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Thousands of official State and language exams cancelled for the foreseeable future

Jennie Rhodes

The coronavirus crisis has meant that official exams have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, leaving many students and public sector workers uncertain abut their futures. There is a lot of doubt over how various examinations will be ... affected, from Selectividad, the university entrance exam which is normally taken in June, to public 'oposiciones' exams for civil servants including teachers, which this year were due to be sat for secondary schools (they alternate between primary and ... secondary so that each level is offered every other year). Language exams have also been cancelled, including the Cambridge University qualifications, Trinity College and British Council APTIS exams - as have exams at the University of Malaga.



Arrests of stand-ins at driving test exams


Seven people have been arrested over allegedly standing in for other people in written driving test exams. Two of those held also have a previous police record for the same crime. According to the investigation, those held, aged between 19 and 39



Panic over for 400 language students after lost Cambridge English exams turn up in Sweden


A leading organiser of the popular University of Cambridge exams for English language students has announced that the missing 404 papers from candidates who sat the test locally in October have turned up safe in the unlikely location of Sweden. ... their partners, TNT. Exams Andalucía, the firm that coordinates the Cambridge exam on behalf of many English language schools across Andalucía, including in Malaga province, said that it was the first time in its 45-year history that anything like ... Sweden. Candidates will not now have to repeat the test, said Exams Andalucía. The papers were for students of English level B1 and B2 at local independent language schools in Granada, Almeria, Malaga, Almuñécar and Cuevas de San Marcos. Jonathan Baum,



Sunland students receive Cambridge recognition


Nacho Viano and Ángela Serrano, students from Novaschool Sunland International in Cártama Estación have received prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner certificates for their excellent results in exams taken in June. Nacho, currently in Year



New technologies allow students to keep learning during the lockdown

Jennie Rhodes

...teach and learn at 1,213 public and subsidised schools. Add to that more than 35,000 students at the university or Malaga, as well as thousands more pupils and teachers in private schools and colleges. Thousands of exams cancelled for the ... general foundation, of which the Cambridge university exams forms part, have also been taking place online. Embracing the new technologies has been both a fast-learning curve as well as an opportunity to discover new ways of working. However, as many



Sharing a lifelong passion for opera

Tony Bryant

Patrick gained employment with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). After passing his Association of the Institute of Bankers Exams, he was posted to Hamburg. "Somewhat amazingly, I successfully passed the bankers exams and was posted



Cambridge rewards school for consistantly high marks


Malaga. The Global Head of Schools at Cambridge Assessment English, Guy Chapman, was in Malaga last week to help congratulate a local English language school, Miss Méndez, for its ten years of achieving high grades in exams. Accompanied by Jonathan ... Baum, director of Exams Andalucía, Chapman joined the school's director Lucía Méndez and around 170 teachers, friends and students at the celebration at the Terraza Gourmet in El Corte Inglés. Chapman explained that last year 30,000 students took ... years ago. Lucía Méndez pointed out that hers was a small school but this year all the 50 students who sat Cambridge exams passed with merit or distinction. Computer-based centre Also in Malaga last week, Guy Chapman and Jonathan Baum visited the



Bamba gets to stay in Malaga


...very basic academic knowledge. This special education will enable him to sit exams in the future and train for a job. The teachers at the Costa del Sol school are pleased by the decision and convinced Abdoulaye will do well. "He is very keen to



What it takes to be Spanish


...can someone from the EU vote in?" All these questions form part of the exams which now have to be passed by foreigners who want to apply for Spanish nationality, and there is no escaping them. 6,964 foreigners took the constitutional ... Spanish nationality to pass a citizenship test, to prove that they know enough about the country of which they wish to become a citizen. The two exams which foreigners have to take are created and administrated by the Instituto Cervantes . The first is ... become Spanish, as well as passing the two Instituto Cervantes exams, you need to prove ten years' legal and uninterrupted residence in Spain (two years for those from countries with links to Spain, and one year in the case of being married to a Spanish