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Coffee and health

javier morallón

...mechanism. Caffeine is the most potent of them all, acting at the level of the cerebral cortex, reducing fatigue and increasing motor capacity. Latest studies One of the most recent studies has used the UK Biobank, a centre which monitors the health of



Doctors perform thyroid surgery using a new and less invasive technique


A patient has recently undergone thyroid surgery using a new technique. The successful procedure, which is known as 'transoral thyroidectomy' and is carried out via the mouth, was performed at the HLA El Ángel hospital by Thai surgeon Thanyawat Sasan



Teenager recovers in hospital after Campillos school scissors stabbing

F. T. / Á. F. / J. C.

...initial indications that bullying may have been behind the attack. The fast actions of staff at the Campillos school, especially PE teacher José Sevilla, saved the boy's life, said the provincial health delegate Carlos Bautista on Tuesday. The victim is



Food safety agency warns sucking prawn heads can cause health issues


...umbrella of the Ministry of Health, has spoiled the party. It recommends "limiting intake" to minimise exposure to cadmium, a metal present in seawater that contaminates the dark flesh of crustaceans, located primarily in the head. Cadmium is a heavy



Marbella resident walks to Monaco to raise funds for mental health charity

Ash Bolton

A Marbella resident is celebrating after completing a gruelling 1,000-mile walk in aid of charity. Mick Slater spent one month walking from Marbella to Monaco in a bid to raise £30,000 for the UK mental health charity Mind. Walking approximately ... explained: "Everybody I know knows someone who has been affected by mental health in some way, so it seemed like a great cause to raise money for." During the challenge, Mike was accompanied in the evenings by his wife Karen and his daughter Claire, who ... event, I wouldn't have walked it, as the distance looked too overwhelming. "But I've achieved something that I thought was impossible to do. I'm really pleased to have raised awareness of mental health." Mick has so far raised £4,145. To donate to



Ministry of Health launches campaign warning of the effects of not using antibiotics properly


What would happen if we tried to clean our teeth with a hairbrush? The image in a new campaign launched by Spain's Ministry of Health could not be clearer. The aim of the campaign is to make people aware of what can happen when they use a product ... against it," explain specialists. It is calculated that resistance to antibiotics is behind the death of 33,000 people in Europe every year, 3,000 in SpainThe Ministry of Health wants this message to reach the whole population, so until 24 November it ... aforementioned 'resistant bacteria'. As the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, warned recently, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in terms of health is this resistance to antiobiotics, which occurs when the bacteria develop the ability


What to do

Expat show brings together fashion, food, health, art, music and more


...provided twice a day by the acapella singing group Reflections, who will be featuring classics such as California Dreaming, Country Roads and Sentimental Journey. Health will be taken care of at the show by the La Cala Lions Diabetic Support Group and



The Spanish health service now finances a pill that prevents HIV in people who are at high risk


The Spanish national health system (SNS) has started financing a tablet that can prevent HIV infection in high-risk patients. The pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with emtricitabine (FTC) and tenofovir disoproxil fumerate (TDF), is given to people ... about whether to include it in national health financing. On 10 October, the secretary of the National Plan against Aids, Julia del Amo, announced at the XI Congress of the State HIV and Aids Coordinator (Cesida) that it would be included from now on. ... effectiveness, have been well documented. For example, a study in 22 health centres in Paris of 2,000 men who have sex with other men indicated that providing PrEP daily or upon request reduces the number of new contagions to almost zero. According to the



Estepona council hands over new hospital to regional health service


Estepona council agreed on Thursday to sign over the recently completed shell of the new local hospital to the Junta de Andalucía's health service, to be fitted out and made ready for use. The council has paid for the construction work at over 15



Chefs break with tradition at Madrid Fusión


Roca explained, 5.8% of his customers, 23% of the tables and 50% of the orders are accompanied by some change for reasons of health, religion, philosophy of life or simply fashion. Faced with this challenge, the master of the room calls to "act with ... cordiality, generosity, hospitality and understanding". Putting the health of the diner in the hands of waiters and chefs is a great responsibility, but "we must enjoy the pressure, see it as a challenge. We cannot tell customers that we can't accept them



"The health service in Malaga has always been badly treated"


