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"Obesity is the biggest public health problem in the Western world"

Ángel Escalera

Obesity is a type of plague which has been spreading inexorably through Western countries to such an extent that it has now become the most important public health problem, says the president of the Spanish society for the study of obesity (SEEDO), ... their health to be bad," says Dr Tinahones. He also hopes that in the near future the Andalusian parliament will approve a law (which is already very advanced) to combat obesity. Among other features, it would ban vending machines with commercial



Junta promises funds for new Fuengirola-Mijas hospital


Regional government spokesman Elías Bendodo last week met with Fuengirola mayor Ana Mula to discuss the future of the long-awaited Fuengirola-Mijas hospital, as well as that of the Los Pacos-Torreblanca health centre. Bendodo recognised that the ... included in the regional budget for that year. Next year will also see the project for the new health centre in Los Pacos-Torreblanca drawn up. Bendodo announced that work was under way to equip the health centre in Las Lagunas (in neighbouring Mijas but



La Cala health centre will get 24-hour emergency cover at last, says councillor

Ivan Gelibter

Residents and tourists in La Cala de Mijas will be getting 24-hour cover at the local health centre at last, as well as a seven-day emergency ambulance service. The announcement comes after years of campaigning by locals. Currently once the ... daytime doctors' surgeries end, patients have to travel to Las Lagunas health centre, some 10 kilometres away, for urgent treatment. In an emergency, ambulances also have to travel out from Las Lagunas. More family doctors' strikes for later in ... controversy. The news wasn't released by the PSOE-party-controlled Junta de Andalucía health department, possibly due to restrictions on announcements ahead of regional elections, but by the leader of the PSOE group on Mijas council, Josele González. The



Golf and its effects on your health


...reduced the stigma surrounding the sport which in Spain is stereotypically seen as one for wealthy people. A big reason for this rise in interest in playing golf is that several health experts recommend it for helping with all sorts of illnesses. ... “Golf is a sport which carries many health benefits, given that it is played outdoors, in fresh air, and this has lots of advantages like combating stress, producing endorphins, strengthening relationships, and it involves lots of walking around. It also ... poor planning of a golf session can create physical discomfort and even injuries. As a result, specialists always advise that despite the health benefits playing golf brings, there are certain rules for practice which need to be followed to avoid



New local Covid-19 outbreak declared on the Costa del Sol with around ten cases, as Huelva trip tracing continues

Ángel Escalera

A new local Covid-19 outbreak in the Costa del Sol health district (Marbella) was confirmed by the regional authorities on Friday. The cluster of cases (four according to the health auhtority on Friday, but around ten according to other sources) was ... at the investigation stage, said the regional health ministry, with contacts beng traced and tested. Tracing is also still ongoing in the outbreak related to a trip to Huelva made by a group of people from Malaga. On Friday SUR learned that at least ... now considered under control with 18 and six cases, respectively. In Friday's daily report from the health authority, ten new Covid-19 cases were registered in the province of Malaga, taking the total since the crisis began up to 3,145. Six people



Las Lagunas health centre close to “collapse”

I. G.

A local doctors' union has complained about the state of “collapse and abandon” at Las Lagunas health centre, where casualty is “one of the most overflowing” in Andalucía. It says that the lack of a hospital facility in Mijas and Fuengirola, an



UK promises healthcare funding for residents in Spain until end of 2020


...applies to pensioners with S1 forms and others for whom the British government funds their use of the Spanish health service, came shortly after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the care would be covered for just six months after the UK's exit



New Covid-19 outbreak reported on the Costa del Sol with four cases

Ángel Escalera

Monday's official Covid-19 figures from the Andalusian health authority revealed a daily increase of 23 new cases in the province of Malaga, 12 more than the total announced on Sunday. The authority reported a new outbreak in the Costa del Sol ... health district with four cases on Monday. Tracing and testing of contacts is now under way. Also still under investigation is another cluster of eight cases in the Marbella area, that was first reported on Friday. The number of positive tests related



Is the internet affecting our health?

Debbie Bartlett

...electromagnetic-hypersensitivity (EHS), which is recognised by the World Health Organisation. For several years now its website has included information about the condition, and it says that “the symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness,



Opticians use World Health Day to encourage routine eye tests


An eye test is not just for people who need glasses, but a vital health check, was the message delivered by opticians on World Health Day on Saturday. “Having an eye test every two years, or when you notice a change in your vision, enables your ... ophthalmologists as well as information on eye health and protecting the eyes are available throughout April in Specsavers Opticas stores.



