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Gibraltar's Skywalk to close for repairs from 29 June

Debbie Bartlett

The famous Skywalk is due to be closed from Monday 29 June until 8 July so repairs to the glass platform can be carried out. Douglas Path will also be closed during the same period. The Skywalk is 340 metres directly above sea level with



Watermelon, not just a refreshing summer snack


Cookery, by Amelia Simmons (1796) includes a recipe for pickled watermelon rinds. To make it, remove the flesh and the green part and chop it up. Put the rind in a large glass container and let it rest for 12 hours covered with six parts water to one part



Silent Friday in silent Malaga


Malaga is famous for its Semana Santa religious celebrations. This year its streets are silent. Silence is usual on Good Friday when the last procession of the day passes by. The owner of the Glass and Crystal Museum, Gonzalo Fernández-Prieto, has



Recycled glass campaign to benefit breast cancer victims

Tony Bryant

More than 225 kilos of glass has been collected during the 'Recycling Glass for Them' cancer campaign that was held in Torremolinos last month. The campaign, now in its fourth year, was organised by Ecovidrio, a non-profit entity responsible for ... managing the recycling of glass-packaging waste in Spain. The initiative was launched on World Breast Cancer Day, when two pink containers were installed in front of the town hall, in which residents were asked to place their waste glass. The proceeds ... from the recycled glass, which this year had seen an increase of 13 per cent, were donated to the Sandra Ibarra Cancer Foundation. Torremolinos was awarded the green flag for recycling in the initiative 'Green Flags for Sustainability', which



New glasses allow the blind to read and recognise faces


glasses. Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence, it gives more independence to blind people. "They no longer have to depend on anybody to order in a restaurant, for example," the company explained. The reading of texts such as newspapers, ... products in the supermarket, or to differentiate between different amounts of money. The equipment is the size of a pen-drive and is made up of a 13 megapixel camera, two LEDs for light, a speaker, a microphone and magnets to connect it to the glasses ... what the glasses read self destructs," in order to maintain the privacy of the user, so it is safe for bank paperwork, for example. Currently, the main problem is the price: 'MyEye' costs 4,500 euros. The glasses are only available in Malaga's Roca



World's most expensive Christmas tree unveiled in Estepona

Ash Bolton

...showstopper in our hotel lobby and we're certain it will make guests' time spent at the hotel during the festive season that bit more splendid." The tree also features unique martini glasses, feathers, perfume bottles, 3D printed chocolate peacocks and



An Andalusian retreat to wellness

Andrew Forbes and mug of lemon verbena tea. Instead I indulged in a glass of chilled Ronda white wine, slumped among decorative Indian mirror cushions, beneath an ornate pagoda - and watched the sunset. Now that's my kind of wellness retreat!



Elderly man is gagged and threatened in home in Fuengirola


Three Spaniards, aged 26 to 39, were arrested in Fuengirola after an elderly man was found gagged and tied up inside his home. The man was deceived by the female in the group, who asked for a glass of water, claiming that her car had broken down.



Green light for bigger glass museum in Malaga


The expansion of the Museo de Vidrio y Cristal (Glass Museum) in Malaga received the initial green light from city hall last week for a detail study to take place. The plan is for the museum to annex 145.27 square metres of land in which a new



Every wine has its glass


“Drinking wine from any old glass is equivalent to listening to music from a transistor rather than from an HD radio,” says Paul Melendo, oenologist and commercial representative for Riedel, the world leader in the production of wine glasses ... . “Nowadays we design specific glasses to highlight the characteristics of each grape variety. The ultimate goal is that the aromas develop well and that the journey through the mouth is balanced, and for that the shape of the glass is fundamental,” explained ... Melendo. Until the middle of the 20th century, wine glasses where designed to be things of beauty: carved crystal, whimsical shapes... But, after the Second World War, Claus J. Riedel, the ninth generation of a family of Czech glass manufacturers,



How to break the glass ceiling


...what experts call the 'glass ceiling', although De la Calle refers to it as the 'concrete ceiling': the series of invisible barriers which women come up against as they advance towards postions of greater responsibility. It is something which was ... was quite often ignored; in clinical sessions they would listen to a male colleague rather than me” Lourdes García Ortiz, President of the Provincial Court “Sometimes we put the glass ceiling there ourselves unwittingly, because of unequal roles” ... to mention just a few examples, as shown by the graphic which accompanies this report - so how is it possible that they have still not managed to break the 'glass ceiling' and reach the top of the pyramid? Why are so many women still lower down?



