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Vélez-Málaga's pines protected from caterpillar invasion

Agustín Peláez

Vélez-Málaga town hall has started treating areas with high numbers of pine trees against processionary caterpillars, which attack the trees and can seriously endanger dogs' lives and pose a potential threat to humans. Areas include Vélez-Málaga



European trend inspires first clinic on the Costa exclusively for cats

Tony Bryant

Malaga and our facilities are fully adapted for cats and offer an experience without barking dogs and the noise and smells of other animals usually found in the waiting room. Cats are unique and are far more difficult to treat than dogs and so it is



Marbella shows off it's top dogs

Ash Bolton

...stalls. He said: "It went tremendously well. Everyone's support is very much appreciated." During the show dozens of dogs competed in 12 different categories. The Best in Show category was won by Veronica Kener's dog, Africa, a Malinois. At present ... Triple A looks after 358 dogs, 230 cats and one Vietnamese pig. The charity re-homes pets around Spain but the majority of dogs are adopted by people in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Finland and Sweden. Jan added that the charity now offers "Virtual ... welcome of all nationalities - especially for dog walking every Saturday morning, when all of the dogs are taken out for a weekly stroll by dozens of volunteers.



Words and dogs

peter harrison

It is small wonder that dogs are often confused when given commands by their owners. How can a canine mind work out that "Sit!" means the same as "Will you sit down for heaven's sake?!" or "Come when I call!" means the same as "Here!"? When in



More than 700 animals have been abandoned in six months

Ignacio LILLO

In the first six months of this year the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas in Malaga has taken in 786 abandoned animals, of which 672 were dogs and 114 were cats. They also rescued injured seagulls and pigeons, rabbits and tortoises. Most ... of the dogs and cats were brought to the centre by people who had found them, although 24 of the dogs and nine of the cats were returned after having been adopted. On the positive side, however, the society also found homes in Malaga province or ... elsewhere in Spain for 406 dogs and 113 cats during those six months, and 135 dogs and 32 cats went to new homes abroad. Thanks to microchips, 40 dogs and one cat who had gone missing were able to be returned to their owners. The Society says many dogs



Man critically injured after prolonged attack by pack of stray dogs on industrial estate


A 30-year-old man was in a critical condition in a Malaga hospital this week after being attacked by a pack of dogs on wasteground on an industrial estate on the outskirts of the city. The attack took place at about 2am on Sunday morning when ... police received reports of several dogs mauling a person. The attack was still going on by the time a patrol car arrived. Officers found the man on the ground surrounded by five dogs that wouldn't let go of him. They tried sounding the horn of the ... vehicle to scare off the dogs but without success and one officer got out and fired shots into the air. Although the dogs stopped biting, it took several more shots before they ran off into scrubland. The victim, from Bulgaria, was virtually naked and



Mushing puts dogs in the limelight


Did you know that running or cycling alongside your dog is actually an official sport? Last Sunday the sixth annual mushing competition took place in Manilva, with 120 humans taking part and over 130 dogs. It is the only official event of its kind ... in Malaga province for a sport that is gaining more and more followers around the world every day. Mushing originates in Lapland, Alaska and Canada and is a winter sport that is mainly done with sled dogs with sleds and skis, but can also be ... 'canicross' (running joined to your dog), 'bikejoring' (riding a mountain bike being pulled by your dog) and 'scooter' (riding a special 'skate' bike without pedals, pulled by one or two dogs). The professional mushers, leaving at 20 second intervals to be


Dogs learn by repetition


...commit it to its written form and to my memory and it sticks. I cannot explain it further. I associate it with a face. Repetition is the answer." I believe this is so with dogs. Repeat the name with every call. Digger came to us four years ago when he



SOS Animals to close after 22 years of caring for abandoned dogs

Tony Bryant

Inland dog charity, SOS Animals, is to close in June and is urgently appealing for people who can offer a loving home to any of its dogs. ·More information : The land where the Coín-based refuge is situated was sold after the ... owners returned to the UK and volunteers at the charity have been unable to find suitable, alternative accommodation for both the dogs and for the volunteers who help care for them. The refuge centre, which has rehomed thousands of dogs over the last 22 ... years, has announced that it can no longer accept dogs and is focusing all its energies on rehoming the animals in its care. SOS (Spay Our Strays) was founded on the Costa del Sol in 1997 and has been run by a small team of dedicated volunteers and



Hundreds of pets join in the city's Dog Party


Hundreds of owners and their dogs descended on Plaza de la Marina in Malaga for the Malaga Dog Party last weekend. The two-day event, sponsored by Tiendanimal and Royal Canin, saw the dogs being paraded in the square in an attempt to raise



Dogs take centre stage at Torremolinos pet contest

Tony Bryant

Torremolinos hosted the 16th edition of the Concurso de Mascotas on Wednesday. More than 20 dogs, from Chihuahuas to poodles and German shepherds took part in the competition staged in the Plaza La Nogalera. Organised by the Local Police and



