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A taxing inheritance

Rob Palmer

What a good idea to have a mid-season rest; we all come back refreshed, replenished and ready for the second half of the season. Well, almost all of us! Valencia and Malaga used the break to make a break and others may soon follow. Valencia remai



Fake news that's easy to swallow


...about health which circulate and multiply on the Internet. These are sometimes inoffensive claims but they can also be dangerous, such as when TV presenter Mariló Montero announced that “aroma of lemon can prevent cancer” or when Javier Cárdenas linked ... vaccines with autism. Faced with the “inaction of institutions”, health professionals have begun to set up websites on the Internet to try to stop the spread of fake news of this type. The latest attempt is a platform called which ... headlines or internauts who simply want to see how far their lie will travel. There are many of them, and they are everywhere. The SaludSinBulos platform is an altruistic project by a network of health professionals, representatives of patient



Mijas decides on new hospital location


...of Health, Aquilino Alonso. The town hall is putting the finishing touches to the necessary paperwork before handing the plot over to the Junta de Andalucía to begin the hospital’s construction hopefully next year. The new hospital will be



2020 vision

Peter Edgerton

...figures of either group. In other news, we pause to give thanks for our health and good fortune to live in times of such relative peace and abundance. Happy New Year to one and all.



EU calls for Torremolinos illegal tip to be covered up

ALBERTO GÓMEZ Torremolinos

...met EU rules on health and safety and environmental damage. The town's previous PP-led council started a long-running legal battle in 2006, claiming it met guidelines. The new PSOE administration says it will cost five million euros to seal up.



Government insists no cause for alarm after tiger mosquitos detected

Debbie Bartlett

The public health authority and environmental agency have confirmed that the so-called tiger mosquito, aedes albopictus, has been detected in Gibraltar, but say there is no cause for alarm because the viral diseases which can be transmitted by these ... help World Health Organisation experts, who visited Gibraltar and gave advice on setting traps and monitoring locations. In June, it was announced that after nine months of intensive surveillance, the tiger mosquito had not been found in Gibraltar. ... returning from an overseas country. The Gibraltar public health authority has published a Factsheet for Travellers, with guidelines for people to follow before travelling, while they are abroad or if they suffer symptoms within three weeks after their



Spinal surgery is now available in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Patients with a painful spine condition caused by osteoporosis can now be treated in Gibraltar, thanks to a new surgical service launched by the Gibraltar Health Authority. Previously, patients and their families had to travel to the UK for the



One thousand more physiotherapists are needed in Malaga to meet WHO guidelines

Ángel Escalera

The Andalusian health service (SAS) has 141 physiotherapists working in Malaga province, but there should be at least 1,000 according to recommendations from the World Health Organisation which suggests one physiotherapist for every 1,000 ... health centres is minimal. For Csif, "more physiotherapists are needed in hospitals, for home visits and for chronic patients, and the plan to expand the services in many health services should also be taken into account, with tasks such as ... re-educating cardiovascular patients, those with urinary incontinence, alterations in swallowing and neonatology, among other specialities". The need for more physiotherapists in health centres in order to provide better attention to the population has also



Five ways to stop smoking

Ángel Escalera MALAGA

...which results in 10,000 deaths each year in Andalucía, 2,000 of which are in Malaga province. Never starting to smoke or, at least, beating a dependence on tobacco in time, is definitely best for the health. A quarter of the population in Malaga ... on their own, health centres have a programme which can help. GPs provide advice to encourage people to continue and not give in to the urge to smoke. The programme includes information about the damage which smoking does to the body, and has helpful ... brain and reduces the anxiety caused by the withdrawal symptoms. Bupropión has psychostimulant and anti-depressant properties and helps to overcome the addiction. These drugs have to be paid for, because they are not funded by the health service.



