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Alcaucín councillors vote to continue supporting ‘Arcos’ illegal homes case


Alcaucín councillors, including Mayor, Mario Blancke, have voted in favour of continuing to act as private prosecution in the Arcos case, which started in 2008 when it emerged that hundreds of homes in and around the town had been built illegally. ... Both Blancke, who belongs to the Ciudadanos political party and Socialist deputy mayor, Florencio Palomo, admitted after Tuesday’s decision that they had voted to continue with the case, which is currently being heard in court, due to pressure from



Mayor of Nerja could be ousted by PP party

E.C. oust the PSOE-led coalition that also includes left-wing parties IU and Podemos. The move could see Rosa Arrabal, mayor since 2015, replaced by Gema García of the PP. Previously the PP party was in power in the coastal Axarquía town for 20



Plaza Mayor starts work on extension project


Work has started this week on the extension to the Plaza Mayor shopping and leisure centre in Malaga. The first stage of the scheme involves the demolition of Plaza Bravo, a zone that once housed bars and nightclubs, to make room for the



Benalmádena council calls for funds to build a new National Police station


The PSOE-led coalition government in Benalmádena has said that the town is suffering from a “lack of security services” because it does not have its own National Police station. The deputy mayor and local councillor for Security, Javier Marín, ... Benalmádena currently has to share a National Police station with Torremolinos. This is not the first time that the Socialist party has put forward the plan. The mayor, Víctor Navas, held a meeting in 2015 with the secretary of state for Security, Francisco



Putin awards city of Malaga with Pushkin medal in recognition of support for Russian Museum


The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, was in Moscow last Sunday to receive the Alexander Pushkin medal on behalf of the city from Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The ceremony at the Kremlin is an annual event to celebrate Russia's National ... Polish troops were expelled from Moscow. The medal is named after Alexander Pushkin, father of modern Russian literature. De la Torre was among other recipients of the award at the prestigious event. Last year the mayor was awarded Officer of the French



Investiture of new mayor of Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

Kaiane Lopez was sworn in as the new mayor of Gibraltar at City Hall on Tuesday, the third female mayor in the Rock’s history. The former Miss World, who was deputy mayor, takes over the post from Adolfo Canepa, and the new deputy mayor is John



Las Delicias locals demand solution to lack of drinking water

fernando torres

A group of forty Las Delicias residents presented Coín council with a document demanding that authorities put an end to the continual cuts to drinking water supply in their neighbourhood, which is home to 790 people. Mayor Fernando Fernández



Mayor calls for any new rail line to have four stops in Mijas

Ivan Gelibter

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has written to the national government asking that Mijas municipality isn't forgotten in any new rail project for the western Costa del Sol. While the debate centres on whether a slower Cercanías line or



Pro-animal group pours scorn on Mijas council's donkey plan

Ivan Gelibter

Animal-rights campaigners, Pacma, have reacted angrily to plans by Mijas council to improve the conditions of the famous donkey-taxis for tourists in Mijas Pueblo. On Monday, the mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, announced details of a ... afraid that instead of looking after the welfare of the donkeys, the town hall wants to lengthen their sentence and stop any fresh complaints. What they ought to be doing is putting a stop to this scourge and leave the donkeys in peace." Mayor's plans ... On Monday the mayor and the councillor for Mobility and Transport, Nuria Rodríquez, met with the head of Malaga provincial law society, Javier Lara, and director of El Refugio del Burrito donkey sanctuary, Verónica Sánchez, to discuss proposals for a



Defence claims ex-mayor's human rights violated


The lawyer acting on behalf of former mayor of Alcaucín, José Manuel Martín Alba, who is at the centre of the Arcos case into issuing illegal building licences, claimed in a final report last week that his client had no knowledge of urban planning ... laws and that the laws at the time of the case were confusing. His defence also claimed that the ex-mayor's basic human rights had been violated and that some of the crimes he is accused of occurred too long ago for action to be taken.



