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5 February 1985: The Gibraltar-Spain border fully reopens

Alekk M. SAanders

...unhindered to visit family members on either side of the divide. In 1954, Spain began to impose various additional restrictions in response to news that Queen Elizabeth II would visit the Rock. Gibraltar was effectively isolated by Francisco Franco when he



20 November 1975: The death of General Francisco Franco

Jennie Rhodes

On 20 November 1975, Spain's military dictator, General Francisco Franco, died aged 82 in Madrid. On 19 July 1974, Franco fell ill from various health problems, and Juan Carlos I took over as acting head of state. Franco recovered and on 2 ... September he resumed his duties as head of state. A year later he fell ill again, afflicted with further health problems, including a long battle with Parkinson's disease. Franco's last public appearance was on 1 October 1975 when he gave a speech to ... claimed that he had been told around 6pm on 19 November that Franco had already died. Juan Carlos was proclaimed King two days later. Franco's funeral took place on 23 November and his body was interred at Valle de los Caídos, a memorial built by the



Family of Franco to hand over historic house 'for time being'


The grandchildren of late dictator General Franco have agreed to "provisionally" hand over to the State the running of a country mansion in Galicia which they inherited. The Pazo de Meirás estate was a favourite home of Franco but its ownership is ... highly controversial. The family says Franco legally acquired it in 1941. A court sentence recently said that the historic house really belonged to the government. The grandchildren have always argued that it was a gift to Franco as a private



2 April 1940: Lorca’s Poet in New York is first published

David Balmer

On 2 April 1940, A Poet in New York by Andalusian poet Federico García Lorca, was first published. The work, written during Lorca’s time in New York between 1929 and 1930, was not published in Spain at this time due to the Franco regime’s ... to flee Spain, taking the manuscript with him. It was eventually published in Mexico and the United States on 2 April 1940. American poet Rolfe Humphries translated the work into English. Lorca’s work remained highly censored throughout the Franco



Pasaje Begoña in Torremolinos, now a Place of Tourist Interest

alberto gómez

Almost fifty years after it was raided by police and some 139 people were arrested, Pasaje Begoña in Torremolinos, a passageway of mostly bars that had become a refuge for the LGBT+ community during the Franco dictatorship, has been declared a Place



New law to get even tougher on remnants of Franco's regime


The Cabinet approved on Tuesday plans for a new law to redress the remaining effects of the Franco dictatorship on Spanish life and replace existing 'Memoria Histórica' (Historical Memory) legislation, in force since 2007. The new 'Memoria ... Democrática' (Democratic Memory) rules will, among other wide-ranging measures, convert the infamous Spanish Civil War monumental cemetery at Valle de los Caídos into a civil cemetery and monks will stop overseeing it. Last year General Franco's body was ... removed from there to a private cemetery. The law will also ban charitable associations that defend totalitarian regimes, among them the foundation dedicated to General Franco. Government vice-president Carmen Calvo said it would be a law to help



Country is in official mourning until 6 June


Spain entered a period of official mourning for victims of coronavirus this week. The ten days started on Wednesday and ends at midnight on 6 June. It is the longest period of national mourning since the death of General Franco. Flags outside



In denial

Mark Nayler cash and favours counted more than policies. This would have considerable symbolic impact, much as the relocation of Franco's remains did in October 2019, but it wouldn't change anything by itself. After all, it wasn't the building that was



'Only reality could save me, even if the world caved in'

ALEKK M. SAANDERS International Transgender Day of Visibility

...make friends with only her Spanish and perfect French, but she found more understanding in an Anglican parish that gave a place to transvestites. In the Catholic church during the Franco dictatorship, such freedom was unimaginable. A photograph from



Franco flag flies over city hall as Malaga time travels back to wartime


The old Spanish flag from General Franco's dictatorship flew outside Malaga city hall last Sunday as British director John Madden shot part of his latest film project, Operation Mincemeat. The Local Police were the most useful allied forces for ... flowing under the Franco-era ensign. Madden, who directed Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love, could be seen taking various shots of a man dressed as an official walking into city hall. The scenes were all carefully choreographed with dozens of