Lucía López Alcaide


Lucía was born in Malaga in 1986 and is currently taking her English B2 at EOI Málaga. A lab technician working for the Andalusian Health Service, she is keen on watching films in English, reading and travelling. A really passionate writer and one



A prize for pupils’ skin protection initiatives

Mónica Pérez MARBELLA

...healthily in a sunny climate. The Costa del Sol Health Agency- Costa del Sol Hospital, the CHARE hospital in Benalmádena and CARE in Mijas and the Costa del Sol Health District, which consists of 12 health centres and 12 doctors’ surgeries, organised this ... at the Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre and another at its counterpart at El Albero. The Junta de Andalucía’s delegate for Equality, Health and Social Policies, Ana Isabel González; Marbella’s councillor for Health, Ana María Leschiera; the managing ... directors of the Costa del Sol Health Agency and Health District, Torcuato Romero and María Dolores Llamas, respectively; the head of the Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre, Manuel Mellado, and the director of the campaign, Magdalena de Troya, all took part in



Don’t buy pre-assembled glasses

p. manzanares

Many adults buy pre-assembled over-the-counter spectacles, but experts say this is the wrong thing to do. These glasses are prefabricated on an industrial basis, often without the quality controls which are needed for health-related products of this



Spain introduces a preventative campaign to stop the rise in the number of cases of measles

Ángel Escalera

The regional government has introduced an initiative to vaccinate everyone against measles who requests it and was born in the seventies, (who are now between 40 and 50 years old), thereby following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and ... has doubts as to whether or not they were vaccinated against the disease in their childhood, it is recommended that they be vaccinated at their health centre. The Junta regional government has made it clear that there has been no rise in measles ... cases in Andalucía and that currently the situation is "absolutely normal". People who were born in the seventies who were not vaccinated or who have not suffered this condition can go to their health centre and request to be vaccinated. They will be



Grey matter is green


...we carried out on children at the ages of four to five and seven,” says the report, which was carried out by the Global Health Institute of Barcelona. In other words, children who play and spend more time in parks and outdoors - climbing trees, ... we found better responses, a higher ability to concentrate and less impulsiveness in the youngsters who were used to playing, running and jumping in parks and green spaces,” explains Jesús Ibarluzea, a doctor in Public Health and one of the ... specialists who worked on the research. The project, which was led by doctor and environmental epidemiologist Payam Dadvand, involved “around 40 professionals in very different spheres such as psychology, public health, biochemistry, statistics and



Obese, but feeling slim

Ángel Escalera MALAGA

...though they are kilos overweight, they don’t admit it and so do nothing to resolve a problem which directly affects their state of health. A survey released recently by the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (Seedo) shows that only 17.8 per cent ... of people who are obese admit it. Carrying extra kilos can result in diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure and joint pains, among other health problems. Doctors recommend walking between 8,000 and 10,000 steps every ... the Carlos Haya and Clínico Universitario hospitals, Francisco Tinahones. It is especially common for older people to fail to see their size, often because they mistakenly believe that being plump is sign of good health. One thousand people from



A variety of models in the rest of Europe


...the cost. The other countries have a dental health system which is either State-funded or mixed, according to the report from the Spanish Dental Association. As well as the Spanish model and the other Mediterranean countries, the study highlights five ... Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) involves a traditional health service system, but since the Berlin Wall came down the trend has been moving towards private treatment. The ‘Bismarck’ model (Austria, Belgium, ... insurance companies. The British model is based on dental services provided by private dentists with contracts with the health authorities. Some services normally have to be paid for, but are free for under-18s, students, pregnant women and people with



Childhood diabetes association calls for support to fund six research projects

Nieves Castro MARBELLA

Heartened by the results of its first national conference in late April, the Diabetes Cero (Dt0) association is now trying to raise funds to continue research projects discussed at the event. The 400 health professionals from all over Spain who went ... and health professionals had joined forces to raise funds for research. During the conference, Spanish specialists explained the six studies being carried out in prestigious research centres which are part of hospitals around the country. One is at ... CABIMER, the Andalusian Centre of Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine, where former Health minister Bernat Soria leads the project. Others are in Madrid, the Basque Country and Catalonia. Different aspects At the conference, the six research



