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Basque Country and Galicia to go to polls this spring


Two autonomous regions will go to the polls in elections on 5 April. First to announce a vote was the regional president of the Basque Country, Iñigo Urkullu. This was followed by the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, saying he too would ... bring forward regional elections to that date to "avoid three election dates" in Spain this year. Catalonia is also due to go to the polls soon to elect a new regional parliament but the date is still unknown. The Basque Region is currently governed



Gibraltar government congratulates PSOE but has a warning for Vox

Debbie Bartlett

...indicated that the socialist party would be the largest party and that the far right Vox would make significant gains. Gibraltar takes a keen interest in Spanish elections, as the results can impact relations between the two governments. The chief



Gibraltar goes to the polls for the EU elections

Debbie Bartlett

Electing the members of the European Parliament is still quite a novel experience for voters in Gibraltar, because although the Rock joined the EU (EEC) with the UK in 1973, its people were not able to vote in EU elections until 2004, and then only ... Turnout for those first EU elections in Gibraltar was nearly 58 per cent, but has dropped since to levels similar to those in the UK, which are normally between 33 and 35 per cent. However, this EU election, the fourth in which Gibraltar has been able ... before they are able to do so. In the UK, many people who do not normally vote in EU elections were expected to do so this time, either because they wanted to boost pro-Brexit parties or to try to reduce their influence in Brussels. In Gibraltar,



Vox candidate in Manilva arrested over assault

C. M.

Ismael Álvarez Sánchez, who was second on the Vox list at the recent general elections, has been arrested over an assault. He is alleged to have hospitalised a coworker of his ex-wife on 16 December in Estepona after punching him in the face.



7 February 1992: Maastricht Treaty signed by EC members

Debbie Bartlett

...candidate in European and local elections in the country in which they lived; eligibility for diplomatic assistance and protection from the embassies and consulates of other member countries; the right to petition the European Parliament and take complaints



Spain goes to the polls again on a super Sunday of elections


Ciudadanos; Unidas Podemos, 6-7; Vox 3-4. Although only Spanish passport holders can vote in Spain in national and regional elections, many people of other nationalities living in the country can vote in the municipal elections, providing they were



Record number of parties field candidates for local elections in Vélez-Málaga

E. C.

A record number of political parties are fielding candidates for the forthcoming local elections in Vélez-Málaga. Twelve parties, the highest number since Spain became a democracy 40 years ago, will be represented. Across the rest of the Axarquía, ... Riogordo, Cútar and Comares) only two parties, the socialist PSOE, which won the majority of votes in last Sunday's general election, and the centre-right Partido Popular, will be standing. The elections take place on Sunday 26 May.



12 April 1931: Local elections led to the Second Republic

Debbie Bartlett

On 12 April 1931 local elections were held in Spain for the first time in years, and the result - a landslide victory for republicans and left-wing parties - changed the course of history. The number of seats on each council was determined by the



Citizens' rights campaigner to stand for Mijas council in municipal elections

Tony Bryant

A Mijas-based expat known for her continuous efforts to protect the rights of British citizens living in Spain has decided to stand for election in the municipal elections in May. Anne Hernández was approached to stand for a seat on the council ... by a new Mijas action group called MVM (Movimiento Vecinal Mijeño), one of the first non-political groups to stand for elections in local government. The group was started by the president of the La Cala Residents Association, Francisco Sepúlveda, who



Foreign residents keen to get involved Mijas action group, MVM, one of the first non-political groups to be allowed to stand for elections in local government. Anne, number seven of the list of candidates, says that she chose the party because it is not "politically biased". She ... independent candidate in the upcoming council elections he agreed. Sands believes continuity and stability is important on the political side and says that's not going to happen if there is another coalition government as there was after the elections four ... difficult, and more to help integration needs to be done. She says that Impulsa Ciudad is looking towards ways of getting internationals more involved with the local community, including voting in local elections. SUR "Every town hall should support the



More than 40,000 foreigners in Malaga province are on the electoral roll for the council elections


elections. While in the general election voting is restricted to Spanish nationals, in the municipal ballot foreign residents who have registered to vote will also have a say in who runs their local town hall for the next four years. IN CONTEXT 40,104 ... foreign residents of Malaga province have expressed their intention to vote in the council elections on 26 May. That is 49 per cent of the total of 81,763 foreign residents who have the right to vote. These include citizens of the 28 EU countries and 12 ... means that 40,104 foreign residents in Malaga province will have the right to go to the polls on 26 May and vote in the council and EU elections. Only people from EU countries can vote for the European Parliament, but in the case of Spanish council



Andalusian regional elections called for 2 December


The president of the Junta de Andalucía government, Susana Díaz, has decided to bring forward the next regional elections by three and a half months. The regional parliament in Seville was dissolved this week and Andalusians will be called to the ... Andalucía, has not been good. In her speech announcing the elections, Díaz, who is expected to be confirmed as the PSOE party's lead candidate again later this month said that "Andalucía needs a clear horizon", adding that she wished to avoid six months of ... campaigning before March and also distance the regional elections from next May's municipal and EU elections. She had delayed the announcement a few weeks, she said, in order to give time for local legislation on gender equality and climate change to pass



Catalan election due this year as ruling separatist coalition splits


...separatist symbols. A firm decision on whether he has to give up being Catalan president is expected soon. Catalan elections could complicate the national political scene as Pedro Sánchez's minority government still needs to get national budgets approved



Overseas candidates hoping to do their bit


...asked by then Taoiseach, Jack Lynch, to get involved as "they were trying to get more women involved, you know, women's lib and all that," explains Ria. She has been a PSOE councillor in La Viñuela since the 2015 elections , when the mayor, José Juan ... the local elections. -Why did you get involved in the elections? I have been involved in the village's foreigners' office for the last four years and I was approached by the mayor, Rafael Torrubia, (PSOE) to join his team. "My initial reaction was ... in elections? There are perhaps a couple of hundred on the 'padrón' but only around 50 who have given their intention to vote. Generally speaking the foreigners are a good source of new ideas when it comes to local politics even if they're not



Tempting, but not worth a jail sentence

Jennie Rhodes

Having written off being able to vote in the European Parliament elections ever again after the June 2016 referendum, imagine my joy when it turned out that I would have one last opportunity to do so before Brexit, as the UK government failed to ... filling it in and sending it back (registered post - I hold little faith in those prepaid international stamp envelopes that come with the voting pack). The European Parliament (EP) elections are taking place between 23 and 26 May, depending on the ... country; the UK always votes on a Thursday while many other European countries favour Sunday. In Spain they're taking place on Sunday at the same time as the local elections. Any EU citizen has the right to vote in EP elections, either in their home



Spain and UK sign agreement to allow Brits to vote in local elections

europa press

The British and Spanish governments have signed a bilateral agreement to allow British residents in Spain and Spanish residents in the UK to continue to vote in municipal elections after the UK leaves the EU. The agreement, the first of its kind ... document will allow the 300,000 British residents in Spain - and the more than 175,000 Spaniards in the EU - to continue to vote in local elections as they have been doing until now as EU citizens. "Although the UK is preparing to leave the EU, we will ... means that Spanish residents in the UK will be able to vote in the British local elections on 2 May, and Britons living in Spain will be able to take part in the municipal vote on 26 May. The agreement will also mean that British residents can stand