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Frying pan or fire?

Ángel Escalera

They say that when a man had been given a death sentence by a judge, he was asked if he would prefer to die by hanging or being garotted. His answer, which was completely ignored by the insensitive executioner, was: "I want to live!" Which of cour



Dead grateful

Peter Edgerton

...courtesy shown hitherto, now chooses to jump around like Yosemite Sam, breathing the fire of righteous indignation through his nostrils. After all these years, I finally understand why Jonesy used to walk around school with a permanent expression of



Police believe Marbella beach club fire could have been started intentionally

charo márquez

The National Police have launched an investigation into a potential arson attack after a fire broke out at the Naô Pool beach club in Nueva Andalucía, managed by the son of Marbella businesswoman Olivia Valère, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. ... The damage only affected part of the exterior of the club which was able to open the next day, albeit two hours later than planned, as its essential services were not affected. At the same time as the fire broke out, firefighters in Marbella also had ... to respond to reports of three cars ablaze in the Bello Horizonte residential development. Early signs suggest that the fire at the beach club could have been intentional and a link to the vehicles has not yet been ruled out.



Australia on fire


It wasn't the first time that Australian winemaker James Tilbrook had seen his future hanging by a thread, dependent on what would happen in the next few hours. WINE OF THE WEEK Monte Real Reserva Bodegas Riojanas was one of the very first wine



Fire breaks out in flat on Balcón de Europa in Nerja

eugenio cabezas

Around 20 people were evacuated from their homes after a fire broke out in a top floor flat on Nerja's Balcón de Europa on Wednesday morning. The owner of the flat, former councillor and architect, Bernardo Pozuelo, was alerted to the incident ... while in a nearby café. He said that the fire had destroyed "a lot of wood and books" in the home which he was in the process of moving out of in order to sell. Initial investigations suggest the fire was caused by a short circuit in the sauna.



Trees planted to repopulate area affected by Cómpeta forest fire in 2014


Around 100 Cómpeta residents, including a number of foreigners, helped to plant 250 pine trees in the Sierra Almijara mountains near the village last week. The area was severely affected by a fire in 2014, which destroyed around 220 hectares of ... forest and 20 hectares of urban land. The town hall, which organised the event, said the objective was to repopulate the area with the species of tree lost during the fire.



British pensioner dies in Torremolinos flat fire


A British man aged 79 died in a fire at his home in Torremolinos last Saturday morning. Neighbours raised the alarm at the ten-storey block of flats on the Avenida de Benálmadena in the resort. Emergency services found the Briton's body inside.



Lightning thought to have caused Benalgalbón beach bar fire

Eugenio Cabezas

The Amalia beach bar on Torre de Benagalbón's promenade was completely burned out after a fire broke out in the building in the early hours of last Saturday morning. Despite the rainfall and firefighters' attempts to put out the flames, the bar ... was completely gutted. Guardia Civil officers are carrying out an investigation into the origin of the fire, which is thought to have been caused either by a lightning strike or an electrical fault.



The virus is still with us

Ángel Escalera

(our hands) frequently, wear a face mask and keep a physical distance from others, avoiding crowds. We all know that he who avoids fire, avoids getting burnt. And here, what could burn us is our overconfidence, believing that the coronavirus has gone



Man who set fire to partner’s house on trial

alvaro frías/juan cano

A man is on trial accused of setting fire to his partner’s flat after an argument in April 2018. The man also allegedly threatened his partner in front of his two children. Neighbours heard him shouting “I’m going to rip your head off and cut you ... up”. The accused and the victim used to live together in a rented flat in the Parque del Sur district of Malaga. The flat owner claims that over 20,000 euros of damage was caused by the fire. Prosecutors believe that the accused should be handed a



Arantxa and Adriana fire Femenino to deserved victory

silvia rodríguez. adg

Malaga Femenino picked up three points from their visit to Levante B on Saturday, and could easily have returned to the Costa del Sol with a far better goal difference than their 2-1 victory gave them. Although the visitors were the superior team f



