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Legendary Spanish singer Camilo Sesto dies aged 72


Dubbed 'the Spanish Sinatra', singer Camilo Sesto died on Sunday at the age of 72. He died at a Madrid hospital as a result of heart failure, eight days shy of his 73rd birthday and a fortnight before the release of his new album, Camilo Sinfónico,



New Estepona hospital should be open by the end of the year, says Junta


The Junta de Andalucía's Health service has said that it plans to have Estepona's new local hospital up and running by the end of the year. The date comes after the town hall finished the building work on the long-awaited complex in December last ... to ask suppliers not to deliver yet as modifications to the building are required. The announcement of the new opening date came at a PP conservative party meeting in the town. The hospital was built by the mayor when the PSOE Socialist ... administration was in power at the Junta de Andalucía, before the PP and Ciudadanos took control in Seville. Malaga PP president Elías Bendodo said that García Urbano had taken "the right decision" to fund the hospital when "he got no response from the



King Emeritus Juan Carlos leaves intensive care after open heart surgery

sur / lucy newby

King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is recovering well following open heart surgery on Saturday. The 81-year-old former monarch had a triple heart bypass at the Quirón Hospital in Madrid. The decision was made following the results of a routine health check ... in June. He left the hospital's intensive care unit on Monday and has now begun therapy. King Emeritus Juan Carlos arrives at the hospital on Friday evening. EFE Visiting his father with his mother by his side, King Felipe VI, stated that "it has ... children. King Felipe stated that he does not know how long his father will stay in hospital, however some medical sources estimate a minimum of ten days. The 81-year-old former head of State retired from pubic duty this year after abdicating in favour



Work starts on improvements to Torremolinos hospital


The Health Ministry at the Junta de Andalucía announced on Wednesday that improvement works had started at the Marítimo hospital in Torremolinos. The works, expected to cost more than three million euros, will improve the condition of a number of



Hospital staff in Torre del Mar stage protest following further abuse of an A&E doctor by a patient

Eugenio Cabezas

Staff at the Axarquía hospital in Torre del Mar staged a protest last week following another incident in which a patient verbally abused a doctor, the latest in a growing number of attacks on medical professionals across the province. The woman ... tried to force the A&E medic to record their conversation on her mobile phone, which she then claimed she would use in evidence to try to sue both the doctor and the hospital, in the event that the patient did not agree with her diagnosis.



The Costa del Sol hospital can now implant prostheses to replace vocal chords


Patients whose larynx is removed will now be able to speak perfectly normally again, thanks to a new phonatory prosthesis. The Costa del Sol hospital has begun to perform these operations, and is only the second hospital in Malaga province to use ... the technique. These operations are being carried out by the Marbella hospital's department, on patients whose larynx has been removed due to cancer. This type of surgery enables them to recover their voice. The phonatory prosthesis is an ... eliminates the social stigma which is suffered by many of the patients who have had this surgery," say sources at the hospital. The operation has been performed on three patients at the Costa del Sol hospital, who are now being monitoredThis new device,



"The health service in Malaga has always been badly treated"


...the Carlos Haya hospital, as it was called then. A non-conformist with an enquiring mind, who does not hesitate to criticise those in power, Dr González de Vega says in this interview that "the public health service in Malaga has always been badly ... cardiovascular surgery at the Carlos Haya hospital, as it was called them? I didn't retire, they retired me. I was 66 then and I'm 82 now, so it was 16 years ago. As you are such an active person, I imagine you keep up to date with medical matters, don't you? ... the Carlos Haya and Civil hospitals, because the Clínico had been built but there wasn't enough money to get it up and running. When I had been in Malaga for a year they inaugurated the Materno, which is the best hospital we have architecturally.



Simulations and training undertaken in Spanish hospitals to fight against Ebola


...different militia which operate in the area. Many of the medical teams have to have bodyguards," says Dr Marta Mora-Rillo, a specialist in infectious diseases at La Paz-Carlos III hospital in Madrid. "There is no single large outbreak, but there are a lot of ... small ones," she says. "You also have to bear in mind that it hasn't massively arrived in the big cities," points out Dr Diana Pou, who is a specialist in these types of illnesses at the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona and is the spokeswoman for ... Gómez Ulla military hospital in Madrid also has an isolation unit. "We learned a lot, but this isn't just about Ebola. There are other illnesses, like zika, dengue, chikunguña... we have to respond properly to them as well," says the doctor.



