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Group violently attacks ambulance convoy of elderly coronavirus patients in La Línea


On Tuesday a group of around 50 people attacked a convoy of emergency vehicles carrying 28 elderly patients with Covid-19 in La Línea de la Concepción, Cadiz province. According to National Police, who were escorting the ambulances, the elderly ... cope anymore, with the level of support he was getting for coronavirus patients, a statement which caused annoyance in some parts of the Andalusian regional health service. As the evacuated patients arrived in La Línea, various people gathered and ... of La Línea, Juan Franco, stressed that the protesters did not represent the town and that the majority of residents had supported the relocation of the elderly patients from Alcalá del Valle.



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Anti-Brexit protest planned in La Línea

Debbie Bartlett

A long-planned anti-Brexit protest in La Línea is still expected to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday), even though the British government and the EU say they have reached agreement over a new withdrawal deal. British MPs will have to approve the deal if ... it is to go ahead, and will be sitting on Saturday to debate on it. The protest, which is organised by the Ascteg association of workers in Gibraltar and supported by La Línea council, is due to take place at 12.30 from the Plaza de la Iglesia and



Mayor of La Línea and Gibraltar's chief minister hold discussions

Debbie Bartlett

Juan Franco, the mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, visited Gibraltar on Thursday for a meeting with newly re-elected chief minister Fabian Picardo and members of the government, including Dr Joseph García, deputy chief minister and leader of the ... that the meeting with the chief minister had been "productive"On Saturday, he and other mayors of towns in the Campo de Gibraltar took part in a protest organised by the Acsteg cross-border workers association in La Línea, calling for a "humanitarian"



Spanish man dies in collision with Customs vessel off Eastern beach

Debbie Bartlett

...resident of the neighbouring town of La Linea de La Concepcion. A full investigation is being carried out into the incident and Gibraltar's chief minister, Fabian Picardo, sent his condolences to the family of Morodo Gutiérrez and expressed his sympathy ... to the mayor of La Línea, Juan Franco. In a statement, Picardo also expressed his concerns about the welfare of the Customs officers involved in the incident, especially that of the officer who is reported to have bravely dived into the sea to ... Spanish law enforcement agencies to ensure the family of the deceased have as much information as possible on the circumstances of this tragic event." There were angry scenes in La Línea when the news broke, with a crowd of over 100 people reportedly



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La Línea - on the line


It is early morning in La Línea de la Concepción. The air is clear and the African coast is visible on the horizon. On this side of the Strait, hundreds of vehicles line up in Avenida Príncipe de Asturias to cross the border to Gibraltar, where ... about 10,000 local people go to work every day. Others cross on foot. In Calle Real, in the town centre, some of the shops are beginning to open. However, La Línea's other economy, tobacco smuggling and drug trafficking, is also waking up. These ... just because they felt like it. This is the law of the strongest. They are fully aware that La Línea lacks police resources, but in addition they can count on the silence of a community which they enable to earn a living. With 35 per cent unemployment,



La Línea drug lord, who appeared in recent reggaeton video, hands himself into police


Francisco Tejón, also known as 'Isco', was until Wednesday the authorities' most wanted man in the Campo de Gibraltar area. The head of the notorious Los Castaña drug gang handed himself in to police close to his home in La Línea de la Concepción as ... Police investigations recently tracked Isco back to La Línea which was his comfort zone where, protected by family members, he first ventured into the criminal underworld, stealing tobacco from smugglers then later realising that hashish could be a lot



Man who fled La Línea hospital with hooded drug gang is caught at last in Jimena


A joint Guardia Civil and National Police operation has led to the rearrest of a man who escaped from police custody while waiting to be treated at a hospital in La Línea last February. The man, only identified by police by his initials S. C. D., ... department at La Línea hospital to free him. He was waiting for medical attention under police guard after being injured when attempting to flee a checkpoint. It was thought he then escaped to Morocco to get treatment but has now been found not far from La ... Línea. The arrests are a further blow to the powerful Los Castañas drugs gang. S. C. D. is believed to have been a runner for this group. Earlier this month one of the two supposed leaders of Los Castañas, Antonio Tejón, was held in a police raid in La



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