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People smoked considerably more during the lockdown period

Ángel Escalera 40 per cent of those who took part said they had smoked more since the pandemic began and the state of alarm came into force and obliged them to stay at home. Those who admit to being habitual smokers said they had been smoking twice as much as



Dog abandoned in a sealed bag of rubble finds new home


Ulises, the Spanish mastiff abandoned in a sealed bag of rubble in the Malaga neighbourhood of Puertosol earlier this month, now has a new home. After being discharged from the SOS Catycan veterinary hospital, Ulises is now in the care of Inma



Morocco cancels huge Strait of Gibraltar summer crossing plan


Moroccans term 'Operation Marhaba'. He added that Moroccans would be free to return home by land, sea or air, but only when borders were open, and no date has been given for that yet. "It isn't just a simple crossing, but a series of activities that ... government's chief scientific spokesperson, Fernando Simón, explained that many of those travelling across Spain by road to Andalusian ports were from lower income groups and therefore more likely to be living in conditions in their home countries, such as in



British man arrested in Estepona in connection with death of neighbour

Álvaro Frías / Charo Márquez

...filmed how the man died when his neighbour was apparently trying to stop him from entering his home in El Paraíso. The problems started on Monday evening when the 36-year-old man was apparently causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood. Sources said ... sources, footage recorded by the security camera at the arrested man’s home showed the dead man, half dressed, dragging himself along the ground and wanting to go into his neighbour’s house. It appears that the owner of the property pulled the man’s arm



Azahara Muñoz: "This break is a good chance to rest and spend time with my husband"


The pause in the world of golf is proving to be bittersweet for San Pedro golfer Azahara Muñoz. While she has been keen to put right her bad start to the season, Muñoz feels privileged that in her home, in Palm Beach (Florida), she seems to have ... giving me a chance to rest and be home with my husband, which I've never done for such a long time."



Autopsy suggests death of British man in Estepona was drug-related

álvaro frías / Charo Márquez

...was apparently trying to stop him from entering his home in El Paraíso. Footage showed the dead man, half dressed, dragging himself along the ground and wanting to go into his neighbour’s house, sources explained. It appears that the owner of the ... neighbour’s home, jumping over a fence. At one point he apparently crossed the main dual carriageway and the Local Police were called to the scene to take him home after he was reported to be running around the streets in his underwear. Neighbours said on



Ten-man Malaga snatch another draw in relegation six-pointer

henry flynn

Malaga laboured to a 0-0 draw at home to Albacete at La Rosaleda on Sunday night, in a match which showed just how far each side had fallen since their promotion play-off heartbreak last season. After a quiet first half for Sergio Pellicer’s team, ... from two Juanpi free kicks which were well saved by Albacete’s 19-year-old goalkeeper Gabriel Brazão. The opening 45 minutes typified both teams’ lack of goals so far this season, although Albacete – who have won three more games away than at home - ... six - an uninspiring restart to the campaign even though they are unbeaten since losing to Huesca on 12 June. Next up is another bottom of the table clash, again at home, this time against Deportivo (Wednesday, 7.30pm).



Local Cubs and Beavers go camping at home

Rachel Haynes

Bermejales Scout site near Granada. Thanks to the Camp@Home initiative, however, 16 of the youngest members of the group, mainly Cubs and Beavers, experienced the fun of a Scout camp without leaving their homes. "Young people were required to camp for one ... "Children were able to set up their tent or shelter in the house or outside and meals could be cooked on the barbecue or in the kitchen, depending on what was possible in each home," she added. Of course the activities required the help of parents, who


What to do

Costa entertainers bring a variety of music to your home

Tony Bryant

As part of its 'Salon in your Salon' initiative, The Salon Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola will present a special online show of live music on Friday 24 April (today). Aimed at relieving the boredom of the lockdown, the marathon eight-hour concert t



Gibraltar continues to ease the lockdown restrictions

Debbie Bartlett

Monday and from today, Friday 22 May, people are still advised to stay at home but are no longer obliged to do so other than for certain essential purposes. All being well, Phase 3 is due to begin on 1 June, when Gibraltar will formally stand down from


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The colours of India, Istanbul and Morocco captured on canvas


Closer to home are his works entitled Paraísos y el Jardín de la Concepción de Málaga and one on his hometown of Antequera, El Olivo de las Capuchinas. The exhibition, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Sala de Exposiciones in the



