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Either or

Mark Nayler

But if Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez and Unidas Podemos (UP) president Pablo Iglesias head up the incoming government, as per the tentative coalition deal they struck last week, both Dombrovskis’ wishes are unlikely to come true at the same time. ... administration, which sat on just 82 of the 350 seats in congress, was far from stable: in fact, its failure to pass a spending plan for 2019 prompted the April 28th election, which in turn gave way to the vote held on November 10th. Pablo Casado, leader of the ... on Spain’s minimum wage, which the Socialist leader has already increased by a substantial 22% this year. Even if a profligate PSOE-UP coalition materialises and confirms to Dombrovskis’ definition of stability, it’ll have a tough time reducing




Mark Nayler

Caretaking Socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez is right back where he didn't want to be - namely, relying on the support of Catalan separatists. It has emerged that the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) - whose leader Oriol Junqueras was sentenced to ... seats in congress, wants the PSOE leader to establish an open "negotiating table" to discuss the Catalonia problem. So much for the last election, which Sánchez hoped would increase his share of power enough to render the support of such groups ... has to talk, even if the negotiations would be fraught and potentially fruitless. To make any headway with the Catalan problem, the PSOE leader needs to secure another term as prime minister, and to achieve that he requires the ERC's votes or



Long prison terms as judges rule on regional government corruption


...on what had happened regionally in his PSOE, the acting prime minister and leader, Pedro Sánchez, did not comment this week. Party spokesperson, José Luis Ábalos, responding to calls from opposition parties for Sánchez to resign, said, "It doesn't



"Malaga is the absolute leader on a world level for organ and tissue donation"

Ángel Escalera

Spain is the world leader for organ and tissue donations, and Malaga in particular plays a leading role in that, says the director of the National Transplant Organisation (ONT), Beatriz Domínguez-Gil, who has just given a talk at a conference in ... is the world leader in organ donations. -Yes, we are the absolute leader in donations and transplants. For 27 consecutive years Spain has headed the international list, and no other country in the world has matched our record. Last year we had ... 2020. That has been thanks to conscientious and examplary work over many years. It is a region with exceptional donation figures and is not only a leader in Spain but also at world level. -And where does Malaga come within the excellent figures for



Agreeing to disagree

Mark Nayler ministerial roles - an appointment he was reluctant to make after the April election, but which has been added as an extra incentive for the UP president this time around. Not at all bad for the leader of the party that came in fourth on Sunday, ... with UP after 28 April. Particularly on economic issues, Iglesias is further to the left than Sánchez and is likely to push for levels of public spending that even the Socialist leader would be uncomfortable with. Sánchez said at the press



Socialists win general election, as PP recovers, Vox becomes third party and Ciudadanos collapses


Podemos) lost seven seats, ending up with 35. Sunday's elections came after the Socialists and Unidos Podemos failed to reach an agreement to form a government after the general election in April. The new result has not helped Socialist leader and ... acting PM Pedro Sánchez in his quest to lead a "stable" government. Even if Sánchez and UP leader Pablo Iglesias were able to reach an agreement this time round, they would still need the support of MPs from the smaller nationalist groups and other



The Costa del Sol plays its part in the national political scene

neil nesketh

...feature heavily locally. First on the conservative PP party local electoral list is Pablo Montesinos, the party's national communications director, while top of the Unidas Podemos coalition list in Malaga is Alberto Garzón, national leader of left-wing



Final campaigning under way before this Sunday's general election


Spain this week was the only televised debate between the leaders of the five main national parties, up from four last time. Unlike April, the debate on Monday included hard-right Vox's leader, Santiago Abascal, who was allowed to take part for the first



Communication breakdown

Mark Nayler

Calviño's boss, Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez, has been unable to do in the six months that have elapsed since the last general election? Since nine leading Catalan separatists received prison sentences of between nine and thirteen years on 14 October ... occurred over the last fortnight. The Socialist leader, however, has declared the Supreme Court's heavily-politicised decision as the summation of an "exemplary legal process". That, in itself, says a lot about his line on the Catalan independence movement, ... polls are to be believed. I don't often agree with Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, but he was right when he said, referring to Sánchez, "You have to earn your salary and talk to people with whom you don't want to talk." Torra does want to talk and