"There are people who worry more about their car than their heart"

Ángel Escalera

The key to preventing cardiac problems is for people to look after their heart, explains Juan José Gómez Doblas, the president of the Andalusian Heart Foundation and head of the Cardiology Department at the Clínico hospital, in this interview. Last ... to evaluate their cardiovascular health" "People think only men tend to suffer from cardiac illnesses but in reality that isn't the case" "The Clínico hospital in Malaga is a benchmark in several heart-related fields" Is there a scientific ... to lose 20 kilos. Some people seem to care more about their car than their heart, but their heart is much more important for their future than a vehicle. Within the context of the Andalusian health service, what position does the Clínico Hospital



Parents of daughter with leukemia turn to social media for help


The parents of a five-year-old girl who has been left severely brain damaged after contracting E. coli at the Materno hospital in Malaga have turned to social media to ask for financial help towards her treatment. Ruth, who lives in Colmenar in ... the Axarquía with her parents Gloria Luque, 34 and Pascual Rando, 37, and her four siblings, was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2017. She picked up an E. coli infection while in the hospital which lead to septic shock. Ruth was put into a medically



Happiness at a hospital wedding

Ángel Escalera

...from others. Pilar and Héctor didn't exchange their vows in a church, a registry office, on a beach or on board a ship. They were married in the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital, where Pilar is undergoing treatment for leukemia. The civil ceremony took ... who has been ill for the past year, accepted without hesitation. The groom's two children, family members, friends of the couple and hospital staff were presentThe wedding was attended by Héctor's two children as well as the couple's other family ... sources at the Quirónsalud Malaga hospital. "The wedding was lovely, and it was a day to remember. We wish both of them every happiness."



Pacemakers: from the size of a typewriter to the size of a matchbox


Pacemakers are devices which prevent the heart stopping. Their function is to save the lives of people who would die if they didn't have them. Malaga's Hospital Regional (formerly Carlos Haya) has implanted more than 10,000 pacemakers since the ... (defibrillators and resynchronisers) which are fitted in some patients. Pacemakers can be double or single chamber and even wireless. Every year the regional hospital carries out about 250 new implants and, in addition, 50 to 60 re-implants to change a ... first pacemakers began to be fitted at the Carlos Haya hospital by Dr Antonio Moncada in 1975, although the cardiovascular surgical department was not set up until 1980 and was run by Norberto González de Vega. The fact that 10,000 pacemakers have



Six months in prison for attacking a nurse

Charo márquez

Last Friday saw a man receive a six-month prison sentence for a 2016 attack against a nurse at Hospital Costa del Sol, and a further three-month sentence for the injuries caused. The culprit is also expected to pay compensation to the victim. The ... sentence will be suspended if the man pays a total of 4,000 euros. The incident occurred in 2016, when the culprit carried out an unprovoked attack against an A&E nurse while he was a hospital patient, causing injuries to the nurse's neck and arm. Medical ... assistance was required. Sources say that this is not an isolated incident; aggressive behaviour from patients is common at the Hospital Costa del Sol, with 41 cases reported last year, and those occurring in the A&E department accounting for 63.41 per cent



Man arrested over alleged rape of British tourist in Marbella apartment


A British man has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old British woman during her holiday in Marbella. Reports of the crime were made by the woman herself, who appeared at Hospital Costa del Sol, claiming that she had been the victim ... her from screaming for help. The woman was later able to escape from the apartment. Following the report made at Marbella's hospital, Local Police were immediately informed, and officers from the Family and Women department have since taken on the



Quirónsalud hospital inaugurates new rooms with digital technology


The Quirónsalud hospital in Marbella opened its 13 new rooms last week, equipped with the latest digital technology, as part of the hospital's 'habitación digital' project. The new spaces, which include three suites, come with resources such as a



Equipment put out to tender for new Estepona hospital

Charo Márquez

A contract worth more than four million euros has been put out to tender to equip the new local hospital in Estepona. The contract covers diagnostic and screening equipment, surgical apparatus and clinical fixtures and fittings. Works on the ... new hospital finished in December but a concrete opening date has not yet been set. Mayor José María Urbano has said it should be open "by summer".



