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Rob Palmer court... mañana, or mañana after mañana!



15 November 2005 | Tony King sentenced to 36 years in prison

Jennie Rhodes

...ordered to pay 300,000 euros in damages to the teenager's parents. The court heard about a premeditated attack in which Sonia was unable to defend herself. According to the sentence, King lay in wait for Sonia near her home at around 5am. As she



Franco's body can be moved, says Supreme Court, but not quite yet


The Supreme Court in Madrid has unanimously backed the government and said that the remains of General Franco can be removed from their ceremonial resting place in the Valle de los Caídos monument, outside Madrid, and placed in a simpler grave. ... The family of the late dictator had launched court action against the decision by the cabinet, which had been previously approved by MPs, on the grounds that the exhumation violated their human rights. His grandchildren completely opposed a reburial ... Court ruled. They also agreed with the government that using the cathedral would be a security risk. However the removal to the El Pardo cemetery will not be immediate. The full judgement when published is expected to include conditions. In addition,



Chief suspect in Dana Leonte case prevents suicide of fellow inmate

J. C. / A. F. / F. T.

...lives and integrity, given the high-profile nature of the two cases. Court hearing During a hearing at a court in Vélez-Málaga last Friday morning, in front of a gender violence judge, Ruiz used his right not to testify. The only words he spoke were ... to proclaim his innocence, which he has done since the beginning of the investigation when Dana went missing on 12 June. He was taken to the courtroom by police and did not speak to any members of the press who were waiting outside the court ahead



Argentinian court says that councillor from Marbella who fled should go to Spain


An ex-councillor from Marbella who was wanted in Spain for corruption offences has been told by an Argentinian court that he should be extradited. Carlos Fernández disappeared in 2006 during the mega Malaya case and related investigations. ... Turning up again in 2017 with a new wife and children in Argentina, he claimed that the Spanish charges against him had expired. The new court decision in Argentina can be appealed and Fernández still hopes to avoid being sent back for the one remaining



EU takes Spain to court over poor air quality


The European Commission has reported Spain to the European Court of Justice for failing to comply with air quality standards in Madrid, Barcelona and the Vallès-Baix Llobregat area of Catalonia. It says that these areas have an excessive amount



Home of corrupt former Marbella planning boss is sold by a court despite him still living there

Nieves Castro

A luxury apartment, one of the homes of Marbella's jailed former town-planning boss has finally been sold by the court. The 535-square-metre single-floor property is between Avenida Ricardo Soriano and the Paseo Marítimo. It was one of the many ... high-value assets frozen as now-released Juan Antonio Roca was sent to jail in the infamous corruption scandals that rocked the resort over ten years ago. The eight-bedroom property was put on sale on a court-supervised website for 2.6 million euros but in ... emerged that Roca has complained to a court in Madrid. His lawyers told the court that heard the 'Saqueo II' part of the trials that it is not fair that he is being targeted for his assets (in this case alone he was ordered to pay back 37 million euros).



Reburial of Franco's body is halted by Supreme Court


The Supreme Court has blocked the acting government's plan to exhume the body of dictator General Franco from his ceremonial resting place next Monday, 10 June. The ban on reburial is temporary while objections are heard and comes after Franco's ... the general next to his wife in a small cemetery outside Madrid. Now this has been stopped, with the court saying it was in the public interest to debate the move further. The acting government said the delay "wasn't a disaster" but sources expect ... Franco's family to take their case as far as the European Court of Human Rights.



Seville told it can't have big cruise ships in city


The Supreme Court has told business leaders in Seville that they cannot dredge the Guadalquivir river to create a channel for larger cruise ships. The court said it would damage the delicate environment of the Doñana National Park. Seville had



Supreme Court increases sentence in high-profile 'wolfpack' sex case


The Supreme Court has changed the initial trial verdict in the high-profile 'La Manada' (wolfpack) case and increased the sentence. Its decision last Friday brought widespread public praise, especially from women's rights groups. The six friends ... phone. The original sentence after the men's trial in Pamploma made headlines for stating that the lesser offence of sexual abuse applied. The decision was upheld by a local appeal court last year, although the judge's panel had been split over it. ... There were widespread street protests at the time and outrage at the apparent leniency of the sentence. The Supreme Court has now overturned the original verdict. In its explanation of the decision, the Madrid-based court argued that the men were lucky



