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A comedy of errors

Peter Edgerton

It happens like this: you hear some very welcome news related to events of the past, feel a shoot of joyous energy, dance a lovely little jig around the living room floor and then slump back onto the sofa, exhausted, in order to consider the ... yet... A TV series will usually come to an end because the writers feel there's nothing more to say on the subject and they don't want to recycle the same, tired tropes for all eternity. In addition, many years later, the cast will have moved on



Comfort food


...understandably increased our desire for comfort food, as what we eat and drink in the privacy of our own home can substantially influence our state of mind. It is what makes us feel happier, more stress-free, and invariably satisfied at all levels, frequently



'I feel this is my place in the world; I enjoy country life'

OSKAR BELATEGUI your footsteps? I always say she should do whatever she wants. I wouldn't mind. Does Olaeta ever feel too small? Uh, Olaeta is very big, there is room for everything. For me exploring the world was tied in with work and sacrifice and I'm not ... willing to pay that price again. I feel that this is my place in the world, I am where I want to be, and I enjoy what I do. People from cities tend to have a romantic image of country life. They do, but because they don't know what hard work it is. I ... You've succeeded in a men's sport. Do you feel it is a feminist struggle? It was a personal struggle. We have to see ourselves as people who can achieve what we set out to do. In some countries, such as Iran, women still fight covered from head to toe.



Marbella students plea for new school from Three Kings in video message


Marbella students are asking the Three Kings for a very special gift this year - a new secondary school that they have been waiting more than ten years for to ease the current saturation of facilities. Last week the Junta de Andalucía announced a f



How to keep the Brits on the Costa del Sol

Ivan Gelibter

So much has happened since 23 June 2016 that it is hard to believe that more than four and a half years have passed. The Brexit referendum has affected not only the United Kingdom but also the whole of the European Union and especially regions or pro



'I feel honoured to be president of Age Concern'

Tony Bryant

...he has no plans to retire and is quite happy, and proud, to continue in his role as president. "I feel absolutely honoured to be president of Age Concern. We have an excellent team who all work together to achieve our goal, which is to help and



Foods that help boost energy and vitality


How many times have you felt unable to follow your normal routine? Sometimes our bodies rebel and we feel more tired than usual. It could be due to the time of year, or too much stress; maybe the children are on holiday or you're convalescing from ... an illness, worrying about a backlog of work, losing sleep over a family problem... Whatever the reason, everything just seems more complicated. When this happens, the following advice can help you to feel more energetic, good-humoured and ... and you will feel more cheerful. Physical exercise is a great ally too, because it activates serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters which boost happiness and ability to concentrate. Your diet should include these foods to activate vitality:



"We feel more at ease and safer here than in the UK"


An estimated 600,000 British nationals were on holiday in Spain on Saturday when the UK government announced that they would face a 14-day quarantine when they got home. The government stressed that they could finish their holidays - they didn't ha



'I've been able to flag UK nationals' concerns to the Spanish government'

Rachel Haynes

feel quite positive about the future. KEY WORDS RESIDENCY "The most important thing UK nationals can do is make sure they are registered as resident" COVID-19 "The commitment from the Spanish government is that everyone in Spain, regardless of ... to feel welcome and enjoy the rights set out in the Withdrawal Agreement. Did you discuss Covid vaccines with the Spanish authorities and the concern of some British nationals about when they might get them? The commitment from the Spanish



For World Sleep Day, experts give advice on how to get a better night’s rest

Isabel Méndez

(SEN), more than 10% of Spaniards - over four million people - suffer from some form of serious chronic sleeping disorder. Moreover, over 30% of people in Spain wake up not feeling adequately rested and feel tired during the day. On top of this, the ... WSS estimates that sleep problems are a threat to the health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population. Therefore, the WSS has published a list of tips to help people to sleep better and feel more rested. Advice for adults: - Set ... first of the three factors required for a good night’s sleep is time - most adults require between seven and nine hours to feel properly rested for the next day. Secondly, continuity is important as sleep can often be interrupted. Finally, how



Marbella teacher's brain haemorrhage death investigated after AstraZeneca vaccination


feel unwell and went to the emergency department at the Quirón hospital with a headache and general malaise symptoms that doctors attributed to the usual side effects of the vaccine. Days later, on 13 March, she returned to the hospital because she ... continued to feel ill. Medical staff performed a CT scan where they did not find anything significant, but another was performed the next day. It was then that they detected a massive haemorrhage that they tried to drain in surgery during which they



