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Hunt for infections in Malaga goes on as Red Cross cases hit 105


...stable with seven cases on Wednesday, according to regional government data. Here health workers have finished their investigation and testing, following new cluster-control procedures. The Red Cross cluster was however still under investigation on ... happened since early March. According to the regional Health ministry, 16 people tested positive in Malaga province on Wednesday. In June overall, there was one death in the province's hospitals due to coronavirus. The total amount of positive cases



Nine in ten who tested positive for coronavirus in Andalucía showed no symptoms


Over 90 per cent of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in PCR tests in Andalucía showed no symptoms of the illness. The stark announcement was made on Thursday by the Malaga delegate for the regional Health ministry, Carlos Bautista. ... fever or a tight chest, please call [the health service]," he added.



Eight cross-border workers test positive for Covid-19 in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

Testing for coronavirus which is being carried out in Gibraltar has detected several cross-border workers who have proven positive, most of them employed in the care sector. This is now reflected in the daily figures issued by the government, showing



Gibraltar's new Governor visits the Health Authority

Debbie Bartlett

The new Governor of Gibraltar, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, paid a courtesy visit to St Bernard's Hospital and the Primary Care Centre this week. After meeting the Minister for Health and Care, Paul Balban, Principal Secretary Evelyn Cervan and ... the Medical Director (Ag) Doctor Krish Rawal and other senior management staff, Sir David was briefed on some of the daily tasks at the Gibraltar Health Authority and how GHA staff had worked on making every possible preparation for the potential



Telephone appointments to continue at public health centres

Ángel Escalera

A visit to the doctor at the local public health centre isn't going be the same as it was before the pandemic. The Andalusian health service, SAS, has decided to keep in place the initial telephone filter when a patient requests an appointment. This ... was introduced during the coronavirus outbreak. Staff at the district health centres will be the ones to decide if a patient needs to physically come into the surgery or if a solution can be given over the phone. The SAS said that this new ... strategy was already being considered before the recent health crisis and its roll out had been fast-tracked as a result. At the moment around 30 per cent of patients needing attention are being seen in person although this can sometimes go up to 50 per



Arrivals into Spain will have to go through three health checkpoints


Those coming into Spain's ports and airports from Sunday, when the country's borders reopen to visitors from most European countries, will first have to go through three health checkpoints, Health minister Salvador Illa announced on Friday. The



Active EIC community raises over 1,000 euros for the health service

Daryl Finch

Following an immense community effort by the school and parent body at the English International College (EIC) in Marbella, Tuesday afternoon saw the conclusion of EIC's 4,200-kilometre Virtual Loop of Spain. The responsibility of the final 13 kilo



Spirit of Discovery cruise ship asked not to call at Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

The Spirit of Discovery cruise ship, which was due to visit Gibraltar on Saturday was asked not to do so and to continue its journey to Southampton after its captain warned that there were 89 suspected cases of Norovirus among the 868 passengers and



Message of support for Gibraltar from UK prime minister

Debbie Bartlett of personal protective equipment were being sent, and if Gibraltar needed extra essential health care staff the UK would consider what it could do in the way of support. He ended by expressing his personal thanks.



Junta wants a dummy run of foreign tourists arriving and health ID cards


...its borders on 1 July, almost 11,000 German tourists staying a minimum of five nights will be allowed to the Balearics in the second half of June as a test to see how well facilities and staff working in tourism can cope. The Health minister, ... comments, Marín has also said that the Junta is in favour of foreign arrivals carrying a form of health passport or ID card, proving they do not have coronavirus. The regional government has been particularly worried about the upcoming annual migration by ... The idea of a health passport came after opposition parties said that the original proposal, to suspend the huge 'Operation Crossing the Strait' (Operación Paso del Estrecho) was racist. The Junta has also called for illegal migrants recently



Small spike in Covid-19 cases detected in Spain


National data on Covid-19 cases in Spain appeared to confirm a small spike on Thursday, reversing the steady downward trend of recent days. The national Ministry of Health figures came against a background of reports of unexpected isolated



Arrivals from the UK into Spain will not have to quarantine

Daryl Finch

...will have to go through three health checkpoints However, following a week of uncertaintly during which tourism bosses called for greater clarity, González Laya confirmed that new arrivals from the UK would not have to quarantine, but will be



Doctors perform thyroid surgery using a new and less invasive technique


A patient has recently undergone thyroid surgery using a new technique. The successful procedure, which is known as 'transoral thyroidectomy' and is carried out via the mouth, was performed at the HLA El Ángel hospital by Thai surgeon Thanyawat Sasan



Health officials reconsider advice on compulsory use of facemasks


The Ministry of Health has considered making facemasks compulsory in public places. Despite the government saying in March that these were "unnecessary" for the wider public, it now says they are "highly recommendable". Not all its experts ... agree and masks are currently still only necessary on public transport. World Health officials continue to say that masks are only effective if used alongside social distancing and frequent hand washing.



