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The country's best cosmetic surgeons are flocking to Malaga


Cosmetic medicine in Malaga is in very good health and has a reputation for quality, thanks to the highly-qualified professionals working in the sector. With standards similar to Madrid and Barcelona, two cities at the top of the healthcare pyramid, ... Malaga is now a benchmark in Spain for the techniques and treatments involved in cosmetic medicine. THE FIGURES 432 63 The provincial Health department has 432 beauty centres on its register, of which 151 are in Malaga city, and more than 100 ... professionals in cosmetic medicine are registered with the College of Doctors in Malaga. This branch of medicine places a special focus on minimally-invasive medical procedures which are used to make people look better. "People need to be sure of whose



New technologies in cosmetic medicine are producing more natural results


...feel good about the way we look and we want to stay young," says Raquel Moreno Pentinel, an expert in cosmetic medicine and specialist in anti-ageing techniques, who recently took part in a conference organised by SUR and the Unicaja Foundation. At the ... conference, she spoke about the important advances which have been achieved in cosmetic medicine and said that the combination of technologies now available offers a more global perspective and produces optimum results which are more natural-looking. "The ... Costa del Sol has become lawless with people setting up with false qualifications" The greater effectiveness and safety of the treatments now used in cosmetic medicine have meant that after the therapies have been applied patients look more natural.



Malaga congress centre turns into an open cosmetic clinic


Some 100 people underwent cosmetic procedures of different kinds as the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Malaga turned into a open medical centre in February. The three-day congress for the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) saw a number ... in which they live. related news "People want to improve the way they look without anyone noticing" These aim of this congress was to bring together some 1,600 medical professionals and to demonstrate to them some of the newest cosmetic



False cosmetic surgery doctor "practised from home for ten years"

Álvaro frías \ Juan Cano

A court has been hearing how a woman carried out minor plastic surgery operations for almost 10 years without being a qualified doctor or having a proper consulting surgery. The accusation of a customer who claims her face was disfigured has now b



Keeping patients properly informed

sur in english

...process and control of their illness. IN DETAIL Easy prey How to recognise them The areas most susceptible to false news are oncology, nutrition, pediatry and cosmetic dermatology. So are vaccines, which generate some of the most erroneous claims.



“Cosmetic medicine is like a pat on the back which makes people feel better”


Cosmetic medicine cannot perform miracles, but it is a type of pat on the back which helps people feel better and more able to face up to life, says Juan Antonio López L. Pitalúa, of the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Medicine (SEME). He is also on the ... organising committee of the 33rd national conference on this type of medicine, which took place in Malaga last week for the fifth consecutive year. Nearly 2,000 experts attended the event. What is the cosmetic medicine situation in Spain like at present? ... many cosmetic techniques are used in gynaecology to improve the functionality of female genitals. KEY POINTS “Many women want their wrinkles removed and men want to make their faces look less worn” “You have to explain to patients what can and



The many myths about hair and how to care for it


...stronger. "It only gives that impression as it starts to grow, but exactly the same thing happens with beards," says Ángela Hermosa. Cutting our hair is purely cosmetic. It is not going to grow faster or any thicker afterwards. "Now, it's true that if we



"People need to be sure of whose hands they are placing themselves in"


There are two sides to every coin. In the case of cosmetic medicine, the downside is practicioners who are not properly qualified and do not have the knowledge needed. "People need to be sure of whose hands they are placing themselves in," says ... the president of MEDESMA, Pedro Bonal. "In some clinics treatments are applied without an authorised doctor being present," stresses Bonal, while Juan Antonio López Pitalúa warns of the possible side effects of cosmetic treatment if carried out by ... someone who is not properly qualified. The problem is so great that the Association of Cosmetic Doctors of Malaga has even used detectives and provided evidence to the law courts of illegal practices and the use of unauthorised products. "Always check



"The Costa del Sol has become lawless with people setting up with false qualifications"

Ángel Escalera

To practise cosmetic medicine, as well being qualified in Medicine, it is necessary to have a Masters degree from a university or an accreditation from a College of Doctors, as well as the relevant training. Nevertheless, professional intrusion is ... qualifications," he said. Dr Urdiales criticised the authorities for not taking enough action to put an end to this type of fraud. "The Association of Cosmetic Doctors of Malaga has employed detectives and provided evidence to the judiciary system of illegal ... Moreno, an expert in cosmetic medicine, agreed that not enough is being done to investigate professional intrusion in her field, and she and Dr Urdiales stressed that good professionals always comply with all legal and safety requirements in cosmetic



'Unicorn' man who robbed computer store detained


...further break-ins using the same method - all in the Camino de Suárez district of the city. The man was caught red-handed as he attempted another break-in. He was found with a computer, a tablet and several cosmetic products.



Spain is the biggest fan of Black Friday

LUCÍA PALACIOS practically ever sector: fashion, books, music, personal care, and sometimes even cars, weddings, bank loans and cosmetic surgery can be acquired at a fraction of the normal price! Black Friday is more popular in Spain than almost anywhere



Women who wear grey hair and wrinkles with pride


...companies, greater purchasing power. “There are elderly people with beauty, dignity and authenticity,” says Pino María, and she says she doesn’t do “much” to keep herself looking good, nor does she have cosmetic treatments “because it saves me money and



Malaga issues first fines to dog owners who haven't registered DNA

Francisco JIMÉNEZ

...population of around 98,000. Meanwhile the pet protection new law that came into force in Spain last week prohibits any form of surgery on pets that isn't for therapeutic or neutering purposes. This makes cosmetic operations such as tail-docking or



An evolution, not a revolution

Rob Palmer

...revolution’ approach to rejuvenate the team. He was like a skilled cosmetic surgeon; ironing out the wrinkles, cutting off the fat and unveiling a more youthful and exuberant model that everybody likes the look of. It was a brave operation as he chose to