Destination weddings on your doorstep

Andrew Forbes

...need to feel the comfort and warm hospitality of somewhere safe and isolated post-Covid. More than ever, to celebrate with loved ones is a gift. We want to keep it simple and beautiful.” Gratitude and meaning This feeling of gratitude that Anthony ... elopement, couples feel they can break with conventions, design the day as they wish, make it as informal as they desire and wear whatever they want, letting their personalities shine, creating profoundly meaningful moments. Traditional white gowns for



UK police investigate case of Irish expat missing for 27 years

Tony Bryant

...afloat, Bernadette temporarily shut the bar in late 1992, and returned to London. She headed to the family home in Surrey with the hope of a divorce settlement. Her next movements are confusing and her family feel certain that she never arrived back in



When 'out of range' would be preferable

ignacio lillo

...special curtains of copper and silver wire. “I feel like a prisoner in my own home. People can’t be expected to live like this,” says María. Asked about the matter, the president of the College of Telecommunications Engineers, Antonio Rodas,



Favourable first impressions

Rob Palmer

At least in lockdown we had an excuse for not knowing what day it was; the return of La Liga and other top-class football has left us completely confused. First impressions of the "new normal" are favourable, especially in Spanish football. The



The confidence needed to buy a home


...level of information available to both buyer and seller has also changed, as have the means available to buy or sell a home. Many individuals now feel able to buy or sell their house without the highly recommended intervention of a professional real



The generous guiri


...face masks and 30,000 protective suits for health workers. These will be in the hands of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) this week to help fight the virus. Next time you feel like criticising the overcrowding, the noise and the inconvenience that



Guardia Civil unions call for Mijas police reinforcements

fernando torres

Civil staff covering the 150-square-kilometre area of Mijas compared to National Police officers who patrol the much smaller, neighbouring Fuengirola area. "Colleagues are run down, tired and in low spirits, they feel abandoned and with no resources,"



"Music brings us all together and makes us feel a sense of belonging in the world"


...allows people who may not play instruments to immediately be able to interact and feel a sense of joy through making music. I'm very happy to say that my audiences always leave those gigs smiling and it's largely due to the music they end up making ... can you explain what music means to you? Music is everything and everywhere: it is our hearts beating, a bird singing, tinkling laughter or a child crying. It brings us all together and makes us feel a sense of belonging in the world. Are you ... in some mountains outside Barcelona. It was beautiful there and had a great sense of community. The people there were wonderful and made us feel very welcome. What can the audience expect at next week's concerts? They will see my sister and I



Obese, but feeling slim

Ángel Escalera MALAGA

They look in the mirror and think they’re fine. They’re satisfied with the image in front of them and they don’t notice any excess weight. This is the case with over 80 per cent of people whose weight puts them in the category of “obese”. Even though



The difficult journey back into sport after becoming a mum


...goes to pick up her little girl in her Malaga kit having just come out of training. But the truth is that she doesn't mind, because now she's happier than ever. "I wanted to feel like a footballer again," she admits. "While I'm still involved in the ... game I'll give 100 per cent - all my desire, all my motivation. Football gives me life. "I haven't thought about how long I'll play for but right now I feel very good. As long as I feel good physically and I can compete, I will continue."



In search of pure sources of feeling

Mark Nayler revisiting laurie lee's andalucía

When the English writer and Hispanophile Laurie Lee stepped off the boat and onto the harbour of Algeciras in November 1951, pandemonium greeted him. It was 15 years since Lee had been in Spain, but the seafront of this chaotic, dirty fishing village



Secondary poems

...silver bullets, Stinging my skin each time one hits, She glances up and stares deep into my eye, Then she runs into the night without saying goodbye. All the world goes quiet, And I await my reaction, I want to feel pain, But instead, I feel ... curtain. Depression is unseen to them, happy, Of the world around them… which is known As The eternal torture that is life... I deny putting on earphones, Turning away from thy peak of satisfaction, I feel the world judging me and my doings, Why Is ... gives you satisfaction. But, when it switches off It’s sad and depressing And you’ll feel the grief of being alone. But, when it switches back on It makes you even happier than before. So maybe instead of dying in your grief, Wait for another electrical



Axarquía growers start to feel effects of drought


The Axarquía really started to feel the effects of the drought last week when around 10 communities of growers had their water supply cut off. Restrictions were established at the beginning of December, meaning that growers of crops such as mangoes



The need to feel useful after retirement

Jennie Rhodes

When Jenny Mahimbo retired and moved to Spain in 2015 she felt restless and couldn't get used to life in the slow lane. "I needed to feel useful," says the retired social worker, who received a MBE for services to children in the Queen's birthday ... the opportunity to learn about the Spanish way of life from her neighbours and people she has met since she moved there. "I still feel the need to be useful," Jenny says. She now spends three or more hours a day as a volunteer on a Facebook page ... for the east of Malaga area. Far from enjoying a relaxing retirement, after 40 years of helping those in need, for Jenny, the need to feel useful is clearly not going to leave her just yet.



