by land or sea in the first quarter of this year. Disturbances Tensions ... are growing in the centres used to accommodate the migrants while they are being processed by the authorities. On Tuesday this week, National Police fired rubber bullets in the Las Raíces camp on Tenerife after disturbances started. Media reported that



Latest migrants in the Canaries put into empty holiday bungalows


There were calls for the national Interior minister to resign this week after chaotic scenes in Gran Canaria, where authorities were unable to deal with the latest wave of migrants arriving in boats from Morocco. Faced with double the amount this ... capacity. As government processing centres for migrants are full and the authorities cannot hold a person more than 72 hours, 227 were told they were free to go. Pictures of migrants with no accommodation or food protesting in the centre of the Gran ... Canarian capital Las Palmas caused angry scenes in parliament. Local MPs demanded the government open up more accommodation and slammed Madrid for not coming to the aid of the Canary Islands' authorities. Eventually, 139 of the migrants, all young men,



Police continue search for Torrox migrants

Eugenio Cabezas

Police are continuing their search for three of five north African migrants who arrived at Torrox's Peñoncilla beach in a small boat at around midday on Tuesday. Two of the men were caught and detained. A number of beach-goers witnessed the



Fifty-eight migrants drown on way to Canaries


Fifty-eight migrants were known to have drowned, and 40 more were missing on Thursday, after the boat they were in overturned on a reef off Mauritania. The vessel was en route to the Canaries. 83 were rescued, with only those who knew how to swim



Coronavirus cases detected at Malaga Red Cross shelter rise to 90

Ángel Escalera

Thursday, 74 were young migrants currently living at the centre and nine were members of staff and volunteers. The building, located in the city’s Avenida Ortega y Gasset, has been sealed off and more than a hundred people are being quarantined inside. ... positive are young migrants and none has been admitted to hospital. The regional government’s delegate in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, said on Thursday that there was no cause for alarm, that the building was closed and guarded by the security forces. She



Spain to take some migrants from Open Arms rescue ship


Spain is one of six European countries that has said it will take some migrants from the rescue ship of Spanish-run charity, Open Arms. Those on board continued to wonder on Thursday afternoon when they could dock at the Italian port of



332 migrants rescued at sea brought ashore


A government rescue boat brought ashore 332 immigrants in Malaga on Monday. The group had been spotted from the air in six separate small boats in the Alboran Sea, off the Andalusian coast. Before landing them, an emergency stop was made in Mot



Malaga Port has received 80 per cent fewer migrants so far this year


A recent analysis of migratory movements in the western Mediterranean shows that there has been a "very significant" drop so far this year. Causes Why has there been a reduction in the arrival of migrants to the western Mediterranean this year? ... government representative in Malaga, María Gámez, also stressed the work in coordination with Morocco. There has also been a change to the way the government attends to the migrants, she said, and that this has been considerable. She points out the importance ... of the creation of a coordination authority for migration in the Strait of Gibraltar, which is now based in Malaga and "forecasts, alerts and monitors" migration. There have also been improvements to Cruz Roja facilities. "The migrants are no



Hundreds of migrants with nowhere to go


The arrival of 361 migrants into Malaga port at 5am last Friday posed a particular problem for the overwhelmed authorities who had run out of space to process them. These men stayed on board the Mastelero rescue boat for several hours before it



Migrant rescue ship told it can't come to Spain


The acting government has said that it doesn't want migrant rescue ship, Open Arms, to come to Spain. The Mayor of Valencia had offered the city as a place of refuge for the vessel which is carrying 121 migrants found off the coast of Libya but



One dead among 56 migrants rescued off the Malaga coast


The influx of migrants continued on the Malaga coast with the arrival of two vessels on Wednesday, bringing a total of 63 people. One of these boats was carrying 56 sub-Saharan Africans. The occupants, one of whom had died, had to be rescued and ... taken to Malaga port after their boat sank. Malaga reaches capacity with no more available space to house illegal boat migrants According to Europa Press, a spokesperson from the Maritime Safety and Rescue Society (Sasemar) said that it was at



