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The glamour of the revolutionaries

Isabel Ibáñez

...after Amelia Bloomer, suffragette and magazine editor, who made them popular. She defended dressing like this due to being faced with another kind of abomination; hoop skirts, a system of wires to keep skirts flared which caused falls and serious burns ... pointed breasts like missiles which ended upbeing popular with soldiers, used to be a "symbol of the liberation of female sexuality". Castelló places their origin in the 19th century, when 'burlesque' actresses, "scantily clad dancers, promoted themselves ... They were proud and knew their worth. They just wore what they wore'." The 'beatnik' movement also had an impact on young women, with its tendency towards cynicism and existentialist philosophy and jazz, explains Castelló. They wore, like men, black



Ronda nuns pray for help after Covid-19 outbreak at their care home


...detected before the inoculations began. "The virus is like the Devil" Sister María de los Ángeles described the difficult situation they are going through: "It is bad, it has come to us suddenly." “The virus is like the Devil, you cannot see it but



Unsettling times


...the lack of brouhaha was not due to the pandemic, but to the rebellion. The seizure of the Capitol was very serious, even if to us it seemed like a parade of rednecks and brainless numpties, of whom there are always too many and never too few. The ... signing pardons and then flew on Air Force One to his Palm Beach mansion, which is a bit like Florida's version of Benidorm. Meanwhile, on social media, the inauguration gathered pace as Twitter gave the official account of the President of the United ... save the world. But let's not kid ourselves: the fact that Biden is demonstrably better than Trump doesn't mean he's any good either. He does at least have a modicum of intelligence and looks like he will be a much more decent president - but that's not



The tooth hurts

Peter Edgerton

...he wants to sell. Nothing hurt very much, but I'll never forget the crunching sounds that rattled around my head, like an over zealous insect diner enjoying a feast of cornflakes and crisps within the confines of my cerebral cortex. Not to worry, ... He showed me the end result on a screen above me, and then, bizarrely, asked me if I'd like to keep the tooth. Er, no, thanks. What kind of weirdo takes the thing home? Where would you keep it? On the mantelpiece next to the under-fourteens Lancashire



Malaga chalk up a home draw that tastes like victory

antonio góngora

Malaga's draw on Sunday at La Rosaleda against Logroñés felt more like a victory. The home side managed to defend their goal against all odds, even after going a man down thanks to a dubious ruling by the VAR. To everyone’s surprise winger Yanis



The magic of the Copas

Rob Palmer

...who ticked every box for cup clichés. Hosted by a Segunda B side, taken to extra time, the matchwinner is the fantastically named Juanan Casanova. It doesn't stop there. Alcoyano ended up with ten players as Real threw on superstar super-subs like



In the shadows

Mark Nayler

...figures. Like Juan Carlos, Villarejo's fall from grace over the last few years has been swift and brutal: once a lauded policeman, who won his first medal in the 1970s for helping to combat ETA, he subsequently worked in the shadows for Spain's political



Urban art brings warmth to Soho


However, when Estrella and her daughter began, they had no idea that yarn bombing was so popular. "We decided to do it after a girl from a photography college showed us some photos, and we thought how nice it would be to do something like that," they say.



Cold comfort charm

Peter Edgerton

...into them ostentatiously and employing understated phrases like "it's a bit parky" or, if they're from Malaga rather than Mansfield, the Spanish version "hace un frio que pela", which is certainly not understated as means "it's a cold that peels" (your ... skin, presumably). Anyway, it's sort of an accepted norm at these times that we're expected to complain about the low temperatures, but at the risk of sounding wantonly contrary, I rather like the cold. Let's have a look at some of its advantages, ... then. First, it's not the heat. As we know, summer is for people with orange skin who inexplicably like cocktails and sun loungers, not for ginger balding chaps with pale complexions who would never dream of lying horizontal unless it's on a real bed



Drummer boys with a bright future


...drumming the rhythm on buckets in his bedroom. He is seven now. Sergio, when he was three, picked up the drumsticks at home as if they were a toy like any other and, after a period of training, officially became the world's youngest drummer in 2019 with ... talent and a good ear, but he also makes an effort and spends time on it," says his mother, who admits that she and her husband have been surprised by how keen he is. "We couldn't believe it. He really likes it, it's like a game for him and he has fun



Marbella students plea for new school from Three Kings in video message


Marbella students are asking the Three Kings for a very special gift this year - a new secondary school that they have been waiting more than ten years for to ease the current saturation of facilities. Last week the Junta de Andalucía announced a f



Wellness, at home and away

Andrew Forbes

...expect calorie-limiting, pared-back meals. Instead, Reyes believes a healthy, stable weight comes from eating fresh, predominantly vegetarian foods. Each meal starts with a cleansing, digestive-friendly infusion based on natural spices like turmeric.



