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Torremolinos joins abandoned dogs adoption programme

Tony Bryant

Torremolinos is the latest town to join the initiative #CuidayAdopta, a service that encourages the adoption of abandoned and lost dogs. Organised by the Spanish association of municipal veterinarians (AEVM), the project aims to reduce the number of ... stray dogs that currently live on the streets of Torremolinos. The new initiative will promote a policy of "dog owners taking responsibility, zero tolerance of abandonment and the promotion of adoption". As part of its commitment, the town hall has ... agreed to collect, shelter and offer any vaccinations and food until adequate homes can be found. Until 2015, municipal dog pounds could euthanise dogs if they were not claimed or rehomed within ten days, but legislation now prohibits the sacrifice of



2020 vision

Peter Edgerton election night will largely consist of Fox News and CNN offering completely conflicting narratives of the exact same events to lots of people in their own echo chambers all munching on hot dogs and pizzas the size of Texas until somebody eventually



Animal Care España finds new homes in Belgium for 42 rescued dogs

Tony Bryant

Animal Care España (ACE) has given the perfect Christmas present to more than 40 rescued dogs. As part of the charity's ongoing rehousing programme, which organises forever homes in various parts of Europe, the dogs have been found new families in ... Belgium. The dogs, which included greyhounds, labradors, podencos, mastiffs and several mixed breeds, left the refuge centre in La Cala de Mijas last Friday and were transported by a German company that specialises in the transportation of animals. ... Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia, the USA and Spain), all united by their love of dogs. The event included a three-course dinner and musical entertainment was supplied by Laura Elen, a classically trained singer. There was also a charity raffle



Marbella resident walks to Monaco to raise funds for mental health charity

Ash Bolton

33 miles a day, the dad of three had to contend with blisters, guard dogs and a few near misses with vehicles along the route. The 55-year-old set off on 1 November and finished his challenge on 30 November, walking up to 13 hours a day. Mick, who ... drove ahead each day to find accommodation. He added: "The worst parts were the guard dogs and the traffic, as I had a few near misses, it was terrifying and quite hazardous in that respect. Walking in the dark, you didn't know who was around." Mick



13 December 1938: The birth of ONCE, help for the blind

Jennie Rhodes

...includes providing guide dogs for blind and visually impaired people, is made up of three pillars: the Directorate-General; the Foundation; and CEOSA, ONCE's business corporation. This employs over 136,000 staff, of whom 88.5 per cent are people with



European trend inspires first clinic on the Costa exclusively for cats

Tony Bryant

Malaga and our facilities are fully adapted for cats and offer an experience without barking dogs and the noise and smells of other animals usually found in the waiting room. Cats are unique and are far more difficult to treat than dogs and so it is



Vélez-Málaga's pines protected from caterpillar invasion

Agustín Peláez

Vélez-Málaga town hall has started treating areas with high numbers of pine trees against processionary caterpillars, which attack the trees and can seriously endanger dogs' lives and pose a potential threat to humans. Areas include Vélez-Málaga



Belgian man arrested on suspicion of Tolox murder

alvaro frías / FERNANDO TORRES

...they saw the car leaving at around five in the morning, after several dogs began barking. The suspect was in fact arrested while driving Ana's car in Belgium. He is facing charges of murder and violent robbery. Ana had moved to Spain in 2017 to be



Animal charity seeking dare devils for zip wire challenge

Jennie Rhodes

...organisers of the event and whose husband, Luc, will be taking the challenge, told SUR that they wanted to do "something different" that would appeal to all ages and encourage people to get involved in the charity, which has rehomed over 3000 dogs and cats



Benalmádena dog owners obliged to wash away their pets' urine

Tony Bryant

...concerning pets, which also declares that all dogs must be microchipped and have a DNA profile registered at the town hall. The legislation will come in to effect following a short information and awareness period, after which, the local police will begin



Luck before you leap

Peter Edgerton

...repeat the most useful tips given to me when I started out nearly five years ago. First, have a really clear idea of your concept. If you want to own a dog-grooming business, groom dogs. Don't try to babysit goldfish on the side - customers like to know



Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat


...daughter. Police using sniffer dogs, drones and satellites continue their search for the missing woman's body in the area where a thigh bone, which has been linked to her through DNA tests, was found last week. Geolocation tests carried out on the



