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Exhibitions and galleries

Denise Bush what to do

...del Pilar. 200m from port. From Relations, by Dana Nowak. An exhibition of art work entitled ‘Relaciones’ (Relations) by Austrian artist Dana Nowak. Ángeles Agrela Marbella. Until 4 February, Galeria Yusto /Giner , C/Madera. ‘El favor


What to do

This week in the galleries

Denise Bush what to do

Marbella / Estepona Magpie International Gallery. Marbella. Until 23 January. C/Virgen del Pilar. 200m from port. An exhibition of art work entitled ‘Relaciones’ (Relations) by Austrian artist Dana Nowak. Cecilia Noriega-Bozovich


What to do

Music and culture, something for everyone

Denise Bush WHAT TO DO

Vincci Posada del Patio, 11pm, entry free. 20 January Rosa Ruíz y Foky 21 January. Dana and Gianni. Blues and jazz fusion. Louie Louie Bar Estepona. Avda Luis Braille. January, 11.45pm The Rob Sas band


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Around the galleries

Denise Bush what to do

Estepona Magpie International Gallery Magpie Gallery. Marbella. Until 23 February. C/Virgen del Pilar. 200m from port. An exhibition of art work entitled ‘Relaciones’ (Relations) by Austrian artist Dana Nowak. Daniel Jameson Estepona.


What to do

This week in the galleries

Denise Bush

...will be accompanied by a concert by mezzosoprano Clarice Williams. Magpie International Gallery. Dana Nowak, at the Magpie Gallery. Marbella. Until 23 February. C/ Virgen del Pilar. 200m from port. An exhibition of art work entitled ... ‘Relaciones’ (Relations) by Austrian artist Dana Nowak. Cecilia Noriega-Bozovich Marbella. Until 13 February, Cortijo Miraflores, C/ San Pedro Alcántara ‘Kuu: Poéticas de la luna’ is the title of the exhibition by Peruvian artist Cecilia


What to do

Around the galleries

Denise Bush

‘Relaciones’ (Relations) by Austrian artist Dana Nowak. Beatriz Ros Marbella. Until 25 March. La Galería Yusto-Giner, C/Madera. The exhibition ‘La Boca’ is by Malaga artist Beatriz Ros. New Longman’s Estepona. From 18 February until 5 March,


What to do

Exhibitions around the province

Denise Bush

House. An joint exhibition by Sandra Winkelmann and Dana Nowak. Ludovic Cesari Ludovic Cesari, San Pedro Sur San Pedro. Until 20 June. Bhubo Decoración. French born artist/photographer Ludovic Cesari is displaying a selection of his work. New


What to do

Exhibitions in and around Malaga

Denise Bush Malaga

...techniques such as watercolour and artist marker pens. El Campanario Estepona. Until 15 June, El Campanario Golf and Country House. An joint exhibition by Sandra Winkelmann and Dana Nowak. Magpie International Gallery.



Torremolinos, home of Pride

Tony Bryant

Around 40,000 people packed into the Plaza de la Nogalera in Torremolinos over the weekend for the town's Pride festival that has become the third most important LGBT event in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dana ... International, headlined the main concert of the festival on Saturday. Dana International.TONY BRYANT The biggest gay party of the year, which began on Thursday, presented a series of live music concerts, comedy drag shows and colourful street parades. The ... highlight of the festival was a performance on Saturday night by transsexual singer, Dana International. Dana won the Eurovision with the song Diva, in Birmingham in 1998. She has enjoyed international fame following her victory in the competition and she



"Winning Eurovision was a dream, but it actually made my life a lot harder"


Around 40,000 people visited Torremolinos last weekend for the Pride 2017 festival, the third largest LGBTI event in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The highlight of the festival was a spectacular performance by Israeli singer, Dana ... International, which took place in the Plaza La Nogalera on Saturday night. Dana shot to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Diva, in Birmingham in 1998. She has enjoyed international success following her victory in the competition, ... from a very young age and in 1993, she underwent male-to-female sex reassignment surgery. In the same year, she released her first CD, Danna International, from which her stage name derives, and a string of hit albums followed. However, Dana’s fame



Summer storms cause problems across Malaga province


Summer storms caused a number of problems on the Costa del Sol and inland on Monday morning. The unusual weather, more typical of autumn than summer, is due to what is referred to in Spain as a 'Dana', a pocket of cold air trapped at high altitude.



