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Rick Parfitt, a rocker who mixed Status Quo with Marbella real estate


...up live performances with the band on medical advice, after suffering a heart attack in the summer. After that incident his manager said that Parfitt had been "dead" for several minutes, which left him with mild cognitive impairments. His health



Cider vinegar, the cure-all

Denise Bush

For centuries apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used as a folk remedy for all sorts of health problems and recently there has been a renewed interest in its benefits, although there aren't many scientific studies to back up the claims. These claims



Bread with oil - understanding Mallorca

Andrew Forbes travel

...still see the twisted, ancient olive trees, some hundreds of years old. The Mediterranean kitchen is celebrated for its health properties, but all too often modern interpretations and processes, together with less than genuine ingredients offer us a



A taxing inheritance

Rob Palmer

What a good idea to have a mid-season rest; we all come back refreshed, replenished and ready for the second half of the season. Well, almost all of us! Valencia and Malaga used the break to make a break and others may soon follow. Valencia remai



Flu is increasing in Malaga, but is lower than the average in Andalucía and Spain


Flu is present in Malaga province again and it is on the increase, although the incidence is low. Between 19 and 25 December 40.69 cases were registered per every 100,000 inhabitants, according to figures from the provincial Health Delegation. The ... the previous season. GPs who work at health centres in Malaga say they are seeing patients with flu, but the illness is still in the intensifying stage. They say that the timing of the peak of flu will depend on whether the temperatures go down and ... so-called 'population at risk' is a vaccine. This is recommended for people over 65, those with chronic illness, pregnant women, health professionals and those who work in public and community services, including police officers and fire fighters, prison



"It is not a good thing to abuse sunshine, but nor is it good not to use it enough"

MIGUEL A. OESTE interview his profession “we deal with unusual cases, so we learn something new every day.” –If the face is the mirror of the soul, is our skin the mirror of health? –I don’t think the face is the mirror of anything, and the skin can be a mirror of ... health sometimes, and sometimes not. There are people who look lovely outside and are awful inside, and vice versa. –Do you feel that we don’t really bother much about our skin? –No; on the contrary, nowadays people look after their health and their ... seems that young people are losing their fear of sexually transmitted diseases, including Aids. Promiscuity has increased, and that is a factor in the growth of these health problems. It is most important to emphasise the need for prevention: use



Mijas Costa welcomes newest International Rotary Club in Spain

Tony Bryant

Rotary offers support in education and job training, health and sanitation, and the ongoing fight against world hunger. Rotary International has 1.2 million members and 34,000 clubs worldwide, but until now, there were only two English clubs in Spain:



Casualty department opens at new Guadalhorce valley local hospital

Ivan Gelibter

...recently-finished local hospital. From 8am yesterday, a steady stream of patients with minor injuries or complaints started to arrive at the Guadalhorce hospital near Cártama seeking emergency treatment. Health care officials expect to eventually treat up to 200



“Hyperthermia can become the fourth pillar in cancer treatment”

j. j. buiza

...have come from all over Spain and even from Switzerland. –Will the day come when it is used by the national health service? –I’m convinced it will, but in several years’ time. I certainly hope so. In countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and ... Germany it is already in use in the national health service. –What do you think research should be focusing on in the fight against cancer? –Chemotherapy has achieved a great deal, but it has gone as far as it can now. The line of research should focus



“Even common everyday tasks became terrifying obstacles for me”

PILAR manzanares

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental condition which is much more common than was previously thought. It is an illness which in many cases interferes considerably in the life of the person affected, and causes a great deal of suffering. Un



Childline Gibraltar launches competition to raise awareness of mental health

Debbie Bartlett

Childline Gibraltar has launched a competition to help raise awareness about mental health issues and emotional difficulties affecting young people. Schoolchildren in years 6 to 11 are being invited to submit either a poem, a photograph, a story ... or a picture about any mental health topic or mental wellbeing to Childline by 20 January 2017. The idea is to exhibit the winning entries at a presentation ceremony on 8 February 2017 during Children’s Mental Health Week, and eventually collate them ... into a publication. The locally-based charity has seen an increase in issues such as self-harm, anxiety, depression and eating disorders, and over a third of all calls it received last year concerned a mental health topic. For further information,



A dream come true?

Regular drinkers of wine, or for that matter any alcoholic drink, cannot avoid wondering occasionally what it is doing to their health. There is an absence of large-scale field studies, and even members of the UK government committee that decided on ... health claims for the drink. If it really is the answer to every drinker’s dream, then this is a pity, as the same technology can allegedly be applied to wine, whisky, etc.?



