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The Al-Thani family's debt to Malaga CF totals five million euros

Antonio GÓNGORA of the club, but also the club's immediate future. The judge in charge of the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, has already asked the sheikh and his children to produce a repayment schedule for this significant debt. José María Muñoz, the ... disappeared and repayments on their debts ceased, leaving a significant sum unpaid. According to the report published by Muñoz, up until June last year, the debt accumulated by the family totalled more than five million euros. The majority of that is owed by



In all but name

Mark Nayler

...fiscal plan to save jobs and businesses, and to deal with a debt level that will be the "highest in many decades". This was interpreted as follows by the Spanish daily El País: "Despite the cautious tones, the message remains clear: there will be no ... the unpopular measures enacted by Rajoy a decade ago. The Bank predicts that "deep budgetary reforms" will be required to control Spain's already-swollen public debt and to "prevent enormous social and economic costs". It has stated before that tax ... tourist in a month that usually marks the start of the summer season. And to top it all off, the country's public debt is expected to rise to around 120% of GDP this year, up from an already-dangerous level of just under 100%. Sánchez and the fiscal



It's all relative

Mark Nayler

...really the only way to proceed given a backdrop of such profound uncertainty. Yet despite the frequency with which they're altered, such projections highlight the importance of perspective when evaluating things like public debt, GDP growth and the ... unemployment rate. In its worst case scenario, the Bank of Spain envisages public debt rising to 119% of GDP this year, possibly reducing (in its most optimistic projection) to 112% next year. The Bank's gloomiest forecast for unemployment sees it hitting a ... two other key economic indicators were already in the red: public debt hovered at just under 100% of GDP and at 14%, unemployment remained the second highest in the EU after Greece. These two statistics were cause for concern long before C19 came



What's the plan?

Mark Nayler

...flexible predictions, public debt could rise from its current level of just under 100% of GDP to around 124% in 2021. Next year could also see the budgetary deficit, which Spain's current government finally brought beneath the EU-imposed ceiling of 3% in ... 2019, rise to around 11%. The only way to avoid hitting these dangerous levels of debt, said Hernández de Cos, was to "eliminate superfluous spending" and "amend the tax system". In other words, the governor recommends a reduction in public expenditure ... claimed that the only way Spain could avoid a public debt crisis was by formulating a fiscal programme covering "several terms" (and therefore, potentially, several changes of government) and securing cross-party support for it as soon as possible. But



Malaga bullfighting museum collection embargoed over unpaid debt


Exhibits from the Malaga bullfighting museum (Centro de Arte de la Tauromaquia) were removed on Tuesday after a court in the city ordered that assets belonging to businessman Juan Barco be embargoed. The action was taken in response to the debt ... racked up by the businessman from Extremadura with construction company Arjona that carried out the refurbishment of the publicly owned building. The court states that the initial debt was 395,000 euros, but that has now risen to 455,000 euros with



Terms and conditions

Mark Nayler it is, without further debt being stacked onto a pile that's already in danger of toppling over. The head of Spain's independent fiscal watchdog, AIReF, recently outlined to congress just how tough the debt-maintenance challenge will be over the ... coming decade. In her address last week, Cristina Herrero forecast that for Spain to return its public debt to last year's level of just under 100% of GDP, it will have to balance its budget, which is currently running a deficit of just under 3%, by 2030



Pensioner sentenced to 21 years for killing flatmate with a hammer


...home in Torremolinos, where he had been residing until the beginning of that month, to claim a debt of around 1,000 euros. Once there, an argument broke out and the accused "with the purpose of ending his life", according to the sentence, took a



Madrid orders Junta to cut back 2020 budgets due to overspend by previous administration

SUR Andalucía that caused the overspend. Under a budgeting law for Spain's public authorities, Andalucía had not been allowed to run up debt of more than 0.4 per cent of the regional gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018. However, in the last quarter ... of that year, an extra 831 million of unforeseen expenditure was made, pushing the debt up to 0.51 per cent of GDP, meaning the region broke Madrid's spending rules. Even more ironic for the regional president, the PP's Juanma Moreno, only in power ... Madrid says that the national government has to approve regional spending plans and the Junta de Andalucía cannot raise debt on the markets in 2020. The acting national government's letter said that Andalucía could resort to a centralised support fund for



Tune out the noise and stay the course

jeremy blatch |

...strategy will help you to stay the course. If your strategy employs stock selection, you may wish to analyse balance sheets of companies with a large exposure of debt relative to equity, which will make them increasingly vulnerable, the longer the economic



Judge embargoes land where Julen died to pay rescue costs and fines


...for which the judge has asked for a three-year prison sentence. Last week Serrano entered into an arrangement with creditors. His lawyer said: "Not now, nor in the future will he be able to pay off the debt, which could reach 1.5 million euros."