Three Costa towns receive 'green igloo' awards for recycling glass


Manilva, Casares and Fuengirola have received 'green igloo' (the nickname given to bottle banks in Spain) awards from the Ecovidrio recycling organisation in recognition of the levels of glass recycled throughout all three municipalities. ... Ecovidrio launched a summer initiative, 'Take note, recycle glass', during which 220 tonnes of glass were recycled in Manilva, a four per cent increase compared to the same period last year. Some 37 hotels and establishments in Manilva were involved in the ... initiative. Casares recycled 141 tonnes of glass as part of the summer plan, a nine per cent increase on last year. Fuengirola, meanwhile, recycled 673 tonnes of glass, up 11 per cent. The awards were handed over by the president of the Mancomunidad of



Don't get me wrong

Peter Edgerton

...what they're praising. It goes like this. "I love the European Union but I haven't got a clue who those blokes in glasses are who make the laws." "Blimey, that Donald Trump is a vacuous, crass and vulgar man isn't he? Tell you what though, he's



Anyone for tapas?


...invited to have a drink at a bar in Cadiz, but, as would have been the case everywhere, the place was buzzing with flies. The conscientious barmen, to protect the sovereign's drink, placed a small piece of cured ham on top of the glass - and voilà - the



Enjoy a glass of wine and live music in the vineyards this summer


Various bodegas in the province of Malaga are offering more than just wine tasting this summer; some are offering concerts and art exhibitions to enjoy with a glass of wine in your hand. The pioneer of this idea was the Descalzos Viejos vineyard in



Youths held for chucking glass bottles at homeless


Five teenagers, aged 15 and 16 years, have been arrested for allegedly throwing glass bottles at a group of homeless people who were sleeping on a central Malaga beach. The reported incident occurred a few days ago and the alarm was first raised



Don’t buy pre-assembled glasses

p. manzanares

Many adults buy pre-assembled over-the-counter spectacles, but experts say this is the wrong thing to do. These glasses are prefabricated on an industrial basis, often without the quality controls which are needed for health-related products of this ... type. “It is absolutely impossible for these glasses to be adapted to an individual’s vision. All of us see distance differently in each eye, and often even variations in height. This has to be carefully measured and taken into account when making ... spectacles, and the optical centre of the lens has to be in exactly the right place for each person. What often happens is that the graduation between the two eyes is very similar, but that doesn’t mean it is the same. In a pair of glasses, each eye needs a



Two teenagers die as glass side falls out of lift

M.A. madrid

Two teenagers died in Madrid on Tuesday afternoon after the glass side of the lift in a block of flats where one of them lived apparently gave way while they lent against it. They fell through the lift shaft from the ninth floor while attending an



‘Glow of Aurora’ glass art visits Fuengirola

Tony Bryant Fuengirola

An exhibition promoting the best Finnish glass designers of the last century will be on show in the Casa de la Cultura in Fuengirola in April. As part of a series of events to commemorate the centenary of Finland’s Declaration of Independence, El ... Resplandor de la Aurora Boreal - the glow of Aurora - consists mostly of the collection of decorative glass belonging to Professor Hannu Vuori. The exhibition takes its name from the Aurora Borealis, a natural light display predominantly seen in the Arctic ... and Antarctic regions. Exhibits include an array of finely crafted vases, bottles and decorative objects, as well as revolutionary Modernist designs. The intricate patterns and stripes of the glass art is complex and some of the objects contain