Investigation concludes Moliere Playa beach bar fire was started by accident


The Moliere Playa beach bar on the Torremolinos promenade was "completely destroyed", according to several witnesses, after a fire swept through the premises on Saturday afternoon. The flames, which were first noted around noon, quickly burned the ... bar's structure and were carried by the wind to several palm trees nearby. An investigation into the event, which fortunately did not result in any injuries, concluded that the fire was started by accident. Five teams from the Torremolinos fire ... waste from the area around the establishment. The Local Police's help was also required to cordon off the area and divert traffic onto alternative routes with the smoke impeding visibility. Imminent closure Prior to the fire, the beach bar's owners



In case of fire


...of fire. What starts as a carelessly discarded cigarette butt or a spark can, within minutes, develop into a raging inferno as the fire gathers speed over the parched undergrowth. We have all attended fire drills in hotels, on board ships or in ... offices and many regard it as a bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously - after all fire is something which happens to someone else. Perhaps we unconsciously reject an unpleasant thing from our minds and instead dwell on more desirable things. The ... simple fact is fire is real and is a threat to every household. Everyone should have a fire plan, especially if you have pets, as they rely on you for their guidance. Circumstances vary but a few basic rules apply. I believe it is vital to keep a collar



Reforming the reforms

Mark Nayler

Spain’s new leftist government has made its first amendment to the controversial labour laws introduced by Mariano Rajoy in 2012. Announced by labour minister Yolanda Díaz this week, the reform will make it less easy for companies to fire workers



Peppers, from fire to sweetness


Christopher Columbus did not return from his first trip to America in triumph. The 'West Indies' he had reached by sailing westwards lacked the valuable spices he had gone to look for. Therefore, in his audience with the Catholic Monarchs, he focused



Three killed and six injured in Catalan factory explosion


...employee died in hospital on Wednesday. The explosion caused shock waves over a wide area and fire broke out at the plant. Initially local residents were told to stay indoors because of fear of toxic gas. However emergency services later said that it was



Benahavís fire near La Zagaleta is controlled


Last Saturday night the fear of forest fire near Marbella became real again with an outbreak in the Sierra Palmitera nature reserve, next to the La Zagaleta luxury development, in Benahavís municipality. More than 70 firefighters and coordinators ... worked to bring the blaze under control with other emergency services. The alarm was raised at around 11pm at night and it wasn't until 7am on Sunday morning that the fire was officially brought under control.



The only woman at the sardine fire


...later in 'chiringuitos' (beach restaurants) alongside professionals that she says she really picked up the tricks of the trade. "The sardines are toasted in the heat from the flames, a kind of hot chamber that forms between the fire and the fish," she ... the fire. However the reason for this tradition being special to the Costa del Sol is clear: "The small sardine that lives in the Alboran Sea is exceptional, first for its small size (around 12 centimetres), its shiny skin and for being especially ... the sardines are at their best between May and August, but the espeteros don't stand with their arms folded for the rest of the year, when other types of fish are cooked in the same way. But spending the day in front of a fire in the heat of the



Casares forest fire damage limited by sudden wind change


A forest fire broke out on Tuesday evening in the Sierra Crestellina near the town of Casares, forcing the closure of the MA-8300 and the evacuation of around twenty homes. A team including 120 firefighters, six specialist advisers and four ... environment agency workers, equipped with six helicopters and seven fire trucks, battled the flames throughout the evening and the next day. The first emergency calls reached the authorities at 7.05pm, with callers reporting a forest fire in a pine forest ... during the fire; the owner, a Russian man, sheltered in his swimming pool until the emergency services arrived. The mayor of Casares, Pepe Carrasco, expressed his relief that more homes weren't affected, given how many there are in the area. George, a



