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What George left behind on the Costa del Sol


...losses to the tune of 130 million pesetas (780,000 euros). His visit also left its mark in the form of a signed guitar used by the pop star in his Malaga concert. Today, the instrument is kept in a glass case in the municipal Youth Department. We need



Cider vinegar, the cure-all

Denise Bush

glass of water twice a day. ACV is said to lighten age spots and cure acne when dabbed directly on to the skin. Diluted in bath water it can ease sunburn or aching muscles and can be used to whiten teeth. Probably the most well-known use of vinegar is ... as a rinse after shampooing to boost shine and possibly help to clear dandruff. Taking between 1-2 tsps of ACV in a glass of water every morning is said to help maintain a healthy alkaline Ph level and increase energy levels, reduce cholesterol,



Boxing Day swim success

RACHEL ARMSTRONG for a school in The Gambia. Half of the monies raised will go to providing reading glasses for the school." The other half will go to the Duquesa Charitable Society of St George, a charity organisation based in Sabinillas. Despite concerns that



Orion the hunter

KEN CAMPBELL the night sky

Of all the constellations, the most recognisable has to be Orion. The distinct hour glass or butterfly shape contains some of the brightest stars in the night sky and dominates the sky throughout the winter months. ·More information :



The Insider Guide: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Andrew Forbes, and then fine dining on the way back at the end of the day. Vista Dome train PeruRail operates this special train service, with carriages with panoramic glass windows including the roof, affording spectacular views of the valley as it heads


What to do

“A great deal of contemporary art has lost its spiritual element”

Antonio Javier López interview

...decide not to talk to anybody, you communicate with nature, your table, your glass of water... there is always a dialogue going on. I love the moments alone, but I also appreciate being with other people, the communication, the process of learning with



Everything’s changed, but what’s different?

Íñigo Gurruchaga brexit

Parliament shop, which sells official documents, books, crystal glasses and mugs with pictures of famous buildings. The assistant tells us she doesn’t think sales have increased since the EU referendum. Going up through Whitehall we come to Trafalgar



A first taste of the land of his dreams

Mark Nayler reading into spain

...he had no pre-planned route or itinerary - only his final destination, rather randomly decided on, in mind. Lee chose Spain because he knew how to ask for a glass of water in Spanish and because of a hazy childhood dream of “walking down a white




Andrew Forbes travel

...from home and abroad. Smith & Gertrude Wine and cheese – what can be better? Well, this smart bar in Hamilton Place in Stockbridge certainly believes so. Drop in for a glass of wine and some tasty cheese – choose from seasonal Scottish and European



All in a day's work

Rob Palmer

...well be slipping back into his deck-shoes, finding the sun-glasses and requiring a little relaxation time watching the sun set.



New Year's revolution

Peter Edgerton

Christmas gout-inducing levels. Then in February we can have a bit less than in January and so on until December when we can spend a couple of token weeks down at the gym and drink some glasses of water and have a few cream crackers before beginning the



A tasty treasure in Torremolinos


...celery liqueur La Campana opened in Calle de la Cruz in Torremolinos in 1957 and it soon became a popular tavern where locals would congregate over a game of dominoes and a glass of wine. Torremolinos gained recognition at the start of the tourist boom ... in the late 1950s, and La Campana became favoured by the hordes of holidaymakers who visited the town. A glass of red wine cost less than one peseta when Narciso first opened his bar, but probably more appealing to the clients was the huge selection ... Sherries and fragrant liqueurs. One of its most unusual beverages was called 'sopa', a mixture of gin, mint cordial and celery liqueur, which in 1969 cost two pesetas a glass. The large wooden beer fridge has been a feature of the bar since it first



The snowflake generation

Peter Edgerton least fifty per cent playground grit and, also admittedly, the poor chap was wearing glasses but, come on, he'd brought it upon himself hadn't he? I was just making sure the last couple of flakes were correctly inserted into his nostrils, when our ... bellowing something unintelligible about snowballs, grit, faces and boys with glasses being blinded by idiots like me. I'll always be grateful to the two older lads who, just as I was holding out my hand for a damn good thrashing, were shoved directly



'Piercing' the Porcupine sees again

Ignacio LIllo Malaga

...material was then used as a suture. For dogs, cats and many other animals, an intraocular lens is used to replace the natural one, just like in humans. With such a lens being too small to fit into his eye, Piercing would have needed distance glasses had



Aloe Vera, the healthy soft drink of the future


...two glasses a day are recommended to begin with while the body gets used to itAlthough there is no evidence in this respect, pregnant women are being advised not to drink aloe vera until more is known about its effects"At a scientific level, aloe vera ... regarding quantity, but for people who are wary of this type of thing a maximum of two glasses a day is recommended at first, while the organism becomes accustomed to it. Later, when the body is used to it, the amount doesn't matter. "Aloe vera prevents



George Michael's guitar to be moved to MIMMA museum


1930s, 1940s and 1950s, has been kept in a glass case in the municipal Youth Department since it was given to the city by Michael, and will be the focus of a series of activities before it is moved to the museum. One of these activities will take place



The Caminito through scientific lenses


...eye-tracking glasses throughout the journey. Every blink counts. The brain. Brain waves react to the different images that are seen by the visitor, sending data about the emotions that the participant is feeling at the time. Other factors. The study is ... designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, which is why the second phase is carried out immediately after the end of the hike. For the same reason, the glasses are light and are made so that you do not realise you are wearing them. "The majority of ... eye-tracking glasses were connected to a mobile device which stored the information and monitored the person's eyes. "There were several cameras which recorded the eyeball and another which filmed what the participants were seeing," Carrasco explained.



Beatriz Ros goes hunting

Antonio Javier López Marbella

...lying down like an arrow in a violet field, in another video of 'La boca'. And opposite the screen, a display case has ten spikes, made with glass from a television screen. "The thing that reflects us and injures us," she says. Nothing is accidental



Behind a surname

Rachel Haynes

...or "daughter of", is treated equally or not in society. Spain still carries the "machista" stigma, but neither country fares too well in the daily race to equality. Breaking the "glass ceiling" is a work-in-progress worldwide, but numerous scenes in