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The Costa del Sol tourism industry looks forward to its recovery


Covid forum organised by SUR and sponsored by Unicaja Banco. The event, held in Malaga, was designed to replace the traditional dinner SUR and SUR in English host every year in London to mark the World Travel Market, the industry’s major trade fair



London's latest Blitz


In wartime the casualty lists are divided into three categories: dead, wounded, and missing. The present coronavirus war is only different in one respect: there are no missing, only dead and wounded. If the casualty list were to be further broken dow



Ryanair selling tickets for "flights that might not happen"


Michael O'Leary, chief of budget airline Ryanair warned on Thursday that should the UK leave the EU without an agreement in place, it would cause "chaos". "We're selling tickets for flights between the UK and Europe that may not even happen," he sa



The British Council: Eight decades developing links between UK and Spain

Tony Bryant people who are interested in our work", describing it as "like a London railway station in rush hour". With almost 500 students enrolled by early December 1941, it became necessary for Starkie to convert his private sitting room and spare bedroom



Britons told to learn Spanish post Brexit


A report by the UK's influential British Council educational charity has concluded that the best foreign language for Britons to learn post Brexit is Spanish. It says that the British need to be encouraged to learn more languages and ranks the mos



'I feel this is my place in the world; I enjoy country life'


Maider Unda (Vitoria, 1977) says that her six-year-old daughter Iraide sometimes plays with the bronze medal that she won at the 2012 London Olympics. "She's still too young to understand the effort it takes to get there," she says. Nowadays the



13 November 2002: The biggest environmental disaster in Spain's history

Alekk M. Saanders

American Bureau of Shipping, but insured by the London P&I Club, a shipowners' mutual known as the London Club. The British insurer refused to participate in the Spanish proceedings on the basis that the parties should submit arbitration in England, as ... per the insurance contract. Fifteen years after the catastrophe, London Club was ordered to pay a $1-billion fine over the oil spill. The ship's Greek captain, Apostolos Mangouras, who was 67 at the time of the accident, was acquitted by the court.



London's view of Picasso through paper


The Royal Academy of Arts in London is about to open the most complete exhibition ever to have been organised about Pablo Picasso's use of paper. There are more than 300 works, most of them on loan from the Paris museum dedicated to the Malaga-born ... is part of a major tourism and cultural campaign organised by Malaga in London this week in synergy with the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts. The signing of the agreement was attended by the CEO of Turismo Costa del Sol, Margarita del Cid; the



A vital trip to London


The World Travel Market in London has always been an important event for the tourism industry in Malaga and Andalucía. This year's fair, however, which starts next Monday 4 November, will be vital. Out of all the international visitors to ... will be heading the delegation, and they will have to be ready to face the challenge ahead. The Andalusian tourism industry has a lot riding on the fair next week in London, and no one can ignore this unquestionable reality, especially not the



Rincón skate park named after London terrorist attack hero

Eugenio Cabezas

A new skate park in the Huerta Julián park in Rincón de la Victoria, which was officially opened last Saturday, has been named after Ignacio Echeverría, the 39-year-old Spanish man who lost his life during the London Bridge terrorist attack on 3



A passion for Andalucía inspires debut novel

Tony Bryant

Benalmádena-based British author with a passion for Andalucía has recently published her debut novel. The flamenco-theme love story, published in both English and Spanish, is set in Andalucía, London, Los Angeles and New York and focuses on the



Amazon gain forest

Peter Edgerton

...still be getting about 216,000 dollars an hour which is even more than London plumbers charge. Surely somebody has to intervene here. It can't be right that a bloke in a dodgy waistcoat can be richer than some nations. Who, though, is going to take



Celebrating tourism in style in London

Rachel Haynes

...the acting Spanish minister for Tourism, Reyes Maroto, and the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, was held at The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn in central London. Group photo after the dinner.S. SALAS Among the guests were the



British writer shares his passion for Seville, a city that lured him


English reporter has recently published his latest book related to Spain: Seville. A City of Marvels. This is Tony's fifth book on a Spanish theme, his previous works including a trilogy on the art of flamenco. A former rock drummer from South London ... theatres, clubs and, of course, flamenco tablaos. As well as writing for SUR in English, Tony is a regular contributor to the London-based Flamenco News magazine, and he is affiliated with El Museo del Baile Flamenco, a state-of-the-art flamenco dance



Can somms survive Covid?