Arrival of a further 237 migrants stretches resources once more


After a frantic day out at sea during which 237 migrants were rescued from around a dozen boats, the various organisations tasked with processing migrants were stretched to the limit once again on Monday as calls increased for a permanent centre in



Migrants rescued by the ship 'Aquarius' in Spain

sur in english

The 630 migrants who were rescued by the Aquarius in the Mediterranean recently are now safely in Spain. They arrived in Valencia on Sunday in three boats, including the Aquarius, and the world's press was there to meet them together with health ... professionals, interpreters and Red Cross volunteers. Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez agreed to take the migrants in after a stalemate in which Italy and Malta refused. They will receive free health care and will be able to apply for asylum.



Two dead among 15 migrants arriving on Chilches beach last Saturday

Eugenio Cabezas

The latest migrant tragedy to hit Malaga province this year occurred on Chilches beach last Saturday afternoon, when a dinghy with 15 north and sub-Saharan Africans arrived, two of whom had died before reaching shore. Eleven of the migrants ... another two passengers had also died and were removed from the boat earlier in the journey. In total eight of the migrants were detained. Two minors were taken to a centre for young migrants in Torremolinos, four of the adults were taken to the National ... Police station in Torre del Mar and two showing signs of hypothermia were taken to hospital. On Sunday, a further 139 migrants who had arrived in three boats were taken to temporary accommodation at Malaga's fairground. So far some 5,000 people have



Malaga reaches capacity with no more available space to house illegal boat migrants


...that the school year has started. The city hall can no longer loan out the sports halls, meaning that any further people rescued from the Alboran sea must now be transported elsewhere. RELATED NEWS One dead among 56 migrants rescued off the ... Malaga comes at a time when arrivals to the Malaga coast are increasing steeply. According to numbers provided by the government, so far this year in excess of 4,500 migrants have arrived into Malaga port, almost double the figure from the entire previous ... year (2,320). In 2016, the number was as little as 774. In light of the difficulties encountered by the Cruz Roja (the Spanish Red Cross) in transporting these migrants to other parts of Spain, principally to Cadiz province, Social Rights councillor



Five more underage migrants taken into care from Archidona


The Junta de Andalucía has taken into care a further five more underage migrants identified among those being held at the new Archidona jail, in inland Malaga province. This brings to seven the total number of Algerian children removed by social ... workers. Archidona's unopened prison building is being used as a temporary detention centre for some 500 illegal migrants while their cases and possible deportation are being processed. Trade unions and civil rights groups continue to protest at the use



“It's hard to get real information”

Jennie Rhodes

The Missing Migrants project tracks incidents involving migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers who have died or gone missing in the process of migration. According to the website (, 81 people have died trying to ... cross the Mediterranean from north Africa to Andalucía in 2018 and 462 deaths have been recorded in the Mediterranean region. The Missing Migrants Project is a joint initiative of the International Organisation for Migration's (IOM) Global Migration



Junta de Andalucía asks government for help after mass arrival of migrants


The Junta de Andalucía has requested assistance from the government to deal with nearly 1,700 migrants who arrived by boat in the region last weekend. "We're finding it difficult to handle them all," said a spokesman for the Police Union, ... referring to the 1,396 people who were intercepted on the Alborán Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar and another 254 who were rescued and taken to different Andalusian ports. Related news Migrants rescued by the ship 'Aquarius' arrive in Spain The ... Junta, police, Red Cross and other NGOs were all involved in attending to the migrants, 500 of whom are now sleeping in sports centres in Jerez, Cadiz and Tarifa because there is nowhere else for them. The police stations are under considerable strain