New court investigation complicates Nozal's bid to be mayor of Mijas


A court investigation into possible irregularities in the granting of sports subsidies threatens to complicate local PP leader Ángel Nozal's already difficult bid to be invested as mayor of Mijas next week. The former mayor, who won the recent ... election but needs support from other groups, was called in to a Fuengirola court for questioning on Thursday, along with the PP spokesperson Mario Bravo, who is also under investigation. This is the eighth court inquiry open against Nozal, whose party



The judge investigating Triple A concludes there was a "massive and unjustified" sacrifice of animals

Héctor Barbotta

The court in Marbella which has been looking into accusations against the Triple A animal welfare association (Asociación Amigos de los Animales Abandonados) has concluded its investigation, and the judge has issued an order for pre-trial ... contempt... based on half-truths and alleged facts”. Pointing out that there has been no trial or judgement yet, only a court order, the association said some of the allegations were dismissed by the judge and the case against many of those accused has also ... will do our utmost to prove to the Court that the facts are not true and the persons investigated are innocent.” In the court order, which is dated 18 September, the judge considers that those under investigation may have committed the crimes of



Residents take Vélez council to court over infrastructure shortfalls

Eugenio Cabezas

Residents in the Cerro y Mar and Chorreras housing developments, which are situated between Lagos and Mezquitilla in the Axarquía, have gone back to court to seek a solution to an ongoing legal battle with Vélez-Málaga town hall over incomplete work



High Court rules against Mijas town hall in wrongful homes sale scandal

Ivan Gelibter

The council in Mijas was coming to terms this week with the possibility of having to pay compensation to some 100 homeowners for wrongfully taking possession and auctioning off their properties. The Andalusian High Court has ruled against the town ... homes then sold them again to trusted third parties. Now, with this first civil court finding against the council and the company that bought the property afterwards, the fear is that all the other civil cases will go against them and compensation



BlueBay agree to accept Qatari offer if four conditions are met


The BlueBay hotel group has agreed to sell their shares in Malaga CF, but only if certain conditions are met. According to a court ruling which Sheikh Al-Thani is appealing, BlueBay is entitled to a 49 per cent stake in the club, and they have ... financial problems resolved by January or face a potential points deduction. Among other issues, the club is currently five million euros over its wage cap. The hotel group has agreed in principle to sell the shares a court judgement has said it is owed by



Mayor of Iznate to appear in court

E. C.

Mayor of Iznate and president of the group of 31 Axarquía town halls, Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Axarquía, Gregorio Campos, is due to appear in court in Vélez-Málaga in January, accused of submitting false expenses claims to the tune of 598



Sheikh Al-Thani could still be major stumbling block in Malaga saga


Negotiations are ongoing between BlueBay and new prospective Qatari investors over the sale of shares a June court ruling (which club president Sheikh Al-Thani is appealing) says is owed to the hotel group. While the Qataris have moved closer to



Current and former mayors to give evidence in sewage treatment case


...relation to the town's controversial wastewater treatment plant. The two politicians, who are top of their respective lists for the forthcoming local elections, will be appear in court in Torrox in June to testify, along with six other current and former



Court investigators and police testify in ongoing trial of Catalan separatist leaders


...autumn 2017. On Wednesday, trial judges heard from the court secretary who went with Guardia Civil officers to search the regional finance ministry on 20 September 2017. During that search, she was trapped in the building for 15 hours as a large, ... organised crowd blocked the entrance, damaging police vehicles. The court official told the Supreme Court in Madrid that she had felt threatened by the thousands outside the building and had to escape over rooftops with police once she had finished her



No-confidence vote ousts mayor before upcoming election


A court sentence, two clarification requests, various legal reports, an order to comply and a final ultimatum from a judge. All this was needed for a no-confidence vote in Alhaurín el Grande's mayor to be carried out that was started then stopped in ... with her councillors to the conservative PP whip. The court had ordered the no-confidence vote be finally carried out after the original one was suspended by Ledesma in a complicated row over voting procedure. One of Ledesma's councillors had defected