Malaga Airport reopens T3 as July begins with more than 100 flights

Pilar Martínez

...the health and economic situation in the country and the lifting of restrictions," a spokesperson explained. The 123 connections on Wednesday, 94 of which where international, is still a long way off the around 500 daily take off and landings at the



Coffee and health

javier morallón

...mechanism. Caffeine is the most potent of them all, acting at the level of the cerebral cortex, reducing fatigue and increasing motor capacity. Latest studies One of the most recent studies has used the UK Biobank, a centre which monitors the health of



No new Covid-19 deaths registered on Monday in Spain


For the first time in 90 days the Health ministry's daily Covid-19 case report included no new deaths registered in the previous 24 hours on Monday. The official coronavirus death toll in Spain remains, therefore, at 27,127. Delays in the



Fury over defective face masks given to local health workers

Ángel Escalera

There has been outrage among healthcare professionals in Malaga this week after it came to light that thousands of defective protective face masks had been sent to frontline health workers across Andalucía. Around 2,500 staff at the Hospital ... Clínico in Malaga city alone wore the masks, with 1,500 under suspicion of having now contracted coronavirus. These masks were also supplied in large volumes to the district hospitals in Antequera and Ronda. "They're playing with my health and the health ... of my family," said one worker, who preferred to stay anonymous, whose team had been supplied with N95 masks from a supplier named Garry Galaxy which were later recalled by the ministry of Health. These masks, which do not meet European Union safety



Cudeca charity shops in need of volunteers

SUR in ENglish

...volunteer should either send an email to or call 671 048 304. Thirteen of the organisation's 23 shops will open in the mornings from Monday 25 May, following all the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health in terms of ... capacity, safety and hygiene, the foundation explained. Health and safety Volunteers will receive protection equipment for their safety and for that of the customers. The number of customers in each shop will be controlled, and hand sanitiser will be



Austrian man arrested for threatening health professionals in Torrox

Eugenio Cabezas

A 60-year-old Austrian man was arrested at his home in Torrox Costa on Wednesday of last week after allegedly insulting and threatening staff at the El Morche health centre. According to Local Police sources, staff at the health centre first ... called the police at around 2pm, reporting that the man had been shouting at health professionals and threatening to assault a nurse, as well as failing to respect social distancing regulations. It would appear that the man wanted preferential treatment ... this time there will be zero tolerance towards anyone who disrespects, intimidates or threatens health workers," said a Local Police spokesperson. Chief of Torrox Local Police José Manuel Ruiz said, "We cannot condone any type of violence or



Spain will welcome back foreign holidaymakers in July, says PM

EFE [in the countries of] origin and safety in the destination, and for that reason we will guarantee that tourists are not at risk here and that they don't bring risks to our country," said Sánchez. "Health is not inconsistent with business; without ... health there is no business, and that's why the government will combine its firm financial support for the sector with full health guarantees," added the prime minister. Sánchez sent out the following message to foreign tourists: "Spain will be waiting ... for you from the month of July, and whoever comes to Spain, can be sure that they are coming to a land that has health guarantees and that is committed to the sustainability of our planet." Quarantine to be lifted The government confirmed this week



Andalusian health service criticised for blaming Madrid for its ban on staff speaking out


The Andalusian health service was criticised this week for writing to its staff to tell them not to talk publicly about their treatment of coronavirus patients because of a central government order. Up to now, the source of much public ... central government to gag health workers. Under the state of alarm, Madrid has taken control from the regions of health-data gathering, which has caused tension between the two levels of government. The letter (page 1 and page 2) asked staff to "keep



People smoked considerably more during the lockdown period

Ángel Escalera

...just experienced with the coronavirus lockdown. A survey into tobacco consumption which was carried out by the online platform Top Doctors, which provides information about the best medical specialists in the private health sector, shows that as many ... manufactured version," he says. "No tobacco in existence is good for the health."



