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A space for creative expression in a former olive mill

Jennie Rhodes

...members because that is how we are planning to fund the space and the work that we need to do it," he told SUR in English. Anyone can become a member and membership is just 30 euros a year, or visitors can pay a day membership rate of 2.50 euros. At



A sporting lesson

Rachel Haynes

Readers will by now have noticed the image of a jubilant sports team on the cover of this edition of SUR in English. Some may understandably have questioned the choice of front page photo-story: a team celebrating a win in a handball competition.


What to do

Live concerts and dance, lectures and other events around the province

denise bush

Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Avda Moscatel. Coffee mornings with coffee, tea or fruit juice with a piece of cake. A boutique with a range of new and nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books. Donations of



2 April 1940: Lorca’s Poet in New York is first published

David Balmer

...censorship. Lorca arrived in New York in 1929 to study English for the summer at Columbia University. A year earlier, he had won critical acclaim for his book of poetry, Gypsy Ballads, in which he conveyed the rich culture of Andalucía. However, his ... to flee Spain, taking the manuscript with him. It was eventually published in Mexico and the United States on 2 April 1940. American poet Rolfe Humphries translated the work into English. Lorca’s work remained highly censored throughout the Franco



Documenting the live music scene on the Costa del Sol

Tony Bryant

...thing to take their picture, but it's important to get to know the person behind the music," James tells SUR in English. His catalogue doesn't only include pop concerts, for James has snapped everything from opera and flamenco to drag queens and Celtic



Established British author and short story writer publishes latest novel

Tony Bryant

English, and then became a teacher and lecturer. In 2012, after several years working in Mexico, the USA and Edinburgh, Robert decided to spend the winter months in Spain, renting a house at Lauro Golf, near Alhaurín El Grande. He now divides his time



Spanish 'Katiuskas' turn 90 years old

alekk m. saanders

English nobles wore the same military style riding boots but with polished leather and ornamental tassels. One of them, the Duke of Wellington, asked his shoemaker in London to modify the Hessian boots by fabricating them in soft calfskin leather, removing ... the trim, and reducing the height to fit more closely around the leg. Eventually, the boot was dubbed the 'Wellington' and the name has stuck in the English language ever since. In the middle of the 19th century, Wellington boots started being made ... Britain and around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Nowadays we can see rubber boots on the catwalks - from knee-high chunky Wellington boots by Versace to rubber ankle boots by Christian Dior or Prada's chunky tread soles in playful



'Stolpersteine' to commemorate victims of Nazis from Cártama


The Abindarráez cultural association has brought the German Stolpersteine project to Cártama. Meaning 'stumbling blocks' in English, and they commemorate those deported and killed by the Nazis. This is the first time the monuments, which have



A pathway for the British, along the edge of a gorge


There are two places in Ronda which are dedicated to the English and have become famous: the Camino Inglés and Paseo de los Ingleses, the first of which led to the creation of the second. The Camino Inglés was a railway line, built to enable ... who lived there for a while. Before the hotel, with its typically English architecture, was inaugurated, which is believed to have been in 1909, the British company asked Ronda council to improve the access to it, because it was in very bad



The art of flamenco resilience

Tony Bryant Susana points out, "it has a deeper significance than the English translation". Susana was born in the Gypsy district of Santiago in Jerez de la Frontera, an area that many specialists believe was where the seeds of flamenco singing were first ... reflection of our people and our culture," Susana explains to SUR English. The centre offers dance, guitar and percussion classes in Spanish, English and French. Obviously, as Susana explains, the most popular courses are for the dance, which attract both ... male and female students. "We offer lessons and workshops in several languages. Our guitarist speaks English, and I speak English and French. The problem has been the pandemic, because we are not getting any tourists or foreign students. We are hoping



'Only reality could save me, even if the world caved in'

ALEKK M. SAANDERS International Transgender Day of Visibility

...job was as a kitchen assistant. My first home in England was a good, old but comfortable room with excellent heating," she told SUR in English. The cold atmosphere in England needed the warmth of friendship. Kim had realised it would be difficult to ... added. Looking back she knows she was making a mistake, but then she didn't realise that those feelings could be channelled, but not repressed. Kim interrupted her stay in the English capital and went back to her life in Spain, working as a teacher at