The Costa del Sol hospital invests 659,182 euros on magnetic resonance equipment

Héctor Barbotta health

The Costa del Sol Health Agency, which runs the hospital of the same name in Marbella, has just invested 659,182 euros on updating its magnetic resonance equipment. The hospital in Marbella now has the latest generation scanner, which means it can ... the room in which the scans are carried out, to avoid having to build a new facility. Necessary changes were also made to the electronics systems. The regional government’s delegate for Equality, Health and Social Policies in Malaga, Ana Isabel ... González, was shown around the new facility on Monday this week with the managing director of the Health Agency, Torcuato Romero. They were both keen to see the improvements and the new magnetic resonance equipment at first hand. The new machine has been



Lives that begin ahead of time

amanda salazar health

...weeks. The reasons for an early birth also determine a premature baby’s state of health. Enrique Salguero says that 40 per cent of premature births occur because of a spontaneous rupture of integral membranes, 30 per cent by a premature rupture of



Genetic engineering to stop AIDS

Eugenio Cabezas health

...side effects and are very costly for countries’ health systems. On average, every patient needs 7,000 euros a year, so public spending in Spain amounts to 490 million euros because there are 70,000 people with positive serology, and a total of between ... in Biology from Malaga university and then went on to do a Masters degree in Virology at the Complutense university in Madrid, later carried out research at the National Microbiology Centre of the Carlos III Health Institute. Under the auspices of the



All in a day's work

Rob Palmer the summer. Initially, I thought it was cruel words to create headlines but studying his demeanour I suspect it may be for the good of his own health. To me he has the same permanently preoccupied look of Guardiola who announced in April 2012



Ronda's new hospital receives its first patients today


Health Department, Ana Isabel González. The new hospital, in which nearly 50 million euros have been invested, will provide health care for over 85,000 people in the Ronda region. It has 152 individual rooms (compared to the previous 18 single and 55



"Palliative care is not a secondary level of medicine"


You do need something special. When you start being interested in health as a possible profession you imagine yourself curing people, but here there is no cure. We try to improve people's day-to-day life and control the problems that arise, but the



Algodonales woman is first patient at new Ronda hospital


Comarcal will eventually be moved to the new centre. The new hospital was visited on Tuesday by the representative of the regional government in Malaga, José Luis Ruiz Espejo; the province's Health delegate, Ana Isabel González; the manager of the Serranía ... health district, José Antonio Ruiz; the mayor of Ronda, Teresa Valdenebro; and the councillor for Public Works, Francisco Márquez. The facility has cost nearly 50 million euros. The first stone was laid in October 2008 by the firm FCC Construcción.



Clean-up starts in stream bed between Torremolinos and Benalmádena


...been plagued by rats and mosquitos say locals who also claim that dead plants and weeds haven't been cleared for years. Health officials have said that it is unlikely the child's illness was caused by the unkempt stream, however both local mayors



Drums and turnips for an early Christian saint and martyr

Debbie Bartlett what happened today? collect his body she discovered that he was still alive, took him back to her home and nursed him back to health. Later, he stood in a place where he knew Diocletian would pass, and when the emperor appeared he harangued him about his cruelty



Pioneer procedure for Costa del Sol hospital to detect traces of date rape drug


...screamed at them; she says my eyes were open, but I don't remember a thing" The police, legal and health authorites have set up a scheme at the Costa del Sol hospital which is a pioneer in Andalucía and almost unheard-of in Spain, to detect substances ... to be given to two women who are accused of having drugged a man in order to ransack his house. A meeting will be held in thenear future with the legal, police and health authorities about extending the protocol to the other hospitals in the



More than 8,000 people protest against health cuts


The movement against public health cuts is gaining support in Malaga as more than 8,000 people took to the streets for the second organised protest in defence of a quality public service on Sunday. The march, in which a number of health ... figure was nearer 30,000. The march, organised by school teacher, Jonatán Andrades, began in Plaza de la Marina and headed towards Calle Larios, where demonstrators began to shout against the proposed health cuts of the Andalusian government and



Siblings undergo pioneering kidney transplant at Malaga hospital


...the transplanted kidney would be rejected immediately and would cease to work. Four months after the operation, Manuel and Adelina "are in perfect health and the transplanted kidney is working," explained Jorge Soler, urologist and the doctor ... antigen) typing, something that only occurs in every one out of four siblings, meaning that a direct transplant was possible. After taking into account other factors, such as the good health of the siblings, the operation went ahead and proved to be a



The battle against sugar gets fiercer


Not many details are known yet, because Montoro has only said that the tax on drinks which contain an excessive amount of sugar is in line with the demands of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and will be implemented in a similar way to countries ... to eating less sugar. Look for substitutes Stevia and xylitol are natural sweeteners which are as efficient or more so than refined sugar and are not as damaging to our health. Also, xylitol protects teeth against caries. However, we need to be ... schools, carry out independent informative campaigns and, in general, know exactly what we are eating and the real effects our diet has on our health, we would then be able to enjoy truly free and responible form of consumption. However, despite the lack