Red Cross struggles with double the number of migrants in Malaga


The tightening up at the borders of Turkey and Greece, the increase in patrols in Italian waters and the complicated situation in Libya, has meant that there has been a notable increase in the number of sub-Saharan migrants attempting to reach ... Linares, provincial coordinator for the Red Cross confirmed that last year 790 people where attended by the organisation and so far this year, they have had to cope with more than 1,700 individuals. The 164 migrants rescued on Saturday where taken to the ... sports centre in Ciudad Jardín to await being interviewed by the National Police and to have their futures determined. In the last three weeks there has been more than four hundred migrants attended by the Red Cross, on many occasions without adequate



Migrant rescue boat Aquarius due to dock in Valencia on Sunday


The Spanish port of Valencia is waiting for the arrival of 629 migrants who have made the headlines around the world this week. The new Spanish government run by Socialist Pedro Sánchez offered the country's ports as a destination for the ... Aquarius, a rescue boat full of migrants that was stuck in the Mediterranean after being refused entry by Italy and Malta. Médicins Sans Frontières, the organisation that rescued the migrants along with SOS Mediterranée, pointed out that the port of ... Valencia, offered by the Spanish government was not their ideal destination as it involved a journey of 700 miles, that the migrants, among them 123 unaccompanied minors; but it was their only option. Since then the 629 occupants have been shared among



Malaga fairground now used to house new migrant arrivals


The city council in Malaga has opened up its pavilion at the city's show ground to central government as an emergency base to temporarily accommodate migrants arriving from north Africa by boat. Faced with a lack of space for the growing numbers ... reaching Spain, alternative places to house the migrants are being used. So far this year the Red Cross has taken care of 7,000 arrivals in Malaga province, when in the whole of last year the total was 2,292. Pictures were published last week of migrants



Tensions rise in Archidona migrant detention centre


...said, disturbances broke out. Workers who were supervising had to be withdrawn for their own safety and specialist riot police called in. According to campaigners against the use of the prison building to house migrants, the increasing unrest is ... coming from the building and noises were heard inside. Meanwhile a further 53 sub-Saharan boat migrants reached El Hornillo beach near Torre del Mar, east of Malaga, on Wednesday. So far this year over 2,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by sea



Three days in a sports hall - what now?

ANA PÉREZ-BRYAN Morocco, which is used as a temporary refuge for thousands of migrants who, like Jan, are hoping to reach the promised land. You can hardly understand what he is saying in the video, although you can guess, because you can see that he is ... Too few resources to deal with mass arrivals The Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross) staff who have been looking after the migrants at the Tiro de Pichón sports centre in Malaga try to reassure him: the little girl was taken straight to a foster family and ... of over 200 migrants rescued on Saturday and brought into Malaga Port while not far away local residents were paddling in the sea as they celebrated the Night of San Juan on the beaches. From there, the adult males (the majority) were taken to the



Too few resources to deal with mass arrivals


Migrants prepared to risk their lives in the search for a better future have arrived on the Malaga coast in the past, but not to such an extent as other places, such as Tarifa, Algeciras and Motril. However, more are coming nowadays: the 315 from



Benalmádena resident submits PhD thesis at 94

Tony Bryant to the UK in February for his final viva. If successful, the pensioner will become the oldest person in the UK to receive a PhD. His 80,000-word thesis focuses on the experiences of older British migrants who moved to Spain, but later decided ... community. His thesis suggests how older British migrants can become more fluent in the use of the Spanish languageCharles conducted a series of interviews with expat residents over the age of 55To accomplish this, Charles conducted a series of narrative ... insufficient financial assets. His study makes several recommendations for improving the availability of social care in Spain, and suggestions for how older British migrants could become more fluent in the use of the Spanish language. Charles came to live



Junta wants a dummy run of foreign tourists arriving and health ID cards


The idea of a health passport came after opposition parties said that the original proposal, to suspend the huge 'Operation Crossing the Strait' (Operación Paso del Estrecho) was racist. The Junta has also called for illegal migrants recently



Malaga port gives the Red Cross space for a migrant attention centre


The Port Authority has approved giving the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) organisation authoritisation to use port premises for their work helping newly-arrived migrants. The premises, one larger space covering 406 square metres plus a smaller one, are ... located close to the fishing quay. The organisation will have to fit the premises out itself before it can start attending to the health and social needs of the migrants rescued at sea and brought into Malaga port. The authorisation has been approved ... would allow the organisation to offer first aid and attend to the needs of the migrants in better conditions.





