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Pumpkins as big as Cinderella's carriage

ALEKK M. SAANDERS Malaga, possibly a bit drier, so it's important to get the watering right, especially if you're growing an organic product. I have to try and store rainwater for the irrigation. In the autumn I get excited to see the results of my investigation and ... effort. Being harvested.SUR What do you mean by 'investigation'? To create giant vegetables it takes skill to select the seed. It is a technical challenge for me. My finca is a sort of green laboratory. Over the years I've improved my pumpkins through



Mistake 'n pride entity

Peter Edgerton

...times six. Needless to say, an unidentifiable charge for seven euros was made to my account this morning, which upon further investigation proved to be for ordering the wrong type of cheque book. Luckily, there's a man - let's call him Paco - at the



Nerja mayor to go on trial over illegal rubbish tip by river

Eugenio Cabezas

A court in the Axarquía has confirmed that it will summon the mayor of Nerja and one of his councillors to stand trial over the illegal tipping of rubbish by a local river bed. The investigation involves seven people from the building trade as ... regional, politicians initially under investigation. AGRECA, a regional association of waste management firms, said it welcomed the move to a trial. It explained that it would set an example and put an end to, what it says, is the culture of councils



Mollina fire started in an empty property, says firefighters' report

fernando torres used in the investigation being carried out by the Guardia Civil in Antequera. According to official sources, on Monday morning there was no clear hypothesis regarding how the blaze began and given the state of the burned mobile homes, it may



Costa beach bar is shut down after DJ is caught spitting alcohol at revellers


...had tested negative for Covid-19. "Blatant" breach of Covid-19 regulations As a result of the investigation launched by the regional authorities it has emerged that the bar did not have a licence for music events such as the one shown in the video. ... The report filed by the investigating authorities concludes that the event "blatantly" breached Covid-19 measures imposed by the Junta de Andalucía. The investigation confirmed that the footage shared on social media showed a performance by the DJ



Further arrests made in investigation over leaked Víctor video

Juan cano / álvaro frías

The investigation into the leaked sexually explicit video of former Malaga coach Víctor Sánchez del Amo has led to nine arrests in the last few weeks. All of these have been in connection with sharing the video on social media (Whatsapp, Twitter,



26-year-old pilot killed in Axarquía glider tragedy


...runway. A police investigation is considering the hypothesis that the pilot began to feel faint shortly after takeoff. During the radio call the German passenger was asked if he knew how to fly the plane, but he said he didn't. Another plane tried to



Manager arrested for robbery of own work

Eugenio Cabezas

The Guardia Civil in Sayalonga announced on Tuesday that they have arrested a man in relation to the robbery of 116 metres of crash barriers just days after they had been installed in the small hamlet of Corumbela, which belongs to the Axarquía villa



Eight public officials under investigation in Alhaurín el Grande over raw sewage disposal


...being investigated for environmental offences. The investigation began in 2017 after the Ecologistas en Acción Andalucía group reported "serious irregularities" in waste treatment, with untreated sewage flowing into the sea, rivers or streams. The ... Guadalhorce, Pereila and Fahala rivers. According to the investigation, the stream and the Fahala river are "extremely contaminated" and so toxic that it is difficult for marine life to survive. This situation is not new. It has been the case for at least



High death rate in care homes sees bodies left abandoned in beds


Army emergency medical teams visited 41 care homes across the country before prosecutors on Monday received a formal request from the Ministry of Defence for an investigation into why the death rate was so high. The level of care inside some of the



People traffickers arrested in joint operation between Gib and Spanish police

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar. The organised crime group are believed to have made over one million euros from the scheme, after charging each migrant between 7,000 and 8,000 euros. The investigation began in November when Gibraltar police noticed a significant increase in ... destinations. The investigation, which was coordinated by Europol, culminated in two searches at residential properties in La Línea and Gibraltar, which resulted in the seizure of approximately 19,000 euros in cash, 12 mobile devices, five vehicles and a



'Franco Lives' graffiti appears on Nerja walls

Eugenio Cabezas

...death. The same message has been painted onto buildings in the town in recent weeks, but not as many as those which appeared on Wednesday morning. Town hall workers immediately started to clean the graffiti and police have opened up an investigation



Masters investigation mostly shelved


The investigation into supposed fraudulent masters degrees given to politicians, mainly from the PP party, has been shelved. The scandal had been at the top of the political agenda for weeks but the decision comes after the Supreme Court said it ... saw no real offence by PP leader Pablo Casado in his degree, a ruling that caused the rest of the investigation to fold. The case is still open against officials who allegedly faked part of the degree of the ex-president of the Madrid regional



Forensics team asks for more information in Julen investigation


...of the work carried out at Totalán. He wasn't the only person to make a statement in court this week. Two Guardia Civil officers, who were first on the scene, also answered questions. The investigation continues.


