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Three men arrested in connection with gun attack on British man

juan cano / álvaro frías

Three men have been arrested in connection with the shooting of a 27-year-old British man on 25 May. The victim was admitted to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella with four gunshot wounds to his legs. While the injured man told officers that ... 'friend' who took him to the hospital, a 29-year-old Irish man, has been arrested along with two British men, 23 and 24. Police believe that all three, as well as the victim, belonged to the same drug trafficking organisation and that the attack was carried ... out as a "stern warning" not to act against the interests of the gang. The man who took him to the hospital told police that he had found his friend on the street. He even led police to a location where he said the attack took place - all apparently



Last coronavirus patient leaves intensive care at the Costa del Sol hospital after 87 days


There were no Covid-19 patients in the Intensive Care Unit at the Costa del Sol hospital this week. The last one (Manolo, aged 66) left the ICU last weekend after 87 days. This hospital in Marbella has been one of the epicentres of the fight against ... coronavirus in Malaga province, and during the peak of the pandemic it was registering an average of one death a day from the disease. At that time the number of intensive care facilities at the hospital was doubled by the addition of a new unit which ... announced that in Andalucía only 49 patients were in hospital with an infection caused by SARS-CoV-2, of whom 14 were in intensive care units and 35 in wards. These figures show that the number of people in hospital with Covid-19 has reduced by over 98



Elderly British woman killed as gas explosion rips apart flat in Torre del Mar

Agustín Peláez / Juan Cano

...had a disability and hadn’t been seen outside their home for some time. When they arrived at the scene of the explosion, firefighters found the injured man among the rubble. He was rushed to the Axarquía hospital where he was treated for minor ... injured by the explosion was a 26-year-old woman who was taken to hospital to treat minor injuries, according to the emergency services. The blast tore down all the walls within the couple’s second-floor apartment and even left a hole in the living room



Hunt for infections in Malaga goes on as Red Cross cases hit 105


Wednesday, as more contact tracing and tests were carried out. Local hospitalised cases In Malaga province, including the Costa del Sol, there were 14 people in hospital with Covid-19 this week but none were in intensive care, the first time this has ... were in hospital in the region, of whom 12 were in intensive care.



UAE delivers 18 tonnes of medical supplies to Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

...containing protective materials such as surgical face masks and hand sanitiser as well as items specific for hospital use. The donation was collected from Seville airport by two lorries and arrived in the town last Friday. The 1,500 boxes of materials have ... been taken to the congress centre where they will be sorted before distribution. Equipment for hospital use will be given to the regional health authority for the Costa del Sol hospital. The rest will be distributed among residents in Marbella.



British man admitted to hospital with four gunshot wounds to the legs

juan cano / Álvaro Frías

A 27-year-old British man was admitted to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella in the early hours of Monday morning with four gunshot wounds to his legs. His condition was described later that morning as serious but stable and sources said he ... would possibly be undergoing surgery imminently. The injured man was driven to the hospital by a friend. On arrival at the accident and emergency department, staff discovered he had been shot four times in the lower limbs, hospital sources said.



Over 90 per cent of Covid-19 cases in Malaga are now cured

melchor saíz-pardo / ángel escalera, 281 people in the province have been recorded as dying from the disease and 1,375 across all of Andalucía. Regionally 92.64% of patients have now made a recovery. In Malaga province, 56 patients are still in hospital with coronavirus, of whom six



Marbella council signs off on budget for projects worth ten million euros

Héctor Barbotta

...will allow the execution of large projects such as the multipurpose centre in Nueva Andalucía, repairs to part of the Istán road, the remodelling of the main access to the Costa del Sol hospital and the Urban Regeneration Plan for San Pedro Alcántara.



Five-year-old boy survives fall from third floor in Malaga

Fernando torres / juan cano

...injuries as a result of the fall - none of which required surgery. In fact, the boy didn't lose consciousness neither after the fall nor during his transfer by ambulance to the Hospital Materno, where admission to intensive care wasn't deemed necessary.



