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Left, not right

Mark Nayler

Inés Arrimadas faces a choice. Does the newly-elected president of centrist Ciudadanos take the party further to the right, thus continuing a transition that began under her predecessor Albert Rivera? Or should she re-establish Ciudadanos' centrist, ... progressive credentials and distance the party from far right Vox and the conservative People's Party (PP)? Either way, Arrimadas' overarching challenge will be to regain some of the party's former glory: in less than a year, Ciudadanos has slipped from third ... tweeted on Sunday night, after her appointment as party leader was announced (the 38-year-old lawyer won 77% of Ciudadanos' internal poll on who should replace Rivera). In its first incarnation in late 2015, when it burst onto the national scene with 13.9%



PP grabs control of Madrid region with help of Ciudadanos


...opposition's 64 votes, by securing the support of the regional MPs of Ciudadanos (Cs) and Vox parties. Díaz Ayuso has said it will be a difficult term of office, having to balance all the demands of the two other parties written into her investiture



Expansion of Costa reservoir requires further study, says government

ignacio lillo

...ago but has never materialised. This latest update came in response to a question posed by Ciudadanos MP for Malaga Guillermo Díaz, who criticises the lack of movement on the government's part. "There was money available for it to start in 2017,



Alcaucín Socialists retain mayoralty in last minute change of heart over confidence vote


...decision of former Ciudadanos councillor, Sara Matés, who requested on Tuesday to become an independent councillor, as well as that of former Por Mi Pueblo councillor Sebastián Navero, to vote against the motion, despite having agreed to abstain, which ... swayed the vote in González's favour. Matés said on Wednesday that she later regretted signing the motion which was registered at Alcaucín town hall on 7 January by the Ciudadanos (C's) party with the support of the Partido Popular (PP). It was tabled ... village as she lives in Malaga city and has been recovering from breast cancer. She denied being pressured into making any decision and said she had "all the support" of her friends and father. The former Ciudadanos councillor said that she had



Alcaucín mayor faces vote of no confidence over lack of dialogue


Alcaucín's Ciudadanos party, which forms half of the coalition government with the socialist PSOE party, has tabled a vote of no confidence against the PSOE and mayor of the village, Ágata González. The motion was presented to the town hall on ... Tuesday after Ciudadanos spokesperson and previous mayor of Alcaucín Mario Blancke claimed that there had been very little dialogue with the PSOE since it took the mayor's office in last year's local elections. He claimed that they had only met "three ... times", that Ciudadanos had requested each meeting and that there was a "lack of trust" over information not being shared about projects and expenditure, as well as unilateral decisions being taken on areas that his party is supposed to have responsibility



Socialist Josele González is Mayor of Mijas after eleventh-hour deal with Ciudadanos


Socialist Josele González is the new mayor of Mijas after an eleventh-hour deal between the local PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs). In last Friday's vote by councillors, González beat his PP counterpart Ángel Nozal, gaining an overall majority with his ... Nozal, rather than abiding by the power-sharing coalition pact with Ciudadanos reached by their national party chiefs. The PP councillors carried out their threat, but the new PSOE-Cs pact prevented Nozal being voted in with a simple majority. Now they ... face disciplinary action from party chiefs which could even result in their expulsion from the PP. "We've made a pact against corruption," out-going mayor Maldonado told SUR after the session last Friday. For the last four years the Ciudadanos



Socialist Josele González is Mayor of Mijas after eleventh-hour deal with Ciudadanos

A. M. Romero / Iván Gelibter

Socialist Josele González is the new mayor of Mijas after an eleventh-hour deal between the local PSOE and Ciudadanos groups. In Friday's vote González beat his PP counterpart Ángel Nozal with his eight councillors plus the support of the six ... minute. The Partido Popular councillors had indicated earlier this week that they would vote for their own leader, Ángel Nozal, rather than abiding by the power-sharing coalition pact with Ciudadanos reached by their party chiefs on a regional and



