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You go boss

Peter Edgerton

...quite dreadful you pedantic, supercilious buffoons’, probably including a light sprinkling of rather more fruity vocabulary unsuitable for publication here. Being told what to do by people who have no business doing so, is enough to make your blood



No deal reached for compensation package for sacked Malaga coach


Former Malaga coach Víctor Sánchez del Amo’s demand for compensation from the club will now go through the courts after a meeting at the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Centres of Malaga (CMAC) on Wednesday failed to yield any results. Víct


What to do

Brisa Festival aims to make Malaga a world benchmark for pop and rock music

Pedro Luis GÓMEZ festival which is scheduled to take place in Malaga. It is hoped that it will make the capital of the Costa del Sol a benchmark across Europe for music. The Brisa Festival is sponsored by Turismo Costa del Sol, Malaga council, Sabor a Málaga, ... place in the unique setting of the Dique de Levante in Malaga Port, and there is no doubt that the star-studded list of performers will make it the most important event of its type in Spain and a major attraction for tourists. Diputación president



Manel winner puts Marbella back at the top of the league

Julio Rodríguez

Marbella returned to the top of their Segunda B group on Sunday, capitalising on Cartagena's draw in Cadiz with a victory at home against Don Benito. Coach David Cubillo made three changes that aroused pre-game interest. One was expected with forme



Subtle differences

Rachel Haynes

You may have noticed something a little bit different about the latest print edition of SUR in English. It's nothing major and not meant to jump out and make a big noise, but we've brought in a few design changes which, we hope, will make your ... this subtle, but thorough, revamp is to make a clearer distinction between styles used for information and comment. In an age when fact and opinion are continually being mixed up and pumped chaotically into our computers and mobile phones via social ... media, it is essential that credible publications make the difference clear; a reader needs to know before they start whether the journalist is giving them information or analysing it. This week has certainly given people scope to deliver a range of



Chinese companies on Costa count the cost of coronavirus


...are some business owners who have chosen to take a holiday." In the Wok Asia buffet on Malaga's Paseo Marítimo, they are trying to make the best of it. The owner, Guoguang Zheng, said, "The first few weeks we saw a drop off in customers, but now ... in goods was imported from China to the area last year and 185 local companies sold a record 134 million euros. Pork exporters at risk The biggest exporters at risk are those selling processed meat products, principally pork. These make up 75 per ... cent of local exports. Two big meat firms, Famadesa and Faccsa-Prolongo, make an estimated 20 per cent of their sales to China. "We're exporting a lot less than we were and we've had a lot of problems with the shipping containers," admitted the owner



28 February 1980: Andalusians vote for autonomy

Jennie Rhodes

On 28 February 1980 the people of Andalucía voted in a referendum to make the region an autonomous community with devolved powers from central government. Sixty-two per cent of the electorate, or 2.84 million people, turned out to cast their ... the way for the creation of institutions such as the Junta de Andalucía, the regional government which oversees the eight provinces that make up Andalucía (Huelva, Cadiz, Seville, Malaga, Jaén, Granada, Cordoba and Almeria). The first steps for



Bridge demolished to make way for larger Plaza Mayor access


The demolition of the bridge over the MA-20 by Arraijanal caused tailbacks on Sunday as workers took four hours longer than expected after encountering "highly-resistant materials". This bridge will be replaced by a smaller one which will join up w



Five arrested for role in operation targeting wealthy property owners


...go to the bathroom and returned armed with a Taser with which he threatened the victims. This allowed him to make off with several watches and pieces of jewellery. According to investigations, the middleman (who turned out to be working with the



"Rumours make Ebola even worse"


Most of the time Pierre Grandidier lives a quiet life in Granada. He works as a self-employed consultant, plays electric guitar and goes running in the mountains. However, two or three times a year he signs up as a humanitarian delegate in the Intern



Old Mercacentro to be demolished to make way for brand-new project

Ivan Gelibter

Fuengirola. The future of the old Mercacentro building in central Fuengirola is now known. The winning project for the renewal of the town's most emblematic place of commerce was revealed on Wednesday by mayor Ana Mula. The design phase of the proj



Malaga Femenino back to winning ways on trip to Valencia

pablo piqueras. adg

...struggling to make a decisive breakthrough. Ayano and Pamela had the best chances for Malaga but central defender María Jiménez held firm for Valencia. However, half an hour into the game, a defensive misjudgement allowed a long diagonal to drop at the feet ... converted the subsequent penalty. Blighted by injuries, Malaga's bench was full of youth team players. One that entered the fray was debutant Futu, who replaced Gabi Morales in the second half. She had the best opportunity to make it three for Malaga with



King names Pedro Sánchez as candidate to be prime minister


King Felipe held separate meetings with all party leaders this week, as the constitution demands, to decide on who to nominate to the Congreso as candidate to be the next prime minister. It was no surprise when, on Wednesday evening, the Speaker o



Swimmers make a splash in San Pedro


More than 250 swimmers from across the region participated in the eighth San Pedro swimming race, with both start and finish line on La Salida beach. Family and friends cheered on from the sands, as competitors, including paratriathlete and Marbel



Destination 2020

Andrew Forbes

...yourself. JANUARY Antarctica No doubt you're thinking, "Antarctica; really?!" Admittedly it's ambitious to make a journey to the planet's southernmost continent. Also, if you really are up for such an adventure to the icy south pole then the truth is ... be the flattest country on earth, rising sea levels threaten many of the 1,192 coral islands that make up the 26 atolls of the Republic. So now is the time for that Maldives holiday. Expect exceptional beaches and clear waters with abundant sea ... life. It's the place for snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing or even taking a seaplane tour. The Maldives make for a unique holiday experience that can be easily combined with a trip to Dubai or Singapore. MARCH Mexico Mexico has been one of my