...the Carlos Haya hospital, as it was called then. A non-conformist with an enquiring mind, who does not hesitate to criticise those in power, Dr González de Vega says in this interview that "the public health service in Malaga has always been badly ... though, there are days when I say I have three operations going on: one in London, one in Malaga and a third in Madrid. These are patients to whom I have recommended a particular surgeon. How long is it since you left the health service as the head of ... things. When a doctor who has enjoyed medicine has to retire or decides to retire, he or she continues to study in order to help others. What do you think about the health service in Malaga? In my view, Malaga has always been badly treated in terms of



Good turnout for launch of new U3A group in La Viñuela

Jennie Rhodes

...groups will be formed after that, but so far there has been interest in a book club and 'lunch bunch' as well as groups for art, sewing, Spanish conversation, health and well being, meditation and general discussion. "And many more to come," she added.



Body of missing doctor found in Manilva

charo márquez not being treated as suspicious. The search began on Tuesday after J. P. S. failed to show up for work at the local health centre. The doctor was last seen in the early hours of Monday morning. His family informed the Guardia Civil of his



Almost half of people in Spain report suffering from stress


The problem is so serious that the World Health Organisation (WHO) considers stress a global epidemic. In Spain, according to the latest CinfaSalud study into 'Perception and habits of the Spanish population with regard to stress', about 42 per cent



Health service launches its annual flu jab campaign


The best way of avoiding flu this winter is to be vaccinated against it. The vaccination campaign, which began in 191 health centres in Malaga province on Monday, is aimed at the people who are most vulnerable to the virus, which includes those over ..., Salud Responde app. In your health centre: You can get the jab at your own centre Online: Via the InterSAS virtual office The general secretary for Public Health at the Junta regional government, Josefa Ruiz, explained that although the ... manufactured every year based on recommendations published by the World Health Organisation, using data tracking the virus's spread around the southern hemisphere, where the flu season starts earlier. This year, the flu vaccine protects against three strains



Butterfly Skin reference centres open


As a result, sufferers experience a very poor quality of life with frequent wounds that could be avoided if more was known about the condition. A study on the status of the health and social needs of people with rare diseases in Spain, (ENSERio), ... revealed that 56 per cent of participants have received inadequate treatment by healthcare professionals. However, in July this year, the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality took the decision to open two reference centres for Epidermolysis ... to visit and specialist health professionals to work from. It is believed that around 50 people in Andalucía are affected by EB so ideally, a third reference centre would be opened in the region in the future. It is hoped that as a result of the



Government plans more training for professionals to encourage fewer prescriptions


The Ministry of Health is to improve training for Spanish professionals regarding resistance to antiobiotics, with the aim of reducing the use of these drugs and improving the way they are used. It is also creating a diploma for experts in ... antibiotics by vets, through an epidemiological map of clinical pathogens. Both initiatives were presented on Monday, European Antibiotic Awareness Day, by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food (MAPA). According to the ... latest figures collated as part of the PRAN, between 2015 and 2018, Spain reduced the use of antibiotics in human health by 7.2 per cent, and total sales of veterinary antibiotics fell by 52.3 per cent between 2014 and 2018.



Protecting wealth while looking after health


In July and August many traders and money managers will swap the stress of the office and staring into a Bloomberg terminal for relaxing on a beach staring across a glittering azul blue sea. Today's stock market is a 'frenetic' trading machine lubric



Ninety per cent of men will experience prostate problems by the time they are 75


Problems with the prostate gland are the most common cause of health complaints in men over the age of 50. Conditions include prostate cancer and benign hyperplasia, an increase in size of the prostate gland, which is one of the biggest health ... However, "the cure rate is also high if it is detected on time and diagnosed quickly", according to Dr Gómez Pascual. The Hospital Quirónsalud in Malaga commemorated World Prostate Health Day on 15 September by stressing the importance of prevention and ... prostate problems but also to check the health of other organs in the urinary apparatus such as kidneys and bladder," said Francisco Antuña Calle, the joint head of the Urology department at the hospital. Dr Antuña said a routine prostate check-up is



