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What life was like in Franco's women's prison in Malaga


...muted horror. For decades the Caserón de la Goleta was a men's jail, with just one or two cells reserved for women, until the building fell into such disrepair that it had to be closed and a new one built in 1933. The new provincial prison which, as ... arrests and the old Caserón de la Goleta had to be brought into use as a women's jail despite its run-down state. Around 4,000 prisoners passed through the jail, according to research by professors Encarnación Barranquero, Matilde Eiroa and Paloma Navarro. ... in the jail in Malaga were aged between 21 and 40, although the repression extended to all age groups ranging from between 13 and 85. More than 60 per cent of the prisoners were from elsewhere in the province. The rest lived in Malaga city or had



Catalan separatists consider choosing a president via Skype

SUR, but he is held in jail and, if let out, would only be able to attend votes. A further option being considered, and favoured by those against more confrontation with Madrid, is that the five MPs in Belgium, including Puigdemont, and the three in ... jail in Madrid step aside from their seats and allow other candidates lower down December's electoral list to take their place as regional MPs. Next Wednesday, 17 January the regional parliament meets for the first session in the process of deciding a



Trial begins of Camino de Santiago local man who killed US woman

M.B. león

McCain to offer FBI assistance, it was in September 2015 when detectives were led to Miguel Ángel Muñoz who lived alongside the route. He confessed and is now on trial facing twenty years in jail. Over 200 people from 20 countries were interviewed in the



Catalan MPs to meet to vote on new regional president


...leads ANC but recently stood as a regional MP, despite being in jail. The wearing of a yellow ribbon in support of the two Jordis and other detainees has even caused controversy in Britain, where Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, has been crticised ... the electoral list in the December election, and therefore the natural choice as alternative to be president. However Sánchez is currently held in jail outside Madrid as part of the same ongoing rebellion and sedition investigation. While Puigdemont ... candidate for the regional presidency than Puigdemont, as he is still in Spain and, as he is only in jail as a preventative measure and hasn't been tried, is still entitled to be a Catalan MP. On Tuesday, Sànchez asked to be released to attend the debate and



Easter devotion hits the streets of Malaga


...and people were not able to go out. Some prisoners managed to escape from the local jail, carried the image of Christ through the streets, and then returned voluntarily to prison. Thursday morning is also popular in Malaga, when people go to the port