'Franco Lives' graffiti appears on Nerja walls

Eugenio Cabezas

Around a dozen graffitied messages saying 'Franco Vive' (Franco Lives) appeared on buildings around Nerja on Wednesday morning, including one near the Balcón de Europa. The vandalism coincides with the 44th anniversary of the former dictator's



Tributes paid to one of Gib's 'national treasures'

Debbie Bartlett

...experienced the evacuation of the Rock during WWII and the years when Franco closed the border and tried to bring Gibraltar to its knees. A much-loved member of the community, she will be sadly missed.



22 May 1940: Gibraltar is evacuated in the Second World War

Debbie Bartlett

It is a largely unknown fact that during WW2 the British government decided to turn Gibraltar into a fortress to stop Hitler and Franco seizing it, and ordered all women, children, the elderly and infirm to be evacuated to make room for the troops.



Local Costa priest officiates at Franco's reburial mass


A parish priest in a Malaga dormitory town was chosen by the Franco family to celebrate the reburial mass of the late dictator on Thursday. Ramón Tejero is priest at the parish church in La Cala del Moral, part of Rincón de la Victoria, east of ... of the Valle de los Caídos monastery at the new resting place of Franco's body at the Mingorrubio cemetery outside Madrid. Ramón Tejero has been parish priest at the Santa Ana church in La Cala del Moral for 18 years and the church square is named



Government closes Valle de los Caídos ahead of Franco's exhumation


Francisco Franco will be exhumed from his resting place in the Valle de los Caídos before 25 October and his remains later transferred to the Mingorrubio cemetery in El Pardo (Madrid), it has been announced. The operation is expected to take place



Revealing the mysteries of Mijas in aid of worthy causes

Tony Bryant

...and its effect on Mijas. One of his points of interest is the house of Manuel Cortés, the Mijas mayor who spent 30 years hiding in a secret room of his home to avoid arrest during Franco's dictatorship. As well, the walk includes the route to the



From Julen to Franco, a review of some of the year's news stories

Debbie Bartlett

Franco's remains are moved out of the Valley of the Fallen The remains of the late dictator General Franco were removed from the Valle de Los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) mausoleum and memorial to the Spanish Civil War and placed in a simpler, family ... Franco's death in 1975 ahead of the eventual restoration of democracy. Despite efforts by Franco's family and supporters to block the reburial, the Supreme Court found in favour of the government and allowed it to go ahead. Franco's remains are carried



Spain bans 8-M International Women's Day demonstrations in Madrid


Manuel Franco, had been willing to authorise demonstrations of fewer than 500 people but on Thursday 4 March, he said, “A decision has been taken to prohibit, for public health reasons, all the demonstrations and gatherings organised, at a time when the



General Franco is moved from Valley of the Fallen on government orders after 44 years


The remains of late dictator General Franco were moved on Thursday from the Valle de Los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) mausoleum and memorial to the Spanish Civil War and placed in a simpler, family tomb in a small public cemetery outside Madrid. ... In a highly symbolic moment for many Spaniards, the acting government, controlled by the PSOE Socialist party, carried out its promise to have the coffin removed from where it was placed on Francisco Franco's death in 1975 ahead of the eventual ... restoration of democracy. Local Costa priest officiates at Franco's reburial mass Despite efforts by Franco's family and supporters to block the reburial, the Supreme Court recently found in favour of the government and allowed it to go ahead. Franco



6 December 1978: Spain ratifies Constitution of 1978

Tony Bryant

On Wednesday 6 December 1978, the people of Spain voted in a referendum to ratify the new Spanish Constitution. The vote marked the culmination of the Spanish transition to democracy after the death of General Francisco Franco. The new



Survivors mark 83 years since the Desbandá

matías Stuber

Survivors, their families and politicians gathered at the Peñon del Cuervo in La Cala del Moral last Saturday to mark 83 years since the Desbandá, the name given to the flight of thousands of people from Malaga on 8 February 1937 as Franco's troops