...themselves as a sommelier. In the new normal world can sommeliers prosper? A well-known London restaurant used to have nine sommeliers, but now has two. In Spain it is unusual for top establishments to have more than one, and owners and managers are asking



From Malaga to London's West End


Juia Ruiz, who lives in London, has recently arrived home from Paris, where she gave a Latin dance workshop. She is passionate about dance and travelling, which are the two most important things in her life currently. After working around the world ... Gloria Estefan that premieres on 14 June at the London Coliseum. With 2,359 seats, it is the largest theatre in the British capital and one of the most prominent in the West End. Ruiz has been working towards being in a Broadway musical for five years. ... production that runs for two months every year, and has become a great way to learn the trade, while also providing sporadic jobs for dancers. Julia Ruiz will now be involved in On Your Feet!, which begins in June and is performed in London for



Tourism bosses from across the Costa and Andalucía arrive in London for World Travel Market


The eyes of the tourism industry are on London's ExCeL centre this week with the annual World Travel Market. The huge trade fair from 4 to 6 November is one of the most important globally and is especially important to the Costa del Sol and the ... sees many new faces on the large regional stand at the exhibition. On Thursday this week, Juan Marín, regional vice-president as well as regional Tourism minister, outlined the Junta's objectives for the three energetic days in London. He said the ... Turismo Costa del Sol with its own 200-square-metre stand. They will also be sending a large delegation to London and carrying out promotional activity, including advertising on the Underground with the slogan, "Now more than ever". "We are going to



'I volunteered for the Covid vaccine because I want all this to be over as soon as possible'

Ángel Escalera

...coronavirus. Since 2009, Ezequiel has been living in London, where he works as a computer engineer. He told us what made him decide to be given the vaccine in this experimental stage. "I want all this to be over as soon as possible, and when I saw that ... they were going to do testing in London I decided to do my bit and volunteer," he says. When he made that decision, Ezequiel Martín firmly believed that the benefit of the vaccine must be far greater than any possible side effects. "As I see it,



A point to prove

Rob Palmer

The latest notable name to be checked in is Unai Emery. After the hustle of Moscow, Paris and London he's delighted to be in the relatively relaxed backwater. It hasn't taken him long to get back on track, his new club sits second in La Liga heading



From Malaga to London with Kazimir Malevich

Jennie Rhodes

...collages, all of which feature a black square, similar to the most famous work of the Russian artist, before sending it to London for an exhibition. Worthington has been invited to exhibit this collection at the Chelsea Art Club, of which he is a member. ... He says, "It's a pretty daunting venue as the membership has a lot of very well-known artists." Derek will be travelling to London with his work, which will be on show during the first three weeks of May. While he explains that the London event is ... he went to see the "Revolution" exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, which was showing Russian art from 1917 until the 1930 and included a section devoted to Malevich. "The collection represented Malevich's manifesto of 'Suprematism' of which he



Tragedy strikes on Christmas Eve as two children and their father drown at Club La Costa

ÁLVARO FRÍAS / JUAN CANO / FERNANDO TORRES at around 1.30pm on Tuesday. The victims are three members of the same family, British and American nationals, who had come to the area from London for their Christmas holidays. They had arrived in the province last Saturday, 21 December, and were ... God (RCCG) and was an area pastor at a church in Charlton in south-east London. The group paid tribute to him in a Facebook post: "With heavy hearts, we extend our condolences to the family, parish, friends and associates of Area Pastor Gabriel Diya



Picardo and Garcia in London Brexit talks

Debbie Bartlett

Chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia spent two days in London this week for meetings related to Brexit. The discussions included preparations for a no-deal Brexit in the event that the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement


What to do

Salón Varietés pays tribute to music legends Queen and Cher

Tony Bryant

...frontman for more than ten years. The show has received rave reviews, making the London-based singer one of the most sought-after tribute acts in Europe. Michelle Daniels is equally as convincing as the 'Goddess of Pop'. Her incredible stage presence and



'Malagueños' unite for London anti-Brexit march

Jennie Rhodes

A group of 'Malagueños' were reunited for last Saturday's Put it to the People march in London. Numerous British residents living on the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical travelled back to the UK especially for the protest, where they met up with ... and Tamara Essex were among the Brits who travelled from Malaga airport to London for the weekend. Meanwhile while María Barquin, who is originally from Marbella but has lived in the UK for 19 years and currently works for the NHS, travelled from ... many of us were unable to vote, so I am voting with my feet.” Carmen Ortega and José Luis Millet, originally from Vélez-Málaga, have lived in London for five years and both work as teachers in state primary schools in the capital. They didn’t want to



UK museum appeals for postcards from Britons resident in EU countries

J. R.

Migration Museum in London for their forthcoming Departures exhibition, to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower. The exhibition aims to explore four centuries of emigration from Britain. Benson said, "Postcards from the



