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Bathers call emergency services after boat goes up in flames off the shore of Marbella


Suddenly, the boat caught fire. What happened to the person on the boat? Was he rescued by a jet ski? Witnesses initially thought it was a pleasure boat in distress and called the emergency services for help. It happened at around 2pm between Cabopino ... board. When the fire broke out, several jet skis approached the craft and picked up the driver. Customs officials believe they rescued him and took him to safety; but what is not known is whether they were accomplices. The case is still being



Video | Firefighters in Malaga rescue a dog trapped in a hole for 12 hours


A team from Malaga's fire brigade has successfully rescued a dog that was stuck in hole for more than 12 hours in the city. The medium-sized animal had been heard whimpering by neighbours of a nearby farm in the Puerto de la Torre district the day ... before – but had been unable to locate it. However, some 12 hours later, they eventually found it stuck in a hole that it could not get out of. The neighbours notified the Local Police who, in turn, called on the Malaga fire brigade for help.



A month living in the remains of a house fire

FERNANDO TORRES / JUAN CANO bedroom which was not affected by the flames. This is where 81-year-old Vera Lucía Martínez is living. She is the widow of Rogelio Urro, the 76-year-old who died in the fire at their home on 23 March. The property was left uninhabitable. Vera ... Vera Lucía’s case is becoming widely-known because Olfat published a video of the apartment. “I’m a bit overwhelmed by all this,” says Vera Lucía, explaining that everything has smelled of smoke since the fire. “I don’t know why the insurance company ... say they contacted her directly, as soon as they were aware of the problem. It is over a month since the fire occurred, but every day Vera Lucía keeps reliving the blaze in which Rogelio died. He had mobility problems and she had gone out to buy his



Video | Seafood fish tank suspected of sparking a Marbella restaurant fire


A fire has seriously damaged another Costa del Sol restaurant just a day after a blaze swept through Olivia's restaurant in La Cala de Mijas. On the afternoon of Tuesday, 27 April, the alarm was raised at about 5pm when witnesses reported seeing ... firefighters, who were present for more than two hours, prevented the damage from being worse but a large part of the ground-floor restaurant was damaged. A 48-year-old man was treated for smoke inhalation while trying to put out the flames before the fire ... brigade arrived. Initial investigations suggest that fire started in a motor of one of the seafood tanks in the restaurant. Video | Police investigate the fire that swept through a Costa del Sol restaurant The owner of the La Pesquera chain,



PM under fire from opposition for defending Republican anniversary


There was controversy this week in the Spanish parliament when Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez chose to make reference to the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Second Republic on 14 April 1931. The Second Republic was declared two days after



Firefighters tackle a three-vehicle fire in Vélez-Málaga


Firefighters were called in to extinguish a fire that seriously damaged several vehicles in Vélez-Málaga this Thursday morning, 22 April. Emergency services said the blaze affected three vehicles in Calle Arroyo Hondo, in the Rubeltor area of the ... town. The fire brigade said that one of the vehicles was totally gutted and the other two were partially damaged. The cause of the blaze is still being investigated.



Riots in La Línea following deaths at sea

Debbie Bartlett

19-year-old are believed to have been involved in drug smuggling, and local people accused the Guardia Civil of not doing enough to save them. Rioters set up road blocks, set fire to rubbish bins and there were unconfirmed reports that they threw rocks at



Video | A fire at a block of flats in Madrid leaves 13 people injured


A fire at a block of flats in Madrid has left 13 people injured, suffering mainly from smoke inhalation. Nine fire crews tackled the blaze that started on a second-floor landing of the building in the Puente de Vallecas district. Ten families


What to do

The Soul Train Tour delivers disco fever to Fuengirola

Tony Bryant

Following the success of the first two editions, The Soul Train Tour will stop off again in Fuengirola this year. The third edition of the disco music event will present the hits of Earth, Wind and Fire, and Kool & the Gang - two of the most ... innovative and commercially successful acts of all time. The concert brings together a cast of extraordinary musicians known as the Cool Fire Band, a Malaga-based ensemble fronted by the charismatic Oscar Roots, former lead singer of popular electro-jazz