Walking footballers to raise funds for young family in La Viñuela

SUR IN ENGLISH at the after match buffet. Smiles will be out to retain their title as the Costa del Sol's 'top dogs' when the event kicks off at 6pm. It will take place as Campo Viñuela (next to the lake) and spectators are welcome. Donations will be



Looking for peace


...told us how for weeks they have been kept awake by "those wretched dogs in our neighbourhood, barking and howling all night long". We have suffered the same but only for three nights when our neighbours had visitors who were dog owners and left the ... dogs out at night. We pointed out that it is not the dogs which are at fault but the owners ,who have a weird notion that dogs like to sleep out in the summer. As one such owner state, "It is natural." So it may be but dogs do not live as pets in a ... natural world. They live in our world and are the better for it with regular good food and water, visits to the vet, acomfortable place to sleep, safety from predators and with the company of humans. But as we have to adjust to pet ownership so do dogs



Guaro dog shelter needs a new home

Tony Bryant

A Belgian couple who have dedicated the last 20 years to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Spain are appealing for help to enable them to start a new canine sanctuary on the Costa del Sol. The property where their rescue centre is currently based ... is in need of desperate repairs and so Vera and Bert Wesenbeek are now searching for a new property to continue their work. The couple arrived in Spain in 2000 with five of their own dogs and soon began taking in strays that were in need of medical ... Resort. They currently care for more than 30 dogs and Vera is now in desperate need of a new property where the dogs can be relocated. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are in urgent need of a new property where our dogs can feel safe, play and run



Marbella shows off it's top dogs

Ash Bolton

...stalls. He said: "It went tremendously well. Everyone's support is very much appreciated." During the show dozens of dogs competed in 12 different categories. The Best in Show category was won by Veronica Kener's dog, Africa, a Malinois. At present ... Triple A looks after 358 dogs, 230 cats and one Vietnamese pig. The charity re-homes pets around Spain but the majority of dogs are adopted by people in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Finland and Sweden. Jan added that the charity now offers "Virtual ... welcome of all nationalities - especially for dog walking every Saturday morning, when all of the dogs are taken out for a weekly stroll by dozens of volunteers.


What to do

Animal Care España celebrates its 20th anniversary with a party

Tony Bryant

...animal lover Fabienne Paques and Dutchman Ton van den Broek. Fabienne decided to do something about the pitiful situation of the stray and abandoned dogs in the Mijas area, many of whom were destroyed at the El Refugio killing station. She began by ... and attention and the chance of a new home. Over the past 20 years, ACE has found homes for more than 13,000 dogs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland and Denmark, and it has become one of the most experienced rescue organisations



Dog refuge money is missing following break-in in Pedrera

Jennie Rhodes

...had been forced open. She reported that the house and garage were ransacked and 1,700 euros belonging to the refuge had been stolen. Their pet cockatiel and parrot were also missing, as was one of their dogs. The dog has since returned. Other



Havana turns 500

Andrew Forbes

...sheets billowed in the breeze, hung on washing lines in front of ramshackle and fragile colonial-era façades. Dogs lay in the shade of trees. A few women chatted quietly, while their children sat crouched on the pavement kerbstones. A few hole-in-the-wall



Town hall estimates 20 hectares were burned in Marbella fire


Juan Carlos Bo Morilla, who was off duty at the time, told SUR: "I took the hose to wet the dry grass and contribute in whatever way I could." One of those evacuated, Alejandro Pino, explained how he "took the dogs and fled", concerned about how the



The small miracle of the Mozarabic caves


The world is full of happy accidents and sometimes they can prove to be extremely important. As an example, think of somebody out for a walk with their two dogs in the countryside near Churriana, who found two puppies who had been buried alive on



Ten things you can get fined for doing on Costa del Sol beaches


...most of the Costa del Sol. The municipal bylaws do allow, however, guide dogs accompanied by a blind or visually impaired person. Reserving places The classic strategy of going out at the earliest opportunity in the morning and putting out



Taking care of your cat in the summer


...precaution is to make sure that all your animals, dogs and cats alike have access to a shaded area outside and always keep a plentiful supply of fresh water within reach.