"Malaga is the absolute leader on a world level for organ and tissue donation"

Ángel Escalera

...universal health system and organ donations are free? -The National Health Service is an essential element in our success, because it means anybody, with no discrimination whatsoever, can have a transplant. The solidarity among the Spanish population is ... star project which is under way is cooperation with the private health sector. -What type of collaboration will there be with private hospitals? -Our objective is for private centres to progressively incorporate donation of organs and tissues, but ... not to carry out transplants. People need to be given the option to donate, if they are suitable, whether they die in a national health hospital or a private one.



Twenty years of liver transplant success at Carlos Haya Hospital

Ángel Escalera malaga

...operations, with 53 of those taking place last year alone. The anniversary event was led by the deputy minister of health at the Junta de Andalucía, María Isabel Baena, and the provincial delegate for health, Ana Isabel González. María Isabel Baena said ... that this was a day that all residents in Malaga could be proud of, highlighting "the solidarity shown by the families who have agreed to donate their organs to a loved one who was about to die", while also praising a public health system which



Babies given the wrong drug develop werewolf syndrome


...minoxidil, an active ingredient in medications to treat hair loss. On 11 July the Spanish Medications and Health Products agency ordered several packs that had been distributed by the Farma-Química Sur S.L. company in Malaga to be withdrawn. The Malaga ... firm, based on the Guadalhorce industrial estate, has now been closed down by health officials. "While he was taking the drug, my son was always poorly" The 20 children suffering from hypertrichosis are from Cantabria, Andalucía and the Valencia ... area, and parents believed their youngsters were taking omeprazole, a drug which reduces the levels of acid in the stomach. At first, health officials received notification of cases of excessive body hair developing in children who had been given



Local residents start a petition to save Gibraltar from overdevelopment

Debbie Bartlett

...into account, infrastructure, the health of the nation, and people's right to open space, light, sunshine, and privacy. We, therefore, respectfully request the HM Government of Gibraltar not to consider any large new developments which are contrary to



Family GPs allowed to request a wider range of specialist tests for their patients

Ángel Escalera

Local GPs in public health centres will soon be able to ask for a whole range of additional diagnostic tests for their patients that previously had to be arranged through specialist consultants at hospitals. In practice, this means that earlier ... referred to a hospital consultant first. The measure is expected to be in place from the middle of September. GPs have been calling for more access to tests for some time, saying that they are trained enough to handle them. The Andalusian public health ... coordination between primary health care in the centres and the specialist units in the hospitals. Besides this move, which is designed to take pressure off busy hospital outpatients departments, the SAS has announced a series of other measures to bolster



Regional budget for 2020 includes funds for city's new hospital as well as roads around the province


...described on Thursday by regional Health minister, Jesús Aguirre, as "historic". BUDGET FIGURES FOR MALAGA PROVINCE Infrastructure Malaga Metro: 129.8 million euros, of which 75 are for running expenses and 54.8 million for works under way. An extra 2 ... health centre in San Pedro Alcántara: 1.6 million. Añoreta Golf secondary school in Rincón de la Victoria: 6 million. New secondary school in Mijas: 6 million. New city hospital: 2.6 million for initial studies. Carlos Haya Hospital A&E ... Acinipo (Ronda): 503,301 euros. The biggest sums have been designated to the Health and Education departments, with more than 11 billion euros - 28% of the total spend - going towards the former. This health budget is up four per cent on this year's



Carmen Marín starts prison sentence in Madrid jail


...unsuccessfully for her sentence to be delayed, citing health issues. They have submitted a request to the Ministry of Justice for a reprieve, alongside several medical documents outlining various physical and psychological problems she is suffering but the