Cudeca Walkahome raises 11,000 for hospice charity


The Cudeca Walkahome event held on Saturday raised more than 11,000 euros for the hospice foundation. The virtual initiative, brought in this year to replace the annual seafront Walkathon, attracted 1,140 supporters, who all did some form of exerc



'Restaurant' dining while in confinement


home, courtesy of a local hostelry. While we would prefer all restaurants to be making enough to survive, don't let them promote the experience as if it were in some way equivalent to eating out. For takeaway customers there is no personal contact, no



Lost connections

Rachel Haynes community as a whole is missing now, which is what is perhaps producing more coronavirus-generated unease than among the population in general. Our connections with the rest of the world, including our home countries, have been lost. It's almost as ... if Covid-19 had eaten its way through the umbilical cord that links us to what was, and maybe for some still is, our home. While we can keep in contact with anyone we like virtually, we have lost that security of knowing that dozens of airports in



The Finnish exodus from Fuengirola

Ivan Gelibter

Fuengirola is one of the Spanish towns with the most nationalities among its residents, but in Los Pacos you only hear Spanish (and not much) or Finnish spoken. This district is home to the biggest expat community of Finns in the world, even taking ... the same reasons. For those who have stayed, 'La Leona' is a reminder of home. All the products sold in this shop are Finnish and normally it is very busy. Not now, though. Photographer Miia Marjamaki runs this small supermarket and says there has ... at home, and that should be good for food shops, but in our case they just aren't here," she says. Miia believes the reason they feel more comfortable in Finland than in Spain is because of the lockdown conditions. Miia runs a supermarket



All residents in Marbella care homes to be tested for Covid-19

Héctor Barbotta

Marbella town hall will carry out coronavirus testing in all five of the town's care homes, all of which are private, where there are 361 users and 304 workers. Though no cases have been detected during the pandemic so far, care for the elderly has



Embassy urges UK tourists to return home as soon as possible

The British Embassy in Madrid issued information and advice for British travellers in Spain, when the order for all hotels and short-term accommodation to close by 26 March was announced. Ambassador Hugh Elliott recorded a video which was posted o



British man dies after falling down a manhole in Mijas Costa


...and explained to officers that he had left their home in the early hours of the morning. A blow to the head Once recovered, the body was then taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Malaga (IML) for an autopsy which revealed that the deceased


What to do

Concerts, talks and classes online keep confined residents busy at home

Denise Bush

...e-books click on Yoga Yoga has also transferred easily to the web and viewers can subscribe to follow classes from their home. Classes are offered at with live Vinyasa and Yin yoga as well as free, 20-minute ... uploaded videos on Instagram (#SocialDistancingSessions) to kick of 'Together at Home', a virtual music series to unite people around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.



Malaga looking into ways to compensate season ticket holders for games missed


The potentially imminent return of football is good news for fans but the prospect of finishing the season behind closed doors will be bittersweet. There are still eleven games left to be played in Segunda this season. Six of these are home ties ... at La Rosaleda (against Huesca, Extremadura, Girona, Albacete, Deportivo La Coruña and Alcorcón), representing 28.5 per cent of the total home games - something season tickets holders are going to miss out on. The simplest solution would be to



A lucky escape as lorry flattens home in Malaga


A 15-tonne lorry fell onto a home in the Fuente Olletas area of Malaga on Wednesday. The house was empty at the time of the incident and nobody was injured as the driver walked away unscathed. Sources said that the driver lost control driving



Nerja residents urged to stay home by town hall amid coronavirus crisis

SUR in ENglish

Information hotline for those who suspect they may have the coronavirus The decree obliges all residents to stay at home unless they have to go out for very specific reasons to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. "Many tourists and foreigners are ... going to the Balcón de Europa, to the beaches and parks, walking around the town, jogging or doing sport activities. This is not permitted and the Police are stopping and telling them to stay at home," said the Department in a statement on Wednesday. ... work from home wherever possible. Dogs can be taken out but only for the minimum time necessary and a short distance. Restaurants can continue to run home delivery services. General advice includes regular hand-washing and keeping at least 1.5



Children will be able to accompany an adult to the shops from next week


...supermarket, bank or pharmacy, but no provision has been made in the regulations as yet for going for walks or to parks. The conditions of this new decree were established at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning. Permitting children to leave the home is the ... María Jesís Montero, on Tuesday. "No one is going to be there with a stopwatch," said the minister, regarding the length of time that children will be allowed to go out for. She stressed however that the reasons for leaving the home must comply with