National political leaders meet to discuss response

SUR month's general election, all parties were keen to set out their differing position this week, making agreement difficult. Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular (PP) both called for Sánchez to suspend part of Catalonia's devolved powers again under



Ciudadanos proposes making voting easier for foreigners

Ivan Gelibter

Spokesperson for Ciudanandos in Fuengirola, Javier Toro, on Tuesday presented a motion to make it easier for foreign residents to vote in the European and municipal elections in May 2019. He proposed launching an informative campaign in Spanish, as



Pedro Sánchez triumphs again but it's not enough to end the deadlock


...the day while centrist Ciudadanos saw its vote collapse. There was also a big rise in support for hard-right Vox, however the increase in share for smaller parties makes an easy majority even harder than before. Vox does well in the south and ... conservative Partido Popular (PP), improved on its poor April performance, rising from 66 to 89 this time round, (20.82% of the electorate). However, the big stories of election night were the huge fall in the vote for centrist Ciudadanos (Cs) and the surge



Bottling plant project near Antequera cancelled after pressure from local mayors


...government, first in the hands of PSOE and then PP and Ciudadanos, has given all the authorisations needed. In fact, in 2016 the environmental report on the potential impact of the plant said that the amount of water that would need to be pumped was much lower



Cómpeta councillors vote to give mayor huge pay rise


Councillors in Cómpeta voted last week in favour of a pay rise for current mayor, José Moyano, from 10,000 to 42,452.24 euros per year, the maximum allowed by law for the position. The town's two deputy mayors will also get a two per cent increase



Talks continue between the PP and Ciudadanos over new Junta government


Talks got under way this week between the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and centre-right Ciudadanos (Cs) over a possible coalition to take control of the Junta de Andalucía regional government. On Tuesday, senior national and regional members ... years and both the PP and Ciudadanos have said they want to reach a deal to "deliver the change" that they believe voters have asked for. However, at the start of the week, there were two main sticking points in the outcome of any agreement between ... votes, or abstentions, are now needed to add to those of the PP and Ciudadanos in order to achieve the majority to oust the PSOE. Vox works out what role it wants to play as PSOE reacts to their rise The shock rise of the vote for far-right Vox in



Politics tarnishes Madrid Pride as Cs are booed off the parade route


The Pride march in Madrid last Sunday was one of the biggest ever, marking the fiftieth anniversary of New York's Stonewall riots. However, in among the good-natured revelry, a political fight broke out after the delegation marching from Ciudadanos



Cs threatens to end PP deal on west Costa group unless Nozal goes

Ivan Gelibter

The Ciudadanos party (Cs) has threatened to end its pact running the western Costa Mancomunidad. The public authority provides pooled services es, such as water supply, to 11 municipalities on the western Costa and Cs, with representatives on its



Ruling PP party feels opinion-poll squeeze from Ciudadanos


...from 1-10 April, shows that the PP vote has declined from 33 per cent in the 2016 general election to 24 per cent today. The main beneficiary of the negative change in the PP has been the centrist Ciudadanos party, which would be the second largest ... political force in a fresh vote, with 22.4 per cent of support. The vote for Ciudadanos, a relatively new party led by Albert Rivera, has now overtaken the traditional main alternative party, the Socialist PSOE, (22 per cent), and also left-wingers ... Podemos (19.6 per cent). This is the worst performance ever in CIS surveys for the PP and the first time that the PSOE party has fallen into third place. Ciudadanos is said to be attracting moderate voters mostly from the PP and some from the PSOE who



Government looks to renew state of alarm for another month


...legislation and the main, conservative PP party promised recently to vote against him next time round. On Thursday this week, centre-right Ciudadanos and left-wing Compromis told the government that their votes couldn't be relied on for the extension either. ... Ciudadanos (Cs) said that the PM hadn't mentioned wanting to extend the state of alarm to a month when he spoke with their leader, Inés Arrimadas, earlier in the week. Catalan nationalists ERC have also said they will vote against an extension unless they