Illnesses resulting from traffic pollution cost Spain more than 3.6 billion euros a year


Spain spends more than 3.6 billion euros a year treating illnesses related to air pollution from traffic. This is the second highest amount in Europe (Germany spends 13.38 billion), according to a report carried out by the European Public Health ... Alliance for a project in which the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) is participating. The study has analysed in detail the amount of money that nine member states of the European Union spend on health costs associated with traffic: Austria, Bulgaria, ... Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain. In total, atmospheric contamination caused by traffic is resulting in EU countries spending more than 72 billion euros a year in health costs, of which 52.86 billion are subsidised by the



Meat companies restart production following listeriosis outbreak


...of their products were found to be contaminated by the Listeria bacteria responsible for the largest listeriosis outbreak experienced in Andalucía (over 200 cases and three deaths). However, the regional Health ministry on Monday announced that it



An eye test could be the first step towards detecting type 2 diabetes


...can largely prevent vision loss from diabetes. Throughout November, Specsavers Ópticas are offering free eye tests and eye-health information for diabetes sufferers (and those at risk of developing it) in store. What's more, Specsavers in Fuengirola



Glucose testing in La Cala de Mijas for World Diabetes Day

sur in english

11am to 12.30pm at Calahonda Baptist Church. On 14 November it will be held from 11am until 2pm at the La Cala de Mijas town hall and the following day, at the same time, at the Las Lagunas Health Centre. On Saturday 16 November the testing will



One killed and dozens hospitalised by listeriosis outbreak while authorities squabble


...from sale. The Junta regional government’s health department has criticised Seville council’s laboratory for delays in analysing samples that prevented the alert going out sooner. In turn, Seville has blamed the Junta’s staff for failing to properly ... label the samples sent to it. The acting minister for Health nationally also entered the argument by appearing to question how well procedures had been followed and officially informed the World Health Organization of the outbreak. On Thursday, as



King Emeritus Juan Carlos to have a heart operation this Saturday


The retired king, Juan Carlos I, is to have a heart operation this Saturday in Madrid. The decision was made following the results of a routine health check in June. The 81-year-old former head of State retired from pubic duty this year after



Experts offer advice on eye care for blindness awareness month

SUR IN ENGLISH vision is the message Specsavers Opticas aims to get across in its recent awareness campaign. A test can help prevent sight loss through early detection of conditions and even spot other health concerns such as brain tumours or circulation ... opticians' ability to diagnose disease and everyone should take advantage of the latest innovations at high street opticians," he said. Meanwhile to preserve eye health here are a number of everyday lifestyle habits that Dr Best recommends. His first



Work starts on improvements to Torremolinos hospital


The Health Ministry at the Junta de Andalucía announced on Wednesday that improvement works had started at the Marítimo hospital in Torremolinos. The works, expected to cost more than three million euros, will improve the condition of a number of



The battle against sugar gets fiercer


Not many details are known yet, because Montoro has only said that the tax on drinks which contain an excessive amount of sugar is in line with the demands of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and will be implemented in a similar way to countries ... to eating less sugar. Look for substitutes Stevia and xylitol are natural sweeteners which are as efficient or more so than refined sugar and are not as damaging to our health. Also, xylitol protects teeth against caries. However, we need to be ... schools, carry out independent informative campaigns and, in general, know exactly what we are eating and the real effects our diet has on our health, we would then be able to enjoy truly free and responible form of consumption. However, despite the lack



Scientific studies show that red wine prevents Alzheimer's disease


...beneficial effect on health is attributed to a molecule, resveratrol, present in red grapes, which acts as a neuroprotective against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Mairena Martín, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the



European trend inspires first clinic on the Costa exclusively for cats

Tony Bryant

...pointed out. She will also use the clinic to offer talks and courses, covering everything from nutrition and dietary information to health and behavioural advice. She also intends to work with other animal charities in the fight against abandoned cats,