Video | After a 15-hour battle a major industrial estate fire in Toledo is declared 'controlled'


Some fifteen hours after a major blaze started on an industrial estate in Toledo, emergency services have declared the fire as 'controlled' as they continue their work to fully extinguish it. Huge columns of dense, black smoke hung over the scene ... of the fire that affected several industrial units in the town of the Seseña. The 112 Castilla-La Mancha emergency service control centre has said that firefighters are continuing to damp down the area and there is no longer any danger of the flames ... spreading. The Guardia Civil, Local Police of Seseña and Civil Protection volunteers are also at the scene of the fire, and four ambulances are on standby. Two schools in Seseña closed as a result of the large cloud of smoke from the fire.



Five people suffer breathing difficulties after a fire in Mijas


Five people suffered breathing difficulties after a fire at an apartment block in Mijas on Sunday. The incident happened at 2.15pm on 14 March when residents alerted the emergency services to the blaze at the property in the centre of ... were treated at the scene according the 112 emergency control room. All the residents were able to return to their homes, once the fire was extinguished and the building was ventilated and the smoke cleared.



Into the fire

Mark Nayler that Illa is invigorated rather than burned by the fire that he's just walked into.



Police transfer man to hospital after La Cala del Moral fire and knife standoff


What began as a small fire in a La Cala del Moral apartment, which the firefighters took only a few minutes to control, led to a delicate police intervention to make sure it ended safely with no injuries. The person allegedly responsible for the ... fire had barricaded himself in the building and was holding a knife to his neck when the emergency services arrived. After a long conversation with specialist officers trained to deal with such situations, the tenant left the house accompanied by the



12 February 2005: Madrid's Windsor Tower goes up in flames

Jennie Rhodes

Flames swept through the Windsor Tower, a skyscraper in the heart of the financial and business district of Madrid, late on Saturday 12 February 2005, completely destroying the 32-storey building. It was 11.30pm when the fire broke out on the 21st ... floor. However, investigations showed that it had been burning for some time before it was detected. The building's fire alarm system was not working as it was in the process of being updated to comply with new fire safety laws, having been installed ... when the tower was completed in 1979. The fire quickly spread upwards, affecting first the eight floors immediately above the 21st, where flames were visible. Broken windows and debris started to fall to the ground from the top floors. SUR The



Firefighters find the bodies of two people after Churriana blaze


Emergency services have found two bodies after putting out a fire in the Churriana, Malaga. The alarm was raised at around 2.30am this Wednesday. Several witnesses called the 112 emergency number to alert them to a fire in a house that they ... will be performed. The National Police have opened an investigation into the blaze but sources have told SUR that the first signs point to the origin of the fire being accidental.



Gibraltar pays tribute to the victims of the 1951 Bedenham explosion

Debbie Bartlett

...charges onto a lighter (a shallow-draft boat or barge used for the unloading of large ships) at Gun Wharf. One of the depth charges ignited, causing a fire and explosion on the lighter which spread to the Bedenham itself. It also exploded, and the blast ... Goncalvez, the heads of the Airport and Gibraltar Fire Rescue services and on behalf of the Civil Defence Association.



Children at Malaga hospital can 'drive' to operating theatre in mini fire engines


Kind-hearted Marbella firefighters have donated two battery-powered electric fire engines to Malaga’s Hospital Materno Infantíl. It means that in some cases the children can leave the stretcher behind and ‘drive’ themselves to the operating ... mini fire engines are tools and not toys. He said, "They are used in the most critical areas of the hospital and help face traumatic moments in a more relaxed way which reduces stress, anxiety and fear. They are controlled remotely by care staff." ... from the fire station would take him down the four floors and at two in the afternoon would make the return journey after finishing classes. Firefighters deliver the mini fire engines to the hospital in Malaga.SUR Funeral Firefighters also began



Flat blaze leaves three people injured as windows crash into the street below


Firefighters have rescued a person with reduced mobility from a fire in their home in Malaga city this Thursday morning (22 April). According to the emergency services at least three people have been injured after the blaze on the sixth floor of a ... significant damage. Members of the National Police, the Local Police, the ambulance service and the fire brigade responded to the emergency and cordoned off the area. Sources say that the blaze has totally gutted two rooms of the apartment and the cause



