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2017: a rollercoaster year

Rachel Haynes

...several pilots of passenger aircraft that were coming into land from over the sea at around 11pm reported being distracted by the illegal pointing of lasers into their aircraft. Air traffic controllers, seeing the risk of a plane being brought down, ... prevent people going into the polling stations to vote. The referendum was illegal under the Spanish Constitution, but the regional government announced afterwards that turnout had been 43 per cent and of the two million Catalans who voted, 90 per cent had



Immigrant boat with 58 sub-Saharans on board is rescued off Costa del Sol


A boat carrying 58 illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa was rescued off the Costa del Sol on Saturday, 30th December. The vessel was spotted some 45 miles offshore. Ten of those found were women. In total 117 migrants were brought ashore in ... Andalucía on the same day. It was a busy end to a year that saw a record number of illegal immigrants found off the Malaga coast, putting pressure on limited local resources to handle the influx. The opposition Socialist party has said that central ... illegal immigrants “in a dignified way”. “ The government has no interest at all in finding a solution to this problem,” said local MP, Miguel Ángel Heredia.



Protests increase over Archidona immigrant detention centre after apparent suicide


Condemnation of the use of the future Archidona prison complex, in inland Malaga province, as a detention centre for illegal immigrants has increased this week. It follows the death of one of the detainees held there, a 36-year-old man from Algeria ... temporary use of the new prison facility. In November 570 illegal Algerian immigrants, mostly from boats found off the coast, were brought there as other official detention centres were full, although gradually many have been returned to Algeria. Sources say



The puppy factories


...she says. Cubillo is president of Justicia Animal, an organisation which has fought against dog trafficking for over 15 years. The illegal trade generates a lot of money and involves “real mobs”. At Christmas, the business booms. They come from ... illegal. One of the leading countries for this is Spain. The story of Snoopy Snoopy was one of those illegally transported puppies. He was a Bichon Maltese bought by Mónica as a birthday present for her daughter. “I searched online and contacted a ... distant countries. Meruelo maintains that “95 per cent of the dog trade in Spain is illegal,” and she is sure that a large percentage of the business is shared out among individual breeders who create competition for the professionals. “I saw someone in



Cost analysis

Mark Nayler

...government after the December 21st elections. Total cost: 3 billion euros. But in a worst-case scenario, the bank assumed that the crisis triggered by the illegal independence referendum of October 1st (O1) would continue well into 2018 and possibly beyond.



Andalucía to bring in new law aimed at reducing obesity

L. G.-S.

...children under 15 will be laid out. Under the restrictions, it will become illegal to sell food containing over 200 kilocalories and secondary schools will be required to display the calorie content of foods in vending machines and canteens. The new



Catalan separatists consider choosing a president via Skype


Puigdemont, is leader of Junts per Catalunya, the biggest separatist party after December's election, but he is still in Belgium along with five of his ex-ministers. If they return to Spain they face certain arrest over the investigation into the illegal



Last detained immigrants leave Archidona's prison building


The last illegal immigrants held in Archidona's unopened prison complex left on Wednesday. The remaining 67 Algerians there were taken to the government's official immigrant centres, meaning the interior ministry fulfilled its promise to only use ... the Archidona building in inland Malaga province until the start of January. Last November over 500 illegal immigrants who had arrived in Spain from Algeria were taken to the new, unused Archidona prison building as the government's other, official



Date set for illegal houses to be torn down in Vélez-Málaga

Eugenio cabezas/Jennie rhodes.

...request for the properties be registered as Asimilado Fuera de Ordenación (AFO), which recognises illegal houses built on non-urban land as semi legal and provides them with limited rights as well as prevents them from being demolished.