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...the defenders in black and orange were caught on their heels and Ideye was on hand to poke his toe at the ball which crept in just inside the far post. José González's men were comfortable during a half with very few chances for either side. Gonçalo



Hispanic Day, a celebration of what?

Tony Bryant

...that costs the country around 800,000 euros each year. During the nineteenth century, many anti-immigrant groups in America rejected the holiday due to its association with Catholicism. The USA celebrates Columbus Day on the second Monday of October, ... Hispanidad as a national holiday, but in 1987, the name was changed to Fiesta Nacional. The date of National Day changed several times during the 20th century; establishing it on the day of the international Columbus celebration was part of a compromise



A Joshua Tree road trip

Andrew Forbes

...or spring when the desert begins to bloom. During winter the night temperatures can plummet to freezing. The road trip through the park from the high desert to the south is easily done in a day, yet there is so much to see you’ll want to take ... advantage of the multi-access pass and come back another time during your holiday. Just remember, once in the park, you are pretty much on your own apart from maybe seeing the occasional park ranger or fellow visitor. There are no restaurants; nowhere to



About 100 people learn how to deal with and combat constant pain


How to deal with pain when pain is inevitable. That was just one of several subjects which were discussed in depth at the Costa del Hospital on Friday, during the Day Against Pain which the management organised for medical professionals and members ... by the forumThe schedule for the day was drawn up by the Surgical Block, which is part of the hospital's Public Participation Commission. It began with a round table discussion called 'The Pain Unit answers', during which those present had the chance ... in the area, inviting them to take part. It was an opportunity for them not only to help others, but also to set up new contacts and links for developing future strategies and actions. During the day they set up stands from which different information



Alcaucín museum project aims to bring Neanderthal man discovery to the public


...would also explain how the area acted as a border between the provinces of Malaga and Granada during medieval times. The existing art and popular culture museum was opened in 2014, but has failed to attract high numbers of visitors. The new name for ... mayor, Mario Blancke, the area is home to one of the settlements with the highest number of Neanderthal remains discovered in Spain. The jaw, tibia and a number of femur bones which date as far back as 35,000 years BC were unearthed during a dig in the ... metres back into the rock, while its width varies between just 500 centimetres in places to 2.5 metres. It is believed that the cave was only used as a base by up to 10 Neanderthals during summer months while hunting. Blancke added that the town hall,



Coaching the rich and famous in Mijas

Tony Bryant Jenny Hoad, Tennis player and coach

...the wonderful times she shared with her husband during the club's golden years. The guest book, which Jenny still cherishes today, includes names such as Roy Emerson, Stan Smith, Tom Gorman, Jimmy Connors and Björn Borg, to name just a few. However,



A red pencil to sketch the memory of pain

Mark Nayler The carpenter's pencil by Manuel Rivas tools, the carpenter gives him the little red pencil. It remains in the painter's possession during his imprisonment (for no crime other than being of an artistic temperament, one supposes) after the outbreak of war, when he uses it to sketch the



The Leonid shower


...pointing directly into the stream. But patience is the key here; it is very unlikely that you will spot a meteor simply by popping your head out of the window during the ad break on TV. You will need at least 15 minutes to allow your eyes to become ... dark-adapted then lay back and enjoy the show. In past years the Leonids have produced a meteor storm of hundreds of meteors an hour; in 1966 viewers in the USA reported seeing 40 to 50 meteors per second during a 15 minute span. This year is not expected to