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Banner that lost Catalan leader his power becomes museum exhibit


...a yellow ribbon. The ribbon is the widely used symbol of resistance in the Catalan nationalist movement to the arrest and trial of those politicians and public leaders who conspired in the illegal independence referendum of October 2017. The local



Top court in Spain confirms 12 equity release mortgages were illegal

sur in english

Spain's Supreme Court has upheld earlier judgements that 12 mortgages sold by a British company were illegal. The mortgages, mostly taken out by Britons in Malaga province between 2004 and 2007, totalled six million euros. The equity release ... who represented the claimants, the ruling confirms that operating in breach of mandatory financial regulations is illegal speculation, even if the company was legally operating in its own country. He added that his "clients' nightmare had now ended".



Police break up illegal campsites at popular Maro beauty spot

Eugenio Cabezas

More than 20 local police and Guardia Civil officers were involved in an operation to dismantle 15 illegal campsites on Monday in different locations along Maro's beach and three foreigners were denounced for camping illegally in the area, according ... animal control services. The campsites were located in the La Caleta, Barranco de Maro and Águila aqueduct caves, all of which are in the natural park area of the Maro cliffs. Both Maro and Nerja have become popular places among illegal campers in ... recent years, with the spring months attracting a particularly high number of people. In Nerja last year illegal campsites were dismantled along the Paseo de los Carabineros, near the town centre and at Cueva del Lobo Marino near Burriana beach.



Gibraltar votes in favour of a more flexible abortion law


Abortion is currently illegal in Gibraltar other than in exceptional circumstances, such as a serious risk to the life of the mother. The new law will only allow abortion up to 12 weeks, unless termination is necessary to prevent grave permanent injury



Nerja mayor to go on trial over illegal rubbish tip by river

Eugenio Cabezas

A court in the Axarquía has confirmed that it will summon the mayor of Nerja and one of his councillors to stand trial over the illegal tipping of rubbish by a local river bed. The investigation involves seven people from the building trade as ... well as the mayor, José Alberto Armijo of the PP party, and his councillor for Planning and Housing, Mari Nieves Atencia. The accusations focus on the illegal dumping in an old quarry by the Miel river in Nerja from June 1998 to September 2016. The ... in Spain turning a blind eye when illegal tipping of waste and building materials is carried out in their areas.



Call for information about poisoned gulls

Debbie Bartlett

The Environment Department is asking people to come forward if they have any information about the deaths of a number of yellow-legged gulls who appear to have been poisoned. It is illegal to kill any wild birds on Gibraltar, including gulls, and