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Architects showcase innovative designs in ideas project

Tony Bryant

An open international ideas contest has been held to design a new contemporary vernacular building in Mijas Costa. Under the banner of ‘Costa del Sprawl’, architects, designers and students from around the world were invited to explore different ... could put a bit of life into the area. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment; you just need a bit of imagination,” Sam told SUR in English. More than 200 ideas were submitted before the entry date expired and the organisers have received some “quite ... architect Ecaterina Stefanescu, Sam’s partner, explained. “We just want to show that there are possibilities and there are people with ideas. We would like the town hall and owners of these half-built structures to give it some thought, sort of sowing some



Residents find lifestyle ideas and advice at 50 Plus show


Insurance, health, gardening, dental, and creative companies came together last weekend at the 50 Plus Lifestyle Expo to offer advice and answer questions. This year's exhibition took place at the IPV Palace in Fuengirola for the first time and was a


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Recreating the work of the Grand Masters, in the lounge

Antonio Javier López

People are looking for ways to relieve the boredom of social distancing and quarantine and one of the more creative ideas has been to try and replicate a famous work of art by just using family members (including the very youngest) and items found



Danish women look for business ideas in Mijas

Ivan Gelibter

In recent months, several foreign investors have been looking at Mijas as a possible business opportunity. It is an attractive location, especially because of the large numbers of foreign citizens who live or have a second home in the municipality. A



A business group hopes to reopen the Incosol building as a hotel

Mónica Pérez

The famous Incosol health resort on the east side of town, which closed five years ago when the group which owned it went into liquidation, may open again as a hotel if plans currently being considered by the council go ahead. The Hotel Value Adde



Every loser wins

Peter Edgerton

...fifty metres. Killing with kindness I think is the mot juste. Let's be clear - losing's brilliant, and I should know. It makes you buck up your ideas and encourages you to concentrate on the things you're half decent at instead of deluding yourself


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How children can go to museums during lockdown

Antonio Javier López

...perception), reflect (develop critical thought), and create (providing original solutions to the challenge which is presented)," says María José. Museo Carmen Thyssen Virtual tours and ideas for ages 4 to 18 The Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga has a wider



Míchel out of ideas as Malaga's slide to Segunda continues

Daryl Finch

The new year has not brought a change of fortunes. Malaga were just as limp and lifeless as they were two weeks ago when Espanyol visited La Rosaleda on Monday night. The visitors, who until that moment hadn't won on the road, picked up their first w


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Festival of different artistic traditions

Tony Bryant

...musicians and artists from all over the world for a festival that will create a platform where new concepts can be realised and old ideas reborn. The theme of this year's festival is 'Peace: Building Bridges through the Arts', and it will bring together