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Spain stages Covid concert pilot without social distancing measures


...wore a FFP2 mask that they were given by the organisers when they entered. Only those who tested negative for coronavirus were able to access the Palau. Five thousand people might seem like a lot but the Sant Jordi venue has capacity for 18,000



Six-year sentence for raping a British tourist in a Costa nightclub toilet


...her body, which she said, she would not have opposed, since he seemed like a "good person". But she said that at no time did she agree to continue, and vehemently opposed and "physically" resisted the rape, which according to her she could not prevent



More than 50 years dancing in Estepona

Ash Bolton

...took us back, and we went on stage at the theatre like nothing had happened. Deloris, as a young traveller, a dance teacher and, below, in a recent photo.SUR "But I was like 'wow, do you realise what just happened?' That was incredible." Then in ... briefly moved to London from 1979 to 1981, as they wanted their daughter to experience what it was like to live in a city, before returning to Estepona. Popular petition Last October, Deloris hit the headlines again after local residents voted to name ... plans to retire just yet. She added: "I'm still teaching dance to adults - I like it better as they already come to you with a style. I will continue this as long as I can and maybe even do some more workshops. "But I also want to visit my daughter



Quarking back to happiness

Peter Edgerton

...everything, except why so many people like eating sushi. Depending on your perspective, then, the human race has either come a mighty long way in a relatively short space of time, or we continue to have little clue about anything. To tell the truth, it ... sometimes feels to me like we don't understand much more than we did when Shakespeare gave one of his best lines to Hamlet over four hundred years ago: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." And Bjork



Like a foreigner at home


Anyone who remembers Spanish pop of the 80s might recall a song by the group Mecano entitled No Hay Marcha en Nueva York (which could roughly be translated as 'there's no fun in New York'). One line is: "Que si eres 'espanis' ni un vaso con soda" ("i



Anyone for a tinny?


...cellars and corks has to go. Cans were first used by the Ford Coppola winery in California in 2003, and sales have grown steadily. Lockdown has helped too. Rather like boxed wine, the advantages do not need spelling out: for outdoor drinking and fast



Peaking at the climax

Rob Palmer

...that leave Real? When club football reconvenes, they have three mega games in eight days. The Champions League quarter-finals are wrapped around the Clásico. It's been three years since they met Liverpool in the final. The 2021 team looks just like



The confidence needed to buy a home


Over the last year, many of the attitudes we had towards our lifestyle, social relations and even the little things that now seem like luxuries have changed... What's more, we've seen preferences change when it comes to investing in a home. The



The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga celebrates its tenth anniversary

Antonio Javier López

...applied to 230 works of art, although now the figure is around 300. Although the baroness did not elaborate on what the new agreement might look like, Malaga’s mayor Francisco de la Torre expressed his hope that it would allow the museum to keep “as many


What to do

Concerts, events and things to do around the province

denise bush

Live Music and Concerts Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Music Concerts Malaga. Auditorio del Museo Picasso de Málaga. 28 March, 12pm Harmoniemusik play music by Mozart and Soler. .6 April, 8pm La Spagna. 11 May, 8pm Quinteto OFM.



Happiness in the form of chocolate


...personally define happiness? There are two concepts I like to think of when explaining happiness. One is the circle, a figure in which there is no start, no finish, no divisions and everything is equidistant from the centre. The other concept is that of ... to the taste-related enjoyment, is to access the mood-enhancing and energy-increasing properties it unleashes. This was our eureka moment: suddenly, we realised that while we were a chocolate factory on the outside, at heart, we were what I like to ... challenging one for the planet. There is still so much uncertainty and fear of the unknown, as well as sadness at loss of life and wellbeing on so many different levels. Working in the tourism sector here on the Costa del Sol has been scary in that, like so



Revealing the mysteries of Mijas in aid of worthy causes

Tony Bryant

...interested in Mijas, because it is like a ghost town. I want to do my bit to help fellow business owners because the situation is so bad. There are also many charities that have really been under pressure because of the pandemic, so we are concentrating on



The award-winning tree that got rid of the witches


...the witches, who eventually decided to leave. But before they went, they granted wishes to the trees. Some said they would like to have branches of gold or crystal, and others wanted a delicious fragrance. The young La Castañera didn't want