Bush fire damages land around Tibetan temple near Benalmádena


Last Saturday morning fire was spotted in undergrowth on land next to the Stupa, the gold-topped Tibetan temple near Benalmádena Pueblo. Forest fire protection service, Infoca, said that 34 fire officers, three operations directors, an ... environmental expert and a water plane were sent to the scene. By 2pm the fire, which had spread close the hillside viewpoint around the building, was under control although officers stayed well into the afternoon extinguishing it. Flames were visible from a



Town hall estimates 20 hectares were burned in Marbella fire


Marbella town hall estimates that the fire on scrubland near the Bello Horizonte development on Thursday night last week (22 August) destroyed a total of 20 hectares (49 acres) of land. Emergency services began receiving reports of smoke, that ... could be seen as far away as Puerto Banús, at around 8.20pm. Forty homes were evacuated as a safety precaution as the fire blazed close to the AP-7 motorway. According to Infoca, the body responsible for the control and prevention of forest fires, 70 ... fire would develop. At about 8am on Friday morning, Infoca announced that the fire was under control. This fire broke out just a day after a hillside blaze in neighbouring Estepona, which destroyed 330 hectares (815 acres), was brought under



Benalmádena fire causes kilometres of tailbacks


A forest fire that broke out on Thursday evening in the El Higuerón area of Benalmádena caused long tailbacks after some lanes of the A-7 motorway were closed to traffic. As of 8pm, according to the Infoca wildfire response unit, there were 83



Large plume of black smoke visible as fire tears through wasteland near Malaga Airport

álvaro frías / juan cano

A large plume of black smoke, visible from across the city of Malaga, is the result of a fire that started on Tuesday afternoon in an area of wasteland occupied by caravans and other vehicles on the Guadalhorce industrial estate, according to SUR ... sources. The alarm was first raised at around 3.15 pm when several people reported a fire on Carretera Azucarera Intelhorce to the 112 emergency hotline. One caller claimed that the fire had originated in a caravan and was spreading. The industrial ... estate is next to the city's airport.SUR The Local and National Police were immediately alerted, as well as ambulance staff and the fire brigade who are working to extinguish the flames. Malaga Airport has also been placed on alert with the smoke



Foreign residents among those evacuated as fire breaks out in Almuñécar

J. R. / P. G. T.

Foreign residents were among the five families who had to be evacuated from their houses on Sunday 6 October, after fire broke out in the Barranco de la Golondrina area, which is shared between Almuñécar and Ítrabo in Granada province. The fire ... drivers, who could see the smoke from the Tamaray tunnel area of the A-7 motorway. Police and fire fighters responded to the calls and planes and helicopters were also deployed to put out the fire. One home owner, Mercedes Puertas, told Granada newspaper, ... Ideal, "The neighbour phoned to tell me at 10am. The fire was far away and I didn't worry about it too much. A few hours later our houses were surrounded by flames." Puertas added, "my children and I went out to dampen down our land and then the fire



The fire sale starts now

Rob Palmer

It's going to be like one of those furniture sales you see around Christmas time: "Billions of pounds' worth of stock must go!" Real Madrid need to ignite a fire sale; not one player can be assured of a locker at the Bernabéu next season. It's



Town hall estimates almost 50 acres were razed by Marbella fire last Thursday


Marbella town hall estimates that the fire which went up on scrubland near the Bello Horizonte development on Thursday night razed a total of 20 hectares (49 acres) of land. Emergency services began receiving reports of smoke, that could be seen ... as far away as Puerto Banús, at around 8.20pm. The aftermath of the fire. SUR Forty homes were evacuated as a safety precaution as the fire blazed close to the AP-7 motorway. According to Infoca, the body responsible for the control and ... "took the dogs and fled", concerned about how the fire would develop. At about 8am on Friday morning, Infoca announced that the fire was under control.