Merchants of Brexit

Héctor Barbotta

...schools that follow the British curriculum, to the possibility of these schools to continuing to recruit teachers in the UK. It’s worrying that in the middle of all these negotiations, no political leader has found the time to send them at least a word



Mayor of La Línea and Gibraltar's chief minister hold discussions

Debbie Bartlett

Juan Franco, the mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, visited Gibraltar on Thursday for a meeting with newly re-elected chief minister Fabian Picardo and members of the government, including Dr Joseph García, deputy chief minister and leader of the



Picardo wins Gibraltar general election

Debbie Bartlett

leader, Marlene Hassan Nahon, received 5,639 votes, the highest number in the opposition parties. Independent candidates Robert Vazquez and JC Pons received 0.92 and 0.53 per cent of the votes, respectively. Gibraltar’s new parliament now looks like ... leader, a post he will by then have held for 12 years.



Rash promises

Mark Nayler

In a TV interview on Wednesday, acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez promised to have a new budget approved by next March. It's a sensitive issue for the Socialist leader, as Spain's last general election was triggered by his inability to secure ... predict, he increases the Socialists' share of seats in congress on November 10th, he'll still be short of a majority. Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera has said that his party will abstain or vote for Sánchez at the next investiture vote, but he remains ... unwilling to consider a full coalition with the Socialists. And given that his talks with Unidos Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias are never straightforward, Sánchez will face the same problems in passing a budget as he did before April's election - namely,



Saying sorry


...courts. Repeatedly lying, or at least failing to tell the whole story, should never be the stuff of prime ministers, presidents or any other leader. These things are wrong and everyone, but particularly the people who ask for our vote, should admit



Government... when?

Mark Nayler

Socialist leader is justified in the three central claims he made on Monday - that his party, the PSOE, can offer stability when it comes to Brexit, the Spanish economy and the Catalonian independence movement. Even in its limited capacity as a minority ... which is almost the same thing as saying that that it's done well with no government at all: hampered by his party's lack of a majority, the PSOE leader has hardly been able to pass any new legislation since coming to power last June, the notable ... exception being a substantial hike in the minimum wage. Still, during Sánchez's stint as prime minister, the country's budget deficit fell under the EU limit of 3% of GDP for the first time in a decade. The Socialist leader, at the very least, seems like a



Agreement reached over underground metro line for Malaga's new hospital


...which the last Socialist-party-run regional government had been in favour of. Now with the mayor and Junta leader from the same conservative PP party, both sides see eye-to-eye. The metro and regional hospital should be started by 2022, they said this



Marbella plays host to first underwater and space tourism summit


Innovation at Space Florida; Ana Bru, the first Spanish woman who will go to space on the Virgin Galactic; and Scott Waters, leader of the Pisces VI Submarine project. The aim of the summit was to share knowledge and to open up business opportunites in what



20 September 1920: The birth of a military elite

CHARLOTTE WAY North Africa against Rif leader Abd el-Krim, yet proceeded to play a crucial role in the Spanish Civil War on the rebel side, and, more recently, has been involved in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Southern Lebanon. Francisco Franco served



Set to repeat

Mark Nayler

...nowhere near enough to enable them to rule without the support of other parties. This means that Sánchez is likely to turn again to Pablo Iglesias, leader of the leftist group Unidas Podemos, in an attempt to secure support for a minority Socialist ... government. He'd be much better off opening talks with Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera, with whom the Socialists would enjoy the almost inconceivable luxury of a parliamentary majority (providing Ciudadanos don't lose seats on November 10th). That seems



Spain prepares for a repeat general election as PSOE fails to gather enough support


