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Spanish 'Katiuskas' turn 90

English nobles wore the same military style riding boots but with polished leather and ornamental tassels. One of them, the Duke of Wellington, asked his shoemaker in London to modify the Hessian boots by fabricating them in soft calfskin leather, removing ... the trim, and reducing the height to fit more closely around the leg. Eventually, the boot was dubbed the 'Wellington' and the name has stuck in the English language ever since. In the middle of the 19th century, Wellington boots started being made ... Britain and around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Nowadays we can see rubber boots on the catwalks - from knee-high chunky Wellington boots by Versace to rubber ankle boots by Christian Dior or Prada's chunky tread soles in playful


What to do

Music and dance, theatre, lectures and family events around the province

denise bush, tea or fruit juice with a piece of cake. A boutique with a range of new and nearly new clothing and accessories and also a wide stock of second hand English books. Donations of clothing etc welcomed. Craft Group. Mondays, 10am-1pm in the centre.



Your property on the Costa del Sol in 2021

SUR in English

Owning a property on the Costa del Sol has been a dream come true for thousands of buyers over the last few decades. The area's ideal climate and excellent facilities and communications continue to attract people from Spain, Europe and the rest of



Historical tributes at Malaga's English cemetery

Liz Parry

In addition to events in the run-up to Christmas, such as the Nine Lessons and Carols service at St George's Anglican church and the Christmas Fair, the English Cemetery in Malaga has been the scene of two commemorative events recently. Torrijos ... who lost their lives for a ceremony also attended by Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, and Bruce McIntyre, President of the English Cemetery in Malaga Foundation. The recent Christmas Fair outside St George's Church.SUR The English Cemetery



'Playing in the Champions League was worth it, even if it led to where Malaga are now'

pedro luis alonso

...from those at the real heavyweight clubs, like Bayern or Barcelona. However, the English market can be complicated due to the money involved. There’s a lot of outside influence to consider, from players’ agents for example, who are in contact with the ... French and English football and, in some cases, Spanish teams. What do you think of modern expressions such as ‘defending in a block’ or ‘high pressing’? It’s new vocabulary, but the perception that getting closer to the opposition means you’re closer



Family from Ireland adopts the puppy that was found dumped and dying in Malaga


A mastiff puppy that was found dumped and dying in a rubbish container in Malaga has been found a new home with a family from Ireland after they read of his plight on the SUR in English website. Yvonne Edmonds and Kieran Byrne are currently ... wanted to know which dog would be the right one". Then just two days later Kieran opened the SUR in English website on his mobile, and came across an article in which the Protectora de Málaga was looking for a new home for Ulysses. Two elements to the ... coincidences made us see that Uli was the right one. This was the sign." Thank you SUR in English They wrote to the animal welfare group to enquire about the case. "We sent a lot of photos of our previous dogs so they could see that we love them." After



ADSG, providing a supportive environment for carers and people with dementia

Tony Bryant

667733520 Age Care. / 24-hour helpline 635407255. Facebook. Alzheimer and Dementia Support Group Costa del Sol. SUR in English spoke with professional health worker David Donaldson about the difficulties faced by those who look ... after dementia patients, and the tireless work he has done to assist the English-speaking community on the Costa del Sol to overcome these problems. David, a nurse with more than 20 years' experience, came to live in Spain in 1999. Two years later, he ... carers of loved-ones who were affected by the disease. As time went on it became apparent that there was a real need for a regular English-language support group, and this was founded in 2019, thanks to the generosity of Age Care Calahonda, who agreed



Trapiche market - a firm fixture in the Axarquía diary

Jennie Rhodes

...midst of a health pandemic, it's easy to identify a range of native English accents and European languages. There are stalls selling everything from organic vegetables to books, secondhand and new clothes, prepared food, photography, art and crafts and



Wreath-laying marks Remembrance Sunday in Malaga's English cemetery

Liz Parry

McIntyre, President of the English Cemetery Foundation, laid a wreath on the four Commonwealth War Graves. The Chaplain, the Reverend Louis Darrant, read out the names on the graves, and a two-minute silence was observed in memory of all the fallen.