Belgian man arrested on suspicion of Tolox murder

alvaro frías / FERNANDO TORRES

...they saw the car leaving at around five in the morning, after several dogs began barking. The suspect was in fact arrested while driving Ana's car in Belgium. He is facing charges of murder and violent robbery. Ana had moved to Spain in 2017 to be



Looking for peace


...told us how for weeks they have been kept awake by "those wretched dogs in our neighbourhood, barking and howling all night long". We have suffered the same but only for three nights when our neighbours had visitors who were dog owners and left the ... dogs out at night. We pointed out that it is not the dogs which are at fault but the owners ,who have a weird notion that dogs like to sleep out in the summer. As one such owner state, "It is natural." So it may be but dogs do not live as pets in a ... natural world. They live in our world and are the better for it with regular good food and water, visits to the vet, acomfortable place to sleep, safety from predators and with the company of humans. But as we have to adjust to pet ownership so do dogs



"My dog has given me back the freedom I once lost to domestic violence"


...project after reading about it in a newspaper. Through it, women who have suffered domestic violence are equipped with protection dogs. As "it was difficult to even speak to men", María "very shyly" made contact and spoke to Ángel Mariscal, a veteran dog ... You can relate to them and this gives you security." María insists that she is stronger now thanks to Conan and Ángel, as well as the other women who are part of the project and who have become "family". Ángel points out that the dogs that are ... chosen for this project must have an imposing physique, as well as the most vital characteristic: the instinct of protection. "Not all dogs have it, but for this project it is very important. We do not want the dogs to attack randomly or stray from the


What to do

Day of the dogs

sur in english

The first 'Día de los Perros' in Alhaurín de la Torre has been organised by the town hall with dozens of stalls selling pet products as well as information on associations and refuges, training and health care for dogs. INFORMATION Where. Parque ... there will be a parade of dogs that are looking for forever homes. Numerous companies and private individuals including artist José Luis Ocaña, have donated items for the auction which will raise funds for the dog refuges.



Ten people arrested for mistreating 16 dogs in Vélez-Málaga


Ten individuals have been arrested for mistreating dogs in the Vélez-Málaga area in the last week after reports from local residents who were suspicious that the animals were being abused. In addition to the arrests, 16 dogs of varying breeds ... have been rescued and are now in the care of animal rescue organisations in the area. The animals had been abandoned or were being kept in poor conditions and one was found in an area where drugs were being kept. All of the dogs that were rescued



A boundless ambition to help abused dogs

Tony Bryant

Several dog refuge centres in Malaga have benefitted from a recent scheme organised by Hope for Paws vzw, a foundation established by Cindy Terriére, a lady with a boundless love for rescue dogs. In order to raise money for the shelters around ... dogs, most of which are malnourished and have suffered abuse. For more information, visit Hope for Paws vzw's Facebook page. Hope for Paws offers a foster and adoption program and has given 700 Spanish stray dogs a new home in Belgium The charity ... hopes to change the attitude of people regarding their animalsCharity claims Spain needs to introduce sterilisation and castration schemes “It's beyond my comprehension that people literally throw puppies away in the trash bin; that they leave their dogs



Bridge tournament winners, donations and dogs


...member, Reg Winkworth, and administrator, Carlos Delgado, went to the school to pick up donated items and to thank the pupils. Carlos invited themto visit the ADANA 'perrera' tosee how their efforts have helped the charity's work caring for dogs in need.



Animal charity seeking dare devils for zip wire challenge

Jennie Rhodes

...organisers of the event and whose husband, Luc, will be taking the challenge, told SUR that they wanted to do "something different" that would appeal to all ages and encourage people to get involved in the charity, which has rehomed over 3000 dogs and cats



Little dogs - lots of energy


...the dog went for a walk. This is a big mistake. Emergencies such as fire, flood or other disaster give no warning and very often occur at night and dogs panic. You, the owner, must take full control of your pets. No time to seek the collar and put it ... vet.” It turned out that the owner had not had a dog before and had bought Tiger because he was so small and would not need long walks. This is a real fallacy. Very large dogs like Great Danes and Saint Bernards are happy to flop around and not walk



APA animal charity in Nerja must find new homes for dogs ahead of shelter closure

Jennie Rhodes

Nerja-based animal shelter, APA, is holding a gathering on the town's Balcón de Europa tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am in an attempt to re-home a number of dogs that are at risk of being made homeless when the organisation is forced to close its current ... shelter in less than two weeks' time. APA received notification from the current owner of the land that the organisation uses as a shelter, ordering it to close. Paul Nicols, a volunteer at APA, said that a number of dogs have been rehomed thanks to help ... from other local animal charities, including Axarquía Animal Rescue, TAIL Torrox and ADANA in Estepona. However, there are still around 30 that still need help. "The priority for Saturday's gathering is not to protest but to get the remaining 30 dogs



Algarrobo launches dog mess campaign

Jennie Rhodes

Algarrobo town hall has sent letters to 500 dog owners along with dispensers containing bags for faeces and bottles which should be filled with vinegar and water to be used when their dogs urinate in public spaces. The letters remind owners of a ... 300-euro fine for not cleaning up after their dogs or keeping them on a lead.