Love wins


...when they pass near us in the street. We wear gloves in the supermarket, primarily so that any virus we might have (even asymptomatically) will not pass onto the surfaces that others touch. Love for humanity has put carers and health service workers,



Pressure on health services intensifies as lack of kit is blamed


...increasing pressure on the health service, especially in hardest-hit areas such as Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha. Group violently attacks ambulance convoy of elderly coronavirus patients in La Línea The director of ... the government's health emergency centre, Fernando Simón, admitted at the daily news conference that the lack of personal protection equipment was one of the reasons the number of health workers infected was growing. Police representatives also ... Wednesday, a court in Madrid gave the regional health authority 24 hours to give health workers appropriate protective clothing after a union complaint. A similar, national level complaint against the government's Health ministry was however rejected by the



Pressure on health service mounts as plea goes out for more resources from masks to staff


In all areas of health care provision, there were increasing pleas in the latter half of this week for more resources. From more masks and sanitising fluid to staff, local, national and regional authorities were fighting to keep up with the spread. ... Madrid was under particular pressure. On Thursday, the regional president and the mayor of the capital both called for more masks, gloves and breathing equipment. The regional government is estimating health services still need 14 million face masks and ... 254,000 disposable bedgowns. The national Health ministry has said it will urgently add an extra 50,000 health workers, a mixture of medics and nurses nearing the end of their studies and former staff coming out of retirement. Many healthcare workers



La Liga's plan to restart gets boost as government outlines easing of lockdown restrictions

AMADOR GÓMEZ sessions. These tests, according to the plan, were supposed to be administered on Tuesday - a move that was blocked by the Ministry of Health. Health minister Salvador Illa said on Sunday that his ministry was against mass testing of asymptomatic ... people and that tests would only be issued according to medical need, under the guidelines established by the regional Health authorities. "I cannot say whether football will return before the summer," he said. "This does not change anything," ... one billion euros] given for the hasty resumption of football does not, we believe, hold water. There are sectors that are much more relevant to the economy of our country, tourism for example, that are stopped for health reasons and no one in their



Cuevas Bajas, Malaga city and Ronda have the most Covid-19 cases per capita


...province's 103 municipal areas. The biggest place with no recorded cases is Cómpeta, with a population of 3,922. The regional Health authority also published the Covid-19 death figures broken down by municipality on Monday. The highest number is in Malaga ... mass testing in hospitals and health centres across Andalucía has revealed dozens of cases over the last few days. Between Wednesday last week and Monday, the number of infected health workers in Malaga province went up from 606 to 676. This is 22% of



Vandals blamed for damage Moorish castle lighting

Debbie Bartlett

The iconic Moorish castle in Gibraltar is illuminated in blue every evening in tribute to the health workers and essential services, but on Tuesday night some of the lighting didn't appear to be working and when technicians went to investigate they



Junta asks to hold back Malaga city slightly on Phase One of easing of lockdown conditions


Most of Spain gets ready to move to Phase One of lockdown easing However, in its feedback to central government, the Junta believed the public health district that covers the city of Malaga and neighbouring Rincón de la Victoria needed to keep some ... province ahead of Monday's change of phase. Ministers have said they prefer to work with changes across whole provinces rather than public health districts, which members of the public don't normally recognise as easily. The Junta is recommending all



Health ministry confirms death of second patient with coronavirus in Malaga province

Ángel Escalera

The regional Health ministry confirmed the death of two people with coronavirus in Malaga province on Friday. The first death was that of a 70-year-old man, who was being treated in the Hospital Xanit Internacional in Benalmádena. He had multiple ... underlying health problems and his condition was complicated by the virus, SUR has confirmed. The second confirmed death was that of a man, 82, at the Hospital Quirón in Malaga. He too had various underlying health issues.



What should you do if you think you have coronavirus?

william holmes

...recommended that while displaying symptoms, potential carriers should keep a distance from those around them if they leave isolation. The Servicio Andaluz de Salud's (SAS) information body Salud Responde offers health advice (in various languages) on the



Spain to scale down coronavirus restrictions in four phases, reaching its 'new normal' by the end of June


...capacity of their health services to deal with new cases of Covid-19. The easing of restrictions begins with Phase Zero, which, the prime minister said, had already started with the permission for children to be taken out for walks. Phase Zero will ... capacity reduced to a third for church premises. The use of a face mask will be “highly recommended” on public transport. Phase Two Phase Two, the intermediary stage, should begin on 25 May in all provinces that comply with the health conditions.