One dead and five seriously injured in Seville care home blaze


An elderly woman has died and five people have been seriously injured after a fire on Tuesday night at the Adorea nursing home in Seville. At around 10.30pm the 112 emergency service control room received the first of more than a dozen calls that ... reported the fire in the San Pablo district. It is a private residence that has 108 apartments spread over four floors. At the time the fire started, there were about 90 people inside. The property was evacuated and 13 people were transferred to ... hospital. Another 78 have been rehoused in other residences or sent to their families. Residents of the local area helped with the evacuation by bringing blankets from their own homes. According to the first reports the fire originated on the third floor



Malaga University 'fire' proves to be false alarm

Fernando torres / álvaro frías

Residents of the Teatinos area of Malaga were alarmed on Wednesday night by the apparent sighting of flames in the tower of the Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology of Malaga University. Photos and videos of the 'fire' spread quickly on ... social media but the fire service was quickly able to confirm it was a false alarm. It is unclear what caused this apparent optical illusion.



WATCH: Stunning fireball crosses the night sky over Spain


In the early hours of Thursday morning a huge fireball streaked across the skies over Spain as rock from an asteroid entered the earth's atmosphere at 126,000 km/h generating a brilliant ball of fire. The phenomenon, which was recorded at the La



Gardener accused of starting great Costa fire of 2012 faces seven years in jail


It became known as the Great Fire of the Costa del Sol. In 2012, its flames spread across 8,582 hectares of land between the municipalities of Coín and Ojén. Two people died and three were injured, including two girls, and the blaze caused nearly 40 ... fire and endangering life through negligence, and causing two homicides and one case of injury, also through negligence. The prosecution has drawn up a 42-page report and is asking for a seven and a half year jail sentence for the gardener, plus an ... order to pay millions of euros in compensation to those affected. The prosecutor also says the gardener's employer, the property owner, bears part of the blame and should pay some of the compensation. The fire caused damage to homes and facilities in



Wizz Air has launched its Gibraltar-London Luton service

Debbie Bartlett

'newcomers' welcome with a water cannon salute from Gibraltar Airport Fire and Rescue Service, and members of the Gibraltar Re-enactment Society and the Sea Scouts were there to greet passengers as they disembarked from the plane. Passengers who had just



Mijas starts preparing Las Lagunas fire station land with test drilling

andrea jiménez / neil hesketh

Ground tests are under way on the land that will shortly become Mijas' new fire station. Shoppers at the Parque Miramar have become accustomed to seeing the work in recent weeks as the land is prepared between the retail park stores and the A-7 Coín ... road junction, in Las Lagunas. The land covers 6,000 square metres and two facilities will be built on it; an emergency training centre and the fire engine shed itself. "The drilling in different parts of the site tells us what the quality of the ... earth is like, in order to carry out the construction properly," said José Carlos Martín, local councillor for Infrastructure. "With the new fire station, we can take a leap forward in the quality of service, as we can acquire new equipment that



Frying pan or fire?

Ángel Escalera

They say that when a man had been given a death sentence by a judge, he was asked if he would prefer to die by hanging or being garotted. His answer, which was completely ignored by the insensitive executioner, was: "I want to live!" Which of cour



Smoke visible for miles around as fire rages through unit on the Guadalhorce industrial estate

fernando torres

A fire on the Guadalhorce industrial estate on the outskirts of Malaga city raged through a unit on Tuesday afternoon, sending up a large column of smoke, visible from several kilometres away. The 112 emergency hotline received various calls at ... videobrightcove6197986055001 Pedro J. Quero The plot from which the fire originated is an industrial unit where ... of land next to the burnt-out plot and the owners have been following the fire closely to avoid any risk to the animals. Infoca, the agency specialising in forest fires, was notified because of the flames' proximity to Malaga Airport and an area of



