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Costa choir sings with love to raise funds for Sarah

Ash Bolton

Members of an international choir are celebrating after raising 1,500 euros for charity at a concert in Estepona earlier this month. The concert was organised by the Love to Sing Choir and was in aid of local girl Sarah Almagro, who lost her feet ... information about the choir can be found on their Facebook page @Love2SingCDS


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Love To Sing Broadway show to raise funds for Sarah Almagro

Ash Bolton

An international community choir will perform a concert in Estepona on Friday 8 November in aid of a girl who lost her hands and feet following an illness. Organised by the Love to Sing Choir, the event will help buy prosthetics for local Spanish ... Experience Group Centro Buena Vista. Contact: email or visit their Facebook page @Love2SingCDS The event will feature songs from popular Broadway musicals and Hollywood films including Chicago, Guys and Dolls and Skyfall.



The dream that began on a migrant boat


In order to understand the present, we must begin with the past. In Edna Imade's case, we have to go back to before she was born. She is the fruit of the suffering and desperation of a brave mother, who, like thousands of others each year, decided sh



A lifelong passion for music

Ash Bolton

November, from 7.30pm. Where. Centro Cultural Padre Manuel, Estepona. Tickets. 10 euros from Estepona Musisol & Business Centre, San Luis de Sabinillas Book Shop, Experience Group Centro Bena Vista. Contact. Email or visit ... their Facebook page @Love2SingCDS Shirley then work as a secondary school music teacher for three decades in a number of English cities, including Loughborough, Colchester, Plymouth, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Newcastle-under-Lyme. But as well as ... to the Costa del Sol to be closer to their daughter, who moved to Gibraltar for work. So it came as no surprise that Shirley quickly found herself involved in the expat music scene in Manilva by starting the international community choir, Love to



Good buy my love

Peter Edgerton

Frayed collar, worn out cuffs and a mysterious and rather ugly paint stain. It was no good, I really would have to buy a new jacket after having put it off for the last couple of years. But when exactly and, for that matter, how? I certainly wasn't



We love EU after all

Jennie Rhodes

...politicians dreamt up about millions being spent on the NHS and every last immigrant (EU or otherwise) being sent back home, for the other half (ish), never has the EU felt so much love from the UK. Since Brexit appeared in our lives, pro-European citizens in ... hand crafted items, all allowing the buyer to embrace their new found love affair through heartfelt declarations of love on t-shirts, berets, flags and badges, things like “I love EU”, “Bremainer” and “Fromage not Farage.” Where oh where have these ... people been for the last 46 years? Why couldn’t this passionate pro-European sentiment have been so strong before June 2016? What were they afraid of? Why has it taken Brexit for the country to fall madly in love with the EU? There has never been



"Madrid is the most vibrant city I've lived in"

Ash Bolton

He's an English actor famous for playing Archie Mitchell in Eastenders, Mick Shipman in Gavin and Stacey and for getting covered in snakes during I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Now Larry Lamb is set to hit the screens again when he stars in th



The inbetweeners

Peter Edgerton age. Even by Spanish standards, that was a very long festive period indeed. I love these fleeting in-between times; the vacant days that ghost along imperceptibly, except for the occasional keening cry of a chap who's just received his Christmas



Guaro dog shelter needs a new home

Tony Bryant

...where Vera underwent treatment for breast cancer. The couple returned to Spain shortly after the treatment, although they relocated to the Guaro, where, after finding two young puppies in a rubbish container, they opened the Animal Love and Rescue ... battle, the couple's sheer love of animals is fuelling their drive to succeed. "We are dog lovers to the end, and we believe that the world is made for humans and animals to live together, not to destroy them, or do them harm," Vera declared.



“I killed the woman I loved out of love”

Tony Bryant

...wanted to do. “She wrote every day: love letters, thank you notes and instructions on how I should conduct my life after her death,” Robert says. Charlee had no faith in religion and she did not want to be buried or cremated. She simply wanted to ... her the best solution, “the ultimate sacrifice of love”. However, he says he was not prepared for the terrible feelings of guilt that he would suffer over the coming months. He began drinking heavily in order to blot out the pain and even ... explained that this was highly unlikely. I was not scared, because I did this out of my unconditional love for Charlee,” Robert says. In the end Robert did not have to go to jail, but today, he is still trying to make some sense out of his life, although



A local lad with a career in space


...different countries. NASA, ESA and Roscosmos now work together to save on costs. "I'm convinced my generation will see a permanent, inhabited base on the moon," says Álvaro, who would love to contribute to that. The particles are accelerating. After ExoMars



Brits create a niche in the craft gin market on the Costa del Sol


...the necessary research. Others, like Chris Tunmore, have the ability to spot an opening in the market and go on to create a niche in a specialised industry. With the help of a few friends who all have a common love for the Mediterranean lifestyle, the ... on either side of our logo: one is from the Spanish coat of arms and the other from the British. This represents our love for the two countries we are connected to. I would love to tell you there was romantic reason behind the brand name, but the