Reburial of Franco's body is halted by Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has blocked the acting government's plan to exhume the body of dictator General Franco from his ceremonial resting place next Monday, 10 June. The ban on reburial is temporary while objections are heard and comes after Franco ... 's descendants and the foundation set up to defend his legacy objected to the plan. When the Socialist government took over last June, one of its first decisions was to take Franco out of the Valle de los Caídos, a large monument in the mountains near Madrid ... dedicated by Franco to victims of the Spanish Civil War. His body has had pride of place there since his death in 1975. The government rejected the family's compromise of burying him in the crypt of Madrid's cathedral and went ahead with their plan to bury



8 June 1969: Franco closes Gibraltar border


On 8 June 1969 Spain closed the border with Gibraltar. The decision came when General Franco was angered at the prospect of Gibraltar's new Constitution. He feared this would negatively effect Spain's sovereignty claim over the Rock, which had been ... supplies were to be cut off. The approximately 4,800 Spanish citizens who lost their jobs in Gibraltar were reassured by the Franco regime that they would not suffer in any way whatsoever. They would receive money for enough time to enable them to find ... protests and demands for the border to be reopened. The closure tore families apart. Gibraltar turned to Morocco for labour and food, and strengthened its ties with the UK. The closure also shaped Gibraltarians'sense of identity as a people. Franco



Franco's body can be moved, says Supreme Court, but not quite yet


The Supreme Court in Madrid has unanimously backed the government and said that the remains of General Franco can be removed from their ceremonial resting place in the Valle de los Caídos monument, outside Madrid, and placed in a simpler grave. ... Socialist-PSOE party to move the body, citing recent Historical Memory law which says the controversial Valle de Los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) site must only hold victims of the Spanish Civil War. As Franco died naturally, he shouldn't be there, the Supreme ... the Franco family's lawyer said they will appeal to the Constitutional Court. There is also other court action under way to stop the removal, including a claim that planning permission is needed to move the two-tonne gravestone in the listed site. In



From history teaching to historical memory

Debbie Bartlett

...imposed by Covid-19. In a way, Margarita has always been quite a pioneer. When she first went to university, Franco was still alive and the subjects she chose - History and Geography - were unusual for women at the time. There were still many ... instrumental in locating his body and ensuring that he was buried with dignity. She still recalls her grandmother's pain at the loss of her brother. Another great-uncle was recruited by Franco's troops and died after being sent to the front. The family have ... Gibraltar border by Franco was portrayed in the Spanish, Gibraltarian and English press. It was while chatting to colleagues in the archive that the idea was proposed of forming an association to manage and promote the Casa de la Memoria, raise awareness of



Military honours "requested" for Franco


The family of General Franco, who are opposed to his reburial away from the Valle de los Caídos Spanish Civil War memorial, have reportedly identified another site for the late dictator if the government goes ahead with its plan. They say they want ... him buried in the family tomb in the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral, in the centre of Madrid. There are also reports that the seven grandchildren of Franco are asking for him to be reburied with military honours, including the singing of the



Town halls told to take down last Franco symbols


The Ministry for Justice has asked the 656 municipalities in Spain that still have street names or symbols linked to the dictatorship of General Franco to remove them and comply with a 2007 law. According to government data, there are 1,171 ... streets, squares and avenues with names such as Calle General Franco or Plaza Falange Española, as well as less obvious ones linked to military or political figures. The regions with most offending names are Castilla y León (259) and Castilla-La Mancha



Spain complains to the Vatican over criticism of its policy on Franco's reburial


The government was due to make a formal complaint on Thursday to the Vatican over comments made by the Pope's ambassador in Spain about the handling of the planned exhumation of the remains of General Franco. The Papal Nuncio to Madrid, Renzo ... bring Franco back to life? I say they've brought him back to life. Leaving him alone was better. Most people, politicians, have got hold of this idea because 40 years have passed since the death. He's done what he's done, God will judge." Madrid



1 November 1910: The anarchist CNT union is founded

FRANK GAVURIN government, when moderates who had called for compromise and government participation were forced out. When Franco's forces rose up against the Spanish state in 1936, the CNT played a key role in the defence of several cities that stayed in ... Barcelona. The end result was CNT concessions in the direction of a more disciplined and centralised anti-Franco front, which were nevertheless not enough to prevent the General's victory in 1939. The proscription of the CNT and persecution of its members ... followed. Despite being legalised again after Franco's death in 1975, it has so far failed to regain its former strength and is now dwarfed by the Workers Commissions and UGT. It currently claims to have 50,000 members.



