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Project to renew Estepona seafront promenade to start within a month

josé maría martín

...the stretch of seafront between the Avenida Andalucía and Avenida Juan Carlos I roundabouts, will see all existing pavement and installations replaced. The street furniture (benches, pergolas, fountains and litter bins) will also be changed and the



PM says it is up to Juan Carlos I to reveal his own whereabouts


The location of Juan Carlos, King Emeritus and father of Felipe VI, was still unknown on Thursday evening, over ten days since it was first announced he was leaving Spain. PM Pedro Sánchez said that it was a private matter and it was down to the ... Royals or Juan Carlos I to say where he now was. After news was released of Juan Carlos's departure, in order to distance the Crown from a financial scandal in his private life, speculation was rife last week as to where he may have gone. Despite ... first suggestions that he had gone from Galicia into Portugal or flown to the Dominican Republic, a new theory emerged last Friday. The ABC newspaper claimed that a private plane had taken the former monarch to Abu Dhabi via Malta and that Juan Carlos



Junta to offer 25 per cent discount on local hotel stays


...scheme was announced on Wednesday by Junta vice-president and minister for Tourism, Juan Marín, who indicated that the discount would apply to residents of Andalucía and on stays of a minimum of three nights in a hotel, booked through a travel agency.



Spain left guessing as to whereabouts of Juan Carlos I after he leaves the country


People in Spain still did not have confirmation of the whereabouts of their former head of state on Thursday evening. Despite fervent speculation in the media as to where Juan Carlos de Borbón, King of Spain until his abdication in 2014, had gone, ... the government and the Royal household of his son, Felipe VI, were not giving away any details. In a statement on Monday, King Juan Carlos said that he had taken a "measured decision" to leave the country due to the repercussions of "certain past ... possible commissions from Saudi Arabia to the King linked to Spanish companies winning a contract to build a high-speed railway to Mecca while he was still King. Juan Carlos had been immune for prosecution while still ruler of Spain. Rumours had Juan



The best primary stories

Earth and he couldn’t destroy it. Conner hesitated and after a few seconds he lazily put the can in the bin. Juan Rafael Cabezas Rambla, Age 9 Swans Primary School


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Theatre, dance, music and places around Malaga to visit


Music Cervantes Theatre Anniversary Concerts Malaga. Teatro Cervantes. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the theatre the concerts are free but seats must be reserved in advance. Juan Perro 26 September, 8pm. The Juan Perro ... Sextet. 27 September, 7pm. La Quinta Estación. Pieces by Shostakovich, Handel, Piazzolla and Reina. 6 November, 8.30pm Camilla George, Jamaican jazz band. 20 November, 8pm Juan Diego Flores, opera singer. Accompanied by the Malaga Philharmonic ... Alhaurín de la Torre. . 18 September, 9.30pm. Finca El Portón, C/Juan Carlos. 5€.. The For Women 4tet play a wide repertoire of music including jazz Manouche (gypsy jazz), swing, blues and contemporary jazz. Suzette & More



Alejandro Davidovich, the highest ranked Malaga tennis player ever

pedro luis alonso

...participants, Davidovich got past three top-100 players - all with better rankings at the time of play: Juan Ignacio Londero (62nd), Yuichi Sugita (88th) and Moutet (69th). However, his opponent in the first round on Tuesday proved one obstacle too many.



