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Joe Biden appoints his wife's chief of staff as ambassador to Spain


...he expected to steal the head of the Office of the First Lady from his wife. Julissa Reynoso was born in January 1975 in the Dominican Republic. She immigrated to the United States in 1982. Educated at Catholic schools and a Bronx High School



The Lady who made travel with pets easier


...fear of rabies. That was until Lady Mary Fretwell started the Passport for Pets pressure group and called for an end to quarantine laws. More information Pet travel to the UK and BrexitFor more information about pet travel in relation to ... you to learn languages, so he learnt Mandarin. He was the brains, I was the peacock." In 1982 Mary's husband, who died in March 2017, was knighted for his services to the country as a Senior British Diplomat, and Mary acquired the title of "Lady


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A full programme of events in Malaga

denise bush

Big Band Funk Allstars. Música en el Patio Malaga. Until 24 July, 9.30pm. Museo Carmen Thyssen. 24July Flamenco singer Maui de Utrera, ‘the Lady Gaga of flamenco. 100% Estepona Estepona.



Former pro David Steele raises 150,000 euros with golf marathon


...wrote to his donors in an email. The feat of raising three times his goal owes much to the generous donation of 50,000 euros from a lady on Saturday 12 June, the night of the cocktail party, as well as to the bid of the same amount for the auction



One of the world's most luxurious megayachts arrives in Malaga

ignacio lillo

Lady Moura, one of the most luxurious yachts in the world and a regular in local waters, has been docked in Malaga since Monday, next to the Palmeral de las Sorpresas. It is apparently on a break for technical reasons and will be around for



A Semana Santa with no processions - but plenty of charity


Occasionally rain has caused the cancellation - or interruption - of one of Andalucía's Holy Week processions, causing tears of disappointment among participants. In Malaga we have to go back 84 years to 1936, however, to find the last time that no





Here we go again. The 'list' season is under way. Apparently everything in the food and restaurant business, whether wood-fired pizza ovens or lady sommeliers, has to be rated mediatically. Obviously there's money in them there lists or no-one would ... catering for the event was magically managed by a female-run company. But these gestures convinced nobody, even less so when the organisers drew attention to the five award-winning lady chefs on the 50 Best list. Yes, only five out of 50. That was not the ... end of the shipwreck. Famous French chef Yannick Alleno, who did have a place at the round table, came up with the remarkable opinion that it is difficult to find good lady chefs. Apparently, and in order to attend to their family responsibilities, it



2 February 1497: Celebrations start in Tenerife for Our Lady of the Candelaria

Jennie Rhodes

Our lady of the Candelaria is celebrated every 2 February in a number of towns and villages across Spain, South America and even in the Philippines. The celebration is particularly important in the Canary Islands and notably in Tenerife, where the ... legend of Our Lady of the Candelaria comes from, but also in Colmenar in the Axarquía, and the two places are linked through her. Legend has it that two Guanche (native Berber people of the Canary islands) goatherds discovered a statue of a woman ... (also known as San Blas) and the first celebration of Our Lady of the Candelaria took place on 2 February 1497. Our Lady of the Candelaria was declared patron of the Canary Islands in 1559 by Pope Clement VIII. The original statue was a medieval


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Festivals, live music and theatre in Malaga province this summer

denise bush

...mixture of styles; reggae, ska, rock, flamenco, jazz, rumba etc. 17 July Pianist and composer José Carra with trombonist Rita Payés. Jazz, rock and pop. 24July Flamenco singer Maui de Utrera, ‘the Lady Gaga of flamenco.



Trend or change? Vegetarianism and veganism in Malaga


...ceiling, an enormous statue of a lady carved out of a tree trunk hangs horizontally above the bar, and the menu is dominated by meat-free dishes. "Having a lot of vegetarian options is a must if you want to get young, alternative-thinking people in,"


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Summer festivals, concerts and dance around the province

denise bush

...with trombonist Rita Payés. Jazz, rock and pop. 24July Flamenco singer Maui de Utrera, ‘the Lady Gaga of flamenco. Guitar Festival Vélez-Málaga. From 2 until 4 July, 9.30pm. Claustro del Convento


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Experience Vélez-Málaga's Holy Week with tours in English

Jennie Rhodes

April. A professional guide and native English speaker will take visitors to see the town's monuments, churches, altars and the images of Jesus Christ and Our Lady in the Holy Week museum . The walking tours, which cost 10 euros, will last



Three arrested following Torrox Costa mugging


Two women and a man have been detained this week following a mugging which took place in Torrox Costa last month. An elderly lady was mugged in the town centre on 3 May by two women who wielded a knife and demanded that she give them her handbag. ... After the two women snatched the bag from the lady, she was pushed towards another person who was waiting in a getaway car. The woman was able to give a detailed description of her muggers and witnesses also came forward which allowed Guardia Civil



A double celebration for Malaga football


...image of Our Lady the Divine Shepherdess in order to show their gratitude for their respective promotions this season. Later they were welcomed at the City Hall by the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, and other officials, including the president of the



Anyone for a tinny?


...goatskins lined with pine resin, as in the 1950s. Finally Spain has its own canned wine, introduced remarkably enough by a young Berber lady of 33 with a US business school training. Sana Khouja worked for four years in a Priorato bodega and has selected a



Man arrested in petrol bomb incident

A. C. vélez-Málaga

Police have arrested a middle-aged Spanish man who they believe ran from the San Francisco church in Vélez-Málaga’s old town after allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at an image of Our Lady of the Abandoned. Friar Isidore, who was in the church



From a life on the road to an old dairy

Jennie Rhodes

When I arrived at La Vaquería, owner Su Derrick, was serving up mango jam tarts to one of her regulars, Audrey, who lives locally, near Benamargosa. We all agreed that jam tarts have lost out to trendy cakes such as muffins and cup cakes and start to



Discrimination à la carte


In her book, Fight Back and Win, US lawyer Gloria Allred recounts the details of her fight against restaurants that customarily gave a menu without prices to the lady. WINE OF THE WEEK Los Aguilares Pinot Noir It is only in the last couple of ... restaurant in question was well-known and of a high standard, but when a lady invited her male business partner to lunch the maître d' handed her a menu without prices and to the man one with prices, a common feature at the time of high-end restaurants