Friends get together to clean up English cemetery in Malaga

Liz Parry

A group of friends of the English Cemetery and members of the congregation of St George's joined forces last Saturday morning for a Working Party, aimed at sprucing up the area around the church and removing an accumulation of leaves and other ... cause. The results of the volunteers' work were visible as the cemetery looked markedly tidier and cleaner, so he said the event was likely to become a regular one. Victoria Ordóñez, the Gardening delegate for the English Cemetery Foundation also ... thought the event had been a great success and said: "This sort of initiative helps tremendously in the upkeep of the English Cemetery, which is a remarkable part of our international heritage but needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking beautiful -



Motorcars made in Andalucía


...has been shown already by clients in Australia and the UK, he added. English influence "For some British people our new Grand Albaycín is reminiscent of the Morgan Roadster, a legendary English motorcar, or even a Jaguar," said Hurtado. "My father ... has always adored the English style and from the very beginning tried to imitate it." Indeed he recalls how his father's dream was made possible thanks in part to the so-called English-style cars. "In 1995, the annual industrial machinery ... this English-style car there. A few days later, thanks to word of mouth, my father received firm orders."



A 21st-century homage to Catalonia

Jennie Rhodes

...that." Nick, who lives in Barcelona with his partner and two children, spent his first 18 years in Spain as an English teacher. He admits that he had "no plans for the tours to become a day job" but they "grew and grew". Six years ago, due to demand for ... the tours, Nick brought in another guide, Catherine Howley. Before the pandemic they were running two tours; one in Catalan - and sometimes Spanish - depending on the group - and the other in English. The latter Nick says attracted anyone from ... audience. Nick soon worked out a way of delivering his tours online and in June 2020, he gave his first virtual Civil War tour in English. He explains that he's broadened his content, he's come up with other tours beyond just the original ones and that



The British Council: Eight decades developing links between UK and Spain

Tony Bryant

The British Council is an organisation specialising in international cultural and educational opportunities that promotes a wider knowledge of the United Kingdom and the English language. The institute has branches in more then 100 countries, and ... in Madrid in 1940. Launching of an institution After securing suitable premises close to the Prado Museum, Starkie launched the institute at a special party for 70 English, Spanish and American guests. During his inaugural speech, he made a point ... of mentioning Shakespeare and Cervantes as symbols of the two countries. His most outstanding contribution came in the field of education and during the inauguration he expressed his intentions to provide short, intensive English courses for young



British author publishes new book about the life of George Langworthy

Tony Bryant

...of Torremolinos, a new English-language biography published in June reveals the complete, fascinating life of this celebrated pioneer. Written by Mike Shapton, The Englishman of the Peseta, is a biographical account of a wealthy young man who set ... eventually his home, to the locals. Mike's book goes much deeper and recounts the remarkable story of an Englishman whose life took him through the highs of the British Empire to his final resting place in the English Cemetery in Malaga. Mike, who was ... to SUR in English. It would be four years before Mike found the time to begin work on the project. After retiring in 2014, he began his research in the UK, obtaining information about Langworthy's early years at a boarding school in Rutland and



Fire destroys Mollina's "English" holiday park


...rubble. The Pueblo Fiesta Lazy Days, known in the area as "the English campsite", was opened 12 years ago. The cause of the fire is not yet known.



Costa Women community reaches tenth birthday

Jennie Rhodes

Costa Women is celebrating its tenth anniversary this autumn. While planned celebrations have not gone ahead due to the current restrictions, the founder of the now Spain-wide women's group, Ali Meehan, talks to SUR in English about how it all ... to Spain. It was as simple as that." The entrepreneur says that the first ever article published in SUR in English about Costa Women in 2010 "really helped to get the word out". Ali recalls that then editor, Liz Parry, spotted an advertisement ... Ali admits, adding that the success of Costa Women has "definitely exceeded expectations". The group now boasts 9,300 members in 38 groups across the country. Word got out about Costa Women thanks to an interview in SUR in English on 12 November



31 July 1588: The Spanish Armada reaches English shores

Jennie Rhodes

On 31 July 1588 what became known as the Spanish 'Invincible Armada' encountered the English Navy off the coast of Plymouth. In May that year, during the undeclared Anglo-Spanish war (1585-1604), as Spain's King Felipe II wanted to remove the ... Protestant Queen Elizabeth I from the English throne and restore Catholicism in England, the Spanish Armada set sail from Lisbon under the command of the Duke of Medina-Sidonia. When the fleet was sighted off the English coast in July, Sir Francis Drake ... ordered 100 English vessels to prepare to confront it. Over the following days, English ships continued to pursue the Spanish Armada as it headed eastwards along the English Channel, according to the website There were two duels, one near