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Junta to fast-track three major tourist projects in Marbella worth 411 million euros

Héctor Barbotta

...which will include an exhibition centre. The three projects, which include five-star hotels, will cost 411 million euros. Elías Bendodo, the Junta de Andalucía government representative, made this announcement in Marbella this week, at a virtual ... The luxury resort Las Dunas Club is the most advanced of the three projects. It is expected to cost 200 million euros and will create approximately 300 jobs during the construction phase and a further 180 when it is open. The Siete Revueltas ... project, for which Marbella town hall has already approved the first planning processes, will cost 77 million euros and create 448 jobs; and the complex to the north of Puerto Banús, costing 134 million euros, will create 745 jobs. In all three cases,



Woman given fine for religious-style vagina procession in Malaga

fernando torres

A woman who carried a large-scale model of a vagina in a religious-style procession through the streets of Malaga city as part of International Women's Day protests in 2013 has been sentenced to paying a daily fine of 10 euros for nine months. The



Costa councils to use funds from Christmas budgets to offset the effects of the pandemic

Ivan Gelibter

...halls to announce this was Marbella, where 700,000 euros which the council would normally have spent on the festive illuminations will now be used to support local businesses, probably in the form of a Christmas decoration competition. Even so, there ... will still be some lights: the two main roads through the municipality, Avenida Ricardo Soriano in Marbella and Calle Marqués del Duero in San Pedro Alcántara, will be illuminated at a cost of 100,000 euros. The coastal resorts have been the first to ... creating a general fund to be used as needed or for specific purposes. Fuengirola council has announced a saving of more than 600,000 euros on Christmas events this year. As well as reducing the amount to be spent on lights by 300,000 euros, several of



Merger talks between BBVA and Banco Sabadell under way


...would create the second largest group, behind the soon-to-be-merged Caixabank and Bankia, with 600 billion euros in deposits or managed funds in Spain, excluding overseas operations. The conversations between the two banks are likely to take several



Two Malaga businessmen featured on Forbes’ list of the richest Spaniards

Nuria Triguero

...principal shareholder of General de Galarias Comerciales (GGC), which owns shopping malls including La Cañada in Marbella. Olivo has gone from being 7th on the list to 9th, as his accumulated wealth has been reduced from 2.1 billion euros to 1.7 billion ... people in Spain whose wealth has reduced by 12% in total to 130.5 billion euros according to the list in Forbes magazine. La Cañada boss Tomas Olivo is an entrepreneur from Murcia, although the largest parts of his business are in Madrid and ... Andalucía. Among these businesses is the Marbella shopping centre La Cañada. According to Forbes, he has built up an empire which is listed on the Alternative Spanish Equity Market with a capital of 3.6 billion euros. This great leap in the ranking of the



Air Europa gets first Covid state bailout


Air Europa has become the first firm to be rescued by a government bailout because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Madrid will give the struggling airline 475 million euros, a mix of a shareholding gurantee loan and a normal loan. Ministers said



Former trafficker for the infamous Cali cartel is arrested in Marbella


F. W., is credited with money laundering on a large scale. It is estimated that he could have moved more than six million euros from drug trafficking in cryptocurrencies, according to a police statement issued on Sunday. The operation, carried out ... and 85,000 euros in cash and cards which gave access to cryptocurrency accounts.



Family of missing Caleta fisherman appeal to public for funds to recover body

Eugenio Cabezas

The family of the fisherman whose body has not been found since he went missing out at sea in July are hoping to raise funds for a private company to carry out the recovery operation. They are hoping to raise the 105,127 euros needed to pay ... Almeria-based Azul y Verde, a company that has specialist equipment that they say can be used to find Mohammed El Maimouni's body. The company had originally given the family a quote of 350,000 euros, but according to El Maimouni's eldest daughter, Fatima, 24,



Junta de Andalucía publishes its draft budget for 2021


The Junta de Andalucía regional government has announced its draft budget for next year. Total expenditure would be 40.2 billion euros and the plan will now go to regional MPs to debate and approve before coming into effect. The ruling centre-right ... invest. However they admitted that the plan was a working document and they were prepared to negotiate in order to win approval from MPs. As usual, the biggest cost would be the running of the regional health service, with 11.6bn euros set aside. This ... pandemic and central government's emergency funding, regional health spending has already reached 11.9bn in 2020. Alongside Health, the other two big spending departments are Education and Dependency Care. Education spending would rise by 544m euros to