What to do

An investigation of the geometric shape

Tony Bryant

The Es Arte Gallery in San Pedro Alcántara is currently exhibiting a collection of work by Cordoba artist, Aurora Cid. Chromatic Geometry is a deep investigation of the geometric shape and includes a collection of colourful abstract designs on



New court investigation complicates Nozal's bid to be mayor of Mijas


A court investigation into possible irregularities in the granting of sports subsidies threatens to complicate local PP leader Ángel Nozal's already difficult bid to be invested as mayor of Mijas next week. The former mayor, who won the recent ... election but needs support from other groups, was called in to a Fuengirola court for questioning on Thursday, along with the PP spokesperson Mario Bravo, who is also under investigation. This is the eighth court inquiry open against Nozal, whose party



Former footballer from Malaga among those arrested in Spanish match-fixing investigation


A police investigation into match-fixing in Spanish football has led to the detention of several First and Second Division players, the president of Huesca football club, Agustín Lasaosa, and the club's head of medical services, Juan Carlos Galindo ... Thursday, were remanded in custody but granted bail pending payment of 100,000 euros each. The match-fixing investigation originated with the Second Division Huesca-Gimnástic game last season (0-1), which was reported by La Liga a year ago. In the case of ... police say they are looking at the possibility that at least one Valladolid player might have sold the game to obtain money through betting companies. Sources close to the investigation stress that neither Valencia nor its players are involved in the



Army sexual assault investigation ongoing

J. C. / Á. F.

...remember what took place at the Bobadilla barracks, near Antequera in inland Malaga province, on the evening of December 10 and 11. According to the investigation, the victim currently only has vague flashbacks of the event, and remembers one of the two



Spanish man dies in collision with Customs vessel off Eastern beach

Debbie Bartlett

...resident of the neighbouring town of La Linea de La Concepcion. A full investigation is being carried out into the incident and Gibraltar's chief minister, Fabian Picardo, sent his condolences to the family of Morodo Gutiérrez and expressed his sympathy



Shakira to appear in court on 12 June in investigation into possible tax fraud


Shakira, the Colombian music star who is married to Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué, is to appear in court over possible tax fraud. An investigation has started after a government complaint that Shakira allegedly avoided paying tax in Spain, ... for Shakira's appearance has been set for 12 June. She is accused of avoiding paying 14.5 million euros, a sum which she has now already paid in since the investigation started.



Landowner to be questioned on suspicion of negligent manslaughter in Julen investigation


The investigation into the death of two-year-old Julen, who fell down a borehole in Totalán on 13 January, has reached a new phase this week. The judge in charge of the probe, after stating that she considered there to be evidence of manslaughter ... investigation and will be called in for questioning, as requested by the public prosecution. The magistrate explained that she has based her decision on the fact that it was the owner of the land who ordered the hole to be drilled and on the report by the



1,600 euros of illegal horse betting money seized in Mijas


The police unit attached to the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga has reported three people and seized a total of 1,603.50 euros from a bar in Mijas. In a crackdown against illegal betting activity, their investigations found that sports betting was bei



Eight illegal immigrants arrested

Debbie Bartlett

...police custody while an investigation is now being carried out to ascertain their true identities and where they are from. The boat in which they arrived has been confiscated by the authorities.



Investigation reveals safety shortfalls as Malaga and Totalán mourn the loss of little Julen


...him was a key part of the initial investigation into whether the illegal hole had been properly covered and how the boy came to fall down. Rescuers, after initially rejecting a horizontal tunnel to reach the boy's position, had completed a parallel ... lossSalvador Salas An initial autopsy provided some comfort for the boy's family by stating that Julen died on the same day he fell, showing signs of head and body injuries consistent with a long drop. Investigation A Malaga judge has opened an ... investigation into how Julen got into the borehole and if any party is liable to a charge of manslaughter due to negligence. The earth on top of him is now thought to have come from damp soil falling from the borehole lining. Authorities have said the



Mayor no longer under investigation after court doubts existence of elderly complainant

Ivan Gelibter

...does not exist. He also provided supposed copies of documentation of which no official record has been found. The mayor responded with a counterclaim to the Guardia Civil, who began their own investigation. They spoke to the postman who delivers mail ... Márquez said a man had told him he had yet to install a mailbox and was expecting a letter, so he had offered to take it in for him. The investigation continues.