What to do

Marenostrum set to rock Fuengirola with packed season of concerts

Tony Bryant

...festival will present an extensive cycle of concerts that will include classical, rock, flamenco, rap, indie and pop music. The four-month cultural extravaganza will also see the return of several popular festivals, like Sohail Jazz (17 - 20 June), the


What to do

Recreating the magical era of the 1980s pop scene

Tony Bryant

...hits like Simply the Best and Private Dancer. The 40-year-old Granada-based entertainer trained as a gospel singer and she manages to recreate Turner's incredible voice, while also capturing her powerful energy and spectacular stage presence. ... Jessica will return for the second part of the show for her tribute to the unmistakable voice of Annie Lennox, lead singer of The Eurythmics, who received global success with hits like Who's That Girl, Thorn in My Side and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).


What to do

What Jules de Balincourt is hiding at the CAC


Malaga. When. Until 30 May. What. Forty large scale paintings in bright acrylics reflecting emotional landscapes. "It's like a family reunion. These works have never been on display before, so that's satisfying. I like the spectator to be able to ... stain on the wood which, bit by bit, with just his "intuition", starts to take shape with different images. "These works are like a road trip where we don't know where we are heading, an adventure in itself, an exploration," said Jules de Balincourt. ... But on that trip there are concepts which are repeated and this dichotomy of meanings in his work becomes evident. Like caves where you're not sure if people are exploring or hiding; an island that could be a paradise or a reflection of isolation from



The battle for Madrid

Mark Nayler

...this week, Iglesias might actually have increased his enemy's chances of success. Ciudadanos voters, especially the younger ones, don't like the PP - indeed, the party's early victories were won with a promise to clean up the corrupt old-timers, ... possibilities arise: either he didn't like co-governing, or he wasn't given enough to do by a distrustful Sánchez. Either way, Spain's unprecedented coalition experiment now enters a second phase.



The criteria for happiness


...wealthiest in the world, thus confirming/fulfilling the UN's criteria of happiness. However, it looks like the variables are more appropriate for measuring happiness on a national rather than individual level. So, maybe, that is why numerous individual



Animal charity to take awareness campaign to schools in Álora

Tony Bryant

...lover Kamar Goddard, Esencia Animal Álora is a volunteer-run charity that works in conjunction with the town hall. The charity plans to organise a series of awareness campaigns that focus on topics like sterilisation, the effects of abandonment, adoption



Spain's Congreso approves law to legalise euthanasia


...patients who appreciate having the option available. "It makes no sense that people have to choose a worthless life," Sofía Malagón, a 60-year-old Colombian woman with Parkinson's disease, told AFP in Barcelona. "I don't want to be kept there like a



World Health Organisation warns Spain is at risk of a rebound in Covid cases


The European Region of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned Spain that, like the rest of European countries, it is at risk of a rebound in coronavirus infection cases, and has called for the measures agreed by the health authorities to be



Surmounting the challenges of a year like no other


The last 12 months have posed unique challenges for schools and families alike, and Sunny View School in Torremolinos takes great pride in the way its entire school community has worked together to keep its students safe and thriving throughout these



Primary short stories

...and we can get in through the openings. When we get through their defences we use them like a catapult to jump from body to body, although sometimes they “social distance”, so we can’t reach other bodies when we jump because they are too far away. ... The hardest humans to hurt are the little ones, nevertheless, we can use them as a disguise because people always get close to them. They play other tricks on us, like showering us with poisonous rain and killing thousands. Even though we are ... out a way to camouflage ourselves and look like different soldiers. We may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war. Juan Rafael Cabeza, age 10 Swans International School The Fire Fox One cold morning, a creature woke up to the



Secondary poems I hold you close, An embrace that lasts forever as the world around us froze. This feeling won’t go, it doesn’t seem quite right, I wish that I could turn back time, back to that night. Time stands still, like a broken clock, Like it’s been ... captured and caged and sealed with a lock. The cold night air makes our faces white as chalk, I don’t know what to say but I begin to talk. Soon the tears begin to fall, And she turns away to hide her face in her shawl. The rain comes down, like