Sneezy like a Monday morning

Peter Edgerton

Just when you think you've seen it all, you find yourself witnessing something so outlandishly baffling that you're obliged to do a cartoon comedy double take, rub your eyes in disbelief and then smack yourself about the head for half an hour just to



'Anyone who thinks an animal is like a human being is very much mistaken'


...they see vets as defenders of human health, as the first barrier to stop illnesses like the coronavirus occurring. Vets are used to dealing with epidemics. Some regions, such as Andalucía, have vets on their committees of experts but the Spanish ... them. But let's not get confused about this: an animal does not have the same needs as a human. If you think it does, you should be aware that you are mistaken. Animals have different needs because of their own physiology. People who treat animals like



Change the record

Peter Edgerton

...mountain bike on your chin for ten minutes? Christian's your man. The world needs more chaps like this - striving for greatness in a not necessarily dignified manner. Spanish people hold some other wonderful records, including the fastest ever marathon



Yellow alert: Heavy rain returns to Malaga and Costa del Sol

IGNACIO LILLO it could leave a thin white blanket on the peaks of the Sierra de las Nieves and Tejeda-Almijara. On Thursday and Friday little rain will fall on the coast and, heading into the weekend, temperatures will rise significantly with early spring-like



A National Day like no other in Gibraltar, due to the coronavirus

Debbie Bartlett

September 10th is National Day in Gibraltar and as anyone who has ever been there will know, it is one hell of a party. Casemates Square filled with crowds dressed in the traditional colours of red and white, the political rally with UK and Gibral



Starlite Festival axes almost half of its staff due to new Covid rules

charo márquez

The organisers of the Starlite Festival summer concert series in Marbella have had to axe 42 per cent of their staff, after new opening times were forced on them under Covid-19 rules. The venue now has to close at 1am, as other bars and night venue



Swimming against the tidy

Peter Edgerton

Tidy people are losers. Everybody knows this, including - indeed, maybe especially - tidy people. Putting everything in order when you could be doing other, much more interesting things like, for example, being untidy, is surely the road to ... romantic notion - though I really can't remember having it, it's all been such a haze - about writing down the day's transactions with a sturdy quill by candlelight, in a Dickensian pastiche that only I were to be privy to. Like I say, the pages were blank.



Fuengirola port bar owners demonstrate at council's "lack of support"

Tony Bryant

...lack of support and is claiming that the council is ignoring their pleas for help. The group held a meeting with mayor Ana Mula last week, but say they think she is "dragging her feet" with regards to publicising the area, which has become like a



"Picasso reflected the changes in how we saw the world like no other artist"

Antonio Javier López

...plan of museums like Pompidou or the Russian Museum to open extensions in other countries in exchange for money? I think it is fine if all parties are satisfied, everything is out in the open and has been properly scrutinised in public. Partnership ... the right time to respond to the provocation of the camera, aeroplanes, and huge political and social shifts. The way we saw the world changed comprehensively over a few decades, and Picasso reflected that like no other artist.



I got you over my skin

Peter Edgerton

...won't be long before I snuff it, I'll get a tattoo just to see what all the fuss is about and if I like it, I might get twenty-nine of one my favourite musicians just to be able to get in the Guinness book of records. Probably Paul Simon or Bruce



Better than last?

Rachel Haynes

...this new, more contagious, strain has been labelled the "British" variant. The Brits argue that it's just because their laboratories are better and identified it faster. Just like the "Spanish" flu then, which, more than a hundred years ago, got its ... organisation improve. First though, as we wait for enough people to be vaccinated to allow us to go outside and celebrate properly, it looks like we're in for another stint of lockdown in some shape or form, or at least more restrictions on our movements.