What to do

Music, film and more

Denise Bush what to do

...exhibitions Around the galleries this week Market Marbella. 12 February, 11am - 5pm. Farmacy Yoga centre, Centro Comercial El Capricho. Health products, soaps and crams, natural food products, fruit and vegetables, vintage clothes and accessories,



Tato's canine life saver

Nieves Castro Marbella

...that a drop in sugar levels does not compromise the health of the little boy. Torcuato Germán Pérez, Tato's father, who is also a member of the Costa del Sol diabetic association, ADISOL, explains that he cannot wait to see the new dog in action. "If



Leeches make a comeback


...clinical tests reveal new therapeutic properties. Some treatments are covered by public health systems, although it is within the alternative health sector that they are most often used. The leeches come from four farms which are subject to strict ... be used in accordance with medical protocol, which requires them to be sacrificed immediately after being used to prevent them transmitting health problems from one patient to another. The French company's leeches are bred in the wetlands of



People power forces Marbella council to put high-voltage cables underground

Héctor Barbotta Marbella

14 years to have cabling hidden. They claim that the magnetic fields generated are a health risk and that the failure to remove them contravenes European rules on high-voltage power lines running through urban areas. The Trapiche Norte district has ... are talking about health as the children still have these cables running over their heads." A lesson in democracy Councillors voting on the motion to approve funds for the work to be included in this year's budget praised the campaign waged by



Andalucía health service bosses resign after protests against hospital mergers

M. D. TORTOSA / SUR seville

Growing criticism of the Junta de Andalucía's management of the public health service dramatically increased this week after the resignation of two key regional government bosses. The deputy minister for Health, Martín Blanco, and the director of ... the Andalusian public health service, Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS), José Manuel Aranda, left their posts. The move came after mounting street protests, particularly in Granada and Huelva, but also in other cities including Malaga, Jerez and ... want [the Junta] to open its windows and let fresh air in to clean out some 'tricksters', as I call them". Head of the Junta, Susana Díaz, has previously defended her record on public health provision, describing it as "the jewel in the crown",



Three new MRI scanners among new kit expected for Malaga hospitals

Ángel Escalera Malaga

The Andalusian public health service has announced that it will be installing three new MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners in Malaga's hospitals this year. One will be placed in the children's hospital, Hospital Materno, so that patients no



Aloe Vera, the healthy soft drink of the future


It helps to heal stomach and intestinal ulcers 3 It prevents acidity thanks to its alkaline agents. 4 It improves blood oxygenation and circulations, leading to more robust cardiac health. 5 It multiplies the effects of vitamins, ... vera are the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL); the multiplication of the effects of vitamins, especially C and E; a reduction in oxidative stress; better oxygenation and circulation of the blood, which leads to more robust cardiac health; and help to



Town hall has 17.7 million budget for construction of Estepona hospital

Leandro Pavón

An agreement signed between Estepona town hall and the Andalusian health authority (SAS) has meant that the local authority can now build the new hospital with a budget of 17.7 million euros. The construction work is expected to take 22 months to ... the town hall will pay for the construction of the hospital as well as the urbanisation of the surroundings. The health authority will be responsible for fitting out the new hospital and running and maintenance costs after its opening.



17 February 1995: Singer Rocío Jurado and bullfighter José Ortega Cano marry

Debbie Bartlett what happened today?

...with pancreatic cancer in 2004. She underwent medical treatment in Houston, Texas, but by 2006 it was obvious that her health was failing fast. She died at her home, La Moraleja, in Alcobendas, Madrid, on June 1st that year, and was buried as she had



Town hall has 17.7 million budget for construction of Estepona hospital


An agreement signed between Estepona town hall and the Andalusian health authority (SAS) has meant that the local authority can now build the new hospital with a budget of 17.7 million euros. The construction work is expected to take 22 months to ... the town hall will pay for the construction of the hospital as well as the development of the surrounding area. The health authority will be responsible for fitting out the new hospital and running and maintenance costs after its opening.



All change at the helm of Age Concern

SUR Estepona

The Estepona and Manilva branch of Age Concern has a new president after Eileen Dry recently stood down due to ill health. The organisation's press officer, Tony Aldous, has been appointed in her place. The new president said of Eileen: "She has



Nearly 80 per cent of children who suffer from cancer overcome their illness

Ángel Escalera Malaga

...families and called for further research into treatments to beat the disease. The event was attended by the provincial health delegate, Ana Isabel González; the manager of the Carlos Haya regionalhospital, Emiliano Nuevo; the director of the Materno ... The provincial Health delegate pointed out that thanks to advances in treatments and the quality of public health care, a high percentage of children with cancer have overcome the illness. She paid tribute to the work of the professionals who treat