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Music returns after a year to one of Malaga's most iconic venues


After over a year closed due to coronavirus restrictions, live music is back at the Unicaja María Cristina concert hall. The venue reopened its doors on Thursday night with a performance from Prague's Halir Trio and the Malaga Philharmonic Society ... José María Oyola, piano (4 June); Josu de Solaun, piano (16 June). Venue. Sala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina. 7pm. Tickets. Free for members. 15 euros general release. Although restrictions will currently limit attendance to 75 people, it ... renowned pianist Dimitro Choni will perform works by Scriabin, Debussy and Rachmaninov. Following this, on 4 June, cellist Aldo Mata and pianist José María Oyola are in concert. Finally, on 16 June, pianist Josu de Solaun plays Liszt and Chopin.



When 'out of range' would be preferable

ignacio lillo

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome is a condition which some people suffer when they are exposed to electromagnetic fields. The most common symptoms are headaches, insomnia and nausea. It is sometimes known as microwave syndrome. María C, ... terrace to water the plants,” she says. But when she goes downstairs and into the street, she’s fine. “I have had blood tests and there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s all because of the antenna”. Costly investment After doing some investigation, María ... special curtains of copper and silver wire. “I feel like a prisoner in my own home. People can’t be expected to live like this,” says María. Asked about the matter, the president of the College of Telecommunications Engineers, Antonio Rodas,



Two former PMs appear as witnesses in corruption trial

Mateo Balín

...appearance.EFE Rajoy, during his appearance.EFE Among those taking the stand via videolink were two former prime ministers; Mariano Rajoy and José María Aznar. Both denied any knowledge of hidden accounts and cash payments at the Partido Popular from 1989. ... by Bárcenas that the ex-PM was fully aware were "demented or delirious". For his part, José María Aznar said, "I don't know about any parallel accounts. I wasn't inspector of safety deposit boxes nor did I pay visits to other people's offices. The


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Épicus, flamenco without artifice


Lupi when she saw it being performed in Madrid in the 90s. She is joined on stage by dancers Marina Perea and Sara Carnero, singers Alfredo Tejada and Miguel Ortega and guitarists Óscar Lago and Curro de María - the latter her inseparable career and



Caribbean volcanic ash and gas cloud approaches Spain


...phenomenon, although it is unlikely to affect the general public as it is moving at a high altitude, between 3,000 and 5,000 metres. José María Sánchez-Laulhé, director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre in Malaga, said everything indicates the impact is



Eldevenir, the latest addition to the local contemporary art scene

Antonio Javier López

...and medium term, what made a young woman, qualified in architecture and fine arts, who trained in Madrid and Florence, open a contemporary art gallery on the outskirts of a town which is some distance from a big city? "Because," says María Rosa Jurado, ... artists and the public." For her first exhibition, María Rosa is featuring Marbella photographer Jesús Chacón, in a display called 'Acompaño a mi sombra', a look at the last 20 years of his works, which range from nude portraits to snapshots in a staged ... staged settings which, in a way, close Chacón's creative circle through the same dreamlike, almost surrealist, air of those images of Kabilia taken two decades ago. The Andalusian setting María Rosa has also agreed exhibitions at Eldevenir with Jesús



A valuable point to start the new year for Malaga Femenino

marina rivas

...six games of the regular season would be crucial for their prospects looking forward. Nati Gutiérrez's side started well and took a surprise lead in the 12th minute thanks to María Ruiz, who caught the Granada defence napping with a quick shot.



Goya film awards press preview postponed after Antonio Banderas goes down with flu


The Spanish Film Academy has postponed a Goya Awards press conference with Antonio Banderas, María Casado and Mariano Barroso scheduled for this Tuesday, 26 January, after the Malaga actor went down with flu. Now the press event will move to next ... Tuesday, 2 February, if Banderas is fully recovered. The 35th edition of the Goya Awards will be held on 6 March in Malaga and will feature the actor and the journalist María Casado as masters of ceremony. This is the second consecutive year that



The fight against Covid has its roots in Antequera


Research for the Moderna vaccine in the USA has its roots in Antequera, in the form of María Luisa Alcaide Alonso, director of research at the Faculty of Medicine of Miami, which is developing the product which has been shown to be effective in 95 ... but still feel that Antequera is their home. María Luisa certainly does: she was born in Philadelphia, but was christened in the San Miguel church in Antequera. She has been working on the Moderna vaccine for several months. "The company is ... participants for a clinical test. Half of them are given the vaccine and the others receive a placebo". There are 30,000 volunteers all over the country and María Luisa is leading this project, which involves testing healthy people. "The phase three clinical