A timely excuse to celebrate a local writer in Malaga

Jennie Rhodes

...profound mysteries and great marvels" and that he "learned administration from ants". Francisco José García Martínez Coordinator "The event celebrates the poet Salvador Rueda who was born in Benaque as well as marking World Mental Health Day" In 1870, ... who lives in the hamlet with his English wife, Theresa, came up with the idea of holding a day in honour of Salvador Rueda. He works for Malaga's mental health team and every year they organise a five-day getaway in the province for service users. ... goes onto explain, "The original idea was to tie it in with World Mental Health Day, which is 10 October, but by then it can be quite chilly up in Benaque, so we've brought it forward over the years." The event, A Viva Voz, now in its third year, will



More than 5,600 people in Andalucía began treatment for alcoholism last year


Ministry of Health and Families. The figures were released to coincide with World No-Alcohol Day in October last year. It tends to be older people who attend the regional government's Outpatient Treatment Centres In fact, very few young people receive ... per cent of people in the region who began treatment last year did so for alcohol addiction. About 40 per cent of those who start treatment do so voluntarily; 30 per cent are referred from GPs or health service staff and 17.5 per cent through ... events on this day to raise awareness of the severity and size of this problem, which in many cases is hidden and not admitted by those who suffer from it because it is considered normal to drink on social occasions. The regional Ministry of Health and



“Hyperthermia can become the fourth pillar in cancer treatment”

j. j. buiza

...have come from all over Spain and even from Switzerland. –Will the day come when it is used by the national health service? –I’m convinced it will, but in several years’ time. I certainly hope so. In countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and ... Germany it is already in use in the national health service. –What do you think research should be focusing on in the fight against cancer? –Chemotherapy has achieved a great deal, but it has gone as far as it can now. The line of research should focus



“Even common everyday tasks became terrifying obstacles for me”

PILAR manzanares

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental condition which is much more common than was previously thought. It is an illness which in many cases interferes considerably in the life of the person affected, and causes a great deal of suffering. Un



17 January 1966: Atomic bombs fall on Andalusian soil


...were made to reassure local residents that there was no threat to their health - a famous photo, seen above, shows then-Minister of Tourism Manuel Fraga in the surf near Palomares, alongside US ambassador Angier Biddle Duke. In reality, however,



Patient goes on rampage in San Pedro health centre because of 15-minute wait


A patient has gone on the rampage, threatening to kill staff in San Pedro health centre, after being told to wait 15 minutes to be seen. The incident happened on Tuesday lunchtime when parts of the building were damaged by the man who had arrived ... demanding he be given some medicine immediately. According to staff union, CSIF, the patient started headbutting glass partition walls in the health centre "cutting his head open". He also overturned a table and cornered nursing staff "until a group of ... "come back to finish them off". San Pedro health centre has also been in the spotlight recently after a doctor was assaulted. The union has called for more security in San Pedro and also at Las Lagunas health centre, Mijas Costa, which they say both



Experts call for obesity to be classified as a chronic illness

Ángel Escalera

...should be considered a chronic disorder and therefore the public health system should pay for a type of medication which enables obese people to lose up to 15 per cent of their excess weight. They believe the health authorities in Spain should classify ... obesity as the same type of chronic illness as the World Health Organisation and American Medical Society have done. The figures Medication to lose weightAn anti-obesity drug which is giving good results in terms of weight loss is Liraglutide 3 ... being fat is a dangerous illness and that obese people should be treated as patients and not marginalised because of their weight. Obesity, which has become a public health problem, is responsible in many cases for the onset of Type 2 diabetes,



Sarah's campaign reaches Ministry

CHARO MÁRQUEZ her difficult situation. They have started a campaign to ask for a better Orthoprosthetic Catalogue to be available on the health service, with higher quality equipment, co-financing and individual study of each case. Sarah and her parents have ... taken this petition in person to the Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, "because it is not the same to see it on social media or in a letter as to look directly into Sarah's eyes", says her father, Ismael. According to the present catalogue, Sarah



UK promises healthcare funding for residents in Spain until end of 2020


...applies to pensioners with S1 forms and others for whom the British government funds their use of the Spanish health service, came shortly after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the care would be covered for just six months after the UK's exit