Lift to be installed in Parque La Batería

Tony Bryant

Torremolinos town hall has announced plans for a lift to be installed in the Parque La Batería to facilitate access to Avenida Carlota Alessandri and the beaches of La Carihuela. The glass-fronted lift, which is expected to cost approximately



Having a (not so) smashing time


...largely due to my clumsy lack of attention, possibly aided by a gin and tonic too many and also a very waggy tail attached to a happy, black labrador. Our glass collection was my pride and joy. This is because it was a farewell gift when I left my ... dog and cats became fascinated by the disaster scene and had to be locked up while the shards of glass were swept up. I did a painstakingly thorough job and placed all the debris into a plastic bag. It was only when I walked into an adjoining room ... will eat anythingBroken glass is something which pet owners should be acutely aware of. Pets are curious and seek out something which suddenly appears, especially if it causes a commotion with humans. They paw it and sniff it, even bite it and all



Calle Larios will remain a sight to behold until the end of Carnival


The enormous arc which has been suspended over calle Larios since the start of Christmas will remain in place for an extra month. The council has confirmed that the structure will be reused for the Carnival festivities, but the cathedral windows will


What to do

Open air concerts and exhibitions during the summer

denise Bush

Hacienda Moreno. 15€. Mike Sterling is well known for his West End performances in the much loved musicals The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Evita. Ticket price includes glass of cava and tapa. Tickets from the ARCH Centre, ARCH Charity Shop



Anyone for a beer bath?

Mark Nayler

...adopted home city of Granada. The idea of bathing in beer, with a glass of wonderful Alhambra (Granada's local brew) in hand seemed like a spa experience that I could finally get on board with. So this Monday, I went along to experience Spain's first ever



Drink less to keep the Christmas weight at bay


Nowadays, any sort of celebration involves drinking. During the festive period it is all too easy to end up drinking copious amounts of alcohol. It could be a spirit and mixer, a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail. Social events, dinners, and ... kcal. A can of lager (330ml). 105 kcal. A small glass of wine (100ml). 70 kcal. A glass of vermouth (100ml). 140 kcal. Spirits (50ml). 140 kcal (not including mixer). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a woman should not consume ... higher or lower calorie content, so a glass of an alcoholic drink, according to its size and what kind of drink it is, will have a higher of lower calorie content.” Calculating the calories To know how much of one drink to consume you should check the



British man arrested following brutal Mijas bar brawl faces extradition

fernando torres / juan cano

Torrenueva because there were signs that there might be activity inside. Shortly afterwards, the fight escalated and the noise of furniture and glass breaking could be heard from outside. Once back-up arrived, the participants in the brawl ran out of the


What to do

Exhibitions, music and culture around Malaga province

denise bush

...chili con carne with rice and a glass of wine, beer or a soft drink. Tickets: Lions’ charity shop La Cala. Call: 637185533. Music and comedy night Sotogrande. 15 August, from 7pm. Centro Comercial Sotomarket, Local 3C. 15€. The event is to



Julieta, pleased to see visitors again

Ivan Gelibter

...which have been introduced include the provision of hand sanitisers and constant cleaning of glass and fencing. This is the first leisure park (the category includes theme parks, zoos and aquariums) to have reopened in Malaga province and one of the



Hidden Andalucía, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

...including the Gorham’s Cave Complex; as well as the nearby WWII tunnels; and more recent attractions including the Windsor Suspension Bridge and glass Skywalk. Just keep an eye out for those naughty Barbary macaques!