Former barrister bases first novel on his own ambitions

Tony Bryant

A former barrister who now lives in Spain has recently published his first novel, Tilting at Windmills: a Spanish Year Chasing a Novel Dream. Henry Murphy came to live in Spain in 2014 and, like the main character in his new novel, he has always ... on Amazon, has been praised as 'a novel that stands out as being something refreshingly different.' He is currently busy promoting his new novel, but he longs to get back to his writing. "When the dust settles, I would like to return to my



Eldevenir, the latest addition to the local contemporary art scene

Antonio Javier López

It sounds like a very simple thing to do, but in fact it is radical, even revolutionary. Because in the midst of a health and economic crisis, the true dimensions of which are still barely known, with the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the short ... gallery and she explains her general strategy: "You need to have very good communication, professionalism and good collaborations. This is a time when the galleries should be joining forces and all pulling together, like a rowing team". But is it so ... easy to all pull together and row against the current of the ongoing crisis and a general sense of dejection? "You mean because this is a difficult sector?" muses María Rosa. "But they are all difficult. Every Monday I have felt like dropping out of



Don't get me wrong

Peter Edgerton

...ensured he got his own way before he disappeared into the simmering heat presumably rejoicing in his perceived little victory. Maybe it's because we've just been shown in no uncertain terms that no matter how much we like to delude ourselves that we're ... exacerbated by how polarised we've become - so absolutist in our beliefs and convinced of how right we are about everything, clinging like limpets to people of the same stripe in order to justify our views. So, what's to be done about all of this? Fear not, ... what they're praising. It goes like this. "I love the European Union but I haven't got a clue who those blokes in glasses are who make the laws." "Blimey, that Donald Trump is a vacuous, crass and vulgar man isn't he? Tell you what though, he's



"It's like Only Fools and Horses meets Scarface"

...look like his dad. "They've re-created the McClellan-Benn fight, so there is some great stuff in this film. "It's still violent and it's still a crime film, but they've also focused on the humour." He joked: "It's like Only Fools and Horses



Junta calls on Madrid to consider total lockdown with new measures set to be announced on Friday

europa press / JOSÉ LUIS PIEDRA

...pandemic to respond to situations of the magnitude like the one we are experiencing". Moreno said the regional government does not consider "right now" to ask for the total confinement for Andalucía, which is still below the national average in incidence ... Spain's Health minister Salvador Illa to bring the night curfew forward an hour to 9pm - a proposal that has so far been rejected by the national government. Aguirre justified the request saying, "Measures like that are necessary because we are in a



Will we come out of this fatter or thinner?


...temptations have been taken away from us. For more than a month we have been unable to go to bars or restaurants, which for many people are the main diet-breakers, and we have all the time in the world to cook things like pulses, vegetables, or a paella, ... importance: we are very social, we like to go out for a few drinks, or to restaurants, and at home everything is different. Every gramme of alcohol has seven calories, and a glass of whatever our favourite tipple is will contain ten grammes of alcohol, and ... shopping habits, towards items which have a longer expiry date and these tend to be processed foods, which is dangerous," he says. a good strategy "Being told we can't have something makes us want it even more; a small amount is better" At times like



Gib police officer celebrates raising over £7,000 climbing steps

Ash Bolton

English: "I felt extremely proud when I finished the challenge. "The aim of the challenge was to raise a minimum of £5,000 to split between two charities, and we've smashed that. "It feels great and I'd like to thank everyone that joined me and



'We're outraged': Protesters condemn the acid attack on two young women


...her life. The town's mayor, José María García, said, "It was a delusional episode, an absolute outrage." A neighbour of Sandra, who prefers to remain anonymous, spoke to SUR after the final applause. "Who can do something like this? She is a



Milestone anniversary for amateur theatre

Tony Bryant

The much-loved Salon Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola is celebrating 35 years of serving the artistic community of the Costa del Sol. The English-speaking theatre, the only one of its kind in Spain, was founded by a group of like-minded British ... although Lynn says it is hard to pick a favourite. "We have produced many different shows and featured incalculable excellent actors and writers, so it is hard to highlight one as a favourite. We are basically an amateur set up, so I wouldn't like to pick


What to do

"It was great fun but it all felt like a dream"

Ash Bolton

...hours sleep then went back on stage. It was great fun, but it kind of all felt like a dream!" As for who he thinks the film will appeal to, he added: "Anyone who has settled down with kids, and is perhaps missing the bright lights of their single life,



Marbella, knocked out of the Cup in extra time by Valladolid


...thanks to a goal from Kuki. Although the locals gained confidence, Granero levelled the scores with a penalty soon after. 2 Marbella 3 Valladolid It looked like Valladolid's second goal from Plano would be enough to gain their



No-one left to rate


...these days, perhaps even dieting to get a trimmer waistline. Never before have they been forced to take time off and live like normal people, ergo, not eating in restaurants twice a day. Fine dining restaurants are doing takeaways, neighbourhood