Fewer than 12 per cent of dogs' DNA registered

A. P.

According to a census carried out in Rincón de la Victoria recently, less than 12 per cent of the estimated 10,040 dogs in Rincón de la Victoria have had their DNA collected by vets in the town. The local law, which was passed last year, obliges



Guaro dog shelter needs a new home

Tony Bryant

A Belgian couple who have dedicated the last 20 years to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Spain are appealing for help to enable them to start a new canine sanctuary on the Costa del Sol. The property where their rescue centre is currently based ... is in need of desperate repairs and so Vera and Bert Wesenbeek are now searching for a new property to continue their work. The couple arrived in Spain in 2000 with five of their own dogs and soon began taking in strays that were in need of medical ... Resort. They currently care for more than 30 dogs and Vera is now in desperate need of a new property where the dogs can be relocated. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are in urgent need of a new property where our dogs can feel safe, play and run



1,000 bottles of liquid will dilute dogs' urine in Marbella

Nieves Castro

Marbella town hall has introduced a new system to dilute dog urine on local streets. It is recommended that dog owners pour a mixture of water and white vinegar directly onto their pets' urine. The street cleansing department will distribute 1,00



Summer danger


...appeared, Erny and I have frequently written about leishmaniasis and the danger it is to our dogs. I was therefore surprised to be having a chat with a dog owner from Mijas Costa who told me that he had never heard of the condition until his dog caught it ... vaccination that exists in the market against the risk of leishmaniasis. She also advises that, as far as possible, dogs should be kept indoors at night. Of course they must go out to answer the call of nature. I would add that owners should never allow ... their dogs to sleep outdoors. Zero risk does not exist but Dr Guerrero and I are of one voice in our objective to minimise the risk of dogs contracting the disease. Symptoms Keep a watchful eye on symptoms which include hair loss, soreness of the



'Noisy' and 'dangerous' dog kennels opens up municipal border dispute

Eugenio Cabezas

...residents in the area appeared on regional TV channel Canal Sur's Andalucía Directo programme to describe the "fear" they have that the dogs could escape and attack them and the barking which "lasts several hours and stops [them] from sleeping or having any


What to do

Triple A hosts dog walk this Sunday


The annual Triple A Dog Walk takes place this Sunday, 18 March. It will start at the Manuka restaurant on the Paseo Marítimo in Marbella. INFORMATION When: 18 March 10.30am Where: Manuka restauarant, Paseo Marítimo, Marbella. Donation. 10€ inc



Four accused of animal abuse as 40 dogs rescued by Guardia Civil in Axarquía in one week


Four people were accused of offences related to mistreatment of animals in separate investigations across the Axarquía last week, which resulted in 40 dogs being rescued. 31 dogs of varying breeds were found in Torrox, two in Sayalonga, including ... an eight-month-old American Staffordshire, who was said to be partially blind, and four Pit Bull Terriers were discovered at a farm in Torrox. None of the dogs had up-to-date vaccination records, many were found with parasites and one had a serious



Volunteers needed for charity shop


A new charity shop that raises funds for stray dogs is looking for more volunteers to help extend its opening hours. ·More information : or email The Spanish Stray Dogs charity shop ... opened its doors last month in Duquesa Port and is staffed by a team of expats. Funds raised in the shop help pay for a vet that visits some 350 dogs at the Los Barrios municipal kennel near Gibraltar. The charity shop was opened by Sharon Peterson, ... Port, sells secondhand clothes, books, furniture and general bric-a-brac. Sharon explained that in addition to paying for a vet, the Spanish Stray Dogs charity also pays for most of the food for the dogs at the municipal pound. She added: “A



Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat


...daughter. Police using sniffer dogs, drones and satellites continue their search for the missing woman's body in the area where a thigh bone, which has been linked to her through DNA tests, was found last week. Geolocation tests carried out on the



Benalmádena dog owners obliged to wash away their pets' urine

Tony Bryant

...concerning pets, which also declares that all dogs must be microchipped and have a DNA profile registered at the town hall. The legislation will come in to effect following a short information and awareness period, after which, the local police will begin



38 dogs rescued in Axarquía-wide operation against animal cruelty


...investigation at a farmhouse where 30 dogs of different breeds were discovered living in unhygienic conditions. They all showed signs of having been mistreated by their owner. A third investigation The third investigation also took place in Torrox, where ... officers found seven dogs of different breeds, five of which were being kept in small enclosures whose floors were covered in the animals' own excrement. A further two malnourished dogs were found in the grounds of the farmhouse, one of which had had its ... leg partially amputated and the owners were unable to prove that the amputation had been carried out by a vet. The owners of the dogs in all three cases are being investigated by police on suspicion of abandoning the animals.



Malaga issues first fines to dog owners who haven't registered DNA

Francisco JIMÉNEZ identify the owners using the DNA census. The new animal ownership bylaw came into force in May but the council gave owners a grace period to comply with the regulations. So far however there are only around 20,000 dogs on the census, of a