Gran Canaria residents return to their homes after being hit by an even larger forest fire


Little by little the flames that have once again swept through the mountains and forests of Gran Canaria since last weekend have been going out. If the forest fire two weeks ago was a shock to island communities, destroying 1,500 hectares, the ... properties as the fire has been brought under control. "We've gone from evacuating people to returning them. When residents go back to their homes, it means we are beating the fire," said regional president of the Canaries, Ángel Victor Torres, on Wednesday. ... On Thursday, there were still several roads in the interior of the island closed because of the fire, which started on Saturday 17 August and affected a big part of the northwest of the island, especially the Tejeda, Agaete and Guayedra valleys, near



Man behind Estepona fire that destroyed 330 hectares bailed with charges

charo márquez / Álvaro Frías

A French national who is resident in Estepona left a local court on Wednesday in tears over the magnitude of what had happened to him. The unnamed man had been arrested then bailed with charges by a judge after starting the biggest forest fire on ... the Costa del Sol so far this summer through “carelessness”. At one point Infoca, the wild fire emergency service, had 240 people on the ground, 22 aircraft and had declared a Level 1 emergency in the highly-sensitive environmental area of the Sierra ... Bermeja mountains, behind Estepona. The fire broke out in the Peñas Blancas area on Monday morning and forced hundreds of people, many on holiday, to evacuate their homes for a time, watching on, powerless to do anything. The arrested man (l) leaves



Residents forced from their homes by Estepona fire begin to return


...wind, milder temperatures and a higher level of humidity," said regional government spokesman, Elías Bendodo. The fire was visible from a number of nearby homes.EFE As a result, on Tuesday afternoon, some residents of the lower part of the Forest ... their homes and land have not suffered any damage. An arrest made Bendodo also confirmed on Monday that a man had been arrested in connection with starting the fire. According to initial investigations, the fire was caused by "negligence" when the ... man, of French origin, tried to destroy a beehive but quickly lost control of the flames. The man had been renting the land from which the fire originated. Around 300 hectares razed The area, made up pricipally of scrub and pine trees, is of



Gran Canaria forest fire is controlled and put out as residents return to their homes


...area of the island. He is accused of having started the fire through an act of negligence. It swept through 1,500 hectares (15 square kilometres) and forced 1,000 locals from three villages to leave their homes. It is claimed that the unnamed local ... started the fire when he was carrying out some soldering near to a house on the open hillside. However, he may not be the only one eventually accused of starting a forest fire in Gran Canaria in the last week. The Guardia Civil are trying to gather enough ... clues to find the person who, supposedly taking advantage of the fact that all fire-fighting resources were being used on the first fire, started another blaze on the island's mountainous terrain near Telde at 10pm on Monday night. The whole



Fire ravages bus carrying 45 people on the motorway in Marbella

juan cano

...engine of the vehicle had caught fire, the bus driver evacuated all passengers - a group of Moroccans headed for the port of Tarifa to cross by ferry to their home country. Two fire engines from Mijas plus a crew from Marbella attended the scene but



British resident arrested for starting Nerja forest fire through negligence

Eugenio Cabezas

A 43-year-old British man has been arrested in connection with the forest fire that broke out on Monday lunchtime in the area known as the Cerro de San Isidro, just behind Nerja. It appears that the local resident admitted that he lit a small fire ... to burn some rubbish. Due to the strong wind and the dry vegetation, however, the flames spread rapidly. The man is now under formal investigation and could be charged with starting the fire through negligence. Firefighters were still working on ... Monday evening to put out a blaze that broke out at around 1.30pm on Monday. By 2.30pm the fire had been stabilised and by 8pm it was under control, reported the forest firefighting unit Infoca. View of the fire in Valtocado, Mijas.@Plan_INFOCA



20-year-old woman rescued from fire

Eugenio Cabezas

A 20-year-old woman was rescued from a fire in her home in the village of Canillas de Albaida last Sunday. Neighbours noticed flames coming from the first floor of the building where the woman was asleep. The other three homes in the building