8 May 2000: King Juan Carlos I joins protests against ETA

Jennie Rhodes

Then King Juan Carlos I and his wife Queen Sofía joined tens of thousands of Spaniards on 8 May 2000 in a silent protest in defiance of recent murders carried out by Basque separatist group ETA. "The murder of the word" is how they described the ... in a similar act in Brussels. Speaking from Morocco where he was on an official visit at the time, then prime minister José María Aznar urged the Basque government, led by Juan José Ibarretxe, to bring forward elections in the region as in Aznar's



Marbella's official language school set to be ready by next term

Héctor Barbotta

...began in November last year and were funded by assets seized from Juan Antonio Roca, mastermind of Marbella's huge town-planning corruption scandal. The school, which has 12 classrooms, is already 95 per cent complete and will be furnished by the Junta



IKOS hotel in Estepona gets set for April 2021 opening

j. m. martín

The regional Minister for Tourism, Juan Marín, was shown around the new IKOS hotel, east of Estepona, on Tuesday, along with other local politicians. The Greek owners have spent 150 million euros developing the site into a 411-room luxury property


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Exhibitions and art shows currently on along the Costa del Sol and inland

Denise Bush with Marbella Design for the first time. Diego Ruíz Cortés Fuengirola. Until 25 September. Casa de la Cultura, Avda Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’, 12. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm (also 5pm to 10pm from 16 September). The exhibition 60 Years


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The beauty of Doñana captured at the CAC

Antonio Javier López

"I've never had the urge to show my work, I've stayed hidden... it's my quiet way of being." Juan F. Lacomba speaks as he stands among the large-format paintings at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC Málaga) which represent the



Sister of King Juan Carlos dies at 83


The sister of King emeritus Juan Carlos, and aunt of King Felipe, died on Wednesday. Pilar de Bourbón was 83 and had been suffering from colon cancer for some time. The Infanta was known for her spontaneous personality and charity work. She ... was born in France in exile and did not visit Spain for the first time until she was 21. Known to be close to her brother, Juan Carlos, she had five children with her late husband, the Duke of Badajoz.



Family in Estepona alerted by a smell and flies to the death of their British neighbour


Juan Manuel Fuentes and his family arrived on the Costa del Sol from Madrid on 7 August, excited about their summer holidays. When they reached their second home in the Sierra Bermeja development, at the edge of Estepona, they came across a very sad ... story. "There was a strong smell and a lot of flies, and when nothing changed after a few days, I started to suspect that it could be a smell from a dead body," explained Juan Manuel. His thoughts turned to a neighbour who hadn't been seen since ... they arrived. "There were clothes hanging out that hadn't been brought in," he added. There was no reply after several attempts knocking on the door. Fearing the worst, Juan Manuel called the Local Police in Estepona and the municipal Health



Malaga Metro workers save the life of a man who was having a heart attack


Four workers on the Malaga Metro are being praised as heroes after they helped to save the life of a man suffering a heart attack on the network on Monday. Juan and his wife Ana were travelling back from the Hospital Clínico when Juan suddenly ... Juan is now back at hospital where he has started his recovery.



Juan José's new lifestyle

Ángel Escalera

On 19 March 2018 Juan José was admitted to the Clínico hospital as a result of the extreme obesity from which he was suffering. His 300-kilo weight meant that he was housebound, because he couldn't move around. He was a recluse, lying in bed or on ... useful. On 15 September Juan José underwent surgery. In total he spent six months in hospital, during which time he lost weight by following a strict diet and taking exercise. This was essential because he wouldn't have been able to have the operation, ... otherwise. "The target I have set myself is to weigh less than 100 kilos and find a job," he says"I feel much better and I can do things now that were impossible for me before"In this report, Juan José talks to us about his everyday life, the challenges he



Manchester United stars visit La Rosaleda

Daryl Finch

Spain internationals David de Gea and Juan Mata were joined by Manchester United teammate Nemanja Matic in the stands at La Rosaleda on Sunday for Malaga's match against Numancia. The trio have been in Marbella with the English side on a



Almuñécar holds post San Juan beach cleanup

J. R.

A total of 315 volunteers, including adults and children from 26 countries, participated in the Playa Patrol post-San-Juan beach cleanup last Sunday. The event took place at Playa Puerta del Mar in Almuñécar, Marina del Este and La Herradura beach. ... A number of local companies also participated in the event. "It was interesting to see how many nails were collected after San Juan because of the wood used for the bonfires," said organiser, Ann Jenkins. A total of 30,200 cigarette butts and 68