There has been no agreement between the Socialist PSOE party and left-wing Unidas Podemos to help form a new government. PSOE leader and acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez faced a difficult PM questions session on Wednesday, when all parties ... be PM, knowing that he didn't have enough support among MPs. Sánchez attacked other parties for failing to support his MPs with a majority or abstaining. The leader of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, was accused of being "dogmatic" after Iglesias ... held out for a share in a coalition government which Sánchez had rejected. Sánchez said that centrist Ciudadanos leader, Albert Rivera, had been "irresponsible" in not abstaining to let the PSOE govern. He also hit out at Pablo Casado, leader of the



The price to pay

Mark Nayler

Freshly returned from his summer holiday, acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez is once again trying to woo potential ally Pablo Iglesias, leader of the leftist group Uindas Podemos (UP). As well as unveiling an ambitious 370-point policy plan this ... vague-sounding package, the Socialist leader also proposed that Iglesias' party has "key responsibilities" in the next administration and that it controls monitoring committees in both Congress and Senate. Is Iglesias likely to accept the proposals? No, he's ... though his party is 53 seats short of a parliamentary majority. Bizarrely, at the end of July, the Socialist leader came back to the negotiating table with another package, in which UP would be given control of several ministries (although not the



Candy floss

Jennie Rhodes

Speaking on BBC Radio Four's The Today programme on Thursday, Commons Leader and hard Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg described the impromptu anti-Brexit protests that erupted across the UK following the announcement that Parliament was to be suspended



Brexit campaigners in Spain react to Johnson's prorogation plans

Jennie Rhodes of no confidence, which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could orchestrate, if he gets the support of Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians, in an attempt to prevent the prorogation. Should Johnson lose the vote, the UK could be looking at a general



Difficult questions

Mark Nayler

...come from Vox leader Santiago Abascal. Abascal also expressed his support for Salvini's hardline stance: a member of the populist Northern League party (in many ways Vox's Italian counterpart), Italy's deputy prime minister has repeatedly called for an ... Socialist leader seems unwilling to ask hard questions about the extent that Spain's welfare system can cope with steadily rising immigration levels. For this reason, his plan to eradicate a minimum residency period for undocumented immigrants' access to



23 August 1991: The world's first public website goes live


...of Spaniards said they could not live without the internet. The current global leader in terms of web page visits is unsurprisingly Google which on average receives over 40,000 searches a second, followed by fellow internet giants YouTube and



PP grabs control of Madrid region with help of Ciudadanos


Approaching three months since the regional elections, the conservative Partido Popular (PP) managed to gain control of the Madrid regional government on Tuesday. PP leader in that region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, secured 68 votes as opposed to the



Crisis in Costa fishing fleet as Asian seaweed invasion spreads


Estepona. The leader of the fishing community in Estepona, Pedro Benzal explained, "We're bored. We don't normally catch a single weed. But now its happening all the time and if the situation doesn't change, we will have to give up this style of fishing."



What to do?

Mark Nayler

I wrote here last week that acting prime minister Pedro Sánchez seemed to be the only Spanish politician willing to work through the summer to resolve Spain's political deadlock. I spoke too soon, because on Saturday the PSOE leader headed to ... beginning of September. Top of the priority list for the PSOE leader will be talks with Pablo Iglesias, secretary general of the Socialists' potential leftist ally Unidas Podemos (UP). It's hard to believe, though, that the upcoming round of negotiations ... leader's reluctance is understandable. Not only are the Socialists more centrist than UP on economics, the latter party only possesses 42 seats in congress - hardly enough to justify the possession of weighty ministerial roles (and much less than the PSOE's



Dockworkers' leader held over drug imports in Malaga


Police believe they have stopped a major new entry point for cocaine into Europe through the port of Malaga. Four port workers, along with four others, were arrested last week and eight kilos of cocaine seized in a container. The shipment is believ



Bernardo de Gálvez: from oblivion to fame

Manuel Olmedo

One might think that everything had already been said about Bernardo de Gálvez, the Macharaviaya-born military leader who fought against the British during the American War of Independence, but luckily that is not so. It seems as if new details or