Mayor cancels annual 'boquerón' festival following gas leak death


Mayor, Francisco Salado, who declared that the festival would be cancelled and that there would be three days of mourning in the town. The mayor also said that the town hall would be placed “at the disposition” of all of those affected by the disaster



Chance to visit the Mayor's Parlour at City Hall this week

Debbie Bartlett

The mayor of Gibraltar, Kaiane Lopez, has opened the Mayor's Parlour at City Hall to the public this week as part of the National Week celebrations and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum. The Mayor's Parlour was restored to



Reduced sentence for Alcaucín mayor at the centre of the Arcos case


Sentences were passed down on Tuesday in the Arcos case, in which ex-mayor of Alcaucín, José Manuel Martín Alba, along with town hall staff and businesses were accused of involvement in the issuing of false building licences. Martín Alba was



A month on Marbs

Rachel Haynes

...found when they woke up this morning? Residents in Marbella will be astonished, or perhaps just bemused, to find that the local council seems to have gone back two years. Ángeles Muñoz is mayor once again and stands so comfortably in her old office in ... last two years. However our local residents who have just landed from a month on Mars have not been here to see all that. They have just found that Ángeles is back. The events of the last few weeks in Marbella show just how precarious a mayor



Former mayor of Marbella goes back to school

Mónica Pérez

Today, former mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, will return to his old teaching job. In 2004, he started teaching history at IES Victoria Kent, but put this post on hold in 2009 when he was named CEO of Acosol, the district water company, by the ... hours than before so that he can dedicate one day a week to his councillor position. He has jokingly said of his colleagues “no one is pleased that I have returned, but only because it means that I’m no longer mayor”.



Triple A to get its own water supply from town hall

Cristina MORILLA

During a visit to the Triple A animal shelter, the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, announced that pipes would be laid to connect the premises to the mains water supply and sewerage network. The project, which will also benefit the municipal services warehouse ... in the same area, will be carried out by the water company Hidralia with a budget of 500,000 euros. "We hope it will be ready by the end of the year," said the mayor. Muñoz also announced to mark World Animal Day that the yearly subsidy that Triple ... A receives from Marbella town hall would increase to 60,000 euros next year, twice the current input of 30,000 euros. The electrical system would also be improved. The secretary of Triple A, Jan Weima, thanked the mayor for the investment saying



Vélez-Málaga mayor accused of "improvised" Holy Week safety measures

Agustín Peláez

The leader of the opposition party at Vélez-Málaga town hall, Francisco Delgado, has asked for a report on the training volunteer security staff were given before last week's Holy Week processions in the town. He has accused the current mayor



Returning mayor says public services will be a priority

Héctor Barbotta

Ángeles Muñoz, who returned to power in Marbella this week after a vote of no confidence in the former Socialist mayor, José Bernal, has said that there are certain areas of local government that she wants to be responsible for herself. She will ... not appoint separate councillors to oversee Tourism, Foreign Residents, Culture, Education and Security. In her first interview with SUR after winning office, the new mayor said the departments were so important she wished to have overall control. ... Tourism will be run day-to-day by a qualified manager. related news Ángeles Muñoz back as mayor of Marbella Outgoing mayor, José Bernal says farewell but promises to return She also said that improving public services, street cleaning



Benalmádena proposes funding new station itself


...collected 1,400 signatures in favour of the new stop. Adjoining localities Torremolinos and Fuengirola have five and three stops, respectively, while in Benalmádena there are just two: Arroyo de la Miel and Torremuelle. The mayor, Víctor Navas, says that a



Former Mijas mayor to be quizzed by judge

Ivan Gelibter

The ex-mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, and leader of the PP group on the council is to be quizzed by an investigating judge. The formal interview will take place on 5 October and is in connection with the supposed offer of a job at Club la Costa ... councillor’s support in a no confidence vote against current mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado. The meeting was taped by Martínez and news of it first published in SUR four months ago. Santiago Martín will also be called to give his version of events. Nozal is



Manuel Valls: "If Spain breaks up, so does the rest of Europe"

Ivan Gelibter

...frontline politics as the possible future mayor of his birth city in an attempt to head off the Catalan independence movement. "The real debate now is between democracy and populism," he said, with reference to the Catalan crisis. "As a European I can say ... running for mayor in Barcelona, therefore, dominated much of the discourse. Though he refused to confirm whether he had been tempted by Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera's offer to be the party's representative in the 2019 elections, Valls stated his



Three million increase in Fuengirola's local budget this year

Ivan Gelibter

Fuengirola council passed its 2018 budget on Tuesday, with votes from the ruling Partido Popular councillors. Mayor Ana Mula explained that the budget allowed for investment of nine million euros, three million euros more than last year. Sums



San Pedro councillors threaten to bring down Marbella's mayor

Héctor Barbotta

...which seeks to separate the town of San Pedro from the control of Marbella council, have been voting with the coalition of the PSOE and Izquierda Unida (IU)parties since local elections in 2015 unseated the PP mayor, Angela Muñoz. This three-party ... ruling coalition has 12 seats, against the PP’s 13, which means that mayor José Bernal has to rely on the two votes of councillors from Podemos to get many of his motions passed. Now the three OSP councillors have grown tired of the uncertainty ... generated every time a vote needs to be made, reminding the mayor that they only agreed to go into the coalition deal for two years. Angela Muñoz’s PP have offered concessions, if OSP agrees to give them back their majority, that would see more council



Torrox Pueblo car park "should never have been built", according to mayor

Eugenio Cabezas

...year to rent the space and two attempts to buy it have not come to fruition. Mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, said this week, “The car park should never have been built there. It's a total ruin.” He went on to blame the owners for its current state.