Police arrest the organiser of the Marbella party in which the DJ died from a gunshot


The National Police have arrested the woman who allegedly organised the illegal party at a luxury villa in Marbella in which the DJ José María Ares, 41, died after being hit by a bullet in the neck. According to official sources, the woman is a ... Spanish national and the third person to be arrested following the death of José María. On Tuesday, the National Police in Malaga city arrested a 28-year-old German man who allegedly fired the shot, along with another man as they were planning to flee



The end of a turbulent era

Rob Palmer

...resigned. It was a case of jumping before they were pushed. Twenty thousand 'socios' signed a petition of no confidence in the president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his cohorts and an election was called for. When Bartomeu failed to convince the Catalan



100 years since the death of the ghost bride of the Axarquía


...through families in this village in the Axarquía: María López Escaño, the 19-year-old whose tragedy has been immortalised in a poem attributed to Salvador Rueda which is carved on her memorial stone in the church. It is very close to the spot where she ... central nave of the church, which remembers María López Escaño de Cabrera, who was born at the beginning of the 20th century on 20 October 1901 and died 100 years ago on 4 December 1920. Poem “The gravestone used to be in the cemetery but it was moved ... of this bride for a century now but official documents, in their aseptic language and cold facts, contradict some of the details in this poem. María López Escaño’s death, which was registered by Macharaviaya council, shows that she didn’t die on



This is María at the age of 106


Her children say it is not uncommon for someone to turn up at the house she shares with her daughter and son-in-law in Cártama, asking if they can come in and "see what a 106-year-old lady is like". In fact, María Fernández can also be seen with ... her walking frame in the park every day, "because you have to walk. Every day," she says, firmly. She is wearing her best clothes - "look, I've put my gold bracelet on," she says to her son, who is in his eighties. María is enjoying the party organised ... returned home, her daughter found it hard to get used to "having her father in the house again". That is the daughter with whom she now lives. When she was 92, María was unable to live alone because she broke her hip, but she is essential to her family



María Gámez, local PSOE high-flyer, becomes the first woman to head the Guardia Civil


With a new government come fresh faces appointed to run the country's top instititions. On Wednesday, history was made when the first woman director general took over the Guardia Civil. María Gámez is a well-known public official and former ... increased to match higher-paid colleagues in other police forces. Among the 175-year-old Guardia's Civil roles are: customs and border protection, patrolling trunk roads, the environment and crime fighting in rural areas and smaller urban centres. Maria



The Al-Thani family's debt to Malaga CF totals five million euros

Antonio GÓNGORA of the club, but also the club's immediate future. The judge in charge of the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, has already asked the sheikh and his children to produce a repayment schedule for this significant debt. José María Muñoz, the



Saharan dust cloud shrouds the Costa del Sol

...director, José María Sánchez-Laulhé, warns that Wednesday will be the worst day, when it is expected that the more than 200 microgrammes of particles per cubic metre may be exceeded at points in the province. The meteorologist predicts that this phenomenon


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Art inspired by María Zambrano

Antonio Javier López

“I'm interested in the poetic reason of María Zambrano, to understand the world through serene meditative thought. I've tried to include that in my work, to depict the emotions that we try to resist.” Aixa Portero says each word measuredly as if ... Japanese paper. Or her nest of feathers and twigs which she says demonstrates the link between human beings and nature. Ultimately, her goal is to recreate the thought processes of philosopher María Zambrano through art. That was the impetus behind her ... collection that was unveiled last week in the Centre of Hispanic-Moroccan Studies in Malaga. Six artists were chosen by the curator, María Bueno, to display works based around Zambrano's most famous work, 'Algunas Lugares de la Pintura'. “María Zambrano is



Advice to help prevent the spread of coronavirus


At a time when it is essential for everyone to take special precautions to help curb the spread of coronavirus María José Cañete, President of Helicopteros Sanitarios, has sent out the following message: "Dear beloved family of Helicopteros



Santa María Polo Club releases spring and summer programme


Santa María Polo Club has announced details of its programme of events for the spring and summer, with the Spring Polo Festival and the International Polo Tournament in the summer set to attract the biggest crowds. The club, which is located next ... María Polo Club here in Sotogrande for the summer," added Carazo. "As usual, there will be the exhilarating mix of daily top sporting action and a wonderful atmosphere for everyone, with entertainment and tented village with hospitality programme."