Mayor of Malaga discharged from hospital after surgery

Pilar R. Quirós

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, left hospital on Tuesday morning after undergoing surgery to correct a small brain haemorrhage on Saturday. Doctors said his good progress meant that he could be discharged, however he has been ... prescribed a month's rest at home. The brain injury suffered by the 77-year-old mayor was minor, said medical sources. Surgery was carried out by the Hospital Regional's Neurosurgery service, which has been moved to the nearby Hospital Chip during the



'People need to be very cautious and not go out happily into the street as if nothing had happened'

Ángel Escalera

As the head of the Emergency Department at the Clínico Virgen de la Victoria hospital in Malaga, Eduardo Rosell has seen the cruelest side of a new illness that can affect anybody. Now that Malaga is in Phase One of the easing of lockdown and the ... help to prevent contagion” -So you agree with the measure to make masks obligatory, not just on public transport but everywhere. -I believe people should wear a mask whenever they go out into the street. In the hospital, we are used to wearing a ... rest of the family. In our case, when we leave the hospital we are always a bit afraid of carrying the virus into our homes. That's why it is important to avoid direct contact. It is preferable to be as least affectionate as possible with your loved



Field hospital ready as Gibraltar mourns possible virus victim

Debbie Bartlett

...arrest but it may have been Covid-19 related and this was being investigated. Florence Nightingale Hospital Gibraltar has been stepping up its preparations for coronavirus cases and the field hospital at the Europa Point sports complex was completed ... this week. The Florence Nightingale field hospital has 192 beds and the capacity for 300, and the government hopes it will never be needed but its creation has been a priority since the coronavirus pandemic began. Niches of the type used in Spain have



Tablets allow Covid-19 patients to contact their families from hospital

agustín peláez

The Axarquía hospital in Torre del Mar, in collaboration with the company ION IDE Telematics, is providing patients with tablets in order to make video calls to their families. The hospital's nursing team is helping patients to use the machines ... to contact their loved ones during their time in hospital. The tablets are mainly being used by those who don't have their own mobile phone or who are unable to use modern technology. Malaga-Axarquía hospital area manager Miguel Moreno thanked



Los Monteros rejected as hospital overflow and search continues

Héctor Barbotta

Earlier this week it looked like the five-star Hotel Los Monteros might become an emergency annex to the nearby Hospital Costa del Sol. The building was the first to be inspected, after a series of hotel owners in the Marbella area offered up ... their premises. A few hotels stay open for key workers and stranded tourists However, despite being just across the A-7 motorway, it seems that too many stairs and outside corridors have put off the hospital bosses. The nearby Vincci



Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre in hospital after suffering a stroke

matías stuber

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, was taken to hospital on Saturday afternoon after suffering a stroke. The incident occurred at around noon at his family home, where he has been confined for the mostpart of the nationwide state of alarm. ... been transferred to the Clínica Chip private clinic in the city, where he will be operated on by surgeons from the Neurosurgical unit of the Hospital Regional. This service was moved from the hospital at the beginning of April to increase capacity for ... Covid-19 patients. De la Torre, of the Partido Popular (PP), has been mayor of Malaga since 2000. The last time he was seen in public was last Tuesday, 7 April, when he visited the new coronavirus field hospital in Carranque, together with the president



Extra hospital beds for Costa ready at Carranque in record time

Ivan Gelibter

Almost 200 temporary hospital beds for Malaga and the Costa del Sol, ready to be used in record time. The regional Health ministry unveiled its extra Carranque I hospital facility this week, put together in a matter of days in part thanks to support ... and donations from private firms. The new medical centre is located in 1,500 square metres of the sports complex of the same name just across the road from the Hospital Regional in Malaga city. It will be used as needed if cases increase, and has ... coronavirus in Andalucía hadn't filled all spare hospital capacity. Jesús Aguirre said on Monday that there was 59 per cent of normal hospital capacity and 33 per cent of intensive care capacity available to take any upsurge in cases. A total of 131,146 fast



Malaga mayor leaves intensive care after emergency surgery following stroke

Antonio M. Romero

hospital on Saturday. De la Torre sent out a tweet from intensive care on Sunday morning to reassure his many well-wishers "I'm well," he said, adding that the messages had filled him with "emotion and energy". He is now recovering on a ward, ... accompanied by his wife, Rosa Francia, and their daughter Lucía, said sources on Sunday. The mayor, 77, was due to undergo a CAT scan to monitor progress later that day. He is being treated at the Chip hospital after the nearby Hospital Regional's



Dog abandoned in a sealed bag of rubble finds new home


Ulises, the Spanish mastiff abandoned in a sealed bag of rubble in the Malaga neighbourhood of Puertosol earlier this month, now has a new home. After being discharged from the SOS Catycan veterinary hospital, Ulises is now in the care of Inma



