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Ten sports for ten psychological problems


...expense of energy are helpful during testing times. Panic attacks - Pilates If panic attacks are the problem, practising pilates could be the solution. Pilates commands us to master our bodies, giving rise to closer concentration and control over our



Solar farm to be up and running in Nerja by end of year

Eugenio Cabezas

Catalan energy company Conecta2 has announced plans to build a solar farm in Nerja. The Nerja site forms part of a wider project to extend the production of photovoltaic energy across Spain, with a further four farms being built in Palamós ... (Girona), Riudoms (Tarragona), El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), and Guadix (Granada). The five farms will create 10,000 square metres of solar energy panels. In a press release the company said that it had already started construction of some of the farms ... and that it expects all five of the new installations to be up and running by the end of the year. Conecta2 said it has invested 2.5 million euros in renewable energy to date.



Endesa starts work on two new solar farms in Teba

andrea jiménez

The renewable energy branch of Endesa, EGPE, has started work on two solar farms, La Vega I and La Vega II in Teba. Forty-five people are working on the construction and that figure will rise to more than 200 with the help of the town hall. Once ... completed, these photovoltaic power stations will provide enough energy for 30,000 homes.



New air conditioning system installed at Villa de Nerja cultural centre

Eugenio Cabezas

Nerja town hall signed a contract with Eiffage Energía energy company earlier this week to install a new air conditioning system in the Villa de Nerja cultural centre. The 106,511 euro investment is being paid for by the Junta de Andalucía ... regional government and European Union regional development funds (ERDF). The town hall expects the new system to lead to greater energy efficiency and money saving as well as a more comfortable environment for the cultural centre's users.



Rincón town hall commits to renewable energy


"We are committed to renewable energy and to energy saving solutions," said infrastructure councillor, Sergio Díaz, on Tuesday. Last year the town hall introduced LED lighting to a number of public spaces.



Increased energy efficiency on the Rock

Debbie Bartlett

Despite all the Christmas lights in Gibraltar over the festive season, energy consumption in the town area fell by 24.7 per cent last year, compared with 2017. The Christmas illuminations now use LEDs and their consumption is 72.39 per cent lower ... than in 2011. Street lights are also using 20 per cent less energy than in 2012/2013.



Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior stops off in Malaga

Sur in english

...visitors who wanted to see what life is like aboard the vessel and learn about ways people can combat climate change. The ship, which left Malaga on Wednesday, runs on wind energy instead of fossil fuels.



Chakra can't

Peter Edgerton

...anyone would sign up for such a thing. Chakras are those energy points in our bodies (seven I think) which some religions say govern our natural equilibrium and wellbeing. It's said they should be balanced and clear and aligned if we are to live a



Foods that help boost energy and vitality

AMIL LÓPEZ VIÉITEZ get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre so your organism functions as efficiently as a Swiss clock. A healthy and balanced diet and good hydration will help to eliminate toxins, give you the energy you need ... from the B group which they provide help to turn carbohydrates into energy. Wholemeal cereals and pulses. They are a magnificent source of magnesium, potassium and zinc. Germinates. These are soft sprouts which provide energy and youth because ... they have proteins of high biological value with detoxifying effects. They contain trace elements and enzymes which protect the organism. Dark chocolate.An antioxidant treat which gives you some extra energy. Oranges, lemons, mandarins and red



Gibraltar plans a ban on sale of energy drinks to under-16s

Debbie Bartlett

...completion of the treasure hunt. As part of the healthy living aspect of this programme, the Gibraltar government has drawn up a command paper on the banning of the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 16. These often contain high and ... energy drinks once again shows "the government's commitment to real progress", and promises: "There will be more to come."