22 November 1975: Juan Carlos I is made King of Spain

Debbie Bartlett

On 22 November 1975, two days after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco, Prince Juan Carlos was sworn in as King of Spain. Franco had ruled with an iron hand for 36 years, after winning the 1936 to 1939 civil war, so this was a turning ... point in the country's history and transition towards democracy. Normally, Juan Carlos would not have acceded to the throne because his father, Don Juan de Borbón, was still alive. However, in 1969 Franco had announced that he had designated the young ... prince as his successor. In the same year, Juan Carlos had sworn "in the name of God and on the holy gospels to uphold the laws of the Francoist state and remain loyal to the principles of the Movimiento Nacional". He repeated this oath at his



Juan Carlos steps out of the limelight


On 2 June 2014 King Juan Carlos I of Spain announced that he would be abdicating in favour of his son, who is now King Felipe VI. Almost exactly five years on, he has just made a further announcement: he is retiring from public life altogether. ... discussing a possible intervention in Spain. To make matters even worse, he was accompanied on that trip by his soulmate, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. The ensuing scandal was so great that Juan Carlos was forced to make a public apology. After the ... abdication, neither the government nor the royal family really knew what to do with a retired monarch, but he has been kept fairly busy. He attended the inauguration of the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, and a number of events, mostly



King gives up inheritance from his father amid corruption probe


King Felipe has dramatically announced that he is giving up his rights to an inheritance from his father, former-king Juan Carlos, who abdicated in 2014. In addition, the monarch has decided to withdraw an estimated 200,000 euros annual grant to ... the 82-year-old King Emeritus. In a surprise written statement from the Royal household, King Felipe reacted to new revelations in the British Telegraph surrounding Juan Carlos and alleged multi-million-euro bank accounts and foundations linked to ... way..." The Telegraph alleged that two foundations linked to Juan Carlos stated that his son, King Felipe, and his family would be beneficiaries on his father's death. The statement added that the King had no knowledge he was beneficiary of one of the



New women's fit shirt now on sale from all official outlets

Juan Calderón

Malaga announced last week the launch of a new kit tailoured for women. The strip, on sale for 60 euros from all official club outlets (La Rosaleda, the Larios and Vialia shopping centres, Malaga city centre, Rincón de la Victoria, Fuengirola and T



Malaga bullfighting museum collection embargoed over unpaid debt


Exhibits from the Malaga bullfighting museum (Centro de Arte de la Tauromaquia) were removed on Tuesday after a court in the city ordered that assets belonging to businessman Juan Barco be embargoed. The action was taken in response to the debt



King Emeritus Juan Carlos leaves intensive care after open heart surgery

sur / lucy newby

King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is recovering well following open heart surgery on Saturday. The 81-year-old former monarch had a triple heart bypass at the Quirón Hospital in Madrid. The decision was made following the results of a routine health check ... in June. He left the hospital's intensive care unit on Monday and has now begun therapy. King Emeritus Juan Carlos arrives at the hospital on Friday evening. EFE Visiting his father with his mother by his side, King Felipe VI, stated that "it has ... all gone perfectly well". "There have not been any complications and we are very happy with the doctor's and all of the team's work," he said, speaking of Juan Carlos' seventeenth operation to date. The head of state returned to his father's bedside



King Emeritus Juan Carlos to have a heart operation this Saturday


The retired king, Juan Carlos I, is to have a heart operation this Saturday in Madrid. The decision was made following the results of a routine health check in June. The 81-year-old former head of State retired from pubic duty this year after



Thousands take to the beaches for San Juan to welcome in the summer


Thousands of people descended on the beaches of the Costa del Sol on Sunday night to participate in the San Juan celebrations. People enjoying the music on Los Álamos beach in Torremolinos.Ñ. S. As well as being the eve of a saint's day, San ... Juan marks the beginning of the summer and is shrouded in pagan rituals, of which water and fire are at the forefront. According to tradition, the water is at its purest on the eve of San Juan. Fires are lit to ward off evil spirits and participants


