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A loyal guardian for a new life


"I am a new woman, this has helped me a lot," explains Sara (not her real name), one of the clients of Pepos Andalucía, an association created in Alhaurín de la Torre to help victims of domestic violence through protective dogs, legal and ... possible and have trained dogs waiting to go to new homes," explained Sebastián Rayo, trainer and founder of the association. Some of the clients, who come from different areas of the province, have been attending for two years, others have started ... Saturday for more defensive training, where trainers use harsher words and gestures to generate a reaction in the dogs. "We try to recreate a risk situation for them, so they don't get stuck if the time comes," says one of the trainers. The association is



Dogs come to the rescue again


Man's reliance on dogs has been long established. Prehistoric man found dogs kept predators at bay and early on shepherds found dogs able to round up sheep much more effectively than they could and further uses were soon discovered. It was not ... until the time of Charles II that the companionship of dogs was valued and dogs became household pets in Britain. Now a new use has been discovered. Early detection of diseases and viruses is an important factor in successfully treating illnesses. ... Now, in the present virus pandemic, dogs have been found that can detect the coronavirus at an amazing speed, potentially a valuable tool for the hard-pressed medical profession. This discovery joins a list of other illnesses that dogs can detect



Walkers raise much-needed funds for Parkinson's charity


A group of fundraisers are celebrating after raising 570 euros for the Asociación Parkinson Sol de Estepona last Sunday. A total of 60 people and 10 dogs took part in the sponsored seven-kilometre family walk around El Colmenar. It was hoped the



Avoiding road accidents with dogs


Had it happened again? To my intense relief I saw a bent number plate and a black and white dog tearing away with no apparent injury apart from a raging headache and having learned, I hope, a bitter lesson. Some dogs have road sense, usually



Torremolinos joins abandoned dogs adoption programme

Tony Bryant

Torremolinos is the latest town to join the initiative #CuidayAdopta, a service that encourages the adoption of abandoned and lost dogs. Organised by the Spanish association of municipal veterinarians (AEVM), the project aims to reduce the number of ... stray dogs that currently live on the streets of Torremolinos. The new initiative will promote a policy of "dog owners taking responsibility, zero tolerance of abandonment and the promotion of adoption". As part of its commitment, the town hall has ... agreed to collect, shelter and offer any vaccinations and food until adequate homes can be found. Until 2015, municipal dog pounds could euthanise dogs if they were not claimed or rehomed within ten days, but legislation now prohibits the sacrifice of



Police break up illegal campsites at popular Maro beauty spot

Eugenio Cabezas Nerja's councillor for security, Francisco Arce. The municipal cleaning services removed a large amount of rubbish from the area and had to use a boat to clear some of it. A number of stray dogs that had 'adopted' the campers were also removed by



“If this situation goes on for a long time, the future of Triple A will be at risk”

Charo Márquez

...fact that it was permitted to take dogs for a walk during lockdown, but until last weekend people couldn't go out for a walk themselves, perhaps led some to look for an excuse to go outside, and did not genuinely want to provide a home for a dog. ... is considered an essential service. Saturdays are the best days at the shelter because around 40 volunteers normally take the dogs for a walk on a nearby piece of land then. Now, the number has reduced to ten “veteran dog walkers” for the 250 dogs



Keeping them warm


...sleep make sure they are not in line with the draughts from the bottom of doors or ill-fitted windows. Most dogs like to curl up in a basket. In the feral state they will turn around many times in the undergrowth before they settle down. Although very ... sure that his basket is never against a wall; a tell-tale sign of dampness will only appear after a long time. We all know how well (and long!) cats sleep. They are more difficult to accommodate than dogs as they prefer to change their sleeping place ... regularly. As with dogs, give them their own basket, even if they do not use it all the time. Make sure though, that they do not choose the top of a heater or sleep too close to an open fire. In cold weather cats shelter in the strangest of places. One of



Marbella shows off it's top dogs

Ash Bolton

...stalls. He said: "It went tremendously well. Everyone's support is very much appreciated." During the show dozens of dogs competed in 12 different categories. The Best in Show category was won by Veronica Kener's dog, Africa, a Malinois. At present ... Triple A looks after 358 dogs, 230 cats and one Vietnamese pig. The charity re-homes pets around Spain but the majority of dogs are adopted by people in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Finland and Sweden. Jan added that the charity now offers "Virtual ... welcome of all nationalities - especially for dog walking every Saturday morning, when all of the dogs are taken out for a weekly stroll by dozens of volunteers.



Words and dogs

peter harrison

It is small wonder that dogs are often confused when given commands by their owners. How can a canine mind work out that "Sit!" means the same as "Will you sit down for heaven's sake?!" or "Come when I call!" means the same as "Here!"? When in