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Judge dismisses Al-Thani's request to have Shaheen reinstated at Malaga


Former club chief executive Richard Shaheen will not be returning to Malaga, as requested by the Al-Thani family and the public prosecutor's office, after the judge investigating the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz González, dismissed the notion on ... sole charge and has already submitted his first report on the state of the club to the judge.



Police investigations raise questions over Al-Thani family's wages and shares


...allocated to Nayef Al-Thani (9,210.52 a month). A provisional report requested by the judge overseeing the case brought forward by the club's Association of Minority Shareholders (APA) has been presented, showing the findings of the searches carried out at ... the club's offices at La Rosaleda at the end of January. Judge dismisses sheikh's request to have Richard Shaheen brought back in The first series of findings regard details of the family's personal takings in terms of wages and other earnings.



Judge tells Al-Thanis they face arrest if they don't attend April court date


...all on the board) attended, instead sending then chief executive, Richard Shaheen, in their place. Sheikh's roundabout to be renamed However, they have now been warned by judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz González, who is leading the investigation ... out at the offices at La Rosaleda revealed evidence of potential money laundering, The judge has already removed the family (as well as Shaheen) from the management of the club and placed a judicial administrator, José María Muñoz, in charge while



Judge orders Dana Leonte murder suspect to be released from custody on bail

juan cano/álvaro frías

A judge in Malaga has ordered that Sergio Ruiz, the main suspect in the disappearance of the young Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, be released from custody on bail. The judge has ordered Ruiz to pay 25,000 euros and to report to a court in Vélez-Málaga ... every month. He has to hand in his passport and is not allowed to leave Spain. The judge said that while Ruiz remains the chief suspect in the case, the evidence gathered so far is "circumstantial" and that investigators have been unable to find enough



Judge authorises parallel inquiry called for by the family of Mijas drowning victims


...get out. The judge has also asked to see the results of the latest inspections carried out by the various authorities and the permit issued by Mijas town hall when the pools were first opened. These should indicate whether it was indeed necessary for ... there to have been a lifeguard on duty that day. In fact, the mother even said to the Guardia Civil that "if there had been a lifeguard" they would not be talking about "this sad event". The judge has also ordered Club La Costa to provide the CCTV



Court orders Sheikh Al-Thani out of Malaga CF and puts administrator in charge

antonio góngora / borja gutiérrez

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani’s grip on Malaga CF was loosened significantly on Thursday after a judge ruled to temporarily remove the president and majority shareholder and his three sons from the management of the club and place it under the control of ... run any major decisions by the judge first. At the initial hearing on Tuesday morning in the case brought by the minority shareholders’ association (APA), which accuses the Qatari sheikh of improper management of the club and misappropriation of ... have in Spain. These requests were later accepted by judge María Ángeles Ruiz González on Thursday. The Al-Thanis, however, can still appeal this decision, either to the same court which passed the judgement or to the provincial court. Given the



Police carry out 15-hour search of Malaga CF offices under judge's orders


...evidence required The presiding judge initially rejected the Minority Shareholders' requests, insisting that there was not yet enough evidence to indicate any crimes having been committed. However, on Tuesday, she issued a summons to owner Al-Thani and ... La Rosaleda. The judge had previously stated that she needed more evidence to be presented, to which the Minority Shareholders responded that they had offered up all the documentation at their disposal, and that it was the club's intransigence that



Long prison terms as judges rule on regional government corruption


...dismissed by the panel of three judges. The remaining 19 had sentences awarded for offences ranging from misappropriation of public funds to corruption in public office. In the court's damning verdict, finally delivered on Tuesday this week after the trial



Minority shareholders to meet with judge in the coming days in bid to oust Sheikh Al-Thani


With talk of a takeover of the club now over, the latest attempt to remove Sheikh Al-Thani as Malaga club president is gaining momentum. In the coming days, the Association of Minority Shareholders will meet with a judge in Malaga to discuss a ... criminal lawsuit against the majority owner for improper management of the club and misappropriation of funds. It will be the judge who decides whether the association has a case and if the lawsuit can continue. At this meeting, the judge, the



Parents and landowner agree to settle Julen case out of court

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

...the judge. The sentence would then be passed on Tuesday, avoiding the trial that was expected to be held over six sessions. The agreement would imply that Serrano's sentence, expected to be one year, would be suspended as he has no criminal record.