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Fin de Siècle Europe comes to Andalucía

Jennie Rhodes

...with Spain, having stayed for a time while she was studying and then visiting Catalonia on another occasion. The musician says that this is her fifth visit to Malaga and on each occasion she has performed with Cornelia. "I absolutely fell in love ... thirsty for music, for art, and I love how they listen to a language that isn't even their own! I am very grateful and honoured to be back in January." The other three concerts will take place on 27January at the Casa de la Cultura en Almuñécar, on 30 ... Fin de Siècle era". She goes on to say that the poems of the music "describe the mysteriousness of night, the life of stars and the human journey of love and longing." Cornelia and Aurea have prepared well-known pieces including Beim Schlafengehen by



A season of love


John, and, as if to emphasise his point, says “without him nothing was made that has been made.” All this life, all of it, happens because of a God of love. Christina Rossetti wrote: Love came down at Christmas, Love all lovely, Love divine, Love was ... born at Christmas, star and angel gave the sign. When a most-loved child dies, love does not simply fizzle out. Love determinedly goes on and on - as if that life goes on and on. And for billions of Christians across the world, death is simply not the ... end of either the Christmas story or of our story. Indeed, why should it be - given the investment of God in getting us up and running in the first place. Life matters because it is so rare and so amazing. Life matters because it is a gift where love



Island games


...surprise this week, then, when we received not one, but two messages of a quite different nature. They were both asking the same thing. "Hi - will you be showing the Love Island final tomorrow night?" When the first message arrived, I thought it must be ... wide range of exquisite tapas and several glasses of wine on a rooftop terrace on a balmy July evening, they would prefer to watch some reality TV in a pub. Each to their own, I suppose. "Love", "Island" and "final'" are three very odd words to see ... in a sentence together, aren't they? I've never watched the programme but presume that it does actually take place on an island - Anglesey? - but that there isn't much love involved at all and that for it to be a final, the people on the show must


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Marbella starts new year with contemporary art

Tony Bryant

Tamara Yuriy Sweere, and the gallery's owner, Massimo Cedrini, whose love of nature and of life led him to acquire a personal and recognisable style, which incorporates female figures, animals and marine landscapes. His painting comes to life through the



“Love them tender”

Denise Bush

The nights are getting colder and if you live inland you should start lifting tender perennial plants such as cannas and dahlias. They should be dug up and placed in a box of just-damp compost in a cool, airy place. Nearer the coast it should be s



Sharing a lifelong passion for opera

Tony Bryant Paris, and he now uses his experiences to enhance his forthrightly classes at the Lux Mundi Ecumenical centre in Fuengirola. Fascination with Spain Patrick became fascinated with Spain after a holiday in Madrid and has since come to love the country ... he calls home for six months of the year. "I fell in love with Spain in the mid-80s when I stayed with a friend in Madrid. I first came to Fuengirola about ten years ago because a fellow teacher from Tokyo had bought a flat here and I came to



Your stars for 2019

...passion to you one minute could become boring the next. For that reason you need to be honest and open, especially when it comes to love and romance. Overall: A year in which you become stronger, more determined and able to enjoy life as it comes. ... afford to be less critical of yourself and learn to love the person others see. Libra 24 September - 23 October Being able to see the funny side is what will help to fire you through the year ahead. Perfect situations are what you like but ... optimism and stability. Much as you like to be in charge, there will be times when events overtake you. However, you can and do influence events, just not all of them! There are challenges ahead (and you know how much you love those!) but the joy of



Love letter returned to family after 74 years


Granada journalist, Mariló V. Oyonartes has handed a love letter written in 1943 to its rightful owners after a three-month search for the author's descendants. In June, Mariló, 40, received a phone call from a resident of Alhama de Granada in ... locate the writer's descendants“This adventure was destined to succeed since the start, thanks to a chain of acts of love,” Mariló V. Oyonartes“I went for weeks hardly able to sleep, I would dream that I had found them but then wake up and realise that it ... “By then I had achieved the most difficult part, now I just had to give them the letter - their letter - and ask their permission to give Rafael and Carmen's beautiful love story the publicity it deserves, with their photographs, full surnames, exact



Life, death, love and war

Mark Nayler reading into spain

...action sequences and, at its heart, one of the greatest love stories ever written. Jordan is a demolition expert, assigned to a Republican guerilla band to blow up a bridge as part of an offensive on Segovia. His commitment to the task, and to what he ... “very many”. He is deeply disturbed by the realisation that only two of them were definitely fascists. The brutality of Jordan’s surroundings, and the agonised soul-searching they provoke within him, are the backdrop to the novel’s great love story, ... one brought to life by some of the finest dialogue Hemingway ever wrote. One wonders to what extent his protagonist’s belated, earth-shattering realisation was also Hemingway’s - namely, that “love is the most important thing that can happen to a human



