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Football to combat Alzheimer's


...this degenerative dementia, but it does help to awaken memories and emotions, as can be seen from the 'Enriqueciendo la memoria a través del fútbol' (Enriching memory through football) project of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Veteran



The steps of the lost


...story is a tragedy which is repeated about every six days in Spain: an elderly person with early dementia goes out into the street, wanders around aimlessly and is then lost forever. Specialist associations say that of all the cases of people who ... are early symptoms of this form of dementia. “There can also be temporary disorientation”, says Cheles Cantabrana, president of the Spanish Alzheimer's Confederation (Ceafa). “They might go to the hairdresser on a Sunday, or head off to work without ... disappearances, and therefore nobody knows how many people who disappear suffer from dementia. The NGOs have figures of their own: in 2017 SOS Desapariciones registered 174 cases of people over the age of 70 disappearing, of whom 54 were found dead and 17 are



Spanish researchers make progress towards early detection of Alzheimer's Disease


Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association', examined 533 people aged between 45 and 76, of whom 272 were carriers of the APOE-E4 gene. This was part of a wider and more global study called Estudio Alfa, which with 2,743 volunteers aged between ... detection and prevention are fundamental tools in the fight against Alzheimer's because this neurodegenerative illness, which affects about ten per cent of over-65s and represents between 60 and 80 per cent of dementias diagnosed in the world, still has no



Drugs to the rescue


...article to promote one of his books, Goetzsche said that the consumption of psychotropics is the third cause of death in Britain, after heart problems and cancer. He attributes this to their side effects: patients with dementia being treated with drugs



Alzheimer's charities swap experiences in a fact-finding visit thanks to an online meeting


Spain website is that groups with similar interests and activities are finding out about each other for the first time," added Dr Hall. This is the case of groups supporting Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers. This week she was able to witness first-hand ... called Alzheimer's & Dementia Support International (ADSI). Both groups got in touch with each other through the Support in Spain website initiative. Visiting AFA at its Arroyo de la Miel day centre along with Dr Kelly Hall on Wednesday were Jacqueline



Junta to inspect Guaro care home after woman is killed by fellow resident

J. Cano / F. Torres

The Junta de Andalucía is to conduct an inspection of the Residencia DomusVi Sierra de las Nieves care home in Guaro, it has been announced, following the death of an 89-year-old woman after she was thrown to the ground and beaten by a fellow residen



Town halls join forces to raise awareness on World Alzheimer's Day

Tony Bryant

...treatment and awareness of Alzheimer's. Statistics supplied by AFAB show that around 5,700 people living in the two towns are affected by dementia. This year AFAB has received a grant of 10,000 euros from the municipal funds of both councils, which is



The purpose built village which will be a home for Alzheimer's patients

IRMA CUESTA world alzheimer's day

...people with dementia to have an ordinary social life for as long as possible, with no white coats in sight, but they will still have to take their medication. Independence The village will be organised as a type of country house, with a huge lobby ... ideal form of treatment, because it wants to help patients live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Normally, with dementia cases, the families want to protect their relative so they stop them doing things and keep them indoors, and ... start there is no National Dementia Plan here as there is in other countries, and of course there is the matter of money. "Regrettably, all this sounds like something out of science fiction for us at the moment. We ought to make efforts to explain to



21 September 1994: World Alzheimer's Day is launched

Rachel Haynes What Happened Today?

...unite opinion leaders, people with dementia, their carers and families, medical professionals, researchers and the media from all around the world. "Having a globally coordinated awareness sends a strong message to governments and policy makers ... alerting them of the fact that dementia is a serious health issue which will have serious implications on services and health systems around the world as the world's population grows older. In addition, by focusing on a different message each year, the ... month can be used to educate and challenge people's misconceptions about dementia," says ADI. The theme for this year's Alzheimer's Day and Month is Every Three Seconds (the frequency with which someone in the world develops dementia) to bring home the