Fire destroys Mollina's "English" holiday park


More than fifty prefabricated mobile homes burned down on Sunday evening when a fire broke out at the Pueblo Fiesta Lazy Days holiday park in Mollina. Around 90 people were on the site at the time, most of them British, said municipal sources. No ... one was injured in the fire although the emergency services treated several people for shock and panic attacks. Evacuated residents and holidaymakers were put up at the nearby Ceulaj youth residence, or taken in by friends or relatives. ... Firefighters from the provincial fire consortium were deployed to the site, in the area known as Cañada Realenga, along with members of the Civil Protection organisation, health emergency services, Local Police and Guardia Civil officers. The flames were



Australia on fire


It wasn't the first time that Australian winemaker James Tilbrook had seen his future hanging by a thread, dependent on what would happen in the next few hours. WINE OF THE WEEK Monte Real Reserva Bodegas Riojanas was one of the very first wine



Couple arrested for 'serious negligence' which led to Laguna Village fire

fernando torres

A couple have been arrested over their role in the fire which spread to the Laguna Village shopping and leisure complex in Estepona on Saturday afternoon. Those arrested are a man and a woman, 43 and 51, respectively, of Spanish nationality. They ... near the river Padrón caused the fire which was spread rapidly by the wind. see more In context Laguna Village shopping complex 'burned to the ground' in forest fire Photo gallery 1 Flames engulf popular beachside leisure spot Photo ... to the investigations. Burned 'to the ground' The fire, which took more than 24 hours to extinguish, spread rapidly from this cabin north of the A-7 to the Laguna Village complex where the buildings' roofs were made of wood. Witnesses said that



Police believe forest fire which tore through Laguna Village may have been started deliberately

fernando torres

Police investigating the forest fire which burned the beachside Laguna Village shopping and leisure complex "to the ground" on Saturday believe that the blaze may have been started deliberately. This is according to SUR sources who add that no ... arrests have yet been made. The fire, which was declared at around 2pm on Saturday was not completely extinguished until 3pm on Sunday, with firefighters working around the clock and against the elements to contain the spread. The specific ... circumstances in which the fire started are still unclear but what is known is that the flames originated in the area of the river Padrón, near an area known as Prado World to the north of the A-7. Strong gusts of wind caused it to move southwards, crossing the



Laguna Village shopping complex in Estepona 'burned to the ground' in forest fire

fernando torres / europa press

...them south, setting fire to one of the buildings in the Laguna Village complex, where the roofs are made of wood. According to witnesses, the flames then carried from one building to another, helped by the wind, before reaching the Kempinski hotel. ... According to the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, this left the shopping centre "completely burned to the ground" but "no has one suffered injuries". Urbano has also confirmed that the fire has been "contained", but not yet extinguished, but



Second fire at a hotel mired in a complex ongoing legal dispute

Fernando TORRES

...when police were involved. In 2017, a fire grenade was thrown into the building causing substantial damage to the ground floor, although the hotel was closed at the time. Neighbours have also frequently complained about noisy outdoor parties with



Green campaigners blame authorities' lack of attention for Nerja wildfire

Eugenio Cabezas

Green campaigners and residents' associations have pointed the finger of blame at Nerja town hall and local landowners for damage caused to flora and fauna during last week's fire near the Maro watchtower and cliffs. GENA-Ecologistas en Acción ... criticised lax law enforcement and failure to pay proper attention to the protected area, while residents' group Otro Maro es Posible (another Maro is possible) said that they were "not surprised" that a fire broke out as they say the area has been ... recognised that the fire was "an accident caused by negligence" they have called on Nerja town hall and the owners of the land, the Larios group, to fully check on the "dangers" and "illegal activity" that have been allowed to happen in the area. On Monday



Mollina fire started in an empty property, says firefighters' report

fernando torres

The fire that destroyed a total of 40 mobile homes in the Lazy Days Pueblo Fiesta campsite in Mollina on Sunday broke out in an empty property. This is the initial conclusion of the Malaga provincial firefighting consortium (CPB) whose report will ... fires in Humilladero and Ronda also broke out on Sunday evening. The fire reached excessively high temperatures due to the materials used in the construction of the static caravans. The firefighting operation had its moments of risk, said Marmolejo,