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Classical music and much more in the Sala María Cristina


The emblematic auditorium of the Fundación Unicaja building in Malaga, the Sala María Cristina, will host a new season of concerts with a programme full of classical music with pieces from some of the greatest composers and famous arias performed by ... renowned soloists from the classical world. However, that is not all; there will also be a touch of flamenco provided by guitarrist Pepe Habichuela and singer Kiki Morente (29 September); a sprinkling of pop with the presentation of the new recording by ... Fran Perea 'Viaja la Palabra' (4 October); and a splash of jazz fusion and Spanish brass with the pianist Chano Domínguez in 'Pura Oliva' (17 November). A glance across other genres, albeit with classical music at the core, will complete the agenda.



Edinburgh, the insider guide

Andrew Forbes

STAY: Nira Caledonia Experience the splendour of Edinburgh's 18th-century New Town, at the elegant four-star Nira Caledonia. This boutique property is found within two adjacent neo-classical Georgian townhouse mansions in Stockbridge. Guest



A balcony over Edinburgh

Andrew Forbes

National Gallery and Princes Street, right across St Andrew Square with its imposing Melville monument, and then down over the neo-classical elegance of the New Town to the waters of the Firth of the Forth. Landmark address I'd checked in at The



Lorca, Korean-style

REGINA SOTORRÍO foreigners. She trained in classical ballet and traditional dance since she was a child, but shortly after turning 20 in 1971, she founded the first Korean company that did neither one nor the other. "I thought that if there was modernity in the



Richard Ford on Spanish cuisine


...drinking on the Iberian peninsula, sherry and port, were produced by the British, but he praised the excellence of the raw materials here. For him, Spanish cuisine was so "Oriental, classical and singular," that he dedicated an entire chapter to it for


What to do

Classical music soirée comes to La Cala

Tony Bryant

The Avanto Theatre in La Cala de Mijas is holding a classical music soirée on Tuesday 14 November. The event will present celebrated Italian mezzo soprano, Simona Mango, and Malaga pianist, María del Carmen Pérez. Organised by Music Management, ... the evening will include classical scores by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Rossini, Ponchielli and Bizet. Simona Mango studied classical singing in Rome and attended master courses at the Ateneo Internazionale delle Lirica in Sulmona with the conductor, Dario ... Lucantoni. She has performed at opera, classical and sacred music recitals. In 2002, she was awarded second prize at the coveted C. A. Seghizzi international chamber music competition in Gorizia and has since become one of the most sought after singers in her


What to do

Acclaimed Korean pianist to perform on the Costa del Sol

Tony Bryant

...concerts she will perform in Spain. Born to a musical family, Lee began to study classical piano and flute at the age of five. Her father was also a composer and she took on composing as a hobby. As a pianist, Lee performs her own piano works and covers a ... wide range of established classical music. Besides performing as a soloist, the pianist forms part of several chamber groups. She composes original works using jazz, R&B and Latin rhythms to give her ballads a richer texture. She also using sounds to



Daniel Casares: "Concierto de Aranjuez is written for a flamenco guitarist"


...thousand times in the classical music world. "This disc is special because a flamenco artist has dared to do it," he says. This is because it is daunting for any musician. "It is a work which demands a great deal from you," he says, and even more so in his ... case, where the "rigour" of a classical language which demands perfect execution meets the "flexibility" of the world of flamenco, which is more given to improvisation. A new language This is a new language for Casares; he has spent hours studying ... by doing so he has put himself on the map of classical music. "I have had letters from people who have never written to me before. As if I were playing better now, although I'm actually playing the same. It is an important work and it affects you in



Prestigious Andrés Segovia prize goes to talented German guitarist

SUR IN ENGLISH for his performance of Brouwer's 'La Espiral Eterna'. This year 16 musicians from 13 different countries took part in the event, which is open to guitarists under the age of 35 and aims to promote the legacy of Segovia and the Spanish classical