"I feel like I have several homes"

Daryl Finch malaga going through lots of time zones, I can lose track of what day it is! –Is there anywhere you call home? –At the moment, LA is my home, but Spain always feels like home to me too. I feel like I have several ‘homes’. –What is it that makes ... speakers. –Do you sometimes feel like you’ve missed out by not having a conventional education? –I feel like I have had the best of both worlds, because I have spent time in schools in several countries (primarily for language immersion) and yet also



“Cosmetic medicine is like a pat on the back which makes people feel better”


Cosmetic medicine cannot perform miracles, but it is a type of pat on the back which helps people feel better and more able to face up to life, says Juan Antonio López L. Pitalúa, of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine (SEME). He is also on the ... can't be done so they don't feel dissatisfied with the results” Is the demand for cosmetic treatments increasing? Yes. On one hand more people are being treated, and on the other we are now treating older people. Which treatments are most commonly ... them know whether or not you can achieve what they want, including cosmetic surgery. Does cosmetic medicine make people happy? I define cosmetic medicine as a type of pat on the back which helps us to feel better and more able to face up to life



"If you're looking for fame and fortune, don't choose jazz as a career"


...appreciative. I don't feel like I'm a legend, you know; if it's based on ability I don't feel like a legend, I'm just another piano player. I've had some experience, yes. Do you think that with the jazz of today, new musicians are looking too much towards the



Striking doctors

Ángel Escalera

After several years of cuts, very little recruitment, a decline in the quality of care given and a lack of time to practise medicine with the dignity deserved, the doctors who work in our health centres have started to feel increasingly disillusioned, ... was too late; they just came up against the indignation and disappointment of doctors who feel ignored and who now need to see to believe. Promises, as any slightly seasoned politician will know, are made to be broken, or to be kept only by halves.



"Music has to have feeling and emotion"

Tony Bryant BENALMÁDENA gig in Spain. Tonight he will be delivering a mixture of his father's hit songs and self-penned compositions. -What does it feel like to be the son of such a globally celebrated artist? -Fantastic. There is no other way to describe it. ... Your father is considered one of the greatest singers in the history of popular American music; how does that make you feel? It makes me feel extremely proud, because I know how much his music meant to his fans. Has being the son of Otis Redding ... special about your father's music? Music has to have feeling and emotion and my father possessed this special quality. How do you feel when you sing Dock of the Bay? Proud and extremely honoured. Singing this song gives me the greatest pleasure out



"All my hair fell out in one day"


...ideas. They tend to be afraid of being judged and, on occasion, of not finding work. "Many have left their job because they were afraid of having to give explanations and those who weren't working are afraid to go for interviews because they feel ... lost during the night. Laura says men seem to understand how she feels better than other women. Her female friends tend to ignore the problem, maybe to make her feel better, but the men are more aware of the trauma she must be suffering through hair ... which is a hormonal problem. "The aim of the group therapy is to develop resilience and learn to adapt. A high percentage of women feel alone because they don't talk about it. They realise when they come for group therapy that others are going through



People in Spain still feel the country is corrupt

R. C. madrid

An annual report has ranked Spain as 17th out of the 28 EU countries in a 'perception of corruption' index. The survey, by watchdog Transparency International, measures what people feel about the corruption in their country. Spain is at the same



New technologies in cosmetic medicine are producing more natural results


feel good about the way we look and we want to stay young," says Raquel Moreno Pentinel, an expert in cosmetic medicine and specialist in anti-ageing techniques, who recently took part in a conference organised by SUR and the Unicaja Foundation. At the ... fact it is a serious aspect of medicine and one which fulfils people's wish to feel good about the way they look. "What is beauty?" she asked, before explaining that it is rather an abstract concept. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a ... medicine is healthy, because the techniques are less invasive, safer and offer better and more natural results. "Knowing that we look good makes us feel more confident," she said. She said it is wrong to give people false expectations, and that she would