Running for health in Marbella


More than 400 people took part last weekend in the Carrera por la Promoción de la Salud, a fun fun organised in Marbella by staff at the Costa del Sol Hospital to promote healthy living. This was just one of the events organised to mark the 25th a



UK ambassador talks illegal homes and health in meeting with Junta boss

SUR IN ENGLISH applying for the special public health insurance scheme in the region, the Convenio Especial. Moreno committed the Junta de Andalucía to resolving the issue. Moreno, who was accompanied by regional vice-president Juan Marín, also explained



New Estepona hospital should be open by the end of the year, says Junta


The Junta de Andalucía's Health service has said that it plans to have Estepona's new local hospital up and running by the end of the year. The date comes after the town hall finished the building work on the long-awaited complex in December last ... in expenditure to correct a series of unexpected flaws. The regional health service has already put out to tender the purchase of the X-ray, surgical and clinical equipment and furniture at a cost of some four million euros. However bosses have had



Demands for better health infrastructure

Alberto GÓMEZ.

The poor condition of the Hospital Marítimo and health centres and services in Torremolinos have attracted complaints from council members. The deficiencies were recognised back in 2015 but plans to modernise were paralysed by the crisis. The



New book reveals life-changing advice about mental health issues

Tony Bryant

...ahead. "Immediately upon taking Wayne's suggestions into my own life I saw my own astounding transformation. I felt the most relaxed and happiest I'd ever been. He told me that mental health problems get progressively worse, but that recovery from ... has helped people suffering from every known mental health illness, including severe stress, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. Over the next year, in a series of sessions with Kemp, David ... way that was quite remarkable. As he spoke, he looked directly into my eyes and it was as if he was telling me my own story," the writer explains. After speaking with Kemp and seeing the increasing popularity of self-help and metal-health books,



"We've been able to save lives in Mozambique - that's what is important"


Two local health professionals have been presented the Civil Merit Medal by the Spanish government for their humanitarian work this year in Mozambique. Isabel Ric is an experienced nurse with the 061 emergency services in Malaga, and Luz López is ... disaster and required immediate medical attention. As the health services in Mozambique are insufficient and scarce, the Spanish medical professionals also treated people with chronic illnesses. Isabel Ric and her colleagues began providing care on 2 ... is another world. The health needs are great. People live in houses built with stones, mud and bamboo. Despite everything, the people of Mozambique are happy; if their house falls down, they rebuild it and move on," Isabel Ric explained. "It's been



Celebrating health

Rachel Haynes

Spanish health service - or the Andalusian one in our case - is both better and worse than the UK's NHS. Some residents in Spain say they have received much better attention and treatment here, while others state the opposite. The truth is that both ... the month when the most people fall ill. Perhaps instead we should be drinking to the health of the professionals and of the systems themselves, and to the wisdom of the politicians who could stop skimping and saving in such an important area, improve



Crazy about mental health

...always has to take the first step and show that we do matter. It remains to be seen whether or not they accept us as we are, with our differences,” explained García. At present, eight out of every ten people with mental health problems in Spain are ... unemployed. “Having a proper, motivating job is beneficial for anybody, but for those with mental health problems it is also essential for their recovery and independence,” said Ana Lancho, president of the Madrid association La Barandilla. For 20 years she ... pioneer in Spain in celebrating Mad Pride Day in 2010, although that year they called it El Escandalazo, alluding to the evaluation by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the mental health services in that region, “but whose recommendations were not



The 'blue light' that stops youngsters sleeping

DOMÉNICO CHIAPPE, according to a study carried out by Neuroscience and Public Health institutes in the Netherlands, which was presented recently at the Annual Meeting of the European Endocrinology Society. When these young people have less exposure to the 'blue ... simple measures now, we can avoid greater health problems in forthcoming years," he says. However, once an adolescent becomes quite dependent on using the screen other variables come into play, such as anxiety or the uncontrollable need to be ... the child interacts. Meanwhile the pathologies associated with excessive use of technological devices continue to increase. Child obesity Two other studies have related excessive use of mobile devices with health problems at increasingly earlier



Residents fear for health over petrol station plans

E. C.

Residents who live in the houses nearest to a site earmarked for a new petrol station in Sayalonga are attempting to stop the town hall from building it. They say that the installation will "affect the environment and health" of the community.