Brits accused of kidnapping Latvian woman tell court they don't know where she is

juan Cano / áLVARO fRÍAS

The two British men accused of the kidnapping of a Latvian woman in Marbella in 2014, told a Malaga court on Monday that they did not know where she was. Westley Capper, the son of British multimillionaire John Capper, and Craig Porter, face ... prison sentences of 12 years and damages of more than 80,000 euros for the disappearance of Agnese Klavina. The trial began on Monday in Malaga's provincial court. The young woman was last seen leaving the Aqwa Mist nightclub in Puerto Banús on 6 ... September 2014 and getting into a car with the defendants. The prosecution says that video footage shows that Agnese was forced into the car against her will. She has not been seen since. In court on the first day of the trial, Capper, whose defence is



Britons accused of kidnapping Latvian woman tell court they don't know what happened to her


The two British men accused of the kidnapping of a Latvian woman in Marbella in 2014, told a Malaga court on Monday that they did not know where she was. Westley Capper, the son of British multimillionaire John Capper, and Craig Porter, face ... prison sentences of 12 years and damages of more than 80,000 euros for the disappearance of Agnese Klavina. The trial began on Monday in Malaga's provincial court. Experts say Agnese's gestures show "fear" in CCTV footage In court on Tuesday police ... September 2014 and getting into a car with the defendants. The prosecution says that video footage shows that Agnese was forced into the car against her will. She has not been seen since. In court on the first day of the trial, Capper, whose defence is



The Marbella ATP Challenger gets under way at Puente Romano


The Marbella ATP Challenger tournament got under way on the central court at the Puente Romano tennis club in Marbella on Monday and will bring together some of tennis' top stars all week, with the final taking place on Sunday 31 March at 11am.



Brits Capper and Porter found guilty of coercion, but not of kidnapping Latvian woman

Juan Cano / Álvaro Frías

The two British men on trial in Malaga in March in connection with the disappearance of Latvian woman Agnese Klavina have been found guilty of coercion and not of kidnapping as the Prosecution Department had called for. The court has sentenced ... one day) sentence for his role as Capper's accomplice. Agnese Klavina.SUR The young Latvian woman has not been seen since, however the court did not find that the evidence, in the form of CCTV footage, proved that the British pair had kidnapped



Former PM, Mariano Rajoy, testifies in trial of 12 rebel Catalan leaders


Madrid and politicians were being called as the court tries to establish to what extent Catalan politicians used public funds to pay for their illegal referendum, ignored court orders to stop and encouraged any violence. Mariano Rajoy told judges that ... the Catalan parliament. Earlier on Wednesday, former deputy PM, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, said in court, "We told [the heads of the Catalan government] time and time again not to go down that route, that they were ruining social cohesion, that the



Sale of Marbella FC waiting for court hearing


A Marbella court will decide on 27 November whether to unfreeze the 26 per cent of shares in Marbella Football Club owned by president Alexander Grinberg or maintain the current block. The decision is key to the future of the club. If the court ... first to local businessman Antonio De Cos and then to ex-footballer Vinny Samways representing US investors, LDV called for the court to freeze Grinberg's shares to prevent the sale. The judge blocked his assets on 18 June, pending the hearing on 27 ... take over until Grinberg has access to his shares. If the judge keeps the assets frozen until a future court case over the ownership of the club, there is still the chance that both sides could sit down and settle out of court. It is now just over a



Court confirms trial of Catalan 'rebels'


The Supreme Court in Madrid has confirmed that former Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, and thirteen other Catalan politicians and civic leaders will face trail for their part in the process leading up to the illegal declaration of independence ... their self-imposed exile in other European countries while courts there were deciding on Spain's extradition requests. The court has rejected appeals by some of the detainees against their detention and confirmed that they will face trial on charges of



Plaza Mayor shopping centre to open new gourmet eating area soon


The Plaza Mayor shopping centre close to Malaga Airport has announced the opening of the latest part of the upgrade and expansion plan of owners Sonae Sierra. The centre is expected to unveil in the next month a food court with higher-end eating