Search on for 'amateur' thief who stole 1,000 euros from a restaurant

Fernando TORRES

The search is on for a man described as an "amateur" thief who stole 1,000 euros and two mobile phones from the popular Poppins Coffee & Restaurant in Alhaurín de la Torre last week. CCTV footage showed the man in the bar, using his hoodie not



Motorcycle mates set off to raise 20,000 euros for dementia charity


Two Brits are riding through 20 European countries in 20 days in aid of the UK-based Alzheimer's Society. Benahavís-based Hedley Smith and Angus Charlton set off last Sunday and have already visited Gibraltar, Portugal and Andorra by riding on aver



Work has begun on the new water deposit for Mijas Pueblo

Ivan Gelibter

...charge of these works, which will cost around 1.3 million euros and should be completed in five months. This deposit will not only guarantee the water supply but also the pressure for it to reach people's homes, especially in the area around the village,



EU fines for lack of sewage treatment across Malaga has risen to 10.6 million euros in two years


...authorities - and therefore the taxpayers - are paying 4.46 million euros a year towards the fine imposed by the EU on Spain in July 2018 for three places which were still failing to treat their waste: Coín, Alhaurín el Grande and Nerja. The historic court ... 738,290.98 euros to be paid. Between the four cases, the accumulated amount so far has risen to 10.61 million euros, of which 5.11 correspond to the two projects which are the responsibility of the State (Estepona and Nerja) and the remaining 5.49 million ... Spain as a whole, the fine was 12 million euros, plus another 10.35 million for every six months of failure to comply after being notified of the sentence. The State has now paid 32.7 million euros to the European Commission (the initial fine, plus the



Top court in Spain confirms 12 equity release mortgages were illegal

sur in english

Spain's Supreme Court has upheld earlier judgements that 12 mortgages sold by a British company were illegal. The mortgages, mostly taken out by Britons in Malaga province between 2004 and 2007, totalled six million euros. The equity release



Landowner in Julen case fined additional 300,001 euros

fernando torres

The Junta de Andalucía regional government on Tuesday approved a fine of 300,001 euros for David Serrano for serious mining infractions. Serrano is the owner of the Totalán land where toddler Julen Roselló died in January 2019 after falling down a ... borehole. This comes seven months after the end of the trial into the death of the boy, in which the accused pleaded guilty to charges of manslaughter through negligence. The fine given out to Serrano this week is in addition to the 663,982.45 euros to ... cover the cost of the two-week rescue operation to retrieve the boy's body, as well as compensation of 89,529.67 euros to each of Julen's parents. Officials also proposed a lesser penalty, of 30,001 euros, for the company which carried out the drilling



Project for 73 council-subsidised flats in Nueva Andalucía put out to tender

Héctor Barbotta

...maximum price of 142,000 euros, including the municipal subsidy. Twenty-three will be reserviced for the ordinary public housing scheme. These will be approximately 90 square metres and have a maximum price of approximately 197,000 euros, with a garage ... and storage room, including the municipal subsidy which in this case would be 8,200 euros. Three of the homes will be reserved for people with reduced mobility.



Thwarted sale of a prized Sorolla reveals a plot to sell seized Malaya paintings

Héctor Barbotta

...courts a large part of the art seized during 'Operation Malaya'. The spoils are considerable and are valued at millions of euros. The conspiracy began to be exposed in November last year in New York. At The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), oil painting ... 'Antes de la corrida' by Joaquín Sorolla in 1898, was up for sale, valued at three million euros. However, there was one person who demanded that the operation be suspended and that in the event of a sale taking place that the money obtained be handed



Bike lane to connect Nerja to Maro to encourage sustainable travel

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja town hall has unveiled plans to construct a 2.6-kilometre bike lane between Nerja's Burriana beach and Maro. The project, which has been in the pipeline since the last term of office (2011-15), will cost 900,000 euros, 80 per cent of which



Lorca's Nerja summer house on the market for three million euros

Eugenio Cabezas

...three million euros. The house covers 300 square metres over two floors and includes an allotment above the town's cliffs. "The house is well maintained with original features," says the description in one of the estate agents which is advertising the



The cancellation of Malaga Fair comes at a cost of more than 60 million euros


The cancellation of the huge annual Malaga Fair, due to have been held this week, has dealt another massive blow to the city's tourism sector and brings with it an estimated loss of more than 60 million euros, according to the latest figures ... (around 65 billion euros). Especially delicate is the situation of the hundreds of fairground stallholders and ride owners in Malaga province. Their association's president, Rafael Blázquez, is calling on town halls to exempt them from taxes such as