Something in the way

Mark Nayler

This week saw Luis Garicano, an economic advisor for Ciudadanos, announcing that the centrist party will impose tighter regulations on corporations if it gains a share of power on April 28th. "We have been very concerned that many sectors in Spain ... regulatory bodies are not sufficiently independent of political influence. Ciudadanos, said Garicano, would address both issues if in office, thus opening up competition and reducing politicians' control of big business. So-far, so market-friendly (the ... phrase that's most often used to describe Ciudadanos). Garicano was also asked what the party's first economic change would be if it found itself in government, and answered that the key to bolstering Spain's productivity and competitiveness is improving



New poll suggests rise in support for Ciudadanos in Mijas since last elections

Ivan Gelibter

An opinion poll, conducted by SW Demoscopia and to which SUR has been granted exclusive access, shows that support for Ciudadanos (C's) in Mijas has grown since the last elections in 2015. C's mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, who was first installed ... figures come as a boost to the Ciudadanos party for whom Mijas is the largest municipality under their control.



Juanma Moreno sworn in as president of the Junta de Andalucía


...present.Agencies The 48-year-old regional leader of the conservative Partido Popular received the votes of the MPs from his own party in the regional parliament in Seville on Wednesday, as well as those of centre-right Ciudadanos (Cs) and hard-right Vox. The total



Which direction?

Mark Nayler

Here in Andalucía, the political landscape is undergoing seismic changes. Following the region's elections on 2 December in which the incumbent Socialists (the PSOE) took a heavy hit, Ciudadanos and the Popular Party (PP) made a deal which saw them ... take control of the Andalusian parliament's speaker's committee last week. Ciudadanos' Marta Bosquet is now the new speaker of the regional government and it's likely that the PP's Juan Moreno will become Andalusian president later this month. ... Although a triumph for the Spanish right (Andalucía has been a Socialist heartland for decades), the Ciudadanos-PP deal will sound alarm bells for the country's left, especially for prime minister Pedro Sánchez. On 26 May this year, there will be local,



Andalusian regional elections called for 2 December


...difficult in the last month since centrist Ciudadanos, whose support was needed by the ruling PSOE to get its votes passed, decided to break the pact between the two parties agreed in 2015. In the 109-seat chamber, where 55 seats are needed for a majority, ... the PSOE currently has 47 seats and Ciudadanos eight seats. Ciudadanos had become increasingly restless in the alliance, citing ongoing cases of alleged corruption by Junta members and the failure of Díaz to keep some of the promises within the ... agreement. Sources said that the change from a PP to a PSOE national government in Madrid, which Ciudadanos is criticising heavily, had made the political divorce inevitable. Faced with a battle to get her 2019 budgets approved as a result of the split,



Regional election shifts Andalucía to the right


...urged Adelante Andalucía leaders, Teresa Rodríguez and Antonio Maíllo, to woo Ciudadanos towards supporting the left in an investiture. With almost 28 per cent of the vote, Susana Díaz's Socialists are still the largest party but, with just 33 seats ... three seats, down to 17 with 16% of votes. Centre-right party, Ciudadanos (Cs), under Juan Marín, more than doubled its seats to 21, with 18 per cent of the vote, and was seen as the success story of the night, close to PP and a rival to lead the ... the PSOE in the region after four decades. Party backs Díaz for now Susana Díaz's future was still unclear this week, although after hesitation, her national party backed her. Díaz had called the early election after Ciudadanos withdrew its



Mijas ruling parties agree stability pact with single Podemos councillor

Ivan Gelibter

...socialist PSOE party and centrist Ciudadanos run the council but don’t have an overall majority. Now, with the vote of the CSSP-Podemos councillor, they can get budgets approved and other changes through a council vote with a majority. The parties recently