Junta promises funds for new Fuengirola-Mijas hospital


Regional government spokesman Elías Bendodo last week met with Fuengirola mayor Ana Mula to discuss the future of the long-awaited Fuengirola-Mijas hospital, as well as that of the Los Pacos-Torreblanca health centre. Bendodo recognised that the ... Fuengirola-Mijas hospital and the Junta has already taken control of the project even though the town hall is yet to formalise the transfer of the land. He also announced that the plans would the project would be drawn up in 2020 and that the project would be



Marbella hospital warns about skin cancer and the importance of prevention


Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer in existence. The Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella recently organised a special Sun Protection Campaign to make more people aware of the disease and of the importance of early diagnosis as this ... can save lives in 95 per cent of cases. On World Melanoma Day, which was Thursday last week, the hospital held a special conference with experts giving talks about the illness and ways to prevent it in everyday life. "It is one of the most ... organs," stressed Inés Fernández, who is a dermatologist at the hospital. Looking at the figures, she specified that 116 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed at the Costa del Sol hospital last year. Of the total, 57 per cent of these patients were men,



Costa del Sol hospital receives 28 new interns and beats its record


The Costa del Sol hospital opened its doors to 28 new residential interns last Monday, beating the hospital's record. The interns will be trained in areas such as Cardiology, Dermatology and Pediatrics, over a period of two to five years.



Relief among Hospital Costa del Sol users as 'excessive' parking rates are scrapped

Héctor Barbotta

Users of the underground car park at the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella no longer have to pay parking fees considered by many to be excessive. The car park now belongs to the Costa del Sol Health Agency, a subsidiary of the Junta ... de Andalucía. Profits until now had been going to the concession holder for the long-delayed expansion works at the hospital, Concesionaria Costa del Sol S.A. The handover took place this week following the Junta's payment of 12 million euros in April to ... force, users will have to pay one euro per 12 hours. The car park had been the principal cause of the hospital extension work being held up. The contractors decided to halt works nine years ago after Marbella town hall refused to comply with the Junta's



AECC gives a 39,500-euro grant for research into a rare cancer


The Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) has awarded a 39,500-euro grant to researcher Bernardo Herrera, a urologist at the Clínico hospital, to carry out research into an uncommon type of urological cancer (upper urothelial tumour). This



Cancer association installs the third local 'bell of dreams' in the Hospital Quirón in Malaga


...that transmits hope and support to everyone who is fighting cancer. AECC reaches agreement to distribute 'knitted knockers' among cancer patients The AECC installed the newest bell at the pre-launch of the new oncology floor at the Hospital Quirón ... in Malaga recently. The initiative was the wish of Miriam Segura Navarro who saw 'The Bravery Bell' while being treated for cancer in a Toronto hospitalThe presentation was attended by Francisco Aguilar, provincial president of AECC Málaga, ... hospital also had a bell like the one in Canada. Unfortunately Miriam died last year but her mother, Concha Navarro, became a key figure in the project and was also at the ceremony to install this bell in Hospital Quirón. The first 'bell of dreams' was



"Rumours make Ebola even worse"


...they go to a medicine man. By the time they get to hospital they are so sick that many never come out alive. That feeds the idea that the Treatment Centres are extermination centres. Sometimes the volunteers are even attacked. In other emergencies,



Local towns on the Costa del Sol fail green-space test


...province, at 11 square metres per inhabitant. A 25,000 m2 garden area has recently been finished near the hospital, and other parks have been created on the outskirts of the municipality such as the 20,000 m2 in Bel Air and the 26,000 m2 in La Cancelada.



Costa del Sol hospital extension project free to resume after Junta pays 12 million euros

Héctor Barbotta

Ministers at the Junta de Andalucía regional government this week approved the payment of 12 million euros that will allow the project to expand the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella to resume. These funds will allow the Costa del Sol Health Agency ... hall, however, disagreed with charging users to park every time they came to the hospital and denied permissions to install barriers. From that moment on, the works were halted and the matter became held up in the courts. In August 2014 an agreement ... a total of 88,000 square metres, will need to be drawn up. The new managing director of the Costa del Sol Health Agency, Luisa Lorenzo, acknowledged last week in an interview granted to SUR that the hospital is at the limit of its capacity and that



Guadalhorce valley hospital operating theatres to be fully open within the next month


The president of Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, announced on Monday that "in four weeks" the operating theatres of the Valle del Guadalhorce hospital will be working "at 100%". Moreno said that for several years, the centre had been "a phantom hospital ... ", but now it will be fully functional and able to carry out more procedures on site. On his visit to the hospital, accompanied by the delegate of the Andalusian government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, and the mayor of Cártama, Jorge Gallardo, the ... announcement regarding the opening comes after years of delays and complications. The hospital initially opened without the theatres operational as the power supply was not sufficient enough to ensure there was no risk of regular power cuts.