Juan Antonio Roca's estate in San Pedro will house the new fairground and a cultural centre

Héctor Barbotta

euros, by a court in February last year as part of the compensation Roca has to pay with regard to the 'Saqueo' corruption case. The court order did not include the contents of the property, which included cars, carriages and hunting trophies, as these ... this was not possible due to town planning restrictions. Instead, all the buildings will be included in the fairground and cultural centre project, which will save the council about 500,000 euros a year. Work has already begun, and the council is



Designer masks, a growing trend for our 'new normal'


Louis Vuitton masks range from 80 to 100 euros each; and Mango sells packs of two fabric masks for 9.99 euros.Festival de Málaga / Louis Vuitton / Mango Luxury names as well as low- cost firms have made these masks the must-have items of 2020. There is a ... wide range of models and prices, from 200 euros for the Fendi mask to 9.99 for a pack of two designed by Mango. In the case of the Spanish firm, there are several designs and colours to choose from. The pack consists of two officially approved masks ... which can be washed up to five times. The designs include flower patterns, animal print, tie die and vichy squares. Another brand is Parfois, with similar patterns and prices: 9.99 euros each, and theirs are also reusable. The luxury brands have also



The Río Padrón recording studio, a pioneer in online concerts


...five and seven euros) and enjoy the live show. The price is very reasonable, bearing in mind that it can be shared between several people and there is also the option of watching previous shows again on demand. "With the pandemic, we wanted to do ... tickets anywhere in the world, and all for 290 euros, a symbolic price just to cover production costs," says Elendil, who is optimistic about the future. "The pandemic has speeded this up, maybe by several years. Streaming is the way forward." Somebody



Tivoli World among worst debtors to Spanish tax office


The government has published its annual report of who owes it the most money in tax. Hacienda says that there were 3,930 people or companies that each owed it over one million euros at the end of 2019. This was a 2.4 per cent fall on the previous ... year, although the total outstanding from this list was still an eye-watering 14.2 billion euros. Some firms or individuals owed huge amounts. Nationally the worst debts were with collapsed property empires, many well-known to Costa residents. Reyal ... Urbis heads the list nationally, owing 345.5 million euros. Also in the top ten are long-gone Arenal 2000/2001 with 148.9m and Aifos on 98.9m. Locally, there are 146 Malaga and Costa-based firms listed that owed a total of 695m euros. This is excluding



Spain to get 140bn euros of EU funds in historic Covid-19 deal


Spain will be the second biggest beneficiary after Italy. The country will receive a total of 140 billion euros, equivalent to about 11 per cent of its GDP. This will be divided into 72.7 billion of direct grants from 2021-2024 to help the economy



Brexit agreement on mobility is the best way to protect citizens and businesses, Gibraltar minister says

Debbie Bartlett

...into Gibraltar every day and the millions of tourists who visit every year. He pointed out that Gibraltar has a positive economic influence on the nearby area of Spain as its residents spend some 80 million euros a year there. Gibraltar also imports ... around 1.5 billion euros of goods and materials from Spain a year. Dr Garcia said the shared objective of all sides is to increase that prosperity further still by concluding an agreement on the future relationship. "Our message is that we wish to



San Pedro's main boulevard to have a new tourist office from next year

Héctor Barbotta

San Pedro Alcántara will have a new tourist information centre next year. The facility will be on Avenida Luis Braille, the main boulevard through the district, and will cost a million euros to kit out. The Diputación provincial authority will pay



MPs vote against Madrid spending council savings to help bail out national finances


The government has suffered a defeat after MPs failed to back a scheme to use local council savings to help bail out national finances. Town halls have some 14 billion euros in total in their bank accounts that they aren't allowed to spend ... councils spend five billion euros of these savings, in return for giving it all over to central government first. Only coalition partners, PSOE and Unidas Podemos, backed the plan. Despite agreement to the idea from the local government association



Judge decides to seize all of the Al-Thani family's assets in Spain


...measure is a precautionary one, pending a final ruling, and comes as a result of the non-payment of just over 8.5 million euros in bail. The sheikh and his sons are accused of money laundering, improper use of club funds and unpaid loans taken out against ... euros) were dismissed by the judge as they were considered either non-existent, insufficient or beyond the control of the Spanish courts. The time to present a viable alternative has now passed. As a result, judge María de los Ángeles Ruiz González has ... ordered that the seized vehicles (two Mercedes, a Mini and a Ducati) should be handed over at La Rosaleda stadium, that the banks where the defendants have accounts transfer the money (a little more than 23,000 euros) to a court account and, finally, that