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Diego Maradona, the star attraction even at a Costa tennis tournament

Héctor Barbotta

The summer of 2008 was ending and the Spanish Davis Cup team was preparing to travel to Mar del Plata where they would beat the home team 3-1 in spite of an untimely injury to Rafa Nadal. In Marbella, a wise businessman understood that that unprece



Steady rise in Covid-19 cases to the highest number ever in Gibraltar

Debbie Bartlett

The number of active coronavirus cases in Gibraltar has risen to a record level in recent days, reaching a total of 88 on Thursday, an increase of ten cases in 24 hours. The numbers may still be low, even for a population of around 34,000, but a few



Change the record

Peter Edgerton

The town of Torrijos, with a population of 13,466, lies about twenty minutes' drive to the north of the city of Toledo in Castilla-La Mancha. Were you ever to pass by, you might be struck by its vivid urban art work or, indeed, the magnificent ... mountain bike on your chin for ten minutes? Christian's your man. The world needs more chaps like this - striving for greatness in a not necessarily dignified manner. Spanish people hold some other wonderful records, including the fastest ever marathon ... consisted of children falling over in a heap while a red-faced PE teacher blew a whistle indiscriminately as if he had any control over proceedings whatsoever? Well, López holds the world record for the fastest ever hundred metres jumping in a sack. As far



Ismael, Malaga's youngest ever captain

Pedro Luis Alonso

Perhaps the biggest surprise from Sergio Pellicer's line-up on Sunday was the emergence from the tunnel of full-back Ismael Casas with the captain's armband. At just 19 years, six months and seven days, Ismael is Malaga's youngest ever captain. In ... fact, no one below 20 has ever worn the armband for the club in either Primera or Segunda. The previous record holder was forward Juanmi who on 3 January 2015 was briefly handed the armband at 21 years, seven months and 14 days in the absence of



Alejandro Davidovich, the highest ranked Malaga tennis player ever

pedro luis alonso

Alejandro Davidovich is a force of nature. In what is the high point of his career so far, he rose to 70th in the latest ATPrankings published on Monday - the highest ever for a player from Malaga (the previous best was Emilio Álvarez who ranked



A place at Christmas


...said that in the upcoming festivities, which will be the saddest ever for many thousands of people in Malaga, only up to six people will fit around the table but it hasn't made clear if children enter into the equation. On the day, maybe they can take ... or at New Year, so that, as ever, everybody will do just what they want to do. Having said that, and now it's time to get serious, I'm worried that all this palaver of limits and timings means many people become more lonely, those who don't really



Soul searching

Peter Edgerton

...up with you falling asleep watching a video about the mating rituals of seahorses, without ever quite knowing how you got from one to the other. In this case it was neither skirting boards nor seahorses that beguiled me, but rather a tasty selection



Phone not a friend

Peter Edgerton

Everton 1 Salford City 0, 32 mins - this was very bad news indeed. Not because the rivals of my childhood football favourites - Liverpool - were winning, and not because - that rarest of beasts these days - a giant-killing FA cup result now looked ev



Getting to know the neighbours

ANDREW FORBES gourmet chefs. Then feast on huge Atlantic carabineros prawns cooked on a bed of salt, served with local goats cheese and over-sized juicy beef tomatoes. It will change your perspective of salt for ever. The Algarve will tempt you to stay