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Torremolinos enters the new year with optimism


Town Planning Regulations (PGOU), with which they hope to create stability for entrepreneurs, attract new investors and create sustainable jobs. José Ortiz, who has now been in charge for 18 months, said, "I think that 2017 will be a fundamental year



Unemployment falls a record amount in last year


The number of registered unemployed in Spain fell 86,849 in December, helped by temporary jobs over Christmas. In the whole of 2016, there were 390,534 fewer jobless compared to 2015, which is a record fall in the unemployment total. According to ... leaders and opposition politicians have criticised the low amount of permanent jobs being created.



Shops contract more workers this year for the January sales

...will be offered by retailers in Spain to cover the sales period, an increase of six percent on last year. A quarter of people who were taken on to help with the rush over Christmas are expected to keep their jobs into January to cope with the surge in ... Eve weekend. is the amount of extra temporary jobs expected to be created for the January sales this year compared to last year.



A quick fix

the euro zone Well, quite: official banner statistics like those just released are very useful indeed for Rajoy, who has promised to create 500,000 jobs a year throughout his second term. Yet they don't, as the headline incorrectly suggests, mean that the ... national statistics institute revealed that in 2015, unemployment dropped by 12.4% to the lowest level since 2011. The same data, though, showed that the amount of temporary jobs created throughout this supposedly bumper year was double the amount of new ... permanent jobs. Last September, figures released indicated that 1.5 million employment contracts are signed in Spain every month. In the first half of last year, though, a quarter of these were for a week's work. Employment statistics from December are



Statistics reveal Axarquía to be home to richest and poorest

nuria triguero

...richest town, with an average income of 26,226 euros per year, while tiny Almáchar is the poorest, with an average income at just under 11,000 euros per year. Many of Rincón’s residents are young workers whose jobs are based in Malaga city, whereas



Everything’s changed, but what’s different?

Íñigo Gurruchaga brexit and want to go back to the UK. They have loved their time in Manchester. “It has been fantastic. We have jobs, we live in the city centre, and we have been able to travel around,” says Desiré. Like London, Manchester voted to remain in the UK.



Great expectations

Mark Nayler

...minister Fátima Báñez has also being spreading a positive new year message, declaring last week that 2017 will be a "year of hope and of confidence". She wields the statistic that, of more than 3.5 million jobs lost in Spain during the recession, 1.7 have ... been recovered. Any kind of reparation of the enormous economic damage represented by that figure is better than nothing; the problem is, though, that not enough of those new 1.7 jobs are permanent, stable positions. Permanence and stability are



Jobless rate falls across Spain but survey shows fewer people in work in Malaga


...of work at the end of December, a fall of 541,700 from the year before and the lowest amount out of work since 2009. In total, 413,900 new jobs were created in 2016. However, despite this being the fourth consecutive year in which unemployment ... fell, the decline was smaller than in 2015, when there was a fall of 678,200 in the number of jobless and 525,100 new jobs were created. On a local level, unemployment fell by 78,000 over the past year in Andalucía. Despite this, the unemployment rate



"I'm a gypsy and I've been in prison - I never thought I would find a job"


"I've learned how to look for jobs and use the internet. When I was up for parole I was afraid that as a gypsy I wasn't going to get a job." These were the words of Juana, the fictitious name of a woman who is one of 40 offenders serving prison ... stage however she has needed the support of the Arrabal association, which, through the initiative, offered her the opportunity to train, look for jobs and take part in workshops and courses designed to improve her people skills. "They have changed my