One of La Cala's busiest roads reopened

Ivan Gelibter

Calle Antequera, one of La Cala de Mijas' busiest roads, was reopened to the public on Tuesday. The road, close to the coast has now “improved its tourist appeal”, said Mijas mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, at the opening, which was attended by



Supreme Court annuls former Alcaucín mayor's 8.5 year public office ban


Spain's supreme court annulled on Wednesday the eight-and-a-half-year ban on holding public office given to former mayor of Alcaucín, José Manuel Martín Alba, for his part in the granting of illegal licences to build homes on rural land belonging to ... supply, were issued due to “bureaucratic inertia”, rather than “tacit collusion between the town hall and housing companies”. The supreme court highlighted the fact that the then mayor didn't give formal or official consent to any of the four licences,



Junta withdraws Costa Tropical mussel project

Jennie Rhodes almuñécar

The Junta de Andalucía has withdrawn its plans for mussel beds off the coast of Almuñécar and La Herradura. After months of protests by local companies and the town hall, mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, announced the decision on Tuesday. She



Plaza Mayor to add food outlets in 16-million-euro revamp

Nuria Triguero

Plaza Mayor shopping centre, near the airport, is to remove some of its cinema screens and open an improved variety of food outlets as part of a 16-million-euro revamp that will be carried out in tandem with the ongoing construction of a new



Ex-mayor of Torremolinos criticised over 'anti-gay' comments


The former PP mayor of Torremolinos, Pedro Fernández Montes, who is in a dispute with his own local party, which is currently split into two factions, drew criticism this week from his own colleagues, rival politicians and gay-rights groups over a



Marbella council workers being tested for Covid-19

Héctor Barbotta

Marbella town hall has started testing around 2,000 key municipal workers for coronavirus using fast test kits. "The idea is to find out who might be a symptom-free carrier and who might have already had the illness," said the mayor Ángeles



Mijas puts aside 4m euros for a hospital and asks Junta and Fuengirola for action

Ivan Gelibter

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has made the surprise announcement that he has set aside four million euros in the council budget to go towards funding a new hospital for the Mijas area, to be built on a proposed site in Las Lagunas. ... Mijas has been asking for a local hospital for some time and the mayor has previously said that he was prepared to go down the route taken by Estepona recently to start off its new facility. Hospitals have traditionally been built and run by the Junta



Mayor among those in Nerja illegal tip investigation

Eugenio Cabezas

Almost 40 people, including Junta de Andalucía members, Nerja mayor, Rosa Arrabal, and former mayor, José Alberto Armijo, as well as other councillors and 26 companies are being investigated by Malaga’s environment public prosecutor and the Guardia



Francisco Salado returns as mayor following vote of no confidence


mayor, Encarnación Anaya. The vote means the return of Francisco Salado as mayor of the town, who held the post previously from 2005 to 2007 and again from 2011 to 2015. He lost his job in the last local elections when Anaya formed a pact with ... Salado was supported this time by the former Rincón mayor, José María Gómez Muñoz (‘Pepin’), who was suspended amid accusations of nepotism in 2002.



Former mayor of Mijas to be investigated over bribery allegations


Two months after Malaga anti-corruption public prosecutors opened their initial inquiry into the so-called ‘caso Mijas’, the body has instructed a judge to investigate the conduct of PP spokesman and former mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, and former PP ... conversation between Martín and CSSP councillor, Francisco Martínez, in which the former appears to offer a job at Club La Costa in Mijas in return for his vote of no confidence in a bid to oust the town’s mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado. Calls for Nozal’s



Crumbling seafront eyesore in Benalmádena forces closure of beach

Ivan Gelibter

...below and the decision was taken to cordon off part of the sand. The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has pleaded with Fundación Unicaja to reach an agreement to remove the building. The old home has been at the centre of controversy due to its ... location ever since it was built. Referring to the proposed demolition, the mayor said: "It will give us extra space to expand our paseo marítimo" and appealed for "sense" and "responsibility" from Unicaja.