Thirty years of sound pet advice


...where she was manager until 2010. In 2016 Erny received special recognition for her service to the charity. The couple's love of animals goes back as long as they can remember. "We always had dogs at home," says Erny, who was born in Maastricht, the



Algarrobo launches dog mess campaign

Jennie Rhodes

Algarrobo town hall has sent letters to 500 dog owners along with dispensers containing bags for faeces and bottles which should be filled with vinegar and water to be used when their dogs urinate in public spaces. The letters remind owners of a ... 300-euro fine for not cleaning up after their dogs or keeping them on a lead.



Life-saving microbes


For many animal species, eating excrement is a pleasure. Not only flies: elephants, pandas, cows, gorillas, rats, rabbits, dogs, iguanas, burying beetles and cockroaches do it as well. There is a reason for this: the intestinal bacteria present in a



Triple A warns it could close its shelter if it doesn’t receive funds over the next few weeks

The animal welfare organisation Triple A has warned that without a substantial cash injection over the next few weeks it will have to close its shelter. The association’s premises, on the Ojén road, were originally set up to house 120 dogs and 80 ... cats, although at the moment the shelter is looking after 358 dogs and 205 felines. In the first six months of this year 500 abandoned animals were taken to the shelter. Donations Triple A bank account:ES20 0081 7460 6300 0101 0211. Reference ... are 30,000 dogs registered of the pet census, “that’s a third of the human population, who could support us.” Subsidy Marbella town hall pays Triple A an annual subsidy of 60,000 euros. “That’s enough for us to keep going for a month and a half,”



More than 700 animals have been abandoned in six months

Ignacio LILLO

In the first six months of this year the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas in Malaga has taken in 786 abandoned animals, of which 672 were dogs and 114 were cats. They also rescued injured seagulls and pigeons, rabbits and tortoises. Most ... of the dogs and cats were brought to the centre by people who had found them, although 24 of the dogs and nine of the cats were returned after having been adopted. On the positive side, however, the society also found homes in Malaga province or ... elsewhere in Spain for 406 dogs and 113 cats during those six months, and 135 dogs and 32 cats went to new homes abroad. Thanks to microchips, 40 dogs and one cat who had gone missing were able to be returned to their owners. The Society says many dogs



Preparing for visitors


...can be a real danger. I am not referring to dangerous dogs or vicious cats. Pets may mean well and want to be friends with your visitors but it does not often work out that way. Children like to play with pets when pets want to be left alone and do



The Lady who made travel with pets easier


...the UK's exit from the EU, visit Mary came up with the idea during her frequent trips back to the UK from France in the 1980s with her husband, the British diplomat Sir John Fretwell, and their dogs. It was after one such trip in ... modern vaccines and blood tests was a better alternative. An end to quarantine She eventually won huge support across the UK and the pet passport launched in the UK on 28 February 2000 - allowing pet dogs, cats and ferrets from certain countries to ... three million cats and dogs have used the pet passport since then. The army use the service a lot as they use a lot of dogs, so that's no longer a problem for them. "And it was all because of the modern vaccine that made it possible." However she is



Walking footballers raise 250 euros for Sarah


Pueblo, didn't get off to the best start with one team pulling out and the wind threatening to halt play, but it was clear that all seven teams were intent on proving they were top dogs. In the over 60s group, Chorley ran out clear victors, winning all



Influencer dog Pipper stops off in Malaga


...restaurants that admit dogs. It is estimated in Spain that there are about four million households that have a dog - a statistic that continues to grow. As well as promoting pet tourism throughout Spain, "Pipper on Tour seeks to raise awareness about ... respect for animals and the roles dogs play in our society," said his owners. You can follow Pipper's journey at PipperonTour (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and on his website (



Man critically injured after prolonged attack by pack of stray dogs on industrial estate


A 30-year-old man was in a critical condition in a Malaga hospital this week after being attacked by a pack of dogs on wasteground on an industrial estate on the outskirts of the city. The attack took place at about 2am on Sunday morning when ... police received reports of several dogs mauling a person. The attack was still going on by the time a patrol car arrived. Officers found the man on the ground surrounded by five dogs that wouldn't let go of him. They tried sounding the horn of the ... vehicle to scare off the dogs but without success and one officer got out and fired shots into the air. Although the dogs stopped biting, it took several more shots before they ran off into scrubland. The victim, from Bulgaria, was virtually naked and