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The fight against Covid has its roots in Antequera


Research for the Moderna vaccine in the USA has its roots in Antequera, in the form of María Luisa Alcaide Alonso, director of research at the Faculty of Medicine of Miami, which is developing the product which has been shown to be effective in 95 ... but still feel that Antequera is their home. María Luisa certainly does: she was born in Philadelphia, but was christened in the San Miguel church in Antequera. She has been working on the Moderna vaccine for several months. "The company is ... participants for a clinical test. Half of them are given the vaccine and the others receive a placebo". There are 30,000 volunteers all over the country and María Luisa is leading this project, which involves testing healthy people. "The phase three clinical



The end of a turbulent era

Rob Palmer

...resigned. It was a case of jumping before they were pushed. Twenty thousand 'socios' signed a petition of no confidence in the president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his cohorts and an election was called for. When Bartomeu failed to convince the Catalan



Malaga Femenino crash to third defeat on the bounce

marina rivas

...inspired by their failure to get on the scoresheet last time out, and took the lead in the eighth minute as María Ruiz's left-footed shot clipped the inside of the post on the way in - her third of the season. However, their lead was shortlived. Marín ran ... onto a long ball over the top and her quick thinking allowed her to lob the ball over keeper Romero, who was well out of her goal, to level the scores. María Ruiz's header which grazed the crossbar before half-time meant the teams went in at the break ... María Ruiz had an effort cleared off the line. But as the minutes passed, Pozoalbense became much more compact and ultimately too difficult for Malaga to break down.



Simeone's Atlético: a recognisable brand

Rob Palmer

...determination, pride and a slither of the dark arts into a winning mentality. The willingness for a finely-tuned middleweight to slug it out in the ring with a heavyweight. I needed to double-check the facts when I read that only Koke and José María Giménez



Government relents and lowers IVA on face masks to four per cent


...rate. Faced with growing pressure over the expense of replacing masks for lower income families, the Finance minister, María Jesús Montero, made the announcement in parliament. The government said it had asked permission from the EU to bend IVA rules,



The Al-Thani family's debt to Malaga CF totals five million euros

Antonio GÓNGORA of the club, but also the club's immediate future. The judge in charge of the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, has already asked the sheikh and his children to produce a repayment schedule for this significant debt. José María Muñoz, the



This is María at the age of 106


Her children say it is not uncommon for someone to turn up at the house she shares with her daughter and son-in-law in Cártama, asking if they can come in and "see what a 106-year-old lady is like". In fact, María Fernández can also be seen with ... her walking frame in the park every day, "because you have to walk. Every day," she says, firmly. She is wearing her best clothes - "look, I've put my gold bracelet on," she says to her son, who is in his eighties. María is enjoying the party organised ... returned home, her daughter found it hard to get used to "having her father in the house again". That is the daughter with whom she now lives. When she was 92, María was unable to live alone because she broke her hip, but she is essential to her family



19 June 1980: The death of the girl 'born out of science'

Daryl Finch

The morning after 15 July 1898, news of María del Carmen Enriqueta filled the newspapers; when she died on this day in 1980, it was barely mentioned. She has almost been erased from the collective memory now, but 'La Niña de la Ciencia' (the science ... girl) wrote her name into the history books when she became the first baby in Andalucía to be born alive after her mother died, and only the fourth in Europe. Gynaecologist Dr José Gálvez Ginachero, medical specialist to Maria Christina of Austria, the ... while heavily pregnant and with a complicated medical history. María González Enríquez was 28 years old and known on the streets of Malaga because she lived from begging, accompanied by her husband, a very popular blind man called Antonio Sánchez.