Sports complex in Malaga to be converted into a hospital for Covid-19 patients

Ángel Escalera

Given the expected increase in coronavirus cases in the coming days, the Junta de Andalucía regional government has decided that the Carranque sports complex in Malaga city will be converted into a large hospital for patients of Covid-19, with a ... capacity of more than 400 beds. These facilities have been chosen because of their proximity to the Hospital Regional (formerly Carlos Haya), which will facilitate the transfer of health professionals. The Junta has ruled out converting the Palacio ... de Ferias y Congresos for the time being and is considering other options, including the reopening of the Hospital Pascual, a private centre that for many years served thousands of patients sent by the public health service. Restructuring With an



Retired doctor in isolation in Malaga hospital with coronavirus

Ángel Escalera

A 73-year-old man is being kept in isolation at the Hospital Clínico in Malaga after suffering pneumonia as a direct result of the coronavirus. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday and initial investigations point towards him having ... tested positive, aged 42 and 53 respectively, work in the same banking company as the first confirmed patient in Andalucía - a 62-year-old man who was admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville last Wednesday. He was discharged on Monday and ... of the two aforementioned men, resident in the town. She, like the two men, is being closely monitored at home despite being advised to remain in hospital. Thirteen cases across Andalucía Elsewhere in Andalucía, in Almeria a 28-year-old man is



An anonymous donor provides 150 protective suits for hospital staff in Malaga


An anonymous business owner has donated 150 protective suits for staff at the Clínico hospital in Malaga, to help in the fight against coronavirus. The donor made contact with the Local Police to make the offer, and repeatedly insisted that he or ... she didn't want their identity to be known, saying "it's the health workers who are visible, not me". The protective clothing was delivered to the hospital on Wednesday in a fleet of police vehicles, shortly before 8pm, the time at which people all ... their cars as hospital staff came out to collect the donated items and transport them inside on trolleys. These suits are vitally important in protecting medical staff, and are worn with special masks. The whole country is suffering a shortage of



Los Monteros, first Marbella hotel inspected for use as makeshift overflow hospital

Héctor Barbotta

...provide overflow beds for hospitalised patients with the virus when the Costa del Sol hospital reaches saturation point. The Costa del Sol health agency (Agencia Sanitaria) aims to use the hotel, which has 173 rooms, half of which are suites, to ... accommodate patients with milder symptoms, to free up beds in the hospital for more serious cases. It could also be used for health professionals who are not resident in the area but are being brought into to strengthen the staff at the Costa del Sol ... hospital, which is one of the medical facilities on the frontline of the battle against the pandemic. The hotel has the advantage of being close to the hospital as well as to the main Costa del Sol dual carriageway. A disadvantage could be that a lot of



American tourist, 70, with coronavirus dies in Ronda hospital

Vanessa Melgar / Ángel Escalera

An American tourist, 70, who was in the Serranía de Ronda hospital with coronavirus, has died, sources confirmed on Friday. He was among the group of visitors who tested positive having caught the virus from their guide and were isolated in a ... Costa del Sol hotel earlier this month. This is the second fatality in Ronda related to the outbreak. On Thursday an 84-year-old woman died; she was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke and tested positive for coronavirus. Four more people ... with coronavirus are currently being treated at the Ronda hospital. All are stable. Malaga doctor In Malaga, a 73-year-old retired doctor who had been in the Clínico hospital with coronavirus, has died. He had been in intensive care for more than



Malaga gets ready for further increase in seriously ill patients


Given the expected increase in coronavirus hospital cases in the coming days, the Junta de Andalucía regional government is converting the Carranque sports complex in Malaga city into a large hospital for patients of Covid-19, with a capacity of ... more than 400 beds. These facilities have been chosen because of their proximity to the Hospital Regional (formerly Carlos Haya), which will facilitate the transfer of health professionals. The Junta has ruled out converting the city's Palacio ... de Ferias y Congresos for the time being. More beds have also been freed up by moving patients with other conditions and restructuring departments between hospital sites.