Days and confused

Peter Edgerton

...reassure yourself that everyone is still very much guessing about everything and that the vaguely random numbers being quoted hither and thither can be interpreted in an either positive or negative light, depending on whether you're a glass half full or ... glass half empty kind of person. Fill your wine glass, just to emphasise the point - don't bother with the cheese, it was a smokescreen and you know it. Finally, look at your watch, yawn, clean your teeth and turn in for the night, scratching your


What to do

Art, music and culture during the lockdown

Denise Bush

...available on for 23 hours. 20 June. Philip Glass’s Akhnaten. Starring Dísella Lárusdóttir, J’Nai Bridges, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Aaron Blake, Will Liverman, Richard Bernstein, and Zachary James, conducted by Karen Kamensek. Fro ... Satyagraha MET m November 23, 2019. 21 June Ph ilip Glass’s Satyagraha. Starring Rachelle Durkin, Richard Croft, Kim Josephson, and Alfred Walker, conducted by Dante Anzolini. From November 19, 2011. The Royal Opera House The ROH have announced ... Glass exhibition Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Málaga. The museum are now posting photos of their stunning collection on Facebook. Galle, Lalique,Baccarat, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, car mascots, studio glass, ancient and contemporary



The generous guiri


Kristjan Rahu is a young man of 72, who looks friendly and good-natured with a round face and square glasses. I know because his photographs are on Google. Google is a dangerous thing; I bet you've tried to look yourselves up and been surprised by



George Michael's guitar to be moved to MIMMA museum


1930s, 1940s and 1950s, has been kept in a glass case in the municipal Youth Department since it was given to the city by Michael, and will be the focus of a series of activities before it is moved to the museum. One of these activities will take place



Cooking with preserved foods


...submerging it in liquid (fat, salt water or syrup) in glass jars sealed with wax in a bain-marie. Although Napoleon never used the method, Appert's life was changed forever; he started a new industry making preserves. Unlike Napoleon, the British Navy ... quickly adopted the new system, replacing the fragile glass jars with tins. The canned food soon eradicated deaths from scurvy onboard ship as the canning process preserved the vitamins in the fruit and vegetables. It also meant that there were no longer ... foods (meat, fish, vegetables and fresh fruit) preserved in glass jars or cans are immersed in the covering liquid, which can be the cooking liquid (light brine for vegetables, cooked beans, fresh fish or sausages for example), its own juices (canned



Chicago, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

Stay: LondonHouse Chicago From people-watching in the light-filled second floor glass lobby bar, to enjoying an artisan cocktail accompanied with stunning river and skyline views from the stylish 22rd floor roof terrace, LondonHouse ... with adjacent new glass tower, creating a 450-room property with early to mid-century style guest rooms with vintage design details and smart technology like keyless room entry using your phone. LondonHouse.SUR The Robey The Robey, a 69-room ... the ‘Ledge’ for the best photos - completely glass cubes hanging out over the city from the 103rd floor! 360 Chicago at the Hancock Centre This observation deck is one of the oldest but still one of the best. There’s also the opportunity to see



Local filmmaker captures the global lockdown in 10-minute video

Jennie Rhodes

...police officers dancing to Resistiré to famous musicians performing music from their own houses, as well as Italian neighbours cheering with wine glasses extended on sticks and a dog being taken for a walk by a drone. It also encapsulates the more



The cultural heart of Malaga beats again


Eduardo Texeira came through the glass entrance doors and was the first person to pass the camera which automatically measures body temperature without them having to stop and be manually checked. "I read in the paper that the museums were going to open


What to do

Around the galleries

Denise Bush

...which look for the relationship between human beings and the environment. These recent works by Valldosera are videos shown in Espacio 5 in the gallery. Malaga Glass Museum.SUR Las Huellas de Dibujo Malaga. Until 13 April. Sala de Exposiciones ... Manuel Barbadillo de Málaga.. Twenty two contemporary works by the Asociación de Artistas Plásticos de Málaga on display. Malaga Glass Museum Malaga. Permanent exhibition. Plazuela Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre. The glass museum has has an ... extensive collection of glass including two glass panels that have been painstakingly restored, made by the Spanish company Mauméjean. Imagination Museum Malaga. Permanent exhibition. Calle Martínez Campos 13, Soho. Toys, drawings, contraptions and