Secondary short stories

...breathing now. He heard creaking noises in the corridor. They shattered the restful silence like bullets, unwelcome, disrupting the peace of the night. The room seemed to get darker, and he could feel the presence of some other being. It stalked nearby, ... serious tone. A tear slipped out from the corner of her left eye. Her eyes gradually grew redder with sadness and guilt. Frozen like a block of ice, she didn’t move at all. I led her over to the bed to sit down and I sat by her side. She sat there in ... week before. Many younger teenagers like Grace, at this very moment post or send more revealing photos to friends to be admired and to look “cool”, however, who knows where that photo will end up? Every choice has a consequence. Talk to a trusted



Investment funds showing major interest in buying hotels on the Costa

Pilar Martínez

...options there are on the market. It almost feels like a persecution, it's quite overwhelming," he says. Before the pandemic, Aehcos would have considered it rare to receive three or four requests of this type a week. Consultancy firms say some major



International education on the Costa del Sol: present and future

SUR in English like a “global village”. “Students look at the world very differently from the way people saw it 50 or 60 years ago,” he added. Rob Maldonado of Swans International School also stressed the “head start” children on the Costa del Sol have in terms



'We need to combine conservation and sustainable development'

Eugenio Cabezas

...behaviour like people who ride motorbikes across the park, or illegal hunters? We need to make them comply with the laws, but evidently it is impossible to achieve with just 14 forest guards for the entire natural park, because we're talking about more



A not-so-super league

Rob Palmer

Porto, Ajax, RB Leipzig and Lyon have gate-crashed the Champions League banquet. Meanwhile the aristocrats, like Manchester United, AC Milan and Arsenal are fighting for scraps in the Europa League. The bluebloods are getting together to devise a plan ... everyone that structure can overcome signings. Let's be blunt, at no point in the high-level discussions about a proposed new European super league has the fans' experience or public opinion been mentioned. It's like the creation of a new Royal Family and



Save the Queen

Ivan Gelibter

...not easy to reach 69 years on the throne in a world dominated by men and surrounded by useless people like her son, and still be there to tell the tale. Whether parliamentary monarchies work better or worse, for me I think it's an anachronism to have ... heads of state inherited from father to son. Of course, if you're going to have a blue-blooded family, you should always go for professionals like the Windsors, experts in understanding their own. Just a day after Harry and Meghan told the world what a



Custody battle

Mark Nayler

After former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont lost his immunity as a Member of the European Parliament this week, the complex legal battle between Spain and Belgium that began in October 2017 entered another round. And once again, it looks like


What to do

The Marbella Ralli Museum, from a dream-like Oaxaca to surrealism


...movement". The display includes famous names such as Man Ray, Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí, others we consider assimilated into surrealism like Giorgio Chirico and Chagall but also some like Francis Bacon, with the aim of exploring their language and seeing



The art of improvisation in lockdown

Jennie Rhodes

Robert's tracks on his radio show, Freak Zone, which showcases underground and experimental music. His moment of fame came on Sunday 28 February. "It's like a door you've been knocking at for years suddenly opens," Robert explains. Since then the ... He says he'd like to start workshops, especially with children. "Improvised music works better when people don't come along with the baggage of what music should sound like," he explains. "So that is why doing workshops with children is ideal."



Parador perfection

Andrew Forbes

...tapa, try the Pío antequerano (cod salad with olives and orange), or the porra antequerana, almost like a thick, extravagant version of salmorejo or gazpacho. This is a superb base from which to visit the area’s world renowned sites including the ... Unesco World Heritage Dolmens (striking Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments) as well as El Torcal natural park (a unique, other-worldly landscape that’s perfect for a day’s hiking). The town of Antequera is like a living museum. It’s at the geographical



An urban walk down memory lane

Tony Bryant reputation as an outdoor museum, and this new project is intended to help Torremolinos resurface as a benchmark for modernity, nonconformity, tolerance and creativity. Hollywood actor.The life-like image of Samuel L. Jackson.T. B. Along with ... Hollywood stars like Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Ava Gardner, the new route boasts colourful murals of some of the most renowned national and international celebrities. Spanish artists, such as Picasso and Salvador Dalí, flamenco legends Camarón de la ... a large mural dedicated to Gypsy singer Camarón and his long-time guitarist Paco de Lucía, who were regular performers at the celebrated El Jaleo flamenco tablao (now Pepe López) in Torremolinos during the 1970s. Others include life-like images of