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Former editor brings her Spanish phrase book up to date, just "for you"

Rachel Haynes

The former editor of SUR in English, Liz Parry, may have been retired a few years, but she continues with her mission to "link communities". The idea of making English-speaking residents feel more at home and integrated into life in Spain extended ... by comments she found noted in her late parents' copy, as well as the ongoing changes in society, Liz has revamped and republished her book under the new title ¡Va Por Ti! This is for you! "The column I wrote every week in SUR in English, and the ... tarde para aprender' (It's never too late to learn). The book, as well as providing useful vocabulary and phrases to help English-speaking residents negotiate situations they are bound to find themselves in, includes background information to help



Friends get together to clean up English cemetery in Malaga

Liz Parry

A group of friends of the English Cemetery and members of the congregation of St George's joined forces last Saturday morning for a Working Party, aimed at sprucing up the area around the church and removing an accumulation of leaves and other ... cause. The results of the volunteers' work were visible as the cemetery looked markedly tidier and cleaner, so he said the event was likely to become a regular one. Victoria Ordóñez, the Gardening delegate for the English Cemetery Foundation also ... thought the event had been a great success and said: "This sort of initiative helps tremendously in the upkeep of the English Cemetery, which is a remarkable part of our international heritage but needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking beautiful -



The best primary stories

The Warming I never would have guessed what was coming. I mean, it is pretty hot here in Australia but never before had the red earth been so scorched. Never before had the air emitted such heat. Never before had the leaves shrivelled on their bran



The best secondary stories

Silent Nature Cautiously, the leafy fingers crept up around the steel skeletons. Luscious leaves interweaving with vines-culminating in a dazzling array of green hues and tinges. Victoriously, flowers rise high above the disused factories and wareh



Fire destroys Mollina's "English" holiday park


...rubble. The Pueblo Fiesta Lazy Days, known in the area as "the English campsite", was opened 12 years ago. The cause of the fire is not yet known.



31 July 1588: The Spanish Armada reaches English shores

Jennie Rhodes

On 31 July 1588 what became known as the Spanish 'Invincible Armada' encountered the English Navy off the coast of Plymouth. In May that year, during the undeclared Anglo-Spanish war (1585-1604), as Spain's King Felipe II wanted to remove the ... Protestant Queen Elizabeth I from the English throne and restore Catholicism in England, the Spanish Armada set sail from Lisbon under the command of the Duke of Medina-Sidonia. When the fleet was sighted off the English coast in July, Sir Francis Drake ... ordered 100 English vessels to prepare to confront it. Over the following days, English ships continued to pursue the Spanish Armada as it headed eastwards along the English Channel, according to the website There were two duels, one near



Portrait of an artist with dyslexia

Tony Bryant

...frustration, but this eventually turned into negative energy," the 48-year-old Dubliner explained to SUR in English. Ciaran began venting his frustration by drawing with chalk, which he would steal from school: today, depending on what feels right at the



'My desire is to help the church grow as a place of prayer, hospitality and service'

Tony Bryant

...priest was officially received by the Archdeacon of Gibraltar, who said that his appointment was a "symbol of renewal and hope", both for the church and for the English-speaking community of Malaga. Born in Plaistow, East London, Father Louis studied at ... enjoying the delights that Malaga has to offer, the spirited cleric is learning Spanish and is immensely attracted by Spain's rich cultural and artistic heritage. Father Louis took time out from his busy schedule to talk to SUR in English about how ... labourer. What appeals to you about working with the English-speaking community of Malaga and the Costa del Sol? My parents lived on the Costa del Sol, so I feel very at home in this part of Spain. I look forward to exploring the life of the city



Getting back to business with SUR in English

...forward to full terraces on warm evenings, the shutters came down. What to do How can SUR in English help restart your business? Click here and fill in the form for your business to appear free of charge on our Now Open portal. On 14 March Spain ... to do for months; chatting to the butcher; giving the car a service; or buying new furniture for that terrace you spent so much time on during weeks of confinement. SUR in English was fortunate enough to be able to carry on doing business and ... provinding the essential service of informing readers of local and national news throughout the coronavirus crisis. Now, more than ever, SUR in English is the perfect vehicle to help businesses reconnect with their old clients and reach out to new ones..