Belgian investors eyeing up Malaga's old post office

JESÚS HINOJOSA the regional government by Madrid in 2010 as a way of cancelling out a historic debt of 30 million euros between the two public bodies. The situation was further complicated by an embargo placed on its sale by the Diputación provincial authority ... over a debt the Junta has outstanding with them. Sources say that only around 1.5 million euros is still outstanding, meaning the embargo could be lifted soon. However the final hurdle has still to be jumped as the Junta still needs to get the city



Andalucía government sells debt to raise funds for first time since the financial crisis


The Junta de Andalucía has successfully sold 600 million euros of debt on the financial markets. It is the first time that the regional government has sold bonds to raise funds since the financial crisis a decade ago after receiving the go-head ... from the national government. The offer was over-subscribed and private companies from 11 nationalities bid for the investment. Those banks chosen to handle the sale of the debt were: BBVA, Santander, HSBC, Barclays and Credit Agricole. Over 40% of



Councils with no debt ask for permission to spend more

Ivan Gelibter

Although the Ministry of Finance does plan to ease restrictions further on municipalities which have a surplus, some town halls which are in this situation but also have no debt and money in the bank are asking for more concessions now. These range ... most money in its accounts, but its situation is not the most striking in the province. Mijas, which has nearly 90,000 inhabitants and is Malaga province's third municipality, also has no debt and has just under 70 million euros in its bank accounts. As



Marbella council's debt with the authorities falls by 100 million euros in a decade

Héctor Barbotta

Over the past ten years, Marbella council has succeeded in paying off almost 100 million euros of the debt with national and regional government it inherited after 15 years of rule by the administrations of Jesús Gil and his allies. In April 2006, ... and surplus cash. Originally it was planned to repay it all by 2053 after the current mayor negotiated a deal in 2012. Now the debt is expected to be paid back by 2047.



Gecko chamber

Peter Edgerton

...bags and left in search of his fortune and probably a tidier flat. I owe that little chap a huge debt of gratitude. For one thing, I'm sleeping more soundly now without that cheeky crack formation dive bombing mosquito squad serenading me nightly,



Fuengirola reduces debt by 75% in 3 years

I. G.

The council in Fuengirola has said that it owes 75 per cent less money than it did three years ago. Mayor Ana Mula explained that town hall debt has gone down from 42.6m at the end of 2014 to 10.1m at the end of last month. At the same press



Assets seized from Roca are not enough to cover his debt with Marbella

Héctor Barbotta

Despite the considerable assets of Juan Antonio Roca that were seized as part of his convictions in order to pay back money defrauded from Marbella town hall, sources say that these will not be enough to clear the debt. Roca was ordered to pay a ... total of 62.7 million euros to Marbella from the judgments in four cases. So far five payments have been made totalling just over 9 million euros. This means that there is still over 50 million euros in debt outstanding with the council. Juan Antonio ... planning official during years of fraud, was as high as 75 million euros, more than enough to cover the debt. However sources say that the list prices of the assets coming up for auction is far higher than the real prices being achieved at sale. Juan



Unicaja sells portion of 'toxic' real estate to Norwegian debt company

J. V. A.

...acquired in 2014 from former savings banks in northern Spain that Unicaja rescued. Axactor specialises in buying debt and distressed assets and has grown heavily in Spain recently. The company is buying 75 per cent shares in the property portfolio and



Villa and business in Costa explosions belong to the same businessman

H. Barbotta / J. Cano / Á. Frías

...cases. This week’s attacks, police believe, were most likely a warning over an unpaid debt. Burnt-out car Moments after the second explosion, the car supposedly used in both attacks, a high-range BMW, was found burnt-out in the Nagüeles area of



'Sailing Yacht A' leaves after debt is settled

Debbie Bartlett Gibraltar

The multi-million pound futuristic 'Sailing Yacht A' spent longer in Gibraltar than intended this week after it was refused permission to leave because of a financial dispute between the owner and the German shipyard where it was built. The yard clai



Grant application

Mark Nayler be discussed at an EU video summit held on Thursday, is that Brussels issue debt-financed grants, rather than loans, to help its members deal with the economic effects of C19, which some experts predict could be up to €1.5 trillion across the bloc ... one that adequately addresses its poorer members' requirements without pushing them further into debt. It's hard to say who has the more difficult task, Madrid or Brussels.



Community fee dodgers with no excuse, rife on the Costa del Sol

Francisco Jiménez

...feature highly although their debt is continuing to fall and is now 19 per cent of the total, about 11 million euros. In this context, the greatest debtors are the voluntary, or professional type, in other words people who choose not to pay despite there



More people giving up inheritance due to outstanding debts and taxes


Receiving an inheritance can really help out in a tight financial situation for many people, however for some it can easily turn into a poisoned chalice instead. The double-edged sword of many legacies is born out in figures that show that more and m



Marbella Rugby Club faces uncertain future due to disputed tax debt

Héctor Barbotta

The embargo represents a troubling situation for the club, which may be forced to close due to a lack of resources. The club appealed to the Patronato de Recaudación on 9 January stating that it was not notified of the debt and questioning the



Gamel Woolsey, the burning poet

Alberto gómez

Upon her grave in the English Cemetery in Malaga, like a piece of posthumous advice, a Shakespeare verse is written: “Fear no more the heat o’ the sun.” Gamel Woolsey was never a conventional woman. Nor was she fearful. She shunned the social and rel



Front line politics

Mark Nayler

...propose to substantially reduce Spain's budget deficit and public debt by 2023. Although better than nothing, these are likely to be the least controversial pieces of legislation that the PSOE-Podemos government will attempt to ratify: broadly speaking, ... all of Spain's main parties agree on the need to reduce Spain's budget deficit and its public debt over the coming years. The big debates are yet to come and will concern other issues. Unlike the deficit and debt-reduction goals, other planks of the



Intu the storm


...its equity all but worthless, another problem is that its balance sheet is loaded with 4.7 billion pounds of debt. In an attempt to extricate itself from this untenable situation the company announced its intention to raise a billion pounds of ... the company may be decided by the lenders of the debt through forcing a quick-fire asset sale or by converting their debt into equity unless a deep-pocketed white knight emerges to rescue the company. It can be seen that the problems that have been