Animal Care España finds new homes in Belgium for 42 rescued dogs

Tony Bryant

Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia, the USA and Spain), all united by their love of dogs. The event included a three-course dinner and musical entertainment was supplied by Laura Elen, a classically trained singer. There was also a charity raffle



Michelin muddle


People have still not got the hang of this Michelin nonsense, so, once and for all, repeat in unison: there is no such thing as a 'Michelin chef'. The Michelin Guide, love it or hate it, awards its prized stars to restaurants, never to chefs or



Nadja (Léona Delcourt): A tragic life after loving Breton

m. eugenia merelo

This is a profile of an artist whose work is currently on show at the 'We are completely free. Women artists and surrealism' exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Malaga. Read more about it here. She was born in Lille, but moved to Paris at the age



Saint Valentine makes our hearts flutter


Researchers at the University of Granada (UGR) have proved that the sight of someone we love does really make our hearts beat faster. A report shows the results of studies to examine the physical response of the body to love. Researchers measured ... Brain and Behaviour Research Centre, identified a phenomenon known as “emotional tachycardia”. When given a shock, people looking at a photo of a loved one showed a far less noticeable response“When a person is in love and they look at a photograph of ... how love can rapidly change someone's heartbeat. “On viewing a loved-one's face, sweat production and the electrical conductivity of the skin increase from the first second and a half, and it causes the activation of the zygomaticus major muscle,



Lorca, Korean-style


...the funeral in one of the poet's masterpieces here are a "Korean-style" wedding and burial with its corresponding rituals and clothing. "Lorca captures the essence of the human. There is a fight, conflict, love...," explains the choreographer. And



Walking 700 miles for the love of a dove


...annual journey. These brave men have already raised £9,000 for Operation Turtle Dove and hope their endeavours this year will raise a further £10,000 to help the birds they love so much.



Elton John touches hearts in Marbella


...repertoire of his Wonderful Crazy Night tour which promotes love and peace in the world. As expected the legend took to the stage in sunglasses and sequins and a fuschia shirt and matching shoes. He sat at his grand piano in the centre of the stage ... Hardest Word and Tiny Dancer. The most emotional moment of the night came with a beautiful rendition of I Want Love, which he dedicated to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks following a speech in which he confirmed his faith in love triumphing ... over evil. Giant screens contained the words We Love You, followed by the initials of the cities that have suffered recent terrorist attacks. Elton John also remembered one of his old friends, the late George Michael, with Don't Let The Sun Go Down



Cudeca remembers loved ones by releasing 1,000 balloons

The Cudeca Cancer Foundation held a moving ceremony on 27 December in memory of loved ones that suffered the disease. The white balloons were sold to people attending for a donation to the cancer charity which is based in Benalmádena. The tenor



"We go to bed with someone as if we were about to sit an exam"

Ángel Escalera

...sexual impulses which are activated by stimuli that mobilise this memory of pleasure. HIS WORDS "If we continue generating fear of failing at sex, the future is the robot" "Love exists and it is the healthiest type of drug in the world" QUOTES "If ... we continue generating fear of failing at sex, the future is the robot" "Love exists and it is the healthiest type of drug in the world" You have just presented the biggest ever study about sexual desire in women. What do women dream of? These ... is related with elements such as sin. Is polyamory a reality? In Malaga there is a very powerful colony of polyamorous people. They typically tell you that if you have three children and love them equally, why can't you have three partners?



Golden Globe nomination follows top European award for Antonio Banderas


...currently starring in the musical A Chorus Line at his own new theatre project. "Almodóvar, whom I've known for 40 years, has been a miracle in my life, I respect him and love him," said Banderas in his message. Almodóvar will be accompanying the actor



Money and care

Revd Adrian Low

Paul said, “Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” When money becomes the reason why the elderly cannot be looked after, why some expat pensioners are on the breadline, why countries are crippled by debt, why politicians become corrupt, then ... over their head - irrespective of money. I want money to be the servant, not the tyrant that cuts love out of society. It takes a major mind shift to think like that, but governments must learn that running a country is not simply like the



Wartime drama starring Colin Firth set to film on Costa next March


John Madden, the director of Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love, is to film in Malaga and surrounding area in March in his latest project, and Colin Firth is set to take one of the lead roles. Exact details of the filming aren't known, but the



Figure skating made accessible for everyone

Marina RIVAS

...put on a special skating masterclass for the around 100 members of the club, as well as around 20 with varying degrees of mobility from the Fuensocial association. "I would love to continue doing this sort of thing," said Fernández who was



Stellar performance by Estrella

Flamenco singer Estrella Morente captured the hearts of her audience with her recital of love songs last weekend at the Nerja Caves music festival.