19 June 1980: The death of the girl 'born out of science'

Daryl Finch

The morning after 15 July 1898, news of María del Carmen Enriqueta filled the newspapers; when she died on this day in 1980, it was barely mentioned. She has almost been erased from the collective memory now, but 'La Niña de la Ciencia' (the science ... girl) wrote her name into the history books when she became the first baby in Andalucía to be born alive after her mother died, and only the fourth in Europe. Gynaecologist Dr José Gálvez Ginachero, medical specialist to Maria Christina of Austria, the ... while heavily pregnant and with a complicated medical history. María González Enríquez was 28 years old and known on the streets of Malaga because she lived from begging, accompanied by her husband, a very popular blind man called Antonio Sánchez.



Damián Quintero claims bronze in Salzburg


Local karatekas put on a good show at the latest Premier League meeting in Salzburg last weekend as both Damián Quintero and María Torres reached the semi-finals. Neither, however, made it to the final, but the former returned with a bronze medal



Hunt hard for the biggest egg in Spain

Alekk M. Saanders

...and the Santa María. The monument was supposed to depict his heading towards the New World. However, it looks like his extended arms are trying to hatch out from the shell made of bronze sails. Legend Columbus' egg was created by Zurab Tsereteli, a ... Columbus is not inserted into the egg. Instead, it has an opening large enough to encompass a small metal sculpture of the Santa María, the ship that Columbus used to sail to the Americas.



Judicial administrator to stay at the helm of Malaga for at least three more months


...was unnecessary and called for the return of former chief executive Richard Shaheen. The rejection of this appeal saw administrator José María Muñoz's position strengthened. Muñoz will now remain at the helm until at least August (he was appointed ... needed. The Association of Minority Shareholders (APA), who brought forward the case against the sheikh, argues that this isn't acceptable and has called on the judge investigating the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, to reject the plan and seize the



The 'granny of Spain' beats coronavirus at the age of 113


María Branyas was born in San Francisco, California, 113 years ago. She is the oldest person in Spain, a grandmother and great-grandmother, and she has now beaten the coronavirus at the Sant María del Tura home in Olot, where she has lived for the ... past 20 years. On 4 May she was cleared of the illness that ended the lives of over 11,000 people in Catalonia and 14 companions in the same residential home. People learned about her from a friend of the family who posted it on Twitter: "María ... she said. The vice-president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, who has also had the virus, has congratulated her. "113 years of strength and bravery. Sending a big hug for you, María. Seeing your victory gives us energy. We will continue to work



María Isabel Gómez Arroquia


A native of Cadiz, María Isabel is an archaeologist by profession. She has taken a degree in Geography and History, specialising in Pre-history and Archaeology. Among her long list of favourite authors she includes Roald Dahl, Edgar Allan Poe,



The María Bravo foundation raises 50,000 euros in Dubai for Sarah

Mónica Pérez

María Bravo, handed over a symbolic cheque this week for the amount raised at a charity event in Dubai to help Sarah Almagro buy the prostheses she needs. The teenager had to have both hands and feet amputated after suffering from sepsis. Sarah's ... premises and the buffet as well as Global Radio DJ Mark Peters. Like the rest of the money raised so far, these 50,000 euros will be paid into the account opened by the non-profit-making association 'Somos Tu Ola' to manage the donations. María Bravo


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Classical music and much more in the Sala María Cristina


The emblematic auditorium of the Fundación Unicaja building in Malaga, the Sala María Cristina, will host a new season of concerts with a programme full of classical music with pieces from some of the greatest composers and famous arias performed by ... La La Land, The Addams Family, The Wizard of Oz etc. and finishing the first quarter with a Christmas Concert with the Santa María de la Victoria choir. This special Christmas concert will include works by Mozart and soundtracks from Walt Disney films ... and will be on 22 December. Musical scores from antiquity will be performed by the Orquesta Barroca de Málaga with traditional instruments taking the audience back a several hundred years with excerpts from Handel's Julius Caesar. Soprano Rosa María



Spain lifts UK flight restrictions from 30 March


...coronavirus variants from these countries. "The extension of the flight restriction is maintained with South Africa and Brazil, but not with the United Kingdom,” announced government spokesperson María Jesús Montero after a Cabinet meeting. The new



Judge dismisses Al-Thani's request to have Shaheen reinstated at Malaga


Former club chief executive Richard Shaheen will not be returning to Malaga, as requested by the Al-Thani family and the public prosecutor's office, after the judge investigating the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz González, dismissed the notion on ... Tuesday morning. The Al-Thanis wanted Shaheen reinstated so that he could ensure that the administrator was acting in both theirs and the club's best interests. This was, as expected, opposed by the APA. As it stands, José María Muñoz will remain in