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The Costa del Sol gets ready for the Fiesta de San Juan

Tony Bryant

The Costa del Sol will be illuminated with bonfires and fireworks on Sunday 23 June, as thousands of people crowd onto the beaches to enjoy the Fiesta de San Juan. The celebrations, which generally start around 10pm, include the tradition of the ... commemorate the anniversary of the birth, rather than the death, of the saint. San Juan marks the beginning of the summer and is shrouded in pagan rituals, of which water and fire are the main protagonists. According to tradition, the water is at its purest ... on the eve of San Juan. Fires are lit to ward off evil spirits and participants leap over the flames and then swim in the sea to clean and purify the soul. The festivities in Malaga take place on Playa La Malagueta. This is one of the bigger



28 August 1565: Spanish conquerors sight land off America

Jennie Rhodes

...settlement of European origin in the conterminous USA (the 48 adjoining states), with San Juan in Puerto Rico being the oldest on US territory. San Juan was established in 1521. Saint Augustine was the capital of Spanish Florida for 200 years, before


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Summer begins with San Juan

Tony Bryant

The Costa del Sol will be illuminated by blazing bonfires on Saturday 23 June, as thousands of revellers head to the beaches to enjoy the Fiesta de San Juan. At midnight, huge firework displays will mark the arrival of the Feast of Saint John the ... Baptist. The festival is celebrated on 24 June, but in most countries, festivities are held the night before. This is one of the few saints' days which commemorate the anniversary of the birth, rather than the death of the saint. The festival of San Juan ... will eliminate ones problems, while a midnight dip in the sea will clean and purify the soul. According to tradition, the water is at its purest on the eve of San Juan and it is also believed to bring happiness for the next 12 months. AFP The



Prison wants to locate victims of Malaga serial rapist

J. C. / J. R. V.

Prison services are trying to locate the victims of Malaga serial rapist Juan Carlos G. R, who is nearing semi-freedom after serving 17 of a 271-year sentence. The authorities want to ensure that the integration centre he is sent to respects the



Left asks Juan Carlos to explain business deals


Left-wing political coalition, Unidos Podemos, has written to the Royal household this week asking King Emeritus, Juan Carlos, to appear before parliament to explain supposed question marks over his business dealing. It follows high-profile



Sluggish Malaga easily swept aside by Huesca

frank gavurin

Huesca continued to create chances. A richly deserved second arrived shortly before the interval, the impressive Juan Carlos gliding into the box and producing a delightful finish. Diego Gonzalez's desperately poor sliced clearance shortly afterwards,



"We'll keep bringing taxes down," says regional finance minister


The regional minister for Finance, Industry and Energy, Juan Bravo Baena, reassured an audience in Malaga on Wednesday that the Junta de Andalucía regional government would keep lowering taxes, "as that is our philosophy". He said it would keep ... and even in some cases your grandchildren, will have to pay 25 euros a year for the next 20 years to return the six-billion-euro debt run up between 2008 and 2010. Next year's budget Juan Bravo promised to maintain and "hopefully increase" budgets



The best doctor in Dallas is from Malaga


...they refer to, however, was born thousands of miles away from Dallas, in Malaga. Dr Juan Manuel Pascual is considered internationally, and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he works, as the leading figure in the area of ... researcher in the laboratory and its clinical director, specialising in the most difficult problems related to grey matter. Malaga-born Juan Manuel Pascual has been named Best Doctor in Dallas by a local magazinePascual is described in the magazine as "an



Chris Froome to be awarded 2011 Vuelta a España title


...last week that Spaniard Juan José Cobo had been stripped of the title for doping. A statement announced that Cobo had been found "guilty of a violation of the anti-doping rule, having detected a substance prohibited in 2009 and 2011 in his biological