Little dogs - lots of energy


The elderly gentleman sitting on a seat beside the road in the town looked decidedly distressed and the reason was obvious. In his hand was a dog lead and a collar attached. It is something I have seen too often. The dog had slipped his or her collar



Council pool in Marbella centre to get one-million-euro upgrade


Marbella council is to completely overhaul the municipal covered swimming pool near the centre of the town. The Serrano Lima building, known as Salduba, is to have a million euros spent on it, making the heating system energy efficient, with solar



Secondary poems long ago, I have bad memory But I haven’t felt any positive energy I provided the world with what it needs Actually thinking that it would succeed I watch you looking through the window Watching your earth fall apart like a domino



Portrait of an artist with dyslexia

Tony Bryant

...frustration, but this eventually turned into negative energy," the 48-year-old Dubliner explained to SUR in English. Ciaran began venting his frustration by drawing with chalk, which he would steal from school: today, depending on what feels right at the



Estepona to save 20% with low-energy bulbs

Charo Márquez

...the new contract will be an investment of almost 1.4 million euros to renew street lighting and put in energy-efficient bulbs. The council expects to save 20 per cent of its annual lighting bill as a result. Over 400,000 euros has also been set aside



Rod Stewart: "I'm all for a second Brexit referendum; we were lied to before the first"

Regina Sotorrío

...gave to the SUR group prior to his Costa concert. “For Celtic to get in the last 16 of the Champions League,” was his reply. He may have (almost) everything but sitting back on his laurels is not among his plans. “Energy, the element of surprise and ... This Wednesday he is due to pour out all his energy out onto the 9,000-strong crowd on Fuengirola’s Marenostrum stage, at the foot of Sohail Castle, one of just two concerts in Spain this year. Huge show Six trucks and five buses have brought his



Alhaurín de la Torre to open first surfing complex in Andalucía

FERNANDO TORRES claims the new installation, which will have a higher frequency of waves than earlier models, will be the most efficient in the world and will minimise the environmental impact with maximum energy efficiency. The pool will use high-efficiency



Sniffer dog rescuers return from volunteer mission to Lebanon


...operation until last Sunday. Pereira was grateful for the support the volunteers had received on the ground from local residents in Beirut but regretted that nobody had been found alive by the Spanish team. "Too much energy in the explosion," he



Event offers illuminating psychic and spiritual healing


A unique weekend dedicated to healing, spiritual cleansing and meditation is due to take place on the Costa del Sol next week. Illuminate 2018 is organised by Mijas-based healer Mark Bajerski and will feature leading pure energy healing ... the ancient Hindus. Gurus believed that our bodies are aligned by energy points which are named chakras, and the Illuminate event will offer visitors the opportunity to experience this ancient art. Mark Bajerski - author of The Accidental Psychic and ... gift of healing and psychic abilities and he has become internationally known as the 'Healer of Hearts'. The spiritual healer has devoted his life to developing a technique he calls Pure Energy Healing (PEH), a process that he says allows him to be



Government ordered to pay 128 million euros in damages for changing energy conditions


2007. That was the year when legislation was approved by the then prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, to encourage the use of renewable energies, and as a result this type of energy technology quickly sprang up all over the country. Eiser ... much more restrictive. The decision has been an initial blow for the Energy Ministry, but sources there say they do not expect many more to follow. Two previous cases have been resolved in Spain’s favour, and a third was closed with the agreement of ... both parties. Government plans to appeal The Energy Ministry plans to appeal against the decision, because it considers that the new regulations only and exclusively affect three plants and under particular circumstances. In other words, it does



Significant drop in carbon emissions for third year running

Debbie Bartlett

...has been a reduction of 27,000 tonnes, or 15.3 per cent, since 2014. Several factors have contributed to this improvement, including Low Energy Devices (LEDs) being installed in all government installations and public lighting, as well as a small ... number of solar fittings. The Department of the Environment and Climate Change has also been carrying out energy efficiency campaigns, which appear to have been effective despite an increase in the number of buildings in Gibraltar. Further reductions ... emissions of contaminants such as nitrogen oxides. Responding to the news, the Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change, John Cortes, said this week: “We have to congratulate ourselves as a community in the way we have taken up the challenge in



