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Dead grateful

Peter Edgerton

Back in the dim and distant days when children used to actually play together, there was a lad at our school who would bring a ball in every day to be booted about the yard at dinner time. Games were improvised and unwieldy, involving up to twenty pl



Worker killed in accident on Malaga industrial estate


A man, aged around 55, died on Tuesday morning after losing his balance while carrying an iron plate which then landed on his neck and head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The incident, classified by police as a workplace accident,



One dead and several injured in blaze at Hotel Sisu Marbella

FERNANDO TORRES / Charo Márquez be evacuated. According to sources one man, a foreign national, was found dead in his room and at least ten people were injured, mainly due to smoke inhalation and being hit by objects falling from walls and ceilings. Four people were taken to



Arrests made over Marbella town centre shooting

J. CANO / Á. Frías

The National Police have got to the bottom of the murder of Milos Perunic, the 41-year-old Montenegrin shot dead with a sub-machine gun in Marbella town centre in the middle of the day on 2 June. The investigation, led by the special team set up



Man found dead on Malaga beach with hands and feet tied

juan cano / Fernando Torres

The National Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of a man whose body was found on the beach at the mouth of the Guadalhorce river in Malaga city on Monday morning. The body was discovered by a member of the public shortly after



British man arrested in Estepona in connection with death of neighbour

Álvaro Frías / Charo Márquez

...sources, footage recorded by the security camera at the arrested man’s home showed the dead man, half dressed, dragging himself along the ground and wanting to go into his neighbour’s house. It appears that the owner of the property pulled the man’s arm ... back, trying to move him away, when he hit his head and started to have convulsions, after which he died. After initial inquiries, officers established that the dead man had been taking drugs. They arrested the owner of the property for alleged ... negligent manslaughter. The body was taken to the Forensics Institute in Malaga where it was tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday prior to an autopsy due to take place on Wednesday. According to sources, the two neighbours knew one another. In fact the dead



Man found dead in car in Mijas died of natural causes

Fernando Torres / álvaro frías

The 38-year-old man found lifeless inside his car last Saturday in Mijas died of natural causes, the autopsy has confirmed. According to SUR sources, the man suffered a heart attack. The Guardia Civil were alerted to the vehicle by a resident of th



Family reunited with pet dog that went missing more than two years ago


The news came when they least expected it. They had already thrown away his bag, toys and food and drink bowls "because we thought he was dead", said Ana María González, still visibly moved, just a few hours after being reunited with her dog Kike, a



Pablo Picasso: the baby everyone thought was dead


dead, but José's brother, Salvador Ruiz Blasco, was also there and he was a doctor. He decided to make one final attempt to revive the baby by doing something which would be absolutely unthinkable during a birth today, but was considered normal at the ... started to cry and, a few minutes after being given up for dead, he revived. That was the start of a life whose other details are known all around the world. The anecdote is featured in some books such as Norman Mailer's biography Portrait of Picasso as ... a Young Man, and also on digital portals like that of the Fundación Picasso-Casa Natal. In his biography of the artist, the American author tells how a dramatic and almost fatal mistake marked his birth, explaining that the midwife believed him dead



British man found floating dead in Benalmádena marina after friends reported him missing


...popular leisure port. The dead man had no shirt on and had wounds on his chest and arms, which police say are consistent with attempts to climb out of the water in a part of the marina where the quay walls are especially high. The autopsy confirmed ... that the man had died of drowning after apparently not being able to climb out, although police continued their investigations this week. Recently, another man was found dead in similar circumstances in Marbella's Puerto Banús.