Archidona residents face weeks with no mains drinking water

Iván Gelibter / SUR Archidona.

...potential situation for several days. “We were hoping that the Dana [last Monday’s weather front] would have brought rain, because our wells depend on rainfall. But while it rained in neighbouring towns it didn’t here,” she said. On Wednesday therefore



Promoting gender equality in sport


SUR to create an advisory committee in a bid to help promote equality in its sports coverage and across the newspapers. Malaga captain, Adriana Martín; former Olympic athlete, Dana Cervantes; rugby referee, Alhambra Nievas; former basketball player, ... stressed that, as with all news, certain criteria always had to be applied. How the news is reported Dana Cervantes, as a former elite athlete, spoke from personal experience: “I was always given equal treatment by the federation, in championships, in



Extreme weather caused a torrential arc from inland areas to the coast


...known in Spanish as a 'Dana' - Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos (isolated depression at high altitude), is common along the Mediterranean coast of Spain and its movements are hard to predict with frequent changes in direction. Over the Mediterranean it ... collects water and tends to deposit it in torrential downpours once reaching land. It means some areas can get drenched while others nearby stay dry. Although a red warning had been issued for a 'Dana' last Saturday, it had been for the Costa del Sol and ... villages registering over 100mm. The 'Dana' then moved off southwestwards, leaving persistent rain behind for several hours, and affected Ardales, Casarabonela, El Burgo and Yunqueras and other areas of the upland Sierra de las Nieves. Ronda, next in



Danae racemosa

Denise Bush

Danae racemosa is a member of the Asparagaceae family and native to Asia Minor and Iran. It is a slow growing, dense, evergreen shrub with pretty terminal racemes of greenish-white flowers in the summer followed by orange-red berries all winter. ... laurel and poet's laurel. It was a popular plant with both the Ancient Greeks and the Romans who used it to fashion wreaths to bestow on revered members of society. In Greek mythology Danae was the daughter of King Acrisius who, on hearing that the ... their son Perseus to escape. Years later Perseus was competing in some games at which his grandfather was attending. He threw the discus but it veered off and hit Acrisius on the head, killing him instantly. When established, Danae racemosa will form a



Guardia Civil told to use all means possible in search for missing Dana Leonte


The central government's representative in the province, María Gámez, has told Guardia Civil officers involved in the search for missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, to use "all means" available in the search for her in the Axarquía. Speaking ... from Seville to search the area around a house in Arenas which Dana shares with her partner, Sergio Ruíz. DNA samples have been found to match that of Dana's in an area of land near the property, which officers say had recently been moved. However, no ... "would never abandon her baby," and that it is impossible for Dana to have left the country as her travel documents aren't up to date.



Garage broken into hours before Dana's disappearance in Arenas


More than a month after Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, disappeared from her home in Arenas, police say that the investigation is "open to all leads". Last week it was revealed that Dana and her partner, Sergio Ruiz, had reported a break-in to ... the garage of their home three hours before Dana went missing. Police are also investigating a series of text messages sent between the couple. Ruiz has told police that Dana's WhatsApp has shown that she has been online, although her profile photo



Still no trace can be found of missing Romanian mother-of-one, two months after she went missing

Eugenio Cabezas

Two months after the disappearance of Dana Leonte from the home she shares with her partner, Sergio Ruiz, in the village of Arenas in the Axarquía, a police investigation has failed to lead to information as to her whereabouts. Leonte, 31, who ... moved to Spain from Romania 14 years ago and has a nine-month-old baby with Ruíz, disappeared in June and has had no contact with either Ruiz or her brother, Florin Leonte, who also lives in the Axarquía. Dana is known to have been "very overwhelmed"



Historic storm wreaks havoc along east coast as a third victim is killed


...which will take years to repair. The floods followed downpours caused by the historic DANA (isolated high-level depression), which claimed its third fatality on Friday in Almeria, when a driver became trapped in a flooded tunnel. In the town of