Councillor breaks coalition pact at Mijas town hall

Ivan Gelibter

The political life of Mijas took another turn last week after Costa del Sol Sí Puede (CSSP) councillor Francisco Martínez made a surprise announcement that he was breaking the pact with PSOE and Ciudadanos and accused the two parties of failing to ... comply with agreements made around seven months ago. This once again places the ruling team in a precarious position, because the seven PSOE councillors and five from Ciudadanos are still one short of an overall majority. That will make it difficult to ... political and institutional leadership" also played a part in his decision. The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado (Ciudadanos), says 70 per cent of agreements have been fulfilled, but maybe other parties are disinclined to continue because the local



Mijas mayor facing tough council sessions on budget and IBI collection

Ivan Gelibter

Mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, of the Ciudadanos party, has started the year with two key financial decisions pending approval by councillors and still has some negotiating to do to ensure his plans win a majority vote in the chamber. ... Despite delays in reaching agreement, centrist Ciudadanos and the socialist PSOE, the two parties that run the council in coalition, recently settled on a draft 2018 budget to take to the council for a vote. Meanwhile the ruling parties have also agreed ... and is losing the council millions a year in unclaimed taxes. However Maldonado's position is complicated as Ciudadanos and PSOE together only hold 12 of the 25 seats on the council, one seat short of a majority, and need to negotiate. Opposition



La Concepción reservoir drained again as capacity is reached


...subtropical crop industries, where La Viñuela reservoir is at just 40 per cent. The Ciudadanos MP for Malaga, Guillermo Díaz, said: "Once again today we are throwing away water that we will miss tomorrow". He blamed a lack of commitment from central



Law and disorder

MARK NAYLER party ERC, which was rightly critical of the fourth extension of the state of alarm last week, voted in favour, whereas Ciudadanos, which supported the latest extension, voted against. It did so, furthermore, for the most wonderfully Spanish of



Mijas council warns that A-7 footbridge is at risk of “collapse”

Ivan Gelibter

Fuengirola and the northern side is in Mijas district. The Mijas councillor for Infrastructure, José Carlos Martín (of Ciudadanos), was speaking after receiving the results of a report he ordered on the state of the bridge. The report describes the ... complaint from the spokesperson for the Ciudadanos party in Fuengirola, Javier Toro, that has already been sent. In his letter Toro highlighted the issues of corrosion on the bridge and stated that the situation is getting worse. The government responded by



Vote of no confidence remains in the balance after councillor no-show

Eugenio Cabezas

Rumours over the much talked about vote of no confidence against the Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, continue to be just speculation after a councillor from the Ciudadanos party failed to show up to a meeting with Partido Popular (PP) politicians to ... sign the document on Monday. According to the PP, an agreement had been reached with Ciudadanos' only representative on the council, Mari Carmen López, that the vote of no confidence would be signed by both parties and presented to the town hall on ... the same day. However, according to sources at the Ciudadanos' Malaga headquarters, such an agreement was “never” reached and it is believed that the national leader of the party, Alberto Rivera, has also intervened. Elías Bendodo, provincial leader



Mayor of Nerja could be ousted by PP party


The opposition conservative PP group on Nerja council is preparing a no-confidence motion in the current council that could see it back in power. The PP group says it has the support of the one remaining Ciudadanos councillor in the town in order



Malaga faces major setback to its hopes of housing the European Medicines Agency


...the PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos and Grupo Mixto and there were five abstentions (Unidos Podemos). This came as a major disappointment for Malaga, whose possibilities are now dissolving like a spoonful of sugar in a cup of coffee. The Foreign Affairs ... Committee's decision that Barcelona would be a more suitable location was supported by the Minister of Health, Dolors Montserrat. One Ciudadanos MP, Francisco Igea, went so far as to say that not only does Barcelona meet all the criteria to host the Agency,



Malaga sets itself 2019 target to stop putting down abandoned animals

Francisco jiménez

...between the ruling Partido Popular party (PP) and Ciudadanos (C’s). The new target is a precondition of C’s supporting the minority PP administration’s new animal protection and welfare bylaws which are currently being debated. Apart from trying to