Doctors hope to 'rebuild' the public health service with strike

Ángel Escalera

The upcoming strike to be held by family doctors and paediatricians across Malaga province is the first step in rebuilding the public health service, according to Carlos Bautista, head of the 'Basta ya' group calling for better conditions for health ... health centres to avoid attacks on staff. For its part, the Andalusian health service (SAS) stressed that it is increasing the number of staff contracted, carrying out a number of improvement works on health centres and purchasing new equipment. The



Doctors at Costa health centres to go on strike over calls for more staff

Ángel Escalera

The public health service in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol is facing industrial action this autumn because of a simmering dispute over a lack of medical staff. What doctors' representatives say is a shortage in community health centres was ... enough) said, " The situation is unsustainable. It's been a bad summer because of the lack of locum staff. The SAS health service hasn't listened to our requests. Unhappiness among doctors is getting worse. The strike is the only way out and to get the ... present in the 'Basta ya' meetings. Feeling of powerlessness The president of the Malaga doctors' association (Colegio de Médicos), Juan José Sánchez Luque, said that "the strike is a response to a feeling of powerlessness" in the health centres and



New radiology equipment for San Pedro health centre


The Andalusian Health Service has invested 70,000 euros in the acquisition and launch of a new radiology machine in the San Pedro Alcántara health centre. The Andalusian government's delegate in Malaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, visited the centre this ... week along with the Malaga delegate for Equality, Health and Social Politics, Ana Isabel González, and the director of the Costa del Sol health district, Maria Dolores Llamas. Ruiz Espejo said that in the last month the refurbishment of the room had ... line. The number will be displayed on a screen in the waiting room to help people who have problems with hearing. This new system will also alert patients of where they need to go and the room's location. Refurbishment work The Andalusian Health



Health authority says Malaga could have new hospital by 2024

Ángel Escalera

Malaga's new public hospital, with 800 beds and the latest technology in healthcare is expected to cost 230 million euros. The Junta de Andalucía's health minister, Marina Álvarez, said on Monday that the hospital could be completed by 2024, ... The experts had proposed using land behind the existing maternity and children's hospital, where the La Noria social centre currently stands. The provincial government (Diputación) owns the land and the health department will have to negotiate its use. ... the existing health facilities.



Malaga has 100 new daily cases and most are young people


...were recorded. It was a similar situation in the whole Andalucía region, where regional Health ministry data showed 422 new cases on Thursday, the biggest increase since 5 April. Andalucía had 38 positive cases per 100,000 people active through ... of the pandemic in the spring. According to figures published by the regional health authorities (up to Friday 7 August), of 539 people who returned positive PCR lab tests in the previous 14 days, the largest age group was 30 to 44 (202 cases, 37.5%



Health service takes first step towards improving overcrowded emergency department


The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has put the works contract for the extension and refurbishment of the accident and emergency department at the Carlos Haya hospital out to tender. The scheme, which affects the section of the hospital known as ... frequently overcrowded, increasing protests among patients, family members and workers. A new timeline for the project has not been revealed, although the health service has said that work will be carried out in three phases to avoid disruptions to the ... who highlighted the importance of both increasing the number of health professionals and building another hospital in the city of Malaga. Official sources from the Carlos Haya Regional Hospital made it clear that they were not going to comment on nor



New restrictions on nightlife and smoking now in force across Andalucía


...tables, although the size of groups is now limited to 10 people. These establishments must close at 1am with the last admission for new customers at 12 midnight. Other events will require a risk assessment by the health authorities before authorisation



Golf and paediatrics join forces to crack down on childhood obesity


At a recent event organised by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), the effects that sport has on health, focusing mainly on children, were brought forward by a number of specialists. The federation called for doctors and physiotherapists to ... excellent way to aid recovery after medical procedures. Dr Miguel Ángel Monroy, a paediatrician at the Reina Victoria health centre in Madrid and lecturer in Medicine and Health Sciences, explained that children need to play sports to live a healthy and ... benefits. It must be encouraged to avoid health problems in the future." he adds. Dr Begoña Arias Novas, head of the paediatrics department of Zarzuela University Hospital and a member of the Paediatrics Society of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha, says that



Junta expected to open new hospital in Estepona in summer


The mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, has announced that the construction of the town's new hospital is finished. The local council has paid for the building on behalf of the regional health service, and the mayor said that it was now



Bronze accreditation for six smoke-free health centres

The health centres at Alhaurín de la Torre, Capuchinos, El Palo, La Luz, Miraflores de los Ángeles and Victoria, which are all part of the Malaga-Guadalhorce health district, have now received bronze level accreditation from the Andalusian Network ... of Health Services and Smoke-Free Spaces (RASSELH), which distinguishes the medical centres which meet exacting standards in their continued work of tackling tobacco addiction. The RASSELH is part of the Global Network For Tobacco-Free Health Care



Andalucía gets tough with Covid-19 fines


Smaller offences, involving fewer people, will generally have fines from 100 to 3,000 euros, and there is a medium band from 3,001 to 60,000 euros. Elías Bendodo, Junta spokesperson, said, "It's people's health and lives at stake, and also jobs, the



Delegate says central government will "try" to negotiate a safe travel corridor for the Costa del Sol

JESÚS HINOJOSA / pilar MArtínez / Nuria Triguero

...and provincial authorities. "The government is going to do its job and will try to negotate for the Costa del Sol to be included in this health lane, but this [case] has to be proved," said the delegate. He then threw the responsibility back to the ... regional authority, questioning the initiatives taken to control the disease. "We must remember that the Junta has had the authority for health policies since 22 June, and we have to respond to the United Kingdom, saying that tourists here are safe ... because we have taken measures," said Ruiz. "The government will negotiate with health figures and not with philosophy," he added. He did, however, seem confident that the Costa del Sol would finally be included in the health corridors. "I don't know