Inland areas clean up after storms hit Malaga province


Inland areas of the province of Malaga are cleaning up after storms brought heavy rain and flash flooding in the early hours of Saturday morning. The sudden downpours were the result of the 'Dana' weather phenemenon - an isolated pocket of cold



Junta releases 75 million euros to repair storm damage across Andalucía


The Junta de Andalucía has released a sum of 75 million euros to help clean up and repair damage caused by the 'Dana' storm last weekend. The funds will be shared by the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga and will go towards repairing roads ... cleaning up last weekend after storms brought heavy rain and flash flooding in the early hours of Saturday morning. The sudden downpours were the result of the 'Dana' weather phenomenon - an isolated pocket of cold air that breaks away from main weather



Over 1.5bn euros damage in Alicante area alone as last week's storm affects a swathe of Spain


Images of people wading through water, cars being swept away and flooded countryside made international headline news this week as the Dana weather phenomenon wended its erratic way across large parts of Spain. The British government went as far ... as to warn tourists to be aware of the Dana, also known as the 'gota fría' (cold drop), and the destruction its heavy rain was leaving in its wake. At one point last Saturday, 21 provinces had an active severe weather warning in place, including most



Dana's partner arrested after a woman's bone is found near Arenas

A. P. / J. C. / E. C

The partner of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, was arrested on Wednesday after a bone, which preliminary DNA checks have revealed belong to a woman, were found near the village of Arenas, where the couple lived with their baby daughter. ... Dana's disappearance which started on 12 June when the couple reported that the garage of their house in Arenas had been burgled. Ruiz has insisted since then that Leonte had returned to Romania because of debt problems and threats. However, her



Judge in Dana Leonte case maintains partner hit her with bat


The judge leading the investigation into the disappearance and suspected murder of missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, 31, has maintained that evidence shows that Leonte's partner, Sergio Ruiz, hit her on the head with a bat, leaving her ... couple's mobile phones have also shown signals coming from the area where the bone was found at the time of her disappearance. While the investigation continues, the government has decided to include Dana Leonte on its official list of victims of domestic



Chief suspect in Dana Leonte case prevents suicide of fellow inmate

J. C. / A. F. / F. T.

Sergio Ruiz, the man accused of murdering his girlfriend, Dana Leonte, is said to have prevented the suicide of the man he is currently sharing a cell with in Alhaurín de la Torre prison. The man, only known as Antonio, who has been in the prison ... to proclaim his innocence, which he has done since the beginning of the investigation when Dana went missing on 12 June. He was taken to the courtroom by police and did not speak to any members of the press who were waiting outside the court ahead



Suspect in Dana killing inquiry says blood came from ham-cutting accident


Further details have been revealed of the court appearance by Sergio Ruiz, the 38-year-old accused of murdering his girlfriend, Dana Leonte, 31. When asked by the judge why there were traces of Dana's blood around the property they shared in ... Arenas, he said the knife had slipped while she was cutting ham, and he explained blood detected in the bath as a cut that occurred while shaving her legs. Ruiz denied hitting Dana with a wooden stick, saying a strand of her hair was on it because the



Experienced mountaineers and hunters asked to join search for Dana


The Guardia Civil along with the Andalusian mountaineering federation (FAM) are calling for experienced mountaineers and hunters to help in a search for any traces of the missing Romanian woman, Dana Leonte. The search will take place on Saturday ... are unpaved. A FAM spokesperson said, "Unfortunately we are not looking for Dana, but for any traces - total or partial - of her body or clothes that might belong to her." Two months ago police searching the area around the Bentomiz castle, near



DNA tests show bones found during search are not Dana's

E. C. / A. F.

Forensic tests have shown that bones found during last Saturday's search for Dana Leonte's body do not belong to the missing Romanian woman. More than 300 people participated in the search in the mountains around Arenas, Sedella and Salaraes,



Leonte death still unsolved one year on from her disappearance

Eugenio Cabezas

June 22nd marks the first anniversary of the disappearance of 31-year-old Romanian woman, Dana Leonte, whose case has remained a mystery since she went missing from her home in Arenas. Although DNA tests have linked bones located in land around