Hospital Costa del Sol extension will be finished soon, says Junta

Mónica Pérez

"We'll have the extension to our hospital facilities in the not-too-distant future. There'll be no need to wait 15 years more. It will be within the duration of this regional parliament." This announcement was made by the provincial delegate for ... Health of the Junta de Andalucía, Carlos Bautista, who was explaining on a visit to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella that work is still going on behind the scenes to recover the licence contract for operating the new extension. In particular, he ... this document to the management at the hospital and then to the regional government for approval. Out to tender Once this phase is over, Bautista went on to say, "The project completion will be put out to tender and we'll get back this important



"All my hair fell out in one day"


...possible because the hair will just fall out again. The immune system would attack the roots and cause another inflammation of the hair follicle," says Sergio Vañó, dermatologist and the director of the Trichology Unit of the Ramón y Cajal hospital in ... hair all the time by having five injections a year," says Dr Vañó. Insomnia and low self-esteem The women we interviewed for this article get together once a month at the Ramón y Cajal hospital to share their experiences and provide mutual ... support, with Patricia Fernández, a clinical psychologist from the hospital's Psychiatry department. They are trying to overcome a problem which affects them a great deal. This isn't surprising: hair plays a crucial role in people's identity and image, so



The Costa del Sol hospital takes part in the campaign to prevent glaucoma


This is World Glaucoma Week (10 to 16 March) and the Ophthalmology Department of the Costa del Sol Hospital has been playing its part in raising awareness of glaucoma by setting up an information stand at the main entrance to the hospital. The ... the communal areas of the hospital this week. Glaucoma is a progressive sight problem which cannot be cured but can be controlledThe High Resolution Specialist Hospital in Benalmádena and the High Resolution Specialist Centre in Mijas have also ... screened the videos, to raise awareness among their patients. Staff from the Glaucoma Unit at the hospital in Marbella, which is part of the Ophthalmology Department, decided to raise awareness of the problem because they say people need to realise how



"The Hospital Costa del Sol is at its limit and we need to restart the extension project"

Mónica Pérez

She has first-hand knowledge of the Costa del Sol Hospital because she has worked there for years. In fact, until taking up her new post very recently, Luisa Lorenzo, who is qualified in Medicine and General Surgery, was the head of Healthcare ... Management. She has already drawn up a list of priorities, with a special focus on providing more space in a hospital which, she admits, is no longer big enough. The building is to be extended, but she is also trying to find interim solutions while the works ... me and that makes me feel very proud, but it is also a great responsibility because I mustn't let them down. "We're going to do some minor works to create more space while the hospital is being extended"What have you done in these first few days?



Forty per cent of children in Malaga province weigh more than they should

Ángel Escalera

...approximately 40 per cent of children weigh more than they should, says paediatric endocrinologist Juan Pedro López Siguero, who works at the Materno Infantil Hospital in the city. This specialist says that despite the measures put into effect in recent years



New power cables to hospital are ready

Fernando torres

New cables to improve the power supply to the Guadalhorce valley hospital are almost ready. The regional health service has said that the local hospital, part opened in 2016, cannot be fully brought into service until the power supply is upgraded. ... real reason for the hospital delay is shortage of funds and personnel to fully open new wards and theatres.



Kidney transplant patient returns home

Debbie Bartlett

The first patient from Gibraltar in 15 years to undergo a kidney transplant in the UK has now returned home after recovering from the surgery, which was carried out at the Hammersmith hospital. Once the patient, who has not been named, was told a



Child recovering after bouncy castle accident


An eight-year-old girl is recovering well at the Axarquía hospital after falling off a bouncy castle during the San José celebrations in Periana last Sunday. Strong winds caused the ropes tying the inflatable castle to give way. The girl, who is



Experts call for obesity to be classified as a chronic illness

Ángel Escalera

Tinahones, the president of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) and director of the endocrinology and nutrition clinical management unit at the Clínico hospital in Malaga. "Obesity is the poor relation of illnesses," he says. "It is not



Junta expected to open new hospital in Estepona in summer


The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, has announced that the construction of the town's new hospital is finished. The local council has paid for the building on behalf of the regional health service, and the mayor said that it was now