What to do

Live concerts music, theatre and lectures in Malaga

denise bush

...tea or fruit juice with a piece of cake. A boutique with a range of new and nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books. Donations of clothing etc welcomed. Craft Group. Mondays, 10am-1pm in the centre. The



More than 50 years dancing in Estepona

Ash Bolton

...time. Deloris, 81, told SUR in English: "So the talent was there, it was just the racial factor. "Back then if you were black and wanted to join a ballet company, it was literally impossible." After realising that her skin colour could prevent her


What to do

Experience Vélez-Málaga's Holy Week with tours in English

Jennie Rhodes

La Casa de las Titas in Vélez-Málaga is offering three Holy Week guided tours in English next week. Even though there will be no processions in Vélez-Málaga this year, English-speaking residents and visitors may still have the opportunity to ... April. A professional guide and native English speaker will take visitors to see the town's monuments, churches, altars and the images of Jesus Christ and Our Lady in the Holy Week museum . The walking tours, which cost 10 euros, will last ... Reservations are mandatory and can be made by phone (in Spanish) on 952 50 20 61 or by email (in English) on



Alhaurín el Grande introduces QR codes for its places of interest

Andrea JIMéNEZ

...available in Spanish and English. The councillor for Culture, Francisco José Burgos, says this is one of several initiatives with tourism in mind. A mural is also to be painted in Calle Cruz, and glazed flowerpots in the colour blue will be placed on


What to do

Concerts, events and things to do around the province

denise bush with a range of new and nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books. Donations of clothing etc welcomed. Craft Group. Mondays, 10am-1pm in the centre. The craft group will be making cards in various



Controversial equaliser denies Malaga victory against Tenerife

sergio cortés

...from Jorge Padilla forced a good save out of Soriano, who managed to tip his effort over the bar. Later on, English midfielder Samuel Shashoua made a good run forward but was then let down by a tame shot. 1 Malaga Luis Muñoz (23') 1



Revealing the mysteries of Mijas in aid of worthy causes

Tony Bryant

...euros for the Donkey Dreamland sanctuary in La Cala de Mijas. Fascinating stories The tours, which are conducted in English, are free, but Alan suggests a donation of five euros. The tour is limited to groups of nine people, which, as Alan points ... Mijas. There are many lovely things to see here, but the aim is to get under the obvious and take visitors into the real Mijas," Alan explains to SUR in English. Alan, who owns a small shop in Mijas, is also hoping to help local businesses survive the



Animal charity to take awareness campaign to schools in Álora

Tony Bryant

English. The organisation, which consists of Spanish, French, Tanzanian, German and British volunteers, has a second-hand shop in Álora, for which it is appealing for volunteers and donations. It also needs people who have experience caring for animals


What to do

Theatre, dance, lectures and live music around Malaga

Denise Bush

11am - 1pm. Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Avda Moscatel. Coffee mornings with coffee, tea or fruit juice with a piece of cake. A boutique with a range of new and nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books.



Primary short stories

COVID,” explained Ms.Kincaid. Ughhh! English couldn’t get more boring! To make matters worse, Mackenzie was texting Jessica and the sound of her nails touching the screen was super annoying. Luckily, the sound hit the teacher’s ears. We all knew that she



Students put on a show of creativity

SUR in English

The SUR in English Education and Learning special, produced every March, is always a highlight on the calendar for this newspaper. For once the reporters and photographers get to take a break as the space on these pages is left to younger content ... published on these pages is down to three guest judges: art journalist and critic, Georgina Oliver; singer-songwriter and columnist Peter Edgerton; and former SUR inEnglish editor Liz Parry; with the help of current editor Rachel Haynes. In the case of the ... writing, the judges were particularly impressed with the standard of work submitted, in view of the fact that English is probably not the first language of some of the students, which sometimes leads to slight errors of grammar or use of incongruous