Three held for taunting a disabled youth to gain social media fans

JUAN CANO attract more views of their music videos. The three men, all in their 20s, are being investigated for offences against "moral integrity". In addition, they are also being investigated over public health offences, as one of the three, with the



Running backwards is good for health


...of people all over the world are practising retro running, not only because it is so unusual and enjoyable but also for its numerous and significant benefits for the body and for health. “I have had fewer injuries and my performance in forward



Sarah's family asks the authorities to apply preventive measures against sepsis and provide information

Mónica Pérez

...anywhere. "It also means doing everything possible to make sure cases like this do not happen again, and for people to know about the dangers of sepsis," he said. Sarah's family is working hard to honour that commitment. They have contacted the health ... authorities with the aim of making them "realise the true extent of this illness and take measures to reduce it". This, they say, includes vaccinating against it. The latest letter, after one a few days ago to the regional government's Health Department, ... has just been sent to the managing director of the Andalusian Health Service, Francisca Antón, in which Ismael Almagro described his daughter's case and the consequences she has suffered from serogroup Y meningococcal septicaemia last July. "I had



Building licence approved for new San Pedro health centre


The long-awaited new San Pedro health centre got the go ahead from the town hall on Monday when the council approved the building licence. Work is due to start early next year on the site. The Junta de Andalucía, that is responsible for the health ... planning permission and “now we hope that the Junta starts the process of awarding the contract and beginning the building work on these much needed health facilities”. Initially Marbella council had offered to help finance the work to help get it



GPs test a scheme to spend more time with each patient


GPs in health centres in La Axarquía, Antequera and the Costa del Sol are testing a new scheme from the regional government's ministry of Health this week that means that they are able to spend more time with each patient. The aim is to restructure ... the doctors' working day and improve the service in general. Doctors at the Vélez Sur, Algarrobo, Antequera, Antequera-Estación and La Lobilla health centres have been told they can now spend at least seven minutes with each patient, half an hour a ... the present number. The Junta de Andalucía's Minister for Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, says this is in response to doctors' wishes, as they want to be able to dedicate more time to patient consultations, and it will also mean they can include



Anonymous hotline for health service complaints

Debbie Bartlett gibraltar

An anonymous hotline has been set up by the Ministry of Health and the Gibraltar Health Authority so that local residents and staff members can report any concerns about the local health service. The number to call is 20007919, and callers will be



New site chosen for the prefabricated units at San Pedro health centre

Mónica Pérez

For more than a month San Pedro town hall and the Costa del Sol Health District have been looking for a new location for the prefabricated units which currently house consulting rooms at the health centre in San Pedro. They will have to be moved so ... the new one can be built. It hasn't been an easy task and several possibilities were ruled out but the provincial Health delegate, Ana Isabel González, says the decision has now been made and a site has been selected not far away from the existing ... health centre. Once the paperwork has been completed the units will be moved straight away and the works on the new facility can begin. The units are likely to be transferred to their new location over a weekend, to reduce the inconvenience caused to



Gibraltar Finance to partner Hackathon

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar Finance, the government's business development arm, is to be an official partner in the Post-Covid Hackathon, a global online initiative to bring together a number of teams and create new open-source solutions to overcome the health



Aromatherapy, a useful ally in caring for health


Although it may sound like witchcraft, aromatherapy is an efficient therapeutic treatment based on the use of natural oils and essences extracted from plants, flowers, herbs or trees. The aim is to improve health and general wellbeing, relieve some



Spain reports more than 1,500 new Covid-19 cases in one day

MELCHOR SÁIZ-PARDO increase rate, nearly 24%. Since Monday this week when the Health Ministry reported 855 new cases, the numbers of new diagnoses have increased by 78%. This is even higher than the fastest increase during the initial wave of the virus, although the ... the health authorities, and these remain concentrated in specific hotspots. In Aragon, with groups of cases in Zaragoza expanding still out of control, 511 new positive cases were reported on Friday. Next in line is the region of Madrid, with 372 new ... 14-day cumulative incidence of infection shot up on Friday to 57 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, twice as high as ten days ago, and 700% more than at the end of June when the indicator was at an all-time low. 12 deaths in a week The Health Ministry



Granada's Alhambra opens again to visitors


After three months closed to the public due to the coronavirus health crisis, members of the public once again were able to admire the courtyards and palaces of the Alhambra in Granada on Wednesday. Visitor numbers are limited to half the



Fire destroys Mollina's "English" holiday park


Firefighters from the provincial fire consortium were deployed to the site, in the area known as Cañada Realenga, along with members of the Civil Protection organisation, health emergency services, Local Police and Guardia Civil officers. The flames were



Andalusian government announces improvements to palliative care


The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (PP), said that euthanasia in cases of terminally ill patients signified a "failure" of the palliative care services offered by the public health service. During this term of office, he said, ... his government plans to "expand and strengthen" palliative care, making sure it is available in all corners of the Andalusian health service and to all ages. "We're going to work seriously on this," he said, "There is room for significant