26 February 1981: Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo becomes Spanish PM

Debbie Bartlett

Primo de Rivera, was assassinated in the run-up to the Spanish Civil War. Leopoldo, who had a degree in civil engineering, had previously been the president of the national railway company Renfe, among other appointments. Following the death of Franco



A street in Álora, in Denmark


...extent, as Calle Alemania. That name dates back to the Spanish Civil War, because the government of Francisco Franco gave some streets the names of fascist countries, such as Germany or Italy. The change back to the original names was carried out during



Relatives and foundation lodge appeals against government decree to rebury Franco on 10 June


The PSOE government has said that it will go ahead and rebury the body of General Franco on 10 June and will not wait for the Supreme Court to rule on the family's appeal. Ministers have said that they will take the coffin from the Valley of the ... Fallen monument and place it in El Pardo cemetery alongside Franco's wife. Other parties said it is more political statement than reality, coming ahead of the 28 April general election. Franco's relatives, the Francisco France National Foundation



22 November 1975: Juan Carlos I is made King of Spain

Debbie Bartlett

On 22 November 1975, two days after the death of dictator General Francisco Franco, Prince Juan Carlos was sworn in as King of Spain. Franco had ruled with an iron hand for 36 years, after winning the 1936 to 1939 civil war, so this was a turning ... point in the country's history and transition towards democracy. Normally, Juan Carlos would not have acceded to the throne because his father, Don Juan de Borbón, was still alive. However, in 1969 Franco had announced that he had designated the young



15 January 2012: The death of Manuel Fraga, founder of the PP

Jennie Rhodes

On 15 January 2012 Manuel Fraga, Franco's tourism and information minister, who went on to found the Alianza Popular - the forerunner to today's Partido Popular party - died of heart failure in Madrid. Fraga, (Villalba, Lugo, 23 November 1922) had ... risen through the ranks of Franco's regime during the 1950s and '60s and became minister for tourism and information in 1966. As tourism minister, Fraga particularly focused on encouraging foreign visitors to the Costas and was the person behind the ... the role of Spanish ambassador to the UK until Franco's death in November 1975. After the dictator's death, Fraga became deputy prime minister under King Juan Carlos I's interim government and in September 1976 he formed the Alianza Popular party,



Franco-era window removed


Work to remove the stained glass window in Marbella town hall, which features symbols from General Franco's era, has begun. The nine-metre-tall window weighs 80 kilograms and builders are working from 10-metre-high scaffolding. The old window



Prior of Valle de los Caídos refuses to allow Franco's remains to be removed


The latest complication has emerged in the government's quest to exhume the remains of dictator General Franco from his ceremonial resting place and rebury him somewhere less controversial. Santiago Cantera, prior of the Valle de los Caídos ... (Valley of the Fallen) monastery, which is responsible for the basilica in the Madrid mountains where Franco is buried, has said that he won't allow anyone in to take away the coffin when the time comes. Government sources have said that it is hardly ... surprising that the prior has objected as he has a far-right political past. The Socialist government has pledged to remove Franco, who many consider to be inappropriately buried in the gigantic Spanish Civil War monument. But it is taking much longer than



What life was like in Franco's women's prison in Malaga


...the Franco regime had already found them guilty and sentenced them. Thousands of women were jailed for simply being related to a suspected subversionist, or sometimes simply for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn't go down ... communist". Even when freed, life wasn't much easier. The stigma of having been imprisoned stayed with most of these women all their lives, and they usually had to try to feed their families while earning miserable salaries. Only after Franco died, once the