Primary poems, He fights other cats, He gets into scraps. What I want from a pet Is 100 percent satisfaction GUARANTEED. So switch your dog for my cat, I’m begging you, PLEASE! Hannah Miller, age 9 English International College Spring



Secondary poems

...this mountain climb,” It seems I’m running out of time, But the beauty of this life is mine, So I have won the fight. Irma Mecele English International College The Electrons of Love Love is an electrical circuit When it’s on it



Secondary short stories

Night Terrors He could hear it, but didn’t dare open his eyes. How could he, when, if he did, the untold monstrosities that lurked around at night would lunge at him with their terrible, suffocating grasp? He could hear one’s torn, ragged breathing



International education on the Costa del Sol: present and future

SUR in English

... videobrightcove6239376112001 Online roundtable 1 SUR in English ... recruiting students for jobs around the world. Krystle Robba stressed that at the University of Gibraltar all of the programmes are industry based. The language centre helps international students with their English. Language advantage James Riley of ... Phoenix College said that having both English and Spanish set students up for a global world. He added that the way the A Levels are taught develops critical thinking, which will help them understand the changing world. He agreed that the Costa del Sol



A not-so-super league

Rob Palmer a week when his club Juventus was knocked out of the Champions League by Porto. The Portuguese club don't have an invite despite having been crowned European Champions as many times as the Italian giants. Agnelli wants the English Premier League


What to do

Talking 'utter rubbish' in a bid to save the Salón Varietés theatre

Tony Bryant

The Salón Varietés theatre in Fuengirola will present a one-man show based on the life of director and actor Colin Pollard - one of the driving forces behind the Costa's only English-language theatre. The show, entitled Utter Rubbish - A Nobody's



The art of improvisation in lockdown

Jennie Rhodes

When the first lockdown in March last year was announced and Robert Lawson had to all but give up teaching English in Malaga, he turned to his lifelong passion of music to help get him through. However, not satisfied with just picking up the ... musician says that he has already been contacted by other radio stations as far afield as the USA and Australia. Although his English classes are beginning to pick up again, Robert has plans to continue with the improvised music scene and the instruments.



Yelmo chain to reopen three Malaga cinemas next week


...will be able to watch Inmune (known as Songbird in English), an American film concerning the ongoing pandemic. It is hoped that Yelmo’s decision will be a precursor to other major cinema companies making similar announcements. Indeed, Cinesa La Cañada



Crowdfunding campaign launched to help maintain the English Cemetery


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched in a bid to secure funds to help maintain the historic English Cemetery in Malaga city which has suffered enormously from a lack of visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic. The GoFundMe campaign was ... launched by Bruce McIntyre, president of the English Cemetery Foundation of Malaga, who prior to his retirement was British consul in Malaga from 2000 to 2008. On the page, McIntyre explained that because of the current situation and subsequent



Breaking out of the vicious circle

Rachel Haynes

In the run-up to International Women's Day there's always talk about wage gaps and glass ceilings. Just last week we reported in SUR in English that a study had found that women earned 24 per cent less than men in Andalucía. Of course people are



A street in Álora, in Denmark


...painting, called 'Gade Gaaende Nedad', which in English means Street Going Downhill. It is also known as Street In Álora, and is currently on exhibition at the David collection in Copenhagen. At the time, the painter, who was 25, said he wanted to



From history teaching to historical memory

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar border by Franco was portrayed in the Spanish, Gibraltarian and English press. It was while chatting to colleagues in the archive that the idea was proposed of forming an association to manage and promote the Casa de la Memoria, raise awareness of


What to do

Live music, lectures, workshops and things to do around the province

...nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books. Donations of clothing etc welcomed. Craft Group. Mondays, 10am-1pm in the centre. The craft group will be making cards in various styles including Iris paper



The inquest in Spanish football begins

Rob Palmer

Champions League titles and seven of the last eleven Europa Leagues have been won by Spanish clubs but the truth is that La Liga and its members are not evolving. As the Germans, French, Italians, and English are all taking steps to improve, their Spanish