...had been migrants coming in illegally from other countries. We would probably be hearing voices calling for frontiers to be closed. For better or worse, getting over this crisis involves teamwork; what each citizen does affects others. We can't get



Work starts on much-needed migrant reception centre in Malaga port


Work for the National Police has begun on the construction of a temporary prefab centre to receive immigrants arriving unexpectedly at Malaga port. Until now migrants crossing to Europe from Africa, whether arriving on the shore by boat or picked up



A man with a plan?

Mark Nayler

On Tuesday, Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced that Spain would take in 60 of the 141 migrants collected by a rescue ship off the Libyan coast last Friday; the remaining passengers will be split between Germany, France, Luxembourg and ... Portugal. It's not quite as generous a deal as that made by Spain two months ago - when Sánchez welcomed over 600 migrants off the Aquarius and two other rescue boats - but one that shows how different the new Spanish government's approach to migration is ... from that of its Conservative predecessor. One wonders, though, how Spain can support this change in policy direction. Back in June, Sánchez agreed to take in 630 migrants aboard the Aquarius and two Italian navy ships, after both Italy and Malta



Latest boat-migrant rescue sees city sports centre hosting 100 arrivals

A. F. / J. C. / J. R.

migrants. Councillor Raúl Jiménez explained that the central government had contacted the city council to request assistance, as the National Police do not have the facilities to host every rescued migrant. The new arrivals, who are of sub-Saharan origin ... remaining 35 arrived at 9.45pm with another search and rescue boat, having been picked up earlier by a Guardia Civil boat. The Red Cross met the migrants and brought all women and children to their shelter. The men were moved to the sports centre in El Palo, ... where they are being monitored by the National Police. Local lawyers have also made their services available. The total number of migrants brought to Malaga this year is now 1,800, which, according to the Red Cross, is more than double the figure from



The good and the bad

Héctor Barbotta

...networks and forums where recent news is discussed. In response to the news that Diario SUR published last Sunday about the recent rescue on the high seas, the majority of the comments attributed malicious intentions to the shipwrecked migrants, putting ... in doubt the condition of these people in their time of need and speculating about a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy involving the migrants themselves, the mafias that trade in their desperation, the non-governmental organisations that save them from ... million Africans waiting to invade Europe and then accused the Sánchez government of encouraging the migrants to come to here. Maybe it is unfair to blame the opportunism of the PP leader for activating the racists. However, it is sad to see how this



Age Care co-founder receives MBE in New Year Honours List

Tony Bryant

...lives in Spain," he told SUR in English. In 2018, Charles became the oldest student to receive a PhD from a British university. Focusing on the trend of older British migrants who return to the UK, he spent five years studying and researching under the



Spelling it out

Mark Nayler

...immigration (as indeed has its potential and problematic ally, Vox). Amidst typical right wing scaremongering on the subject, one can make out a key policy - namely, limiting the extent to which undocumented migrants could access public healthcare in Spain. ... This will appeal to voters concerned about the unspecified cost of an announcement made by Sánchez last summer, to the effect that migrants arriving in Spain would have unlimited access to public health services from day one (which was, in itself, a



Malaga school visits Palermo on third leg of Erasmus+ scheme

...major role in the origin of modern Italian language with the creation of the Sicilian poetry school. They also attended a workshop at ItaStra, the Sicilian university for foreigners and migrants and visited the Unesco world heritage centre of Palermo.