British Ambassador to Spain stresses that the key requirement is to stay at home


British government advised against all but essential travel to Spain and recommended that all tourists return home. More information Travel advice from the British governmentGet updated information here The ambassador reminds residents and ... tourists still in Spain that the key requirement of the government's decree is to stay at home and only go out for very specific reasons. These include to buy food and other essential items and medication, to go to a hospital or health centre, to go to ... work - if working at home is not possible - and to carry out caring duties. British tourists have been advised to go back to the UK.SALVADOR SALAS "It's really important that we all comply with this," said the ambassador, reminding British



How to deal with psychological effects of the lockdown


We have unexpected free time at home at present, but it doesn't actually feel like a good thing. Isolation, a different routine and the concern that everyone is feeling in a situation that nobody has experienced before will, if it has not already, ... have a huge emotional impact on people. Even for those who normally enjoy being at home, enforced isolation can be a bit of a struggle, and adults are more vulnerable than children because they are the ones who have to deal with the psychological



Mayor of Malaga discharged from hospital after surgery

Pilar R. Quirós

...prescribed a month's rest at home. The brain injury suffered by the 77-year-old mayor was minor, said medical sources. Surgery was carried out by the Hospital Regional's Neurosurgery service, which has been moved to the nearby Hospital Chip during the ... coronavirus crisis. A "satisfactory" CAT scan on Sunday meant that the drainage tube could be removed that same day, said neurosurgeon Miguel Ángel Arraez. Arriving at home on Tuesday, where he was met by his wife Rosa Francia, the mayor said he felt fine


What to do

Cudeca turns its Walkathon into Walkahome

Tony Bryant

The Cudeca Foundation is following suit with other charities and support groups by endeavouring to continue its fundraising events online. The cancer charity was due to host the annual Walkathon later this month, but due to the restrictions enforc



'I miss a normal day at work on set or even just going for a coffee'

Ash Bolton

...alongside former Bond girls Jane Seymour and Denise Richards. But with filming in Peñaranda (Burgos) now at a standstill, the 26-year-old actress has been seeing out the quarantine with her parents and brother at her family home in Marbella. Itziar, who ... During the week I train everyday at home. I am also learning new exciting cooking recipes, as I try to eat a balanced healthy diet. And of course, I have lots of script studying for Glow and Darkness. During the weekend we do family movie marathon ... also one of Itziar's passions - she writes her own music on the piano and has also worked as a part time DJ at several clubs in Madrid. She said: "I play the piano every day at home and each day a different song comes out. There are so many different



From one day to the next

Rachel Haynes

...myself to organising a complicated trip for a family group in a country that was nothing like their own. I could feel the stress building up already. Yesterday, my cousin sent me a message. Was I OK? Well, yes, I said, but confined to my home, as she ... lot of the pages in this edition. We are at war with a toy you would buy for your cat. And all we have to do is stay at home. Next week some say we'll be seeing signs that we are all going to come out of this with better family relationships, more



Costa del Sol's economy left 85 per cent paralysed by new restrictions on non-essential activity


The goverment further toughened its initial restrictions on businesses last weekend and ordered at short notice all non-essential workers to stay at home until after the Easter break. Up to then some sectors, such as construction, had been allowed ... to normal. People who are able to work from home are not affected nor those where their employers have already processed an official temporary layoff, known as an ERTE, because business income has been affected. The impact of the new, tougher ... organisational or productive causes. Tech sector largely unaffected Working from home has been the salvation for many Malaga companies. In fact some, such as Freepik, Google (Virustotal) and Opplus had already told their staff to work from home before the



Fines between 601 and 30,000 euros for those who fail to comply with lockdown decree


...weekend. Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska says everybody has a “civic duty” to stay at home and not go outside unless absolutely necessary, and then only for the reasons stated in the decree, and that anyone who fails to do so will be fined. ... the law of Public Safety, which means that if somebody cannot justify why they are outside their home they will be fined between 601 and 30,000 euros for disobedience or resisting authority. The amount of the fine will depend on the severity of the



The supply teacher

Rob Palmer

...struggling Celta Vigo, a sulky Luis Suárez gave a cryptic quote: "Away from home, we're dropping important points that we didn't usually drop in other seasons. I think that's why coaches are there, to analyse those situations." It was classic buck-passing.



Sturdy defensive show earns Malaga priceless point on the road

henry flynn

...a save from winger Jorge de Frutos who ran at the Malaga backline before unleashing a powerful shot. The home team had a penalty appeal too, but the referee deemed midfielder Óscar Trejo to have fallen too easily under the pressure of Keidi Bare.