Hunter sentenced for shutting sick dog in a van


...treatment. The judge handed down a 12-month prison sentence and a ban on working with animals. In addition he was required to pay 600 euros to the Ladram animal shelter charity that had rescued the dog before it later died.



Judge embargoes land where Julen died to pay rescue costs and fines


The judge leading the trial of David Serrano, who is the only person implicated in the death of two-year-old Julen Roselló in January, has embargoed the land where the boy tragically died after falling down a borehole. This is part of the payment ... for which the judge has asked for a three-year prison sentence. Last week Serrano entered into an arrangement with creditors. His lawyer said: "Not now, nor in the future will he be able to pay off the debt, which could reach 1.5 million euros." ... Andalucía's regional government, the Junta de Andalucía, cost 663,982.45 euros. Asking for the three-year prison sentence, the judge said Serrano was "the only person aware of the presence of the borehole and knowing about the lack of protection, failed to



The judge investigating Triple A concludes there was a "massive and unjustified" sacrifice of animals

Héctor Barbotta

The court in Marbella which has been looking into accusations against the Triple A animal welfare association (Asociación Amigos de los Animales Abandonados) has concluded its investigation, and the judge has issued an order for pre-trial ... contempt... based on half-truths and alleged facts”. Pointing out that there has been no trial or judgement yet, only a court order, the association said some of the allegations were dismissed by the judge and the case against many of those accused has also ... will do our utmost to prove to the Court that the facts are not true and the persons investigated are innocent.” In the court order, which is dated 18 September, the judge considers that those under investigation may have committed the crimes of



Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat


The judge leading the investigation into the disappearance and suspected murder of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, has maintained that evidence shows that Leonte's partner, Sergio Ruiz, hit her on the head with a bat, leaving her



Who will be in charge of Malaga CF once the judicial administrator leaves?


judge Ramón Jiménez León has asked the Superior Sports Council to transfer the ownership of Malaga's shares from NAS Football to NAS Spain 2000. This change should also appear in the register of shareholders of Malaga CF itself. In a statement, BlueBay ... He, with the approval of the judge investigating the case brought forward by the Association of Minority Shareholders (APA), will also have to facilitate any handover and pertinent changes in the boards of directors both in NAS Spain 2000 and in Malaga



Judge adds an extra member to the Iglesias family


The Iglesias clan increased to nine members as Valencian judge, José Miguel Bort, declared Javier Sánchez Santos son of Julio Iglesias in court. The decision temporarily closes what has been a thirty-year legal soap opera, which started when former ... at Sant Feliu de Guíxols and started their brief affair, the "enormous" physical likeness between the two and Iglesias's refusal to allow a DNA test. The judge's decision to base his verdict partially on the latter was criticised by Iglesias's



Trial date set for man implicated in Julen's death


...death. The investigating judge leading the case has asked for a three-year prison sentence for negligent homicide for Serrano, the owner of the land where Julen fell down a bore hole. However, the boy's parents have requested the sentence be increased



Judge's investigation holds landowner in Julen case responsible for negligent homicide


The judge investigating the cause of death of two-year-old Julen in Totalán in January has reached her conclusion. According to a statement released by the magistrate on Wednesday, the owner of the land, David Serrano, has committed the crime of ... homicide through gross negligence because he, among other reasons, left open the prospecting shaft into which the boy fell. The judge declared that the investigation is now officially over and both the public prosecution and the defence have ten days to ... statements issued by the landowner and the boy's parents, the investigating judge has been able to piece together an official version of events which led to the boy's death. It states that Serrano purchased the land in Totalán, near Malaga, in October 2018