Seventy-year-old man with coronavirus dies in Benalmádena hospital

Ángel Escalera

A 70-year-old man who was being treated in the Hospital Xanit Internacional has been confirmed as the first person with coronavirus to die in the province of Malaga. The patient had multiple underlying health problems, and his condition was



'At our age you're not afraid of dying; luckily we have had a good life together'


Wedding vows include the words 'in sickness and in health' and that still applies to Francisca Valverde Guerrero, 84, and Rafael de la Linde Pérez, 88, who have survived coronavirus at the hospital in Antequera and are now at home recovering. What ... the hospital, where they were put into the same room. Francisca says she is very grateful for the way they were treated in hospital. She says there is always hope and she wishes the TV wouldn't spend all day talking about coronavirus and deaths and ... the hospital staff were lovely. "I hope they live for many years to come, but when it is their turn they will go straight to heaven because they are such good people," says Francisca. The staff didn't stop all day or night. "Do you want a coffee, do



"There are people who worry more about their car than their heart"

Ángel Escalera

The key to preventing cardiac problems is for people to look after their heart, explains Juan José Gómez Doblas, the president of the Andalusian Heart Foundation and head of the Cardiology Department at the Clínico hospital, in this interview. Last ... to evaluate their cardiovascular health" "People think only men tend to suffer from cardiac illnesses but in reality that isn't the case" "The Clínico hospital in Malaga is a benchmark in several heart-related fields" Is there a scientific ... to lose 20 kilos. Some people seem to care more about their car than their heart, but their heart is much more important for their future than a vehicle. Within the context of the Andalusian health service, what position does the Clínico Hospital



Gibraltar's new Governor visits the Health Authority

Debbie Bartlett

The new Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, paid a courtesy visit to St Bernard's Hospital and the Primary Care Centre this week. After meeting the Minister for Health and Care, Paul Balban, Principal Secretary Evelyn Cervan and



Coronavirus cases detected at Malaga Red Cross shelter rise to 90

Ángel Escalera

The alarm was raised on Sunday when a young woman living at the shelter was taken to hospital with symptoms similar to those of coronavirus. The PCR test confirmed she had the virus, she was isolated and her contacts traced. On Monday a second ... positive are young migrants and none has been admitted to hospital. The regional government’s delegate in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, said on Thursday that there was no cause for alarm, that the building was closed and guarded by the security forces. She



Teenager recovers in hospital after Campillos school scissors stabbing

F. T. / Á. F. / J. C.

A 15-year-old boy was recovering in hospital this week after a fellow student stabbed him in the neck with a pair of scissors outside their school in Campillos on Monday. The victim was rushed by helicopter to Antequera hospital where he underwent



"Things will be different in future, and we will change them ourselves"

Héctor Barbotta

...collapsed. I couldn't keep any food down, and my wife took me to the Quirón Hospital in Marbella". There, doctors carried out tests and admitted him. Two days later he was diagnosed with lateral pneumonia due to Covid-19. He wasn't intubated but was given



100,000 face masks to be distributed among residents of Marbella

C. Márquez

...various points across the town. These masks make up 80 per cent of the 18-tonne donation made earlier this month. The rest, including equipment for hospital use, will be given to the regional health authority for the Costa del Sol hospital and other



Hugs to keep fear at bay in the ICU


After another brutal working day, a sense of humour is the only escape valve for the staff at the Intensive Care unit (ICU) at the Virgen de la Victoria university hospital in Malaga. "We've done seven things wrong," admits María José, referring to ... she is well aware that this is a cruel virus. "The emotional aspect is the hardest. People are suffering on their own and dying alone. Nobody sees them except us, and that's terrible for their families," she says. The heart of a hospital In the ... ICU. life hangs on a thread. It is the heart of a hospital, the most delicate department, but at the same time inhospitable and hi-tech. With no visits from relatives allowed, it loses vitality. "We always encourage relatives to talk to the patients and



Gas leak possible cause of explosion in Marbella apartment

charo Márquez marbella

...resident of the building. Emergency services were called and residents were evacuated while the flames were put out. They were able to return later that morning but some chose to stay in a hotel. Three of the residents were taken to hospital, one of



Normal flu claimed 81 victims in Andalucía last winter

Ángel Escalera

...rate of 18.9 per cent. Over 65s at risk Flu complications cause hundreds of people to be admitted to hospital every year, especially the over-65s and those with chronic illnesses, whose health is at risk from flu viruses. About 40 per cent of those ... admitted to hospital in Andalucía are vaccinated, even though more than 90 per cent of them are at risk. Figures issued on 23 February show that 1,197,365 people had been vaccinated in Andalucía, and of them 731,261 were aged 65 or over. Also, 144,439



Malaga Metro workers save the life of a man who was having a heart attack


Four workers on the Malaga Metro are being praised as heroes after they helped to save the life of a man suffering a heart attack on the network on Monday. Juan and his wife Ana were travelling back from the Hospital Clínico when Juan suddenly ... Juan is now back at hospital where he has started his recovery.