Fascinating facts about atomic gardening

Denise Bush

After WWII, there was an initiative to develop alternative uses for fission energy. It was called Atoms for Peace and part of it included atomic gardening. Gamma gardens, as they are known, were created in the US, India, Japan, Europe and Russia to



How to lose weight and keep it off


...tries to store fat. Fat does not want to melt In the beginning fat deposits are not affected at all as the body uses easily accessible energy sources, which are located mainly in the liver and muscles: sugars or one of its derivatives - glycogen. ... to burn fat only after three to five days of dieting. Even then, however, the body has an array of defensive mechanisms. It tries to protect the status quo by shifting to an "energy-efficient" metabolic regimen, lowering it by as much as 30%. After ... three times a week, will do wonders for your metabolism! Physical activity also mobilises bowel activity, lowers the appetite, and improves one's mood. When you feel better, you will enjoy the increased feeling of energy and vitality your new eating


What to do

What To Do, music, art and theatre events around the province

Denise Bush

...avant-garde with extraordinary energy. Charo Carrera. Until March 2021. The main staircase in the Centro Pompidou is the site for the painting Si yo, Si tú by veteran artist Charo Carrera Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Malaga. Nan Goldin. Until



Smoothies to fight the illnesses of the 21st century


...and/or vegetable juice, nuts and grains (oats, tiger nuts, barley, walnuts...) or a dairy base upon which the other ingredients are mixed. Juices and smoothies made with healthy ingredients are authentic natural energy drinks and form a multivitamin ... recipes for smoothies which can help us to combat the greatest ills of the 21st century, such as depression, stress, insomnia, obesity and a lack of energy. "These days people consume far too many so-called energy drinks and stimulants, without realising ... that juices and smoothies are in themselves an authentic form of natural energy drink. The smoothies also help us to avoid junk food, because all their components are healthy, functional and low in calories, so they prevent obesity and numerous



The power of El Chorro


...suppliers. The total output is 400 megawatts (400,000 kilowatts) and, given that the average household energy consumption is 3,300 watts, some 120,000 homes can be directly powered by the plant while it's producing electricity. That is approximately the ... clarify that it was designed from the start to be an emergency power supply. In difficult situations, such as a voltage dip or the loss of other power sources such as thermal and nuclear energy, this power plant can maintain the high voltage of the power ... 50 underground, which connects directly to the pipes that draw the water up. Each one of the four turbines uses between 25 and 27 cubic metres, or more than 25,000 litres, per second. This produces a lot of energy, especially if the gates have to be



Protec: the group you can depend on

advertorial 60% of lost energy by keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold during the winter. This leads to considerable energy, and therefore financial savings. During Protec’s first few years in existence the team realised that many of their ... licences are correctly obtained for every project in keeping with the law, a matter which has become increasingly important in recent years. Whether you want to replace a window or door, make your home more energy-efficient or build or renovate an entire



48 hours in Berlin

Andrew Forbes

Potsdamer Platz, the new nexus of the capital. I was last there in 1993, a few years after the wall fell. With reunification came the energy of new construction. At that time Potsdamer Platz was a forest of construction cranes promising a new future and new



The art of the matter

Peter Edgerton

...deep clean of the apartment but, given the time and energy expended, the difference was laughably negligible, the only reward being the discovery of approximately two hundred and eighteen thousand guitar plectrums which I'd lost over the years.



Award-winning Russian salad to feed healthcare workers


(Observatorio Malagueño de la Ensaladilla Rusa y el Gazpachuelo), an organisation formed to promote both traditional dishes in local restaurants. Their mission is to send out strength, energy and, above all, plenty of encouragement and support by providing ... Having this contribution of food during their 24-hour days gives them energy and respite, and they have expressed their thanks for the tasty gesture. Berzosa explained to SUR how the initiative was being carried out: "We make the Russian salad and we