Spanish firm wins bid for new London tunnel to ease Blackwall flow


Construction giant, Ferrovial, has beaten another Spanish company, ACS, to the contract to build a new tunnel under the River Thames in East London. The project aims to take pressure off the congested Blackwall Tunnel that dates from the 1960s



Arrest made in Estepona over London murder


A 19-year-old British man was arrested in Estepona last week in connection with the murder of a young actor with a machete in Islington, London. A European arrest warrant was in effect and he was tracked down to an urbanisation in Estepona. Two



British residents in Malaga travel to London for the Put it to the People march

Jennie Rhodes

Numerous Brits living in Malaga will be among at least 100 UK residents in Spain travelling to London for Saturday's Put it to the People march, to call on the government to give the UK population another chance to vote on Brexit. Biggest march ... over 20 years, is travelling to London especially for the march. She told SUR in English, "I wasn't allowed to vote in the ballot box, so I'm voting with my feet." Theresa will be meeting up with the Bremain in Spain group who are gathering at Green ... Unido. Tamara Essex, a British resident living in Malaga, will also be walking with the Bremain in Spain group, explained why she decided to fly to London for the march. "We are at such a critical moment for the future of our country. The Prime



Resolute London Pride

Denise Bush Gardening

Common names for this member of the Saxifraga genus includes St Patrick's Cabbage, Whimsey, Prattling Parnell, Look Up And Kiss Me and London Pride, the latter being the most popular. Although 'true' London Pride (Saxifraga x urbium) is a hybrid ... between Saxifraga umbrosa, native to the Spanish Pyrenees, and S. spathularis, the 'true' St Patrick's Cabbage native to Western Ireland, many plants in the genus are called London Pride saxifrages. Saxifraga x urbium forms dense rosettes of ... the heat of the summer. It is an aggressive grower but is not invasive. Propagation is by potting up the slender stolons (runners) which have a small rosette of leaves on the ends. Before the 17th century, London Pride referred to the Sweet William.



New Calpe House facility for Gibraltar patients opens in London

Debbie Bartlett

All sponsored patients from Gibraltar who are sent for medical treatment in London will be able to stay at the new Calpe House in future. This new facility in Norfolk Square was officially opened by the patron of Calpe House Ltd, Sir Joe Bossano,



Year-round Easyjet flights are now operating between Gibraltar and London Luton

Debbie Bartlett

Easyjet has begun its twice-weekly service between Luton and Gibraltar. The flights run on Tuesdays and Saturdays and will continue year-round. This is the airline's fourth destination from Gibraltar, after London Gatwick, Bristol and Manchester. ... on Tuesday, Tourism Minister Gilbert Licudi, said the new service for travellers from the north London region and beyond is "warmly welcome".



UK agrees to increase pensions for Britons in Spain at least until 2023


The British government has announced that it will continue to uprate the UK State Pension paid to people living in Spain each year for the next three years, whatever happens with Brexit. The UK State Pension has already been uprated in the European



Malaga goes global in London to attract international investment


The city of Malaga has taken its slogan "the ideal place to live, work and invest to London this week in a bid to attract more international businesses to the area. Malaga and Barcelona were the only Spanish cities with stands at Going Global, a


What to do

An exhibition that offers an 'escape' from the pandemic

Jennie Rhodes

...a freelance architect includes projects for the London docklands at Ebsfleet. In terms of his illustration work, Nigel highlights an exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea, which used his watercolour paintings; as well as drawings ... which tell the history of the key in front of Conwy Castle in Wales. He has had exhibitions at the Mall and Anise Galleries in London, as well as the National Waterfront Museum, the Oriel Ynyws Mon and the Royal Cambrian Academy, all of which are in



Andalucía and the Costa del Sol hit the streets of London

Pedro Luis Gómez

Tourism authorities from Andalucía and the Costa del Sol have come to London this week with one firm intention: to win back British tourists after the drop in figures this year. With the World Tavel Market starting on Monday, the delegations from



Tourism authorities head to London armed with strategies to win back British visitors

Pilar Martínez

...visiting the region from the UK, as well as Germany, among other countries, has caused the tourism authorities to adopt a last-minute change in strategy for next week's World Travel Market in London. At the three-day travel fair, Andalucía and the Costa ... on London but would also reach out to places such as Manchester and Birmingham, where the collapse of Monarch caused a drop in tourists heading for Spain. The Costa del Sol tourist board, meanwhile, promises a bigger and better presence at the fair ... Airport. Bendodo explained that around a hundred business owners will be in London next week under the umbrella of Turismo Costa del Sol with more